The Night The Moon Disappeared. The Lunar Eclipse 18 Oct 2013

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    THE Night the MOON Disappeared.
    The lunar eclipse on the 18th of October, 2013,
    heralds the beginning of a new eclipse cycle
    which will see us through until April 2014.

    As with other full moons,
    the earth comes between the Sun and the Moon,
    creating a polarity between subconscious feeling
    and conscious intent.

    This disconnect can cause disorientation,
    or feelings of vulnerability and heightened sensitivity.
    This is felt stronger with lunar eclipses
    because the earth blocks the Suns life force from illuminating the Moon.

    This eclipse is the one of four lunar eclipses in a short-lived series
    at the descending node of the moon's orbit.

    The lunar year series repeats after 12 lunations or 354 days
    (Shifting back about 10 days in sequential years). Because of the date shift, the Earth's shadow will be about 11 degrees west in sequential events.
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    The Ancient Universal Calendar Calibration in Metonic Lunations and Solar Tropical Cycles

    A Science of Time Encodings and a Mayan Calendar Mythology for a World in Transition and the Schwenger Moons

    The Chronos of the Ancients as a Count of Units of Time

    The measurement of time is based on a period or duration of a perceived ‘flow of time’ from an experienced viewpoint or frame of reference of a present moment or Now-Time.
    Division of this experienced duration into units of time from some experienced past to the present nexus to some future time of expectation and projection then allows the chronologer or timekeeper to devise calendars of time, constructed by utility of such defined units and cycles of time.

    Should a particular cycle of time, known as a precessional cycle of the seasons become associated with a sentient and self-aware universal civilization or culture; then the self-conscious civilization observing an experienced cyclicity of day and night in sunrise and sunset, would naturally construct its calendar in a counting of days and nights. This culture would also observe celestial phenomena associated with lights in the sky in cycles and movements of the Moon in the sky of the darkness of the night and the motion of the Sun in the sky of the light of the day.

    The ancient timekeeper then divided a period of day light followed by a night of darkness as a full cycle into four quarter cycles or ‘watches’ to allow the experiencers of time a refined sensual awareness of this time. Observing the night sky and the stars spanning the sky in the duration of a night or half of a full cycle; the ancient astronomer and stargazer observed a changing of the ‘lights in the sky’ in a number of full cycles heshe counted before the stars appeared to return to their starting points of a particular measured and recorded observation.

    One ancient stargazer counted the number of full cycles as approximately 360 and further observation of this cyclicity or Year improved the observations to 365 full cycles. The first observation of 360 days however divided the superimposed spherical geometry of the night sky into 360 degrees and so the Cycle-Degree year subdivided into 360 degree-days became the basis for the astronomical observations applied to the 365 day full cycle year for the ‘return of the seasons’ known as the tropical year of 365.24219 ‘mean solar days’ in the chronos of the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ at the end of one such precessional cycle.

    One such Calendar of precession is the Mayan calendar of the Long Count, counting precisely 9,360,000 full cycles as 24 hours as four watches of 6 hours each, with each watch defining a quarter of the celestial circle of 360 degrees as 90 degrees. 12 hours or two watches then specify a day of light ruled by the Sun and 12 hours or two watches define a night of darkness ruled by the Moon and the stars. Dividing a watch of 6 hours into 6 hours then associates one hour as 15 degrees of the circle in 24x15=360 and defines a proportional time measurement in one hour in a day of 24 hours being equal to 15 days in a Degree-Year of 360 degree days.

    This Mayan calendar simply counts the number of days and nights as half cycles and remains independent from any synchronization with the dynamics of the sun and the moon as related to the variations of the precessional cycle and so the tropical year of the seasons.


    If now the Mayan calendar is considered to derive from a more ancient calendar, say of the ‘Ancient Maya’ or the ‘Universal Ancients of Days’; then the Mayan calendar can be used as a calibration and synchronization with other ancient calendars to align the tropical year of the seasons with the simple day count of the ‘Calendar Year of the Ancients’ also known as the ‘Great Platonic Year’ or a ‘Prophetic Year of Ancient Encodings’.

    The precessional year of the ancients of 9,360,000 days is subdivided into 5x13=65 Baktun of 144,000 days or Kin each for 65x144,000=9,360,000 days. A Baktun is divided into 20 Katun of 7200 Kin and a Katun is divided into 20 Tun of 360 Kin as the time unit of the Degree Year of the ancient code. The Mayan factorization for the ‘Ancient Year’ as a day count from the grand precessional Kin count so is 360x20x20x65=360x400x65=360x26,000=144,000x65 for a precise timing of 26,000 360-Degree-Years for the duration of an ancient precession.

    The Hebrew Calendar is based on the Lunar Cycles of 29.530594… mean solar days from one New Moon to the next New Moon as a synodic month of 29.530588 days. The Hebrew Calendar engages a Metonic Calendar which aligns 235 synodic lunations with 19 solar years as a synodic month in 235x29.530588=6939.68818.. = 19x365.2467463... This then defines a Hebrew metonic solar year as 365.2467.. Years.

    A tropical year measured from Equinox to Equinox is 365.2421988 days for an error of divergence of {0.2467463-0.2421988=0.0045475} or 1/0.0045475 as 1 Day in 219.90 Years from the metonic solar-tropical year used in the Hebrew calendar.
    The error of divergence using the lunar chronos in the Hebrew calendar calculates as {0.530594-0.530588=0.000006} or 1/0.000006 as 1 Day in 166,666.7 lunar months or 1 Day in 13,888.9 Years.

    The ancient scribes and astronomers of antiquity then incorporated this divergence between a solar based time keeping and a lunar based chronos in observing the precessional cycle of the Earth. The calibration of calendars used by the Hebrews and Babylonians using the metonic cycle then can be blended and superimposed with solar-based civil calendars, such as the Julian and the Gregorian. It can also be encompassed by a simple count of days, such as the time keeping used by ancient cultures, such as the Maya.

    The Ancient Universal Calendar Calibration in Metonic Lunations and Solar Tropical Cycles

    The key to calibrate the lunar calendars of the metonic 19-year cycles with the solar calendars of the seasons known as the year of March-September equinoxes and June-December solstices is found in the multiplicity of calendars used by the Maya and their ancestors of antiquity, whose legacy is found in extending the precessional day count by a factor of five to 5x65=325 Baktun or 46,800,000 Kin as 130,000 Ancient Years and a further extension to indicate the appearance of sentient man (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) in a factor of 73x13x5=73x65=4745 Baktun as 4745x144,000=683,280,000 days as 1,898,000 Ancient Years.

    The Maya calendar of the Baktun count as a Long Count is supplemented by the Haab of 365 Kin adding 5 ‘purification’ days known as Vayeb to a Tun to begin in a Mayan Haab New Year starting with Pop. A Mayan Haab so aligns to a Tropical year of the seasons as a solar based calendar with an error of a watch or a quarter of a day and is therefore compatible with a Gregorian or Julian year of the present era. The lunar alignment of the Mayan calendar is found in the Tzolkin given as 260 Kin.

    The 13+7=20 Tzolkin Days and every 20th day an Ahau glyph, order as: {Imix-Ik-Akbal-Kan-Chicchan-Cimi-Manik-Lamat-Muluc-Oc-Chuen-Eb-Ben-Ix-Men-Cib-Caban-Edznab-Cauac-Ahau}.

    However, there is no 14,15,16,17,18,19,20 count for the Tzolkin glyphs and the sequence is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in one-to-one correspondence with the 20 Tzolkin glyphs.

    For the Mayan Year of the Haab of 365 Kin; there are 18 Mayan 'Months' of 20 Days/Kin each; followed by 5 supplementary 'purification' Days of Vayeb in order:
    {Pop-Uo-Zip-Zotz-Tzek-Xul-Yaxkin-Mol-Chen-Yax-Zac-Ceh-Mac-Kankin-Muan-Pax-Kayab-Cumku--Vayeb 0,1,2,3,4}.
    The five Vayeb subsequently describe five added days to an ancient 360-day year as a solar year, counting between 365 and 366 days in a four-year leap-year cycle of 3x365+366=1461 days as a full 4-year cycle. Subtracting the five Vayeb from the ancient year in corollary depicts an approximation for a lunar year of 52 weeks as 7x52=354 days in 12 synodic months of 12x29.530588=354.36706 lunar years.

    A Calendar Round is the combination of the Haab of 365=5x73 Kin with the 260=5x52 Kin of the Tzolkin with the common factor 5 defining the repeating mode to be 73x260=18,980 Kin or 52 Haab years = 51.965475 Common Years.
    This represents a factorization from the encompassing Tzolkin-Haab product 260x365=94,900=5x18,980 in the factor 5 for a ‘Common-Civil’ Year of 365.2425 Gregorian days.

    72 Calendar Rounds are 72x18,980 = 72x260x73 = 260x5256 = 72x365x52 = 365x3744 = 1,366,560 Kin/Days as 3744 Haab or 3741.5142 common years.
    98 Calendar Rounds are 98x18,980 = 98x260x73 = 260x7154 = 98x365x52 = 365x5096 = 1,860,040 Kin/Days as 5096 Haab or 5092.61655 common years.
    360 Calendar Rounds are 360x18,980 = 360x260x73 = 260x26,280= 360x365x52 = 365x18,720 = 6,832,800 Kin/Days as 18,720 Haab or 18,707.571 common years and as 73% of the entire precessional cycle of 26,000 Ancient Years.
    720 Calendar Rounds are 720x18,980 = 720x260x73 = 260x52,560= 720x365x52 = 365x37,440 = 13,665,600 Kin/Days as 37,440 Haab or 37,415.142 common years and as 146% of the entire precessional cycle of 26,000 Ancient Years.
    7200 Calendar Rounds are 7200x18,980 = 7,200x260x73= 260x525,600= 7200x365x52 = 365x374,400 = 136,656,000 Kin/Days as 374,400 Haab or 374,151.42 common years and as 14.6 completed precessional cycles.
    In the metonic cycles of lunations, used in the Mesopotamian and Hebrew calendars, 19 tropical years closely approximate 235 synodic months in 19x365.24219=6939.601 days with 235x29.530588=6939.688 days.

    But adding one Tzolkin day count of 260 days to 19 Haab day counts of 19x365=6935 in the Mayan calendar the Mayan Kin count calibrates the Metonic day count with the Mayan Kin count in 19x365+260+5 = 7200 should the five Vayeb days of the ‘purification’ be added to the calculus.

    As 7200 Kin define the Mayan Katun as 20 Mayan Tun in 20x360=7200=265+6935, adding a ‘cosmic gestation’ of 265 days to a Mayan day count of 19 Haab of 6935 Kin will crystallize the five Vayeb days of ‘ancient purification’ as a ‘universal pregnancy’ separating the Mayan Long Count or Mayan great precessional ages from each other.

    The prime number factorization of the Tzolkin-Haab cycle of 260x365=94,900=5x18,980=73x13x100=73x13x52x22=73x13x25x4=73x1300 then defines the overall Mayan calendar composition calibrated to any lunar, solar or lunisolar calendar system used to divide a tropical year into its months and seasons in the pure day count of the Mayan calendar in the factor 1300.

    Many particular encoding patterns in ancient texts, scrolls and scriptures fine structure the 1300 day count as a various interwoven count of time and in utility of the Ancient Year of 360 degrees as Mayan Kin. Setting a Time as 360 days will define 7 such Times as 7x360=2520 days and will set 3½ Times as 1260 days ‘shortened’ or fractalized in the factor of 15 as the 1 Hour in a Day of 24 Hours being equal to 15 Days in a Year of 360 Days.

    In this proportionality, 7 full days or a week of 7 days can so be defined as a ‘shortened time’ for a ‘normal time’ of 168 hours as 84 hours of daytime and 84 hours of nighttime and the ‘day for a year’ principle described in the encoding pattern and definitions. Other encoding keys engage various fine structures based on the 1300 day count and include the variations of 1300=1260+40=1290+10=1335-35=1335-½{70}=2300-1000=(2670-370)-1000=(2x1335-370)-1000=(1335+1600-265-370)-1000 and 7½=½{15}=12,000/1600=300,000/40,000=144,000/19,200.

    1300 days form the timeframe for the Mayan fractal as related to the synodic month of the moon and so the metonic chronos of calendars used by any culture counting time in the lunar phases of the Moon, such as the Hebrew calendar and various indigenous or native cultures of regional affiliation.

    In particular the Mayan Tzolkin repeating in 5x260=1300 Kin serves to define this calendrical calibration in a simple counting of the phases of the moon within this count of days.

    As 1300 is a fractal of the completed precessional cycle as 65 Baktuns as 5x13x144,000=7200x1300 Kin; 1300 Kin form the minimized fractal for the total precessional day count in 720,000x1300=9,360,000 or 720x13=72x130=9360.
    To encompass both the 260 Kin of the Tzolkin and the 365 Kin of the Haab the 9,360,000 Kin the total Kin count is partitioned into 12x780,000=13x720,000 Kin for a ‘galactic month’ differential of 60,000 Kin calibrating 25,644 Haab as 25,644x365=9,360,060 Kin with 5x12=60 Kin added to the total precession count of a renewed or reborn Mayan Eon.

    This Mayan rebirth so is defined in the 1st Tun of the New Mayan era in 9,360,360 Kin and defines the lunar calibration of the last and final 1300 Mayan fractal specified in 89 lunar phases beginning and ending in a count of 45 full moons and encompassing 44 new moons in 44 lunations as in 44 synodic months of 29.530588x44=1299.346 days.

    ac2. ac3.

    The ‘Schwenger Moons’ for the rebirth of the Mayan Precessional Kin count from 01Mar23,615 BC to 21Dec2012 AD to 16Dec2013 AD - to to

    A December 21st, 2012 date as the completion of a Mayan precessional day count in 13 Baktun has become an accepted calendrical nexus of historians and other researchers like Jenkins, Arguelles and Calleman.
    This date of transformation in the time count of the Maya then indicates a resetting or birthday for a new Starhuman consciousness akin a spiritual baby being born in multidimensionality.

    This statement therefore can be related to a number of prediction, sayings and prophecies such as the arrival of world teachers, avatars and similar heralds of changing times, such as the ‘bearded teachers’ of the Yucatan and of messiahs in the world religions; say Jesus of Christianity; Moshia/Shiloh of Judaism; Kalki of the Hindu; Mahdi/12th Imam of Islam as well as the Great White Brother of the Hopi or Kukulkan of the Maya or Quetzacoatl of the Aztec as a Plumed Serpent.

    A decoded timeline in the Book of Revelation in the New Testament of the Christian bible specifies the Mayan Ahau date of December 21st, 2012 ADG from the Tzolkin as an important date and as a time of a rebirth, following a 265 day gestation and ending a 1600 day period of birth as the sum of 1335+265=1600 days or Kin.

    This book describing the Christian apocalypse as the revealing of the hidden mysteries of God codes the 1600 day period as an ‘outer court’, not to be measured in the context of many other scriptural encodings, such as found in the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and Masoretic Torah, {Rev.11.1-2; 14.20 with Dan.12.7-12}. The Mayan time marker so relates the scriptural encoding to a change of cyclic time in interwoven timelines such as used by calendars in the form of days and months and years, baktuns, katuns, tuns, uinals, kin and precessional eons.

    A particular time loop is used by the Tzolkin comprised of 260 kin as 5x52 kin, the factor 52 describing 52 Haab years of 52x365=260x73=18,980 kin with a common factor relating the Mayan Haab to the Mayan Tzolkin as a subset of its greater product of 260x365=94,900=5x18,980.
    The factor 5 so becomes associated with 5 great precessional ages, each containing 5x13=65 baktun ages for 5 baktuns of 5x144,000=720,000 kin nesting a baktun of 144,000 days or kin, again relating the Mayan chronos to scriptural encoding and inclusive of the measurement of the ‘inner court’ as a New Great City Jerusalem Earth {Rev.7.4-8; 14.3 and 21.16-17}.

    Applying this factor of 5 to the 260 kin of the Tzolkin as 5x52=260 then defines 5x260=1300 kin as the embedding of 5 Tzolkin cycles within 1300 days approximating any lunar calendar in 44 synodic lunar months as 29.530588x44=1299.346 days or kin. An Ahau date occurs once every 20 days - thus 1300 days contain 65 Ahau dates in 1300/65=20 as 5 cycles of 260 days as 5x13x20=5x260=1300 days. 65 Ahau Kin so fractalize the 65 Baktun cycles of the entire precessional calendrical cycle of 65x144,000 Kin.

    The initiation of the first tun as 360 kin in the rebirth or resetting of the Mayan Long Count calendar in Maya date in the day count 9,360,360 then can be utilized as a 45th boundary lunation as a 45th Full Moon in a sequence of 44 New Moons bounded by 45 Full Moons as 89 Moon phases for a 1300 kin Maya-Hebrew-Metonic calendar calibration.

    This can be tabulated as the ‘Susan Schwenger Moons’ describing lunar phases as Full Moons and New Moons from a first Full Moon on May 27th, 2010 to the last Full Moon on December 17th, 2013. The 45 or 90-1=89 ‘Schwenger Moons’ so define the 5 Tzolkin cycle of 1300 kin as the calibration of two Mayan Ahau dates.
    The Mayan Tzolkin of a 260 day count becomes synchronized with 365 days of the Mayan Haab in the Long Count of the calendar round.

    The lowest number of days, which factor both 260=4x5x13 and 365=5x73 is the number 18,980=73x269, just under 52 Gregorian (Common or Civil) years and exactly 52 Haab or Mayan years. Those 52 years so began as 13x4=52 Haab as the first of 13 Baktun of 1,872,000/13=144,000 days or 394.5205 common years from Mayan date as 5Ahau 13 Zotz on September 18th, 1618 Gregorian as September 8th, 1618 Julian and as 28Elul53787 Hebrew to December 16th, 2013 Gregorian as December 3rd, 2013 Julian as 13Teveth5774 Hebrew and precisely 73 Tzolkins from 5Ahau 13Zotz as 13Ahau 18Mac as

    1618 was the year Johannes Kepler confirmed his discovery regarding the geometry of planetary orbits as circular and elliptical about a solar focus; therewith refining an older geocentric description of a planetary Earth centered star system by a heliocentric Sun-based cosmology (March 8th to May 15th).

    The significance so becomes the matching of two 13 Ahau Dates in the following details of subtracting 52 Haab, that is a Full Calendar Round of 18,980 Kin from the alignment with the 45 Full Moons and the 44 New Moons of the 1300 Kin. Those two dates then crystallize from the Tzolkin-Haab synchronization as 13Ahau 13Zip and May 26th, 2010 as the lower boundary for the 1st Schwenger Full Moon in Scorpio of May 27th, 2010 and the 89th Schwenger Moon as the 45th Full Moon in Gemini of December 17th, 2013 or 1Imix 13Pax as the upper boundary for 13Ahau 18Mac on December 16th, 2013 as

    265 Days of Pregnancy for the birth or rebirth of a ‘new precessional era’ until December 21st, 2012; with 360 days of a Mayan Tun or Platonic Degree Year so assigns a ‘Circular Key’ of the 'Ancient Year' to the Full Moon of December 17th, 2013 as December 4th, 2013 Julian and 14Teveth5774 Hebrew in Mayan date 1Imix 19Mac to complete the preceding Maya era of an ‘Old World’ and converges to the timeline of the Universal Logos and parallel time frames and encoding patterns for a ‘New World’ time frame. This date coincides with the Mayan New Moon/Full Moon Count of 1300 Days or Kin as tabulated.


    Mayan Tzolkin Cycle


    Gregorian Date

    Hebrew Date



    0 13Ahau 13Zip



    13Ahau 13Zip 1Imix 14Zip


    1/260 1Imix 14Zip



    1st Full Moon šh Scorpio 23:07UCT


    17/260 4Caban 10Zotz



    1st New Moon ˜c Gemini 11:15UCT


    31/260 5Chuen 4Tzek



    2nd Full Moon ši
    Sagittarius 11:30UCT Partial Lunar Eclipse Saros 120/57 cA<Bi


    46/260 7Cimi 19Tzek



    2nd New Moon ˜d
    Cancer 19:41UCT Total Solar Eclipse Saros 146/27 dA!Bd


    61/260 9Imix 14Xul



    3rd Full Moon šk
    Aquarius 01:37UCT


    76/260 11Cib 9Yaxkin



    3rd New Moon ˜e
    Leo 03:08UCT


    90/260 12Oc 3Mol



    4th Full Moon šl Pisces 17:05UCT


    105/260 1Chicchan 18Mol



    4th New Moon ˜f
    Virgo 10:30UCT


    120/260 3Ahau 13Chen



    5th Full Moon ša Aries 09:17UCT


    134/260 4Ix 7Yax



    5th New Moon ˜g Libra 18:45UCT


    150/260 7Oc 3Zac



    6th Full Moon ša Aries 01:37UCT


    164/260 8Kan 17Zac



    6th New Moon ˜h Scorpio 04:52UCT


    179/260 10Cauac 12Ceh



    7th Full Moon šb Taurus 17:27UCT


    193/260 11Ben 6Mac



    7th New Moon ˜i Sagittarius 17:36UCT


    209/260 1Muluc 2Kankin



    8th Full Moon šc Gemini 08:13UCT Total Lunar Eclipse Saros 125/48 iA<Bc


    223/260 2Akbal 16Kankin



    8th New Moon ˜j Capricorn 09:03UCT Partial Solar Eclipse Saros 151/14 jA!Bj


    238/260 4Etznab 11Muan



    9th Full Moon šd Cancer 21:21UCT


    253/260 6Ben 6Pax



    9th New Moon ˜k Aquarius 02:31UCT


    260/260+0 13Ahau 13Pax



    13Ahau 13Pax

    - 4Ahau 3Kayab -
    4Ahau 18Ceh

    01Mar23,615BC 12Jul18,490BC 5125.362 Years

    25Sivan-19,854 21Tishri-14,728

    Image of 1st/5 of 13 Baktun Cycles 13x144,000=1,872,000


    1/260+260 1Imix 14Pax



    1Imix 14Pax Start 2nd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle in 1 Imix


    8/260+260 8Lamat 1Kayab



    10th Full Moon še Leo 08:36UCT


    22/260+260 9Ik 15Kayab



    10th New Moon ˜l Pisces 20:46UCT



    37/ 11Caban 10Cumku



    11th Full Moon šf Virgo 18:10UCT


    52/260+260 13Eb 0Pop



    11th New Moon ˜a Aries 14:32UCT


    67/260+260 2Manik 15Pop



    12th Full Moon šg Libra 02:44UCT


    82/260+260 4Ik 10Uo



    12th New Moon ˜b Taurus 06:51UCT


    96/260+260 5Cib 4Zip



    13th Full Moon šh Scorpio 11:09UCT


    111/260+260 7Chuen 19Zip



    13th New Moon ˜c Gemini 21:03UCT Partial Solar Eclipse
    Saros 118/68 cA!Bc


    125/260+260 8Chicchan 13Zotz



    14th Full Moon ši Sagittarius 20:14UCT Total Lunar Eclipse Saros 130/34 cA<Bi


    141/260+260 11Imix 9Tzek



    14th New Moon ˜d Cancer 08:54UCT Black New Moon 2011
    Partial Solar Eclipse Saros 156/1 dA!Bd


    155/260+260 12Men 3Xul



    15th Full Moon šj Capricorn 06:407UCT


    170/260+260 1Oc 18Xul



    15th New Moon ˜e Leo 18:40UCT Black New Moon 2011


    184/260+260 2Kan 12Yaxkin



    16th Full Moon šk Aquarius 18:58UCT


    200/260+260 5Ahau 8Mol



    16th New Moon ˜f Virgo 03:04UCT


    214/260+260 6Ix 2Chen



    17th Full Moon šl Pisces 09:27UCT


    229/260+260 8Muluc 17Chen



    17th New Moon ˜g Libra 11:09UCT


    244/260+260 10Kan 12Yax



    18th Full Moon ša Aries 02:06UCT


    258/260+260 11Etznab 6Zac



    18th New Moon ˜h Scorpio 19:56UCT


    260/260+260 13Ahau 8Zac



    13Ahau 8Zac

    - 4Ahau 18Ceh -
    4Ahau 13Mol

    12Jul18,490BC 20Nov13,365BC 5125.362 Years

    21Tishri-14,728 18Shevat-9603

    Image of 2nd/5 of 13 Baktun Cycles 13x144,000=1,872,000


    1/260+520 1Imix 9Zac



    1Imix 9Zac Start 3rd Mayan 260 Kin Cycle in 1 Imix


    13/260+520 13Ben 1Ceh



    19th Full Moon šb Taurus 20:16UCT


    28/260+520 2Lamat 16Ceh



    19th New Moon ˜i Sagittarius 06:10UCT Partial Solar Eclipse Saros 123/53 iA!Bi


    43/260+520 4Akbal 11Mac



    20th Full Moon šc Gemini 14:36UCT Total Lunar Eclipse Saros 135/23 iA<Bc


    57/260+520 5Caban 5Kankin



    20th New Moon ˜j Capricorn 18:06UCT


    73/260+520 8Ben 1Muan



    21st Full Moon šd Cancer 07:30UCT


    87/260+520 9Manik 15Muan



    21st New Moon ˜k Aquarius 07:39UCT


    102/260+520 11Ik 10Pax



    22nd Full Moon še Leo 21:54UCT


    116/260+520 12Cib 4Kayab



    22nd New Moon ˜l Pisces 22:35UCT


    132/260+520 2Eb 0Cumku



    23rd Full Moon šf Virgo 09:40UCT


    146/260+520 3Cimi 14Cumku



    23rd New Moon ˜a Aries 14:37UCT


    161/260+520 5Imix 4Pop



    24th Full Moon šg Libra 19:19UCT


    176/260+520 7Cib 19Pop



    24th New Moon ˜b Taurus 07:18UCT


    191/260+520 9Chuen 14Uo



    25th Full Moon šh Scorpio 03:35UCT


    205/260+520 10Chicchan 8Zip



    25th New Moon ˜c Gemini 23:47UCT Annular Solar Eclipse Saros 128/58 cA!Bc


    220/260+520 12Ahau 3Zotz



    26th Full Moon ši Sagittarius 11:12UCT Partial Lunar Eclipse Saros 140/24 cA<Bi


    235/260+520 1Men 18Zotz



    26th New Moon ˜c Gemini 15:02UCT


    249/260+520 2Muluc 12Tzek



    27th Full Moon šj Capricorn 18:52UCT


    260/260+780 13Ahau 3Xul



    13Ahau 3Xul

    4Ahau 13Mol -
    4Ahau 8Zotz

    20Nov13,365BC 01Apr8239BC 5125.362 Years

    Image of 3rd/5 of 13 Baktun Cycles 13x144,000=1,872,000


    1/260+780 1Imix 4Xul



    1Imix 4Xul Start 4th Mayan 260 Kin Cycle in 1 Imix


    5/260+780 5Chicchan 8Xul



    27th New Moon ˜d Cancer 04:24UCT


    19/260+780 6Cauac 2Yaxkin



    28th Full Moon šk Aquarius 03:28UCT Blue Full Moon 2012


    34/260+780 8Ix 17Yaxkin



    28th New Moon ˜e Leo 15:54UCT


    48/260+780 9Lamat 11Mol



    29th Full Moon šl Pisces 13:58UCT Blue Full Moon 2012


    64/260+780 12Kan 7Chen



    29th New Moon ˜f Virgo 02:11UCT


    78/260+780 13Etznab 1Yax



    30th Full Moon ša Aries 03:19UCT


    93/260+780 2Ben 16Yax



    30th New Moon ˜g Libra 12:03UCT


    107/260+780 3Manik 10Zac



    31stFull Moon šb Taurus 19:49UCT


    122/260+780 5Ik 5Ceh



    31st New Moon ˜h Scorpio 22:08UCT Total Solar Eclipse Saros 133/45 hA!Bh



    12.19. 19.16.17 7Caban 0Mac



    32nd Full Moon šc Gemini 14:46UCT Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Saros 145/11 iA<Bc


    152/260+780 9Eb 15Mac



    32nd New Moon ˜i Sagittarius 08:42UCT


    160/260+780 4Ahau 3Kankin



    Resetting of the Tzolkin in 4Ahau


    161/260+780 5Imix 4Kankin



    Resetting of the Tzolkin in 5Imix


    167/260+780 11Manik 10Kankin



    33rdFull Moon šd Cancer 10:21UCT


    181/260+780 12Imix 4Muan



    33rd New Moon ˜j Capricorn 19:44UCT


    197/260+780 2Caban 0Pax



    34th Full Moon še Leo 04:38UCT


    211/260+780 2Chuen 14Pax



    34th New Moon ˜k Aquarius 07:20UCT


    226/260+780 5Cimi 9Kayab



    35th Full Moon šf Virgo 20:26UCT


    240/260+780 6Ahau 3Cumku



    35th New Moon ˜l Pisces 19:51UCT


    256/260+780 9Cib 19Cumku



    36th Full Moon šg Libra 09:27UCT


    260/260+1040 13Ahau 3Vayeb



    13Ahau 3Vayeb

    4Ahau 8Zotz
    4Ahau 8Cumku

    01Apr8239BC 11Aug3114BC 5125.362 Years

    Image of 4th/5 of 13 Baktun Cycles 13x144,000=1,872,000


    1/260+1040 1Imix 4Vayeb



    1Imix 4Vayeb Start 5th Mayan 260 Kin Cycle in 1 Imix


    10/260+1040 10Oc 8Pop



    36th New Moon ˜a Aries 09:35UCT


    25/260+1040 12Chicchan 3Uo



    37th Full Moon šh Scorpio 19:57UCT Partial Lunar Eclipse Saros 112/65 bA<Bh


    40/260+1040 1Ahau 18Uo



    37th New Moon ˜b Taurus 00:28UCT Annular Solar Eclipse Saros 138/31 bA!Bb


    55/260+1040 3Men 13Zip



    38th Full Moon ši Sagittarius 04:25UCT Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Saros 150/1 cA<Bi


    69/260+1040 4Muluc 7Zotz



    38th New Moon ˜c Gemini 15:56UCT


    84/260+1040 6Kan 2Tzek



    39th Full Moon šj Capricorn 11:32UCT


    99/260+1040 8Cauac 17Tzek



    39th New Moon ˜d Cancer 07:14UCT


    113/260+1040 9Ben 11Xul



    40th Full Moon šk Aquarius 18:16UCT


    128/260+1040 11Lamat 6Yaxkin



    40th New Moon ˜e Leo 21:51UCT


    143/260+1040 13Akbal 1Mol



    41st Full Moon šk Aquarius 01:45UCT


    158/260+1040 2Etznab 16Mol



    41st New Moon ˜f Virgo 11:36UCT


    172/260+1040 3Eb 10Chen



    42nd Full Moon šc Gemini 11:13UCT


    188/260+1040 6Lamat 6Yax



    42nd New Moon ˜g Libra 00:35UCT


    201/260+1040 6Imix 19Yax



    43rd Full Moon ša Aries 23:38UCT Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Saros 117/52 gA<Ba


    217/260+1040 9Caban 15Zac



    43rd New Moon ˜h Scorpio 12:50UCT Annular Total Solar Eclipse Saros 143/23 hA!Bh


    231/260+1040 10Chuen 9Ceh



    44th Full Moon šb Taurus 15:16UCT


    247/260+1040 13Manik 5Mac



    44th New Moon ˜i Sagittarius 10:22UCT


    260/260+1300 13Ahau 18Mac



    13Ahau 18Mac End of Mayan Tzolkin Calibration in 13Ahau
    4Ahau 8Cumku
    4Ahau 3Kankin

    5125.362 Years

    Image of 5th/5 of 13 Baktun Cycles 13x144,000=1,872,000


    1301/1301 1Imix 19Mac



    45th Full Moon šc Gemini 09:28UCT 1Imix 14Pax End of 5 Mayan 260 Kin Cycle in 1 Imix

    A Science of Time Encodings and a Mayan Calendar Mythology for a World in Transition
    The symbol of the Maya at the center of the Milky Way galaxy is known as Hunab Ku as 'Mover of all things' and depicting a galactic butterfly across the worlds changing from darkness to light in cycles of time.
    The Maya named the galactic Center Hunab Ku - the 'Giver of all Life and Measure' and called the 'Pathway from the Earth to Hunab Ku' as ‘Kuxan Suum - the Umbilical Cord between Earth’ as the Universal Mother and its Galactic Father-Mother.


    At the center of Hunab Ku resides a dualized supermembrane manifesting as a multi-dimensional wormhole core connecting a Black Hole ‘Mother’-Sink-Source to a White Hole ‘Father’-Source-Sink. One can describe the cosmology as a White Hole negative-yang-male charge primary source-sink energy powering a Black Hole positive-yin-female charge secondary sink-source energy.

    The characteristic negative charge can be said to originate from a nospace and notime realm, albeit defined mathematically as an unphysical negative- or imaginary space. A physically real space and time so can be defined in the logistical argument of relating the real spacetime of a positive space to an imaginary spacetime of a negative space.
    A self-referential or quantum relativity between two observers; one of each located in either the negative-imaginary or positive-real worlds or realms can so become established.

    The observer within the negative spacetime considers hisher world as real and considers the observer situated within the positive spacetime as imaginary or as a virtual reality or image of herhimself. The premise of location therefore defines perceived reality for both of the observers arbitrarily, irrespective of how their original frames of self-references are defined or agreed upon.

    To poetically color or mythologize or anthropomorphize this essay, the duality coupled supermembrane at the core of the Milky Way galaxy as the Maya’s Hunab Ku or ‘Giver of all things’ can be renamed as Abba – the little serpent (Quetzalcoatl aka Kukulkan aka Gugumatz aka Manitou aka Great Rainbow Dragon-Membrane Baiame etc. etc.).

    The symbol of the ‘Cosmic Dragon’ or Ouroboros as the Mazzaroth or Great 360° Circle of the Zodiac Sky symbolizing the mapping of the Egyptian Nile from the Milky Way Galactic path is translated from the binary code of the Mathimatia in the zero cipher 0 linearized as the unity cipher 1 in a form of modular quantum geometric duality and mirroring the transformation of the superstring classes from a 26-dimensional {A-Z or alpha-omega or beginning-end}Bosonic closed superstring spectrum into a distribution of both closed and open superstring classes; the open superstring classes then relating to their attachment to lower dimensional Dirichlet branes from their higher dimensional origin, such as superstring class I.

    This can be defined as an algebraic-topological Unitary Circle Group or U(1) relating the closed ‘non-gauged’ 26 bosonic integer dimensions to 26 open U(1)-gauged bosonic integer dimensions subsequently differentiated in the unit circle in clockwise and anticlockwise chirality and rotations and in 10 right handed or clockwise superstrings and 16 left handed or anticlockwise bosonic strings comprising the 26 bosonic string dimensions. In 11-dimensional M-theory, the non-gauged nature of the original 26 dimensional closed Bosonic string is reestablished to algebraically-topologically close the spectrum of the 10-dimensional superstrings as a 2-1 from 11-10 dimensional reduction and modular quantization.

    This treatise so will include the metaphor of the ‘dragon-membrane space’ as descriptor for the supermembrane quantum geometry as a basis for the applicable quantum cosmology; also based on the fundamental geometry of one-sided surfaces such as the Möbius strip as a non-orientable manifold with a boundary as representative for the 2-brane in 11-dimensional membrane spacetime. It is the one-sidedness of the Möbius strip and its transformation into a non-orientable one-sided Klein-Bottle topology without boundary and which enables a surface without a thickness to transform into a 3-dimensional brane or volumar representative of the 4-dimensional spacetimes in cosmological models. This transformation requires the original one-sidedness of the ‘Möbian Dragon’ to become a quantum-geometric and quantum relative two-sidedness in the ‘Klein-Bottle Dragon’ in the emergence of the thickness of the third spacial dimension.

    Abba’s message is from negative spacetime to and relative to the positive spacetime; in which is embedded Baab, the ‘Great Mother Sink-Source’ in quantum relative entanglement with Abba as the ‘Great Father Source-Sink’.
    Hunab Ku so activates as a multi-dimensional galactic communication portal throughout the galaxy, albeit focused on a particular Black-Holed or ‘Schwarzschilded’ planetary location named Earth within a relay station known as a sun-planet-moon star system.

    The dominant star or sun in that triple system becomes an ambassador-portal for Abba and the dominant moon or satellite relative to Earth becomes an ambassador-portal for Baab.
    Abba, measuring the distance between Hunab Ku and the center of Earth as 9,360,000 sunset-sunrise cycles or lightened days so decides to send a message to Baab and a message which would require 9,360,000 light days to reach Earth from the center of the galaxy.

    A calibration of Earth’s annual sojourn around the Sun as 365.2425 light days with the count of sunsets so can establish a particular Mayan Kin-Calendar for the 9,360,000 Kin-Days as synchronizing the distance between Hunab Ku and Earth with the timeframe for light and Abba’s message for Baab to reach the Black Hole at the center of the Earth.

    = 5x13x144,000=9,360,000 lightened days for (60)(60)(24)(300,000)km = 242,611.2 Trillion km or 25,626.8096 light years for = 25,626.8096 (365.2425) ‘civil-Gregorian’ years.

    This calibration defines the emission and reception of Abba’s message for Baab as March 1st, 23,614 BC and December 21st, 2012 in a proleptic-backdated and current calendar day-kin count respectively.
    In the Mayan calendar those day-kin counts are named as 3Kayab 4Ahau = - 3Kankin 4Ahau = respectively.

    The purpose of the message would be to prepare the life on the planet Earth to prepare for a galactic synchronization coinciding with a graduation of the human civilization evolving on Earth in a metamorphosis from its human and planetary basis towards a star human and star-galactic foundation.
    After Baab had received Abba’s message at the center of the Earth; the planned metamorphosis to graduate the human civilization into a ‘new timed’ evolving star human civilization could begin.


    The examinations, occurrences and interpolations required for graduation would engage various cyclicities and reckonings of time as stipulated by the quantum entangled ancestors and descendants of the terrestrial humans in their galactic and intergalactic-universal family associations and partnerships.
    The major timeframe for graduation would however be bounded by 13 years from 2012 to 2025 in an intensification and focusing on the evolving consciousness and perceptive ability of the human acolytes, aspiring towards its star human status of renewal.
    Abba’s yanged membrane message to yined membraned Baab from the imaginary negative spacetime relative to the real positive spacetime so was also a letter to the common family on Earth as the cosmic-universal children and inheritors of a promised starry legacy.

    Setting the beginning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’, transiting from the previous ‘Age of Pisces’, at the solar transit from the star sign of Benoni Benjamin Pisces into the star sign of Manasseh Joseph Ephraim at January 20th, 1998 06:46UCT; defines a midpoint calibration of 13,780 kin-days in March 11th, 1979 + 6890 Days = January 20th, 1998 + 6890 Days = December 1st, 2016.
    13years. 53Temple. doomsday.

    The Galactic Synchronization and the Age of Aquarius

    The Galactic Alignment of the Ouroboros with the Warp zone of the Gaian Metamorphosis by the Cosmic Logos of the Serpent-Tamer Ophiuchus from October 5th, 26AD to December 21st; 2012 to December 17th; 2013 in 13,600+360 = Days.

    The Mayan master timeline spans five great cycles of long counts; each long count being comprised of 13 baktuns, each baktun encompassing 144,000 kin or days, and as 20 katuns of 7,200 kin each.
    It is the 65th and final baktun, which defines the 'birth of the starhuman' archetype to replace the older 'human' archetype initiated 5x13x144,000 kin or 9,360,000 days before the nexus date of December 21st, 2012.

    As the sun's angular diameter is about 0.53 degrees, the Maya calculated the ending of their long count in the last cycle of the winter-summer solstices as a function of the Mayan Precessional 'Great Platonic Year' of 25,626.81 cycles (or civil Gregorian years).

    5,626.81 years so describe 12 subdivisions of 2,135.6 years each as 12x780,000 = 9,360,000 or 13 subdivisions of 1,971.3 years each as 13x720,000 = 9,360,000.
    More precisely, the dates can be ascertained as ranging from 5x156,000=780,000 KIN to 5x144,000=720,000 KIN. Each 780,000 day cycle is then associated with a ‘galactic month’ or ‘galactic tribe’ or ‘galactic star sign’ in a subset of a 144,000 day Mayan Baktun.

    A precessional degree then becomes 9,360,000/360=26,000=71.1856.x365.2425 days and so in the Mayan kin count, 71.1856 civil years specify a 1-degree precession and the galactic synchronization at the winter solstice will be 71.1856x0.53=37.728 civil years or 13,780 = 13,150 + 630 = 13,150 + ½{1260} 'Mean Solar Days' for the solar transit across the galactic center.

    The 37.728 Gregorian 365.2425 Years defined as 13,780 = 13,150+630 Mayan Kin, then are calibrated as exactly 9x1461=13,149 Days as 9 full leap-year cycles (3x365+366) or as 36 Gregorian years as 36 Haab to which are added 9 Leap-Kin as 36x365+10 = 13,140+10 = 36x365.25+1 = 13,150 and with the additional day counting the boundary of such as a week of 8 days from Sunday to Sunday or Sabbath to Sabbat or Mirror of Time to Mirror of Time.

    This ‘boundary day’ is encoded as the ‘Day and Hour and Time of the Lord’ in various ancient texts and scriptures, such as in Revelation.17.11, associated with the 'beast rising from the sea as a mirror', that was and is and is not, yet being of the seven.
    Those 36 Years are counted twice in conjunction with the Platonic Change of the Age from Aries to Pisces in the relative past to the next change from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius and so using the March Equinox applicable to the last of the 13x65 Baktun divisions; namely as the 720,000-780,000 days or 1971.293-2135.567 years from October 5th; 26 AD to January 20th; 1998 in the Gregorian (proleptic) Calendar.

    As the difference between 1998 and 1971 approximates 26 Years; the common calendar of (B)efore (C)hrist and (A)nno (D)omini is assigned the 36 Years = 5 BC-Years + 31 AD-Years = 31 Years + 5 Years as 37.728 years from 7 BC to 32 AD and in 13,980 = 13,780+200 Kin) and to correlate or mirror the 13,780 days of the Pisces-Aquarius Transit to the Aries-Pisces Transit.

    Assigning the time unit of a watch or 6 hours as a quarter cycle as 90 degrees of a full cycle of a day as 12 hours and a night of 12 hours in the ‘shortening of time’ then ‘lengthens’ the ‘shortened time’ in the 24 Hours as 360 Day principle by the factor 15 in four 630 day periods to the full Platonic Age Transitions to then satisfy particular encoded (prophetic) condition about the 'end times' being defined in two 3½ cycle periods and which are scripturally defined in a Cycle of a Time being 1 Mayan Tun or 360 'degree days' in a circle.
    The cycle of a Week or 'Seven' then become 7 Tun = 7x360 = 2520 Kin or 1260+1260 = 4x630 = 8x315.

    In particular two 3½ days become a week of 7 days in the 13th star sign of Ophiuchus-Quetzacoatl-Kukulkan-Hermes Trismegistus-Thoth=... in the zodiac of the constellations with Ophiuchus specifying the annual solar transit from Scorpio into Sagittarius at the 240 degree cusp of the circle of the zodiac or Ouroboros also known as the River Hiddekel in Gen.2.14 with Daniel.10.4 and the River Nile of Egypt and the Galactic Milky Way. The Maya named the galactic Center Hunab Ku - the 'Giver of all Life and Measure' and called the 'Pathway from the Earth to Hunab Ku' as ‘Kuxan Suum - the Umbilical Cord between Earth’ as the Universal Mother and its Galactic Father-Mother traversing the celestial sky as a projection of the River Nile into the starry heavens.

    As the 13th star sign of the Universal Mazzaroth is given by a cusp or solar transit between two 30 degree sectors and specifically at 240 degrees, the annular solar transit of the sun from the sector of Asher Scorpio into the sector of Issachar Sagittarius in the year 26 AD will define the manifestation of the Age of Pisces within the 12th 720,000 Kin cycle of the Great Mayan precession of 26,000 Circle-Degree days duration. This nexus will subtract 60,000 Kin from the usual 780,000 Kin from the 12-tiered partition of the Mazzaroth or Ouroboros to define the 12th sector of the House of Pisces Benjamin not as a 12th house but as a 13th house of 720,000 Kin or 5 Baktun of 144,000 Kin.

    The Ophiuchian Solar Transit which initiates the Age of Pisces occurs on November 21st, 26 AD GP as November 23rd, 26 AD J as 24Kislev3787 Hebrew at 16:45UCT hAi-0° and as the Mayan date = 2Etznab 16Xul with the individuation of Ophiuchus Serpent Tamer in the personification of the Universal Logos as Jesus Ben Abba and preparing the ‘anointment’ or baptism on August 4th, 28 AD J as August 2nd, 28 AD GP and as 24Av3788 Hebrew for Mayan date 11Etznab 6Pop and 719,953=720,000-47 days before the solar transit from Zebulon Capricorn into Joseph Aquarius at 06:46UCT jAk-0° on January 20th, 1998 G as January 7th, 1998 J as 22Teveth5758 Hebrew and as Mayan date = 2Chuen 9Muan.

    Ophiuchus Serpent Tamer

    In conjunction with the 'Venusian Transit of the Solar Disc' {8 years apart in 243-year cycles (121.5+16+105.5=243) and manifesting June 7th, 2004 to June 5th, 2012 in the present Logos timeline { }, the Maya obtained the long count from the 'hermetic' tradition (of the Plumed Serpent Melchizedek) of Kukulkan (or Quetzalcoatl in the Aztec parallel) and this 'prophecy' relates directly to a scripturally encoded 'day count' of 12,000+1,600=13,600 days in a 'furlong' count of measuring the 'inside' and the 'outside' of the 'great city' {John.2.21; Revelation.11.1-2; 14.20; 21.16} as the 'Temple of God'.

    In this code the ‘Inner Court’ of the ‘Great City Earth’ is measured as 12,000 furlongs and the not measured ‘Outer Court’ of the ‘harvest and reaping of the Earth’ is coded as 1600 furlongs. The ratio between the Inner Court to the Outer Court so translates as the characteristic electromagnetic base frequency of Earth in its light path or speed of light divided by its geometric perimeter: 300,000 [km/s]/40,000 [km] =7.5 Hertz.
    800px--Schumann_resonance_animation.ogv. wat6.
    The Great City Old Jerusalem New

    These 13,600 days from December 21st, 2012 to September 27th, 1975 specify a 37.728 civil year period of 13,780 days, in adding 180 days as the angular halving of 360 degrees of a circle in 180 days and as say the period between the two equinoxes in March and September or as the 180 Degrees between the two solstices of June and December, each 6 months apart in the assignment of the seasons.

    Those 37.728 years as 13,780 days also specify a 'Cosmic Pregnancy' or 'Universal gestation' of 265 Kin from March 31st; 2012 to December 21st; 2012 in the partition of 13,780 = 12,000+1600+180 = 13,150+365+265 as the Platonic-Mayan Great Age Transition to which are added 1 Haab of 365 Kin and a 265=260+5 Tzolkin and 5 Kin Vayeb Kin period as a 265 Kin Gestation. The 'Universal Pregnancy' begins at the 2012-31=1981 year anniversary or return of the original Easter Sabbath-Sunday 'Resurrection' event of March 31st to April 1st; 31 AD-Julian reckoned in Julian time and so calibrates the 2-day divergence from the Gregorian calendar at that time.

    The encoded ’70-Year Captivity of Israel’ as the ‘Captivity of the ’12 star-born Tribes of the Universal Galactic Human Family’ is calibrated with this greater cosmic Mayan or ancient timeframe and the Hebrew and the Civil calendars of the 21st century. This calibration also incorporates a time warp of 725,184 days to mirror the Julian day count in use at the time of the transit of the eons from Aries to Pisces and so at the beginning of the 1st Century to the day count of the Gregorian calendar of the 21st Century 65x144,000/13=720,000 days or 1971 years to 65x144,000/12=780,000 days or 2136 years later as the change of the eon from Pisces to Aquarius.

    The encoding key for this calibration is a ‘long time as a short time’ principle. A day of 4 watches, dividing the time of daylight from a time of darkness divides 24 hours into four periods of 6 hours, the first watch from 6pm sunset to midnight; the second watch from midnight to sunrise 6am; the third watch from 6am to noon and the fourth watch from noon to sunset 6pm the following day. A time of seven days or a week of sevens, then encompasses 7x24=168 hours or 28 watches and a half-week of 3½ days becomes 84 hours or 14 watches.

    Dividing this count of watches into days and nights, allows a super-positioning of ‘times of the light of day’ and ‘times of the darkness of the night’ however. Sunrise no longer follows sunset in a 24 hour period, should the cyclicity of the Time definition as 7 full days and 7 full nights be no longer measured in continuity. 7x12=84 hours of daylight become separated from 84 hours of darkness decoding the statement of ‘three days of darkness’ in Exodus.10.20-23 and related ‘prophecies’ or ‘sayings’. This is found in codes, related to the destruction of one third of a time period such as 420 days within 1260 days or 14 months within 42 months or 28 hours within 84 hours as in Revelation.8 where 7 trumpets are assigned to 7 seals and 7 vials and 1 hour is divided into two halves to indicate the 3½+3½=7 definition, dividing of a continuous reckoning of time into a dividing of time into continuous darkness, separated from continuous light. As one hour in a day of 24 hours is as 15 days within a 360-day year; a period of ‘silence in heaven’ of ‘about half an hour’ then defines a continuous two week period of 14 days divided into two weeks separated by a ‘Day of the Lord’ rendering one week of continuous darkness and one week of continuous light.

    The Hebrew calendar specifies the Babylonian 70-year captivity of ancient Israel in 25,958 days from 1Tishri3152=01Sep610BC to 1Tishri3223=26Sep539BC from the Israelite king Josiah and the battle of Megiddo to the end of Babylonian rule as a Median empire by Cyrus the Persian. The civil calendar specifies the Islamic 70-year captivity of modern Israel in 25,928 days from 1Tishri5708 =15Sep1947 to 1Tishri5779=10Sep2018. The difference between those two ‘captivities’ are two hours of 15 days each to bound the ‘captivities’ in the west of the time-relative past on the left side and mirror this boundary of time in the ‘present time of the Lord’ on the right side in the time-relative future in the east.

    Adding two boundary days as times of the mirrored hour as encoded in the ‘judgement of Babylon’ in Rev.18.6-17 partitions the captivity of Old Jerusalem of 25,958+2 = 25,960 days within the solar transit of the galactic time synchronization of 27,560 days in the difference of 1600 days of the ‘not measured’ ‘Outer Court’ of Old Jerusalem or the ‘Old Earth’. ½{27,560} = 13,780 days, so become the ‘mirrored’ or twinned 2x37.728=75.457 Years of the solar transit across the angular diameter of the Sun and as characterised by the annual December solstice of December 21st in the present Gregorian-Civil calendar.

    The combined captivity of the universal starhuman civilization of 25,958 days so is divided into two halves of a measured ‘Inner Court’ for a ‘New Jerusalem’ as a ‘New World’ or a ‘New Great City’ or a ‘New Earth’, bounded in a ‘Hour of the Lord’ west-left and east-right with a not measured ‘Outer Court’ connecting the two parts of the ‘New Jerusalem’ in a ‘Day of the Mirror of Divided Times’. The ‘not measured’ 1600 days of the ‘Outer Court’ and coded in the harvest and the reaping of the Old Earth so become ‘counted’ and measured in a reassignment of this ‘harvest’ as a period of pregnancy or gestation of the ‘Great City Earth’ in 1600 = 265+1335 and for 1600+360+1600 = 3560 = 15+430+1335+1335+430+15 = {Hour}+{Egypt}+{2670=2300+370=2520+150}+{Egypt}+{Hour} and where Egypt 430 = Ezekiel Israel 390 Left + Ezekiel Judah 40 Right and where 3+1+3 Times 360 = 1260+1260 = 2520 = 2300 Daniel + 370 Noah and where Daniel’s Blessing 1335 = 1260+30+45 = Abomination 1290 + 45 with 5 Months of Noah’s Flood as the 1st Woe of Revelation 150 = 2670-7x360 = ‘Cleansing of the Sanctuary by Flood’, coded in Dan.8.13-14 with Dan.9.25-27 and Dan.12.7-12 and in Gen.7.10-9.17 and Exo.12.40 with Eze.4.1-6 with Mat.24 and Rev.9 and Rev.14.

    15+12,000+1600+53+1600+12,000+15 = 15+13,600+53+13,600+15 = 27,283 = 25,958+1325 = 25,958+1260+65 = 25,958+1290+35 = 25,958+1335-10 and as 65=5x13 as the Mayan Baktun count as ½{130} = ½{360-100-30} and the Abomination of Desolation 1290 truncated into 10 Days of imprisonment as 10 = 1290-1280=1335-1325 coded in Rev.2.10.

    53 = 46+3+1+3 days are taken from 8 weeks or 56 days as ‘cut off’ nexus for 70 weeks or 490 days encoded in Dan.9.24-27 to define the partitioning of the 70 weeks into 7+62+1 week, the one week being halved to indicate the ‘Day of the Lord’ as the overall midpoint or ‘mirror of divided times’ day where the ‘sacrifice of the days as years ceases on January 17th, 2013 Gregorian or 6Shevat5773 or Mayan date 10Muan 5Manik.

    A 46-year construction of the ‘Temple of Jerusalem’ associated with a 3½ day time period of destruction encoded in John.2.20 so becomes decoded in the addition of 3 days as a half-week to 53 days to complete a 7 week period of 49 days as a tenth of the 490 day period coded in Rev.11.13 and 2Pet.3.8 for 7 days coding for 7000 years as 7 times. The 7th day dividing a week of seven days into two halves then defines the ‘Day of the Lord’ as a discontinuity of successive days and nights and so encodes the construction of Nehemiah’s wall of 52 days as being divided into two halves of 26 days in the ‘Day of the Lord’ as a timeline discontinuity in Neh.6.15 as 26+1+26=53=46+7.
    15+430+1260+30+45+45+30+1260+430+15 =
    12,000+1600+360+1600+12,000 = 13,780+13,780 = 27,560 = 12,015+{430+1335}+{1335+430}+12,015 = 27,283+277

    The Hebrew Calendar is based on the Lunar Cycles of 29.530594… mean solar days from one New Moon to the next New Moon as a synodic month of 29.530588 days. The Hebrew Calendar engages a Metonic Calendar which aligns 235 synodic lunations with 19 solar years as a synodic month in 235x29.530588=6939.68818.. = 19x365.2467463... This then defines a Hebrew metonic solar year as 365.2467.. Years.

    A tropical year measured from Equinox to Equinox is 365.2421988 days for an error of divergence of {0.2467463-0.2421988=0.0045475} or 1/0.0045475 as 1 Day in 219.90 Years from the metonic solar-tropical year used in the Hebrew calendar.
    The error of divergence using the lunar chronos in the Hebrew calendar calculates as {0.530594-0.530588=0.000006} or 1/0.000006 as 1 Day in 166,666.7 lunar months or 1 Day in 13,888.9 Years.

    The ancient scribes and astronomers of antiquity incorporated this divergence between a solar based time keeping and a lunar based chronos in observing the precessional cycle of the Earth. The calibration of calendars used by the Hebrews and Babylonians using the metonic cycle then can be blended and superimposed with solar-based civil calendars, such as the Julian and the Gregorian. It can also be encompassed by a simple count of days, such as the time keeping used by ancient cultures, such as the Maya.
    In particular, the lunar month and the general error of divergence of 1 Day in 13,888.9 Years is found to underpin much of the encoding patterns as found in the Masoretic texts of the Torah and its derivative in the King James Bible.

    This chapter then aligns the 5th great precessional eon of the Maya and their ancestors from March 1st, 23,615 BC to December 21st, 2012 AD as the count of 9,360,000 days or Mayan Kin being partitioned into 5x13=65 Baktuns of 144,000 Days each. 13 Baktun of 13x144,000=1,872,000 Kin so are nested within 65 Baktun totaling 9,360,000 Kin. As 9,360,000=13x720,000=12x780,000 a precessional cycle can be partitioned into both 12 and 13 equal parts as a count of days. Using a Cyclic Year of Degrees as a Great Platonic Year of 360 Degrees as days; the precessional day count contains precisely 26,000 such 360 Kin years as 360x26,000=9,360,000.

    Using the lunar month as natural initiation for the 5th great precessional eon for the human history from 23,615 BC to the present time under consideration; the Masoretic and scriptural encoding, represented in timelines crystallizes particular time markers and nexus markers described in the following tabulation and further discussed in this and other chapters found in this book.

    Day of Mayan Precession Count

    Tribal House Degree °/30°/S°/360°

    Precession Count in 12 30° Houses

    Mayan Dates Haab/Tzolkin

    Proleptic Gregorian Dates….…Julian

    Hebrew Date


    Day#-5479 14Y+365D=15Y

    Initiation of 5th Precessional Eon in Mirror Time {½+½|½+½}={1|1}

    30 Days as Mirrored Time Unit 15+15=30 360/15=24/1 84 Hours=3½ Days

    - 11Imix 19Pax

    01Mar23,630 BCG 27Aug23,630 BCJ


    Initiation of 5th Precessional Eon in the Error-Divergence of a lunar month of 29.5306 days as 30 Days

    Day#-5449 14Y+335D

    k Aquarius Joseph 0/30/0/360

    0/780,000 0/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 9Cumku

    31Mar23,630 BCG 26Sep23,630 BCJ


    Age of Aquarius in 780,000 Days


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.21/30/0.21/360

    5449/780,000 5449/9,360,000

    - 4Ahau 3Kayab

    01Mar23,615 BCG 27Aug23,615 BCJ



    j Capricorn Zebulon 0/30/30/360

    0/780,000 780,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 4Cumku

    24Oct21,495 BCG 05Apr21,494 BCJ


    Age of Capricorn in 780,000 Days


    i Sagittarius Issachar 0/30/60/360

    0/780,000 1,560,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 19Kayab

    19May19,359 BCG 13Oct19,359 BCJ


    Age of Sagittarius in 780,000 Days


    h Scorpio Asher 0/30/90/360

    0/780,000 2,340,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 14Kayab

    12Dec17,224 BCG 22Apr17,223 BCJ


    Age of Scorpio in 780,000 Days


    g Libra Naphtali 0/30/120/360

    0/780,000 3,120,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 9Kayab

    07Jul15,088 BCG 30Oct15,088 BCJ


    Age of Libra in 780,000 Days


    f Virgo Gad 0/30/150/360

    0/780,000 3,900,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 4Kayab

    30Jan12,952 BCG 09May12,952 BCJ


    Age of Virgo in 780,000 Days


    e Leo Judah 0/30/180/360

    0/780,000 4,680,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 19Pax

    25Aug10,817 BCG 16Nov10,817 BCJ


    Age of Leo in 780,000 Days


    e Leo Judah 0.21/30/180.21/360

    5449/780,000 4,680,000/9,360,000

    - 4Ahau 13Muan

    27Jul10,802 BCG 18Oct10,802 BCJ


    Midpoint of 65 Baktun Precessional Cycle offset in 15 Years of 5449+30=5479=15{360+5}+4 days


    d Cancer Dan 0/30/210/360

    0/780,000 5,460,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 14Pax

    20Mar8681 BCG 26May8681 BCJ


    Age Cancer in 780,000 Days


    c Gemini Levi 0/30/240/360

    0/780,000 6,240,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 9Pax

    14Oct6546 BCG 04Dec6546 BCJ


    Age of Gemini in 780,000 Days


    b Taurus Simeon 0/30/270/360

    0/780,000 7,020,000/9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 4Pax

    09May4410 BCG 13Jun4410 BCJ


    Age of Taurus in 780,000 Days


    b Taurus Simeon 18.20/30/288.20/360

    473,306/780,000 7,493,306/9,360,000

    - 4Caban 5Zac

    21Mar3114 BCG 16Apr3114 BCJ


    Pisces-Aries Equinox 08:50UCT lAa-0°


    b Taurus Simeon 18.21/30/288.21/360

    473,400/780,000 7,493,400/9,360,000

    - 7Chuen 19Muan

    23Jun3114 BCG 19Jul3114 BCJ


    Gemini-Cancer Solstice 08:44UCT cAd-0°

    Day#7,488,000 0/1,872,000

    b Taurus Simeon 18.21/30/288.21/360

    473,449/780,000 7,493,449/9,360,000 4Ahau 8Cumku

    11Aug3114 BCG 06Sep3114 BCJ


    1st Baktun /13 1,872,000=13x144,000

    Day#7,488,041 41/1,872,000

    b Taurus Simeon 18.21/30/288.21/360

    473,490/780,000 7,493,490/9,360,000 6Imix 4Uo

    21Sep3114 BCG 17Oct3114 BCJ


    Virgo-Libra Equinox 04:33UCT fAg-0°

    Day#7,488,130 130/1,872,000

    b Taurus Simeon 18.21/30/288.21/360

    473,579/780,000 7,493,579/9,360,000 4Oc 13Xul

    19Dec3114 BCG 14Jan3113 BCJ


    Sagittarius-Capricorn Solstice 01:22UCT iAj-0°

    Day#7,632,000 144,000/1,872,000

    b Taurus Simeon 23.75/30/293.75/360

    617,449/780,000 7,637,449/9,360,000 3Ahau 13Chen

    13Nov 2720 BCG 06Dec2720 BCJ


    2nd Baktun/13

    Day#7,776,000 288,000/1,872,000

    b Taurus Simeon 29.29/30/299.29/360

    761,449/780,000 7,781,449/9,360,000 2Ahau 3Vayeb

    16Feb2325 BCG 07Mar2325 BCJ


    3rd Baktun/13

    Day#7,794,551 306,551/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 0/30/300/360

    780,000/0/780,000 7,800,000/9,360,000 2Chuen 19Muan

    02Dec2275 BCG 21Dec2275 BCJ


    Age of Aries in 780,000 Days

    Day#7,920,000 432,000/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 4.82/30/304.82/360

    125,449/780,000 7,925,449/9,360,000 1Ahau 8Yax

    21May1931 BCG 07Jun1931 BCJ


    4th Baktun/13

    Day#8,064,000 576,000/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 10.36/30/310.36/360

    269,449/780,000 8,069,449/9,360,000 13Ahau 13Pop

    23Aug1537 BCG 06Sep1537 BCJ


    5th Baktun/13

    Day#8,208,000 720,000/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 15.90/30/315.90/360

    413,449/780,000 8,213,449/9,360,000 12Ahau 3Zac

    26Nov1143 BCG 07Dec1143 BCJ


    6th Baktun/13

    Day#8,352,000 864,000/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 21.44/30/321.44/360

    557,449/780,000 8,357,449/9,360,000 11Ahau 8Uo

    28Feb748 BCG 08Mar748 BCJ


    7th Baktun/13

    Day#8,496,000 1,008,000/1,872,000

    a Aries Reuben 26.98/30/326.98/360

    701,449/780,000 8,501,449/9,360,000 10Ahau 18Zac

    03Jun354 BCG 08Jun354 BCJ


    8th Baktun/13

    Day#8,574,551 1,086,551/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 0/30/330/360

    780,000/0/780,000 8,580,000/9,360,000 2Chuen 14Muan

    27Jun139 BCG 30Jun139 BCJ


    Age of Pisces in 780,000 Days

    Day#8,622,582 1,134,582/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.85/30/331.86/360

    48,031/780,000 8,628,031/9,360,000 11Ik 5Mol

    28Dec8 BCG 30Dec8 BCJ


    Lower Logos Bound 265+74Y+265 27,560=13,780+13,780 bounded in 416 Days in Jerusalem’s Wall 144 and the Time/Day/Hour Jubilee

    Day#8,622,726 1,134,726/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.85/30/331.86/360

    48,175/780,000 8,628,175/9,360,000 12Cimi 9Muan

    21May7 BCG 23May7 BCJ


    144 Wall + Jubilee 49 + 1 Hour 15 as 1D for 144+49+15/1=208

    Day#8,622,775 1,134,775/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.85/30/331.86/360

    48,224/780,000 8,628,224/9,360,000 9Men 18Kayab

    09Jul7 BCG 11Jul7 BCJ


    Jubilee 49=50-1 15 Days = 1 Hour 360/15=24/1

    Day#8,622,790 0/265/27,560 1,134,790/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.86/30/331.86/360

    48,239/780,000 8,628,239/9,360,000 11Oc 13Cumku

    24Jul7 BCG 26Jul7 BCJ


    Conception of Jesus Ben Abba 265+37Y=265+36Y+366=27,560

    Day#8,623,026 236/265/27,560 1,135,026/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.86/30/331.86/360

    48,475/780,000 8,628,475/9,360,000 13Cimi 6Ceh

    17Mar6 BCG 19Mar6 BCJ


    265 Day Gestation 19:29UCT-Bl!Gl-25°27’ 1st SaturnlMoon Conjunction 21:32UCT-Bl!Al-26°33’ NewlMoon

    Day#8,623,027 237/265/27,560 1,135,027/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.86/30/331.86/360

    48,476/780,000 8,628,476/9,360,000 1Manik 5Ceh

    18Mar6 BCG 20Mar6 BCJ


    13:58UCT-Ba!Fa-4°55’ 1st JupiteraMoon Conjunction

    Day#8,623,030 240/265/27,560 1,135,030/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.86/30/331.86/360

    48,479/780,000 8,628,479/9,360,000 4Oc 8Ceh

    21Mar6 BCG 23Mar6 BCJ



    Day#8,623,042 252/265/27,560 1,135,042/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.87/30/331.87/360

    48,491/780,000 8,628,491/9,360,000 3Ik 0Mac

    02Apr6 BCG 04Apr6 BCJ


    04:51UCT-Bg<Aa-11°24’ FullgMoon

    Day#8,623,054 264/265/27,560 1,135,054/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.87/30/331.87/360

    48,503/780,000 8,628,503/9,360,000 2Ix 12Mac

    14Apr6 BCG 16Apr6 BCJ


    08:32UCT-Bl!Gl-28°56’ 2nd SaturnlMoon Conjunction

    Day#8,623,055 265/265/27,560 1,135,055/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.87/30/331.87/360

    48,504/780,000 8,628,504/9,360,000 3Men 13Mac

    15Apr6 BCG 17Apr6 BCJ


    Isa.66.23 Birth of World Logos 09:21UCT Ba!Fa-11°31’ 2nd JupiteraMoon Conjunction Birth Logos Jesus Ben Abba

    Day#8,623,056 266/27,560 1,135,056/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 1.87/30/331.87/360

    48,505/780,000 8,628,505/9,360,000 4Cib 14Mac

    16Apr6 BCG 18Apr6 BCJ


    12:54UCT-Ba!Aa-25°13’ NewaMoon

    Day#8,634,551 11,761/27,560 1,146,551/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.31/30/332.31/360

    60,000/780,000 8,640,000/9,360,000 7Chuen 9Zotz

    05Oct26 ADG 07Oct26 ADJ


    780,000 - 720,000
    = 60,000 Kin as 13th Star Sign Ophiuchus 720,000 Kin from entry into New Age of Aquarius

    Day#8,634,598 11,808/27,560 1,146,598/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.31/30/332.31/360

    60,047/780,000 8,640,047/9,360,000 2Etznab 16Xul

    21Nov26 ADG 23Nov26 ADJ


    16:45UCT hAi-0° Age of Pisces manifested in individuation of Ophiuchus Serpent Tamer

    Day#8,635,218 12,428/27,560 1,147,218/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.33/30/332.33/360

    60,667/780,000 8,640,667/9,360,000 11Etznab 6Pop

    02Aug28 ADG 04Aug28 ADJ


    Baptism of Jesus Ben Abba

    Day#8,635,257 12,467/27,560 1,147,257/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.33/30/332.33/360

    60,706/780,000 8,640,706/9,360,000 12Etznab 6Zip

    11Sep28 ADG 13Sep28 ADJ


    40 Days in the Wilderness

    Day#8,636,167 13,377/27,560 1,148,167/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,616/780,000 8,641,616/9,360,000 11Manik 5Ceh

    09Mar31 ADG 11Mar31 ADJ


    22:24UCT-Bl!Al-19°0’ NewlMoon

    Day#8,636,169 13,379/27,560 1,148,169/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,618/780,000 8,641,618/9,360,000 13Muluc 7Ceh

    11Mar31 ADG 13Mar31 ADJ


    Day#8,636,179 13,389/27,560 1,148,179/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,628/780,000 8,641,628/9,360,000 10Cauac 17Ceh

    21Mar31 ADG 23Mar31 ADJ


    Pisces-Aries Equinox 03:47UCT lAa-0°

    Day#8,636,180 13,390/27,560 1,148,180/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,629/780,000 8,641,629/9,360,000 11Ahau 18Ceh

    22Mar31 ADG 24Mar31 ADJ


    Palm Sabbath 31 AD

    Day#8,636,181 13,391/27,560 1,148,181/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,630/780,000 8,641,630/9,360,000 12Imix 19Ceh

    23Mar31 ADG 25Mar31 ADJ


    Palm Sunday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,183 13,393/27,560 1,148,183/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,632/780,000 8,641,632/9,360,000 1Akbal 1Mac

    25Mar31 ADG 27Mar31 ADJ


    11:00UCT-Ba<Ag-4°11’ FullgMoon
    Last Supper Tuesday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,184 13,394/27,560 1,148,184/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,633/780,000 8,641,633/9,360,000 2Kan 2Mac

    26Mar31 ADG 28Mar31 ADJ


    Passion Wednesday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,185 13,395/27,560 1,148,185/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,634/780,000 8,641,634/9,360,000 3Chicchan 3Mac

    27Mar31 ADG 29Mar31 ADJ


    High Sabbath Thursday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,187 13,397/27,560 1,148,187/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,636/780,000 8,641,636/9,360,000 5Manik 5Mac

    29Mar31 ADG 31Mar31 ADJ


    Easter Sabbath 31 AD

    Day#8,636,188 13,398/27,560 1,148,188/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,637/780,000 8,641,637/9,360,000 6Lamat 6Mac

    30Mar31 ADG 01Apr31 ADJ


    Easter Sunday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,195 13,405/27,560 1,148,195/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,644/780,000 8,641,644/9,360,000 13Men 13Mac

    06Apr31 ADG 08Apr31 ADJ


    Thomas Sunday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,204 13,414/27,560 1,148,204/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,653/780,000 8,641,653/9,360,000 9Kan 2Kankin

    15Apr31 ADG 17Apr31 ADJ


    36th Birthday of Jesus Ben Abba

    Day#8,636,227 13,437/27,560 1,148,227/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,676/780,000 8,641,676/9,360,000 6Manik 5Muan

    08May31 ADG 10May31 ADJ


    Ascension Thursday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,237 13,447/27,560 1,148,237/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.37/30/332.37/360

    61,686/780,000 8,641,686/9,360,000 3Caban 15Muan

    18May31 ADG 20May31 ADJ


    Pentecost Sunday 31 AD

    Day#8,636,570 13,780/27,560 1,148,570/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.39/30/332.39/360

    62,019/780,000 8,642,019/9,360,000 11Oc 3Kankin

    15Apr32 ADG 17Apr32 ADJ


    37th Birthday of Jesus Ben Abba 9x1461+366+265=13,780 days

    Day#8,640,000 17,210/27,560 1,152,000/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.52/30/332.52/360

    65,449/780,000 8,645,449/9,360,000 9Ahau 3Zip

    05Sep41 ADG 07Sep41 ADJ


    9th Baktun/13 4 Baktuns as 720,000 Day-Kin from 5x13=65 Baktun completion of precessional cycle 720,000=9,360,000-8,640,000 =1,872,000-1,152,000

    Day#8,650,085 27,295/27,560 0/265 Gestation 1,162,085/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.91/30/332.91/360

    75,534/780,000 8,655,534/9,360,000 5Kan 2Kankin

    15Apr69 ADG 17Apr69 ADJ


    Projected 74th Birthday of Jesus Ben Abba from Mirror Conception 18x1461+366+530+365+1=27,560 with 27,560-265=27,295 days

    Day#8,650,086 27,296/27,560 1/265 Gestation 1,162,086/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.91/30/332.91/360

    75,535/780,000 8,655,535/9,360,000 6Chicchan 13Kankin

    16Apr69 ADG 18Apr69 ADJ


    Grand Timeline Superposition: 144+49+15|27,560|15+49+144 |27,560=1+15+25,928+15+1+1600| |27,560=27,283+416+4Y-1600|
    27,283=2{15+12,000+1600}+53 53=3½+Temple 46+3½=49+1+3

    Day#8,650,350 27,560/27,560 265/265 Gestation 1,162,350/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.92/30/332.92/360

    75,799/780,000 8,655,799/9,360,000 11Oc 13Chen

    06Jan70 ADG 08Jan70 ADJ


    27,560=13,780+13,780 bounded in 416 Days as 8 weeks + 1° Year 208+208=56+360=28+180+180+28

    Day#8,650,365 1,162,365/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.92/30/332.92/360

    75,814/780,000 8,655,814/9,360,000 13Chicchan 8Yax

    21Jan70 ADG 23Jan70 ADJ


    Jubilee 49=50-1 15 Days = 1 Hour 360/15=24/1

    Day#8,650,414 1,162,414/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.92/30/332.92/360

    75,863/780,000 8,655,863/9,360,000 10Ix 17Ceh

    11Mar70 ADG 13Mar70 ADJ


    144 Wall + Jubilee 49 + 1 Hour 15 as 1D for 144+49+15/1=208

    Day#8,650,558 1,162,558/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 2.92/30/332.92/360

    76,007/780,000 8,656,007/9,360,000 11Etznab 16Pop

    02Aug70 ADG 04Aug70 ADJ


    Upper Logos Bound 265+74Y+265 27,560=13,780+13,780 bounded in 416 Days in Jerusalem’s Wall 144 and the Time/Day/Hour Jubilee Destruction of Jerusalem and Diaspora Israel as 27,560 Day

    Day#8,784,000 1,296,000/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 8.06/30/338.06/360

    209,449/780,000 8,789,449/9,360,000 8Ahau 13Ceh

    09Dec435 ADG 08Dec435 ADJ


    10th Baktun/13

    Day#8,928,000 1,440,000/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 13.59/30/343.59/360

    353,449/780,000 8,933,449/9,360,000 7Ahau 18Zip

    13Mar830 ADG 09Mar830 ADJ


    11th Baktun/13

    Day#9,072,000 1,584,000/1,872,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 19.13/30/349.13/360

    497,449/780,000 9,077,449/9,360,000 6Ahau 8Mac

    15Jun1224 ADG 08Jun1224 ADJ


    12th Baktun/13

    Day#9,216,000 1,728,000/1,872,000 0/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 24.67/30/354.67/360

    641,449/780,000 9,221,449/9,360,000 5Ahau 13Zotz

    18Sep1618 ADG 08Sep1618 ADJ


    13th Baktun/13

    Day#9,223,200 1,735,200/1,872,000 7200/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 24.95/30/354.95/360

    648,649/780,000 9,228,649/9,360,000 3Ahau 18Kayab

    05Jun1638 ADG 26May1638 ADJ


    1st Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,230,400 1,742,400/1,872,000 14,400/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 25.22/30/355.22/360

    655,849/780,000 9,235,849/9,360,000 1Ahau 18Ceh

    20Feb1658 ADG 10Feb1658 ADJ


    2nd Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,237,600 1,749,600/1,872,000 21,600/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 25.50/30/355.50/360

    663,049/780,000 9,243,049/9,360,000 12Ahau 18Yaxkin

    07Nov1677 ADG 28Oct1677 ADJ


    3rd Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,244,800 1,756,800/1,872,000 28,800/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 25.78/30/355.78/360

    670,249/780,000 9,250,249/9,360,000 10Ahau 18Uo

    25Jul1697 ADG 15Jul1697 ADJ


    4th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,252,000 1,764,000/1,872,000 36,000/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 26.06/30/356.06/360

    677,449/780,000 9,257,449/9,360,000 8Ahau 3Pax

    12Apr1717 ADG 01Apr1717 ADJ


    5th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,259,200 1,771,200/1,872,000 43,200/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 26.33/30/356.33/360

    684,649/780,000 9,264,649/9,360,000 6Ahau 3Zac

    28Dec1736 ADG 17Dec1736 ADJ


    6th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,266,400 1,778,400/1,872,000 50,400/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 26.61/30/356.61/360

    691,849/780,000 9,271,849/9,360,000 4Ahau 3Xul

    14Sep1756 ADG 03Sep1756 ADJ


    7th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,273,600 1,785,600/1,872,000 57,600/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 26.89/30/356.89/360

    699,049/780,000 9,279,049/9,360,000 2Ahau 3Pop

    01Jun1776 ADG 21May1776 ADJ


    8th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,280,800 1,792,800/1,872,000 64,800/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 27.16/30/357.16/360

    706,249/780,000 9,286,249/9,360,000 13Ahau 8Kankin

    17Feb1796 ADG 06Feb1796 ADJ


    9th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,288,000 1,800,000/1,872,000 72,000/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 27.44/30/357.44/360

    713,449/780,000 9,293,449/9,360,000 11Ahau 8Chen

    05Nov1815 ADG 24Oct1815 ADJ


    10th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,295,200 1,807,200/1,872,000 79,200/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 27.72/30/357.72/360

    720,649/780,000 9,300,649/9,360,000 9Ahau 8Zotz

    23Jul1835 ADG 11Jul1835 ADJ


    11th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,302,400 1,814,400/1,872,000 86,400/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 27.99/30/357.99/360

    727,849/780,000 9,307,849/9,360,000 7Ahau 13Kayab

    09Apr1855 ADG 28Mar1855 ADJ


    12th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,309,600 1,821,600/1,872,000 93,600/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 28.27/30/358.27/360

    735,049/780,000 9,315,049/9,360,000 5Ahau 13Ceh

    25Dec1874 ADG 13Dec1874 ADJ


    13th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,316,800 1,828,800/1,872,000 100,800/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 28.55/30/358.55/360

    742,249/780,000 9,322,249/9,360,000 3Ahau 13Yaxkin

    11Sep1894 ADG 30Aug1894 ADJ


    14th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,324,000 1,836,000/1,872,000 108,000/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 28.82/30/358.82/360

    749,449/780,000 9,329,449/9,360,000 1Ahau 13Uo

    30May1914 ADG 17May1914 ADJ


    15th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,331,200 1,843,200/1,872,000 115,200/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.10/30/359.10/360

    756,649/780,000 9,336,649/9,360,000 12Ahau 18Muan

    14Feb1934 ADG 01Feb1934 ADJ


    16th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,338,400 1,850,400/1,872,000 122,400/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.38/30/359.38/360

    763,849/780,000 9,343,849/9,360,000 10Ahau 18Yax

    01Nov1953 ADG 19Oct1953 ADJ


    17th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,341,380 1,853,380/1,872,000 125,380/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.49/30/359.49/360

    766,829/780,000 9,346,829/9,360,000 13Ahau 13Mac

    29Dec1961 ADG 16Dec1961 ADJ


    = 3 Katun - 7 Tun/Times – 100 Kin from End of Great Cycle + 360



    Day#9,345,600 1,857,600/1,872,000 129,600/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.66/30/359.66/360

    771,049/780,000 9,351,049/9,360,000 8Ahau 18Tzec

    19Jul1973 ADG 06Jul1973 ADJ


    18th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,346,385 1,858,385/1,872,000 130,385/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.69/30/359.69/360

    771,834/780,000 9,351,834/9,360,000 13Chicchan 13Mol

    12Sep1975 ADG 30Aug1975 ADJ


    Left Hour 15 days=180-165

    Day#9,346,400 1,858,400/1,872,000 130,400/144,000

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.69/30/359.69/360

    771,849/780,000 9,351,849/9,360,000 2Ahau 8Chen

    27Sep1975 ADG 14Sep1975 ADJ


    Start of 12,000 Days of 13,780 as 37 Year + 265 Day Platonic Age Transition

    Day#9,347,661 1,859,661/1,872,000 131,661/144,000 0/13,780

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.74/30/359.74/360

    773,110/780,000 9,353,110/9,360,000 2Imix 14Kayab

    11Mar1979 ADG 26Feb1979 ADJ


    13,780 = 36Y+1Y+265=13,149+1+365+265=315+18Y+{1}+18Y =13,150+630=315+6575+6575+315 315 Day solar transit across solar disc of 0.53 degrees Lower Bound for Completion of Precessional cycle centered on Age of Aquarius Initiation

    Day#9,347,976 1,859,976/1,872,000 131,976/144,000 315/13,780

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.75/30/359.75/360

    773,425/780,000 9,353,425/9,360,000 5Cib 4Muan

    20Jan1980 ADG 07Jan1980 ADJ


    Lower Bound 13,780=53x260 73 Tzolkin repeating every 52 Solar Years as Haab 365x52=18,980=73x260=13,780+5200=13,780+20x260
    jAk-0° Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 21:49 UCT

    Day#9,352,800 1,864,800/1,872,000 136,800/144,000 5139/13,780

    l Pisces Benjamin 29.93/30/359.93/360

    778,249/780,000 9,358,249/9,360,000 6Ahau 3Vayeb

    05Apr1993 ADG 23Mar1993 ADJ


    19th Katun of 13th Baktun

    Day#9,354,551 1,866,251/1,872,000 138,851/144,000 6890/13,780 0/5449

    k Aquarius Joseph 0/30/0/360

    780,000/0/780,000 9,360,000/9,360,000 2Chuen 9Muan

    20Jan1998 ADG 07Jan1998 ADJ


    Age of Aquarius as Midpoint of solar galactic transit 315+18Y||18Y+315 jAk-0° Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius at 06:46 UCT

    Day#9,357,065 1,869,065/1,872,000 141,065/144,000 9404/13,780 2514/5449

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.10/30/0.10/360

    2514/780,000 2514/9,360,000 7Chicchan 8Mac

    08Dec2004 ADG 25Nov2004 ADJ


    10,665 Days from September 27th; 1975 and 1335+1600 Days before August 4th, 2008 and December 21st; 2012

    Day#9,358,400 1,870,400/1,872,000 142,400/144,000 10,739/13,780 3849/5449

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.15/30/0.15/360

    3849/780,000 3849/9,360,000 3Ahau 3Yaxkin

    04Aug2008 ADG 22Jul2008 ADJ


    12,000 Days from September 27th; 1975 and 1600 Days before December 21st; 2012

    Day#9,359,735 1,871,735/1,872,000 143,735/144,000 12,074/13,780 5184/5449

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.20/30/0.20/360

    5184/780,000 5184/9,360,000 12Men 3Vayeb

    31Mar2012 ADG 18Mar2012 ADJ


    37 Year Marker from start of 13,780 = 13,600+180 = 13,515+265 Days

    Day#9,359,736 1,871,736/1,872,000 143,736/144,000 12,075/13,780 5185/5449

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.20/30/0.20/360

    5185/780,000 5185/9,360,000 13Cib 4Vayeb

    01Apr2012 ADG 19Mar2012 ADJ


    1st Day of 265 Gestation period until December 2012 December Solstice

    Day#9,360,000 1,872,000/1,872,000 144,000/144,000 12,339/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.21/30/0.21/360

    5449/780,000 5449/9,360,000 4Ahau 3Kankin

    21Dec2012 ADG 08Dec2012 ADJ


    End of 5th Precessional Eon iAj-0° December Solstice as Solar Transit Sagittarius|Capricorn 11:12 UCT

    Day#9,360,029 12,368/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.21/30/0.21/360

    5478/780,000 5478/9,360,000 13Ahau 18Mac

    19Jan2013 ADG 06Jan2013 ADJ


    jAk-0° 1st Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 21:52 UCT

    Day#9,360,360 12,699/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.22/30/0.22/360

    5809/780,000 5809/9,360,000 13Ahau 18Mac

    16Dec2013 ADG 03Dec2013 ADJ


    1st completed Degree Year Aries Reuben as Mayan Tun = 360 Kin 360/7200/30°a

    Day#9,360,361 12,700/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.22/30/0.22/360

    5810/780,000 5810/9,360,000 1Imix 18Mac

    17Dec2013 ADG 04Dec2013 ADJ


    Completion of 73 Tzolkin as 18,980 Kin from 13th Baktun cycle for Tzolkin-Haab factorization in 5x73x260=260x365=5x18,980=94,900

    Day#9,360,395 12,734/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.22/30/0.22/360

    5844/780,000 5844/9,360,000 9Men 13Muan

    20Jan2014 ADG 07Jan2014 ADJ


    jAk-0° 2nd Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 03:51 UCT

    Day#9,360,720 13,059/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.24/30/0.24/360

    6169/780,000 6169/9,360,000 9Ahau 13Mac

    11Dec2014 ADG 28Nov2014 ADJ


    2nd completed Degree Year Taurus Simeon as Mayan Tun 720/7200/60°b

    Day#9,360,760 13,099/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.24/30/0.24/360

    6209/780,000 6209/9,360,000 10Ahau 13Muan

    20Jan2015 ADG 07Jan2015 ADJ


    jAk-0° 3rd Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 09:43 UCT

    Day#9,361,080 13,419/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.25/30/0.25/360

    6529/780,000 6529/9,360,000 5Ahau 8Mac

    06Dec2015 ADG 23Nov2015 ADJ


    3rd completed Degree Year Gemini Levi as Mayan Tun 1080/7200/90°c

    Day#9,361,125 13,464/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.25/30/0.25/360

    6574/780,000 6574/9,360,000 11Chicchan 13Muan

    20Jan2016 ADG 07Jan2016 ADJ


    jAk-0° 4th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 15:27 UCT

    Day#9,361,126 13,465/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.25/30/0.25/360

    6575/780,000 6575/9,360,000 12Cimi 14Muan

    21Jan2016 ADG 08Jan2016 ADJ


    13,780 = 36Y+1Y+265=13,149+1+365+265=315+18Y+{1}+18Y =13,150+630=315+6575+6575+315 315 Day solar transit across solar disc of 0.53 degrees Upper Bound

    Day#9,361,440 13,779/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.26/30/0.26/360

    6889/780,000 6889/9,360,000 1Ahau 3Mac

    30Nov2016 ADG 17Nov2016 ADJ


    4th completed Degree Year Cancer Dan as Mayan Tun 1440/7200/120°d

    Day#9,361,441 13,780/13,780

    k Aquarius Joseph 0.26/30/0.26/360

    6890/780,000 6890/9,360,000 2Imix 4Mac

    01Dec2016 ADG 18Nov2016 ADJ


    13,780 = 36Y+1Y+265=13,149+1+365+265=315+18Y+{1}+18Y =13,150+630=315+6575+6575+315 0.53 degrees Upper Bound and Completion of Precessional cycle centered on Age of Aquarius Initiation


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.27/30/0.27/360

    6939/780,000 6939/9,360,000 12Oc 13Muan

    19Jan2017 ADG 06Jan2017 ADJ


    jAk-0° 5th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 21:24 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.28/30/0.28/360

    7249/780,000 7249/9,360,000 10Ahau 18Ceh

    25Nov2017 ADG 12Nov2017 ADJ


    5th completed Degree Year Leo Judah as Mayan Tun 1800/7200/150°e


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.28/30/0.28/360

    7305/780,000 7305/9,360,000 1Cib 14Muan

    20Jan2018 ADG 07Jan2018 ADJ


    jAk-0° 6th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 03:09 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.29/30/0.29/360

    7609/780,000 7609/9,360,000 6Ahau 13Ceh

    20Nov2018 ADG 07Nov2018 ADJ


    6th completed Degree Year Virgo Gad as Mayan Tun 2160/7200/180°f


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.30/30/0.30/360

    7670/780,000 7670/9,360,000 2Imix 14Muan

    20Jan2019 ADG 07Jan2019 ADJ


    jAk-0° 7th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 08:59 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.31/30/0.31/360

    7969/780,000 7969/9,360,000 2Ahau 8Ceh

    15Nov2019 ADG 02Nov2019 ADJ


    7th completed Degree Year Libra Naphtali as Mayan Tun 2520/7200/210°g


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.31/30/0.31/360

    8035/780,000 8035/9,360,000 3Cimi 14Muan

    20Jan2020 ADG 07Jan2020 ADJ


    jAk-0° 8th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 14:55 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.32/30/0.32/360

    8329/780,000 8329/9,360,000 11Ahau 3Ceh

    09Nov2020 ADG 27Oct2020 ADJ


    8th completed Degree Year Scorpio Asher as Mayan Tun 2880/7200/240°h


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.32/30/0.32/360

    8400/780,000 8400/9,360,000 4Chuen 14Muan

    19Jan2021 ADG 06Jan2021 ADJ


    jAk-0° 9th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 20:40 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.33/30/0.33/360

    8689/780,000 8689/9,360,000 7Ahau 18Zac

    04Nov2021 ADG 22Oct2021 ADJ


    9th completed Degree Year Sagittarius Issachar as Mayan Tun 3240/7200/270°i


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.34/30/0.34/360

    8766/780,000 8766/9,360,000 6Caban 15Muan

    20Jan2022 ADG 07Jan2022 ADJ


    jAk-0° 10th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 02:39 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.35/30/0.35/360

    9049/780,000 9049/9,360,000 3Ahau 13Zac

    30Oct2022 ADG 17Oct2022 ADJ


    10th completed Degree Year Capricorn Zebulon as Mayan Tun 3600/7200/300°j


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.35/30/0.35/360

    9131/780,000 9131/9,360,000 7Ik 15Muan

    20Jan2023 ADG 07Jan2023 ADJ


    jAk-0° 11th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 08:29 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.36/30/0.36/360

    9409/780,000 9409/9,360,000 12Ahau 8Zac

    25Oct2023 ADG 12Oct2023 ADJ


    11th completed Degree Year Aquarius Joseph as Mayan Tun 3960/7200/330°k


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.37/30/0.37/360

    9496/780,000 9496/9,360,000 8Manik 15Muan

    20Jan2024 ADG 07Jan2024 ADJ


    jAk-0° 12th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 14:07 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.38/30/0.38/360

    9769/780,000 9769/9,360,000 8Ahau 3Zac

    19Oct2024 ADG 06Oct2024 ADJ


    12th completed Degree Year Pisces Benjamin as Mayan Tun 4320/7200/360°l = Completion of Zodiac Mazzaroth in 13th Tribe hOphiuchusi coded in Manasseh-Ephraim


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.38/30/0.38/360

    9861/780,000 9861/9,360,000 9Eb 15Muan

    19Jan2025 ADG 06Jan2025 ADJ


    jAk-0° 13th/1st Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 20:00 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.39/30/0.39/360

    10,129/780,000 10,129/9,360,000 4Ahau 18Yax

    14Oct2025 ADG 01Oct2025 ADJ


    13th completed Degree Year Aries* Reuben* as Mayan Tun 4680/7200/390°a/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.39/30/0.39/360

    10,227/780,000 10,227/9,360,000 11Etznab 16Muan

    20Jan2026 ADG 07Jan2026 ADJ


    jAk-0° 14th/2nd Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 01:45 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.40/30/0.40/360

    10,489/780,000 10,489/9,360,000 13Ahau 13Yax

    09Oct2026 ADG 26Sep2026 ADJ


    14th completed Degree Year Taurus* Simeon* as Mayan Tun 5040/7200/420°b/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.41/30/0.41/360

    10,592/780,000 10,592/9,360,000 12Akbal 16Muan

    20Jan2027 ADG 07Jan2027 ADJ


    jAk-0° 15th/3rd Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 07:30 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.42/30/0.42/360

    10,849/780,000 10,849/9,360,000 9Ahau 8Yax

    04Oct2027 ADG 21Sep2027 ADJ


    15th completed Degree Year Gemini* Levi* as Mayan Tun 5400/7200/450°c/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.42/30/0.42/360

    10,957/780,000 10,957/9,360,000 13Lamat 16Muan

    20Jan2028 ADG 07Jan2028 ADJ


    jAk-0° 16th/4th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 13:22 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.43/30/0.43/360

    11,209/780,000 11,209/9,360,000 5Ahau 3Yax

    28Sep2028 ADG 15Sep2028 ADJ


    16th completed Degree Year Cancer* Dan* as Mayan Tun 5760/7200/480°d/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.44/30/0.44/360

    11,322/780,000 11,322/9,360,000 1Ben 16Muan

    19Jan2029 ADG 06Jan2029 ADJ


    jAk-0° 17th/5th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 19:01 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.44/30/0.44/360

    11,569/780,000 11,569/9,360,000 1Ahau 18Chen

    23Sep2029 ADG 10Sep2029 ADJ


    17th completed Degree Year Leo* Judah* as Mayan Tun 6120/7200/510°e/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.45/30/0.45/360

    11,688/780,000 11,688/9,360,000 3Cauac 17Muan

    20Jan2030 ADG 07Jan2030 ADJ


    jAk-0° 18th/6th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 00:54 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.46/30/0.46/360

    11,929/780,000 11,929/9,360,000 10Ahau 13Chen

    18Sep2030 ADG 05Sep2030 ADJ


    18th completed Degree Year Virgo* Gad* as Mayan Tun 6480/7200/540°f/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.46/30/0.46/360

    12,053/780,000 12,053/9,360,000 4Kan 17Muan

    20Jan2031 ADG 07Jan2031 ADJ


    jAk-0° 19th/7th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 06:48 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.47/30/0.47/360

    12,289/780,000 12,289/9,360,000 6Ahau 8Chen

    13Sep2031 ADG 31Aug2031 ADJ


    19th completed Degree Year Libra* Naphtali* as Mayan Tun 6840/7200/570°g/hOphiuchusi


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.48/30/0.48/360

    12,418/780,000 12,418/9,360,000 5Muluc 17Muan

    20Jan2032 ADG 07Jan2032 ADJ


    jAk-0° 20th/8th Solar Transit Capricorn|Aquarius 12:31 UCT


    k Aquarius Joseph 0.49/30/0.49/360

    12,649/780,000 12,649/9,360,000 2Ahau 3Chen

    07Sep2032 ADG 25Aug2032 ADJ


    20th completed Degree Year Scorpio* Asher* as Mayan Tun 7200/7200/600°h/hOphiuchusi

    The Grand Mayan Cycle and the Creation of Homo Sapiens by the Ancients in 36,000 Galactic Moons of 1.872 Million Haab Years

    The question for many researchers, historians, archaeologists and anthropologists has for long been, just how the Maya and similar cultures derived their calendrical calculations, using their astronomical observations with their experienced seasons upon planet Earth.
    They realised of course, that the Tzolkin of 260=13x20 repeating cycles served some celebratory or 'spiritual' purpose, whilst the Haab of 365 Kin or days became the seasonal time keeper for the plantings and the harvests. The Haab is then evidently calibrated to the solar year, but the Tzolkin bears no immediate correlation with the lunar year of 354-355 days, except the Tun of 360 Kin becoming a midpoint between the approximate lunar year of 12x29½=354.3 Days and the solar year of 365.25 days in 354+6 = 360 = 366-6 in an averaging of the leap year cycles of 3x365+366=1461 days.


    Jose Argüelles and other 'Nova Mayans' then created a 28 day lunar cycle for a 'adjusted' Haab of 13x28=364 kin and called this the recalibration of 'Gregorian Solar' 12x60 time into a 13x28=364 'Mayan Lunar Time' also known as the Dream spell calendar. Any recalibration of Gregorian or ‘western cultural’ calendars is however not required, should the true nature of the original ancient calendars become understood and implemented to calibrate the ancient chronos with the time keeping utilized in the present era.

    Jose' Arguelles dream spell calendar can then be related to the five Vayeb days ending a particular Haab in 1-5 Vayeb to begin the next Haab in 0Pop in an annual recurrence of July 26th. As such a calendar would eliminate the day count of a tropical year and so the seasons however, say in the elimination of the leap days in the common solar calendars and the metonic lunar calendars, such a procedure is not necessary.

    Many researchers and interested readers are aware about the basic structure of the Mayan Long Count of 5 Baktuns as 5x144,000=720,000 Kin and the structure of a Baktun as 20x7,200 Katun for a Katun consisting of 20 Tun of 360 Kin each and with a 'Cycle Year' of 360 Kin being counted in 18x20=360 days for a Uinal of 20 days subdividing the 'Cycle' year as 360 degrees in a circle for a Tun being 18 Uinals.

    The Mayan dates are defined and can be written as: {Baktun; Katun; Tun; Uinal; Kin}

    The Precessional Maya Year or Grand Mayan Cycle or GMC also known as a 'Great Platonic Galactic Year', then is defined in 13x5=65 Baktuns or 65x144,000=9,360,000 Kin.
    A fifth of this Mayan Grand Year then is used to calibrate the most recent calendrical time keeping of the Maya in the Maya date = 8 Cumku 4 Ahau which calibrates to August 11th, 3114BC in a Gregorian proleptic (GP) and to September 6th, 3114 BC Julian calendrical calibration and synchronization.
    Using those dates then will add a 5 Baktun day count of 5x144,000 = 720,000 Kin to for for December 21st, 2012 Gregorian.

    Calibrating backwards in time to the beginning of the GMC then stipulates the 5 Baktun cycles as follows:

    5th Baktun Cycle #5 of GMC #73 ends: = 4Ahau 3Kankin = Friday, December 21st, 2012, Gregorian 'Civil Year'|Friday, December 8th, 2012 AD J|Friday, 8Teveth5773
    5th Baktun Cycle #5 of GMC #73 begins: = 4 Ahau 8Cumku = Monday, August 11th, 3114 BC GP|Monday, September 6th, 3114 BC JP|11Elul647
    4th Baktun Cycle #4 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 8Zotz = Thursday, April 1st, 8239 BC GP|Thursday, |Thursday, June 4th, 8239 BC JP|Thursday, 15Iyyar-4478
    3rd Baktun Cycle #3 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 13Mol= Sunday, November 20th, 13,365 BC GP|Sunday, March 2nd, 13,365 BC JP|Sunday, 18Shevat-9603
    2nd Baktun Cycle #2 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 18Ceh= Wednesday, July 12th, 18,490 BC GP|Wednesday, November 29th, 18,490 BC JP|Wednesday, 21Tishri-14,728
    1st Baktun Cycle #1 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 3Kayab = Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC GP|Saturday, August 276th, 23,615 BC JP|Saturday, 25Sivan-19,854

    As 720,000 Kin are 100 Katun and 2000 Tun as 5 Baktuns, the approximate precessional rate of change in the zodiac is attained as 5x72°=360° for 72 'Cycle Years' tracing One degree of the Ouroboros for a total precession of 72x360=25,920 'Proxy years', approximating a Gaian precession across time spans of the order of 10s and 100 thousands of years.

    As the rotational speed of a planet depends on its gravitational interaction with other orbs in the astronomical neighborhood (a receding moon will alter the gravitational interaction between the planet and the moon and affect the oceans in tides and currents) and also on the mass-inertia distribution of the planet's mass in its rotational dynamics in its 'Moment of Inertia'; the time keeping over such and longer periods of times cannot be exactly calibrated in terms of repeating cycles such as years in say a scientific definition for the length of a day and the duration of a second. However the count of days and nights, relatively independent upon fluctuations of the seasonal and orbital adjustments of such semi cycles remains constant for such a definition for the keeping of time.

    The GMC can also be partitioned into an exact Kin count of 26,000 Kin for every Tun of 360 Kin as 1300 Katuns being 5x13=65 Baktuns.

    26,000x360 = 9,360,000 = 13x720,000 = 72x13,000 = 720x1300

    The actual precession rate for the present time of the 74th GMC then is 9,360,000/(365.2425x360)=26,000/365.2425=71.186 'civil years' per degree. As the 'Civil Year' of 365.2425 days differs from the mean tropical year of 365.24219878 by 0.00030122 days per year; the cumulative error of divergence will become 1 day in so 1/0.000301 or 3320 civil years. The actual Precessional year in scientific definition of the day count as presently employed is 9,360,000/365.2425 = 25,626.81 'Mean Solar Days' as 'Civil Gregorian Days' and a timed distance of about 25,627 light years descriptive for the distance between the Center of the Earth and the Center of the Milky Way or Perseus galaxy.

    It was 73 Great Mayan Cycles ago, that the human presence upon the planet Gaia-Earth was made manifest by the cosmic elders of the realms. Many recall particular memories about this creation event and many misinterpret just what was the actual happenstance at that time marker in the cosmic evolution, relevant not only for the inhabitants of planet Earth, but for the entire universe defined in the parameters of space and time.

    But it was at that time in geological time reckonings and 1.8 to 1.9 Million years ago (Mya); that the ancestor of Homo Sapiens or 'Modern Wise Man' diverged from its common hominid stock classified under such taxonomy as Hominin Tribe such as Australopithecus Afarensis; 'Lucy from the Sky' etc. and 3-4 Mya as ancestors of Homo Habilis (3-2 Mya) and evolution branches from a common Hominidae Family {Great Apes Human, Pongidae/Orang Utan, Gorilla and Pan-Chimpanzee/Bonobo 15-5 Mya}, themselves emergent from an earlier Primate Order to become what is known as Homo Erectus or 'Upright Man' in the fossils and records of anthropology. The oldest fossil of the Genus Homo in Homo Erectus is dated at 1.8 Million years from Georgia outside Africa and named Homo Georgicus. As Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus coinhabited the planetary environments; Homo Erectus co evolved with Homo Habilis, the latter becoming extinct and the former advancing into its Homo Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Sapiens form.

    Modern Man or 'Cro Magnon Man' then characterised the final step of the human evolution at the beginning of the 73rd GMC and the transition period from the 72nd GMC into to 73rd GMC as the bridging time between two precessional eons of the Earth from the time of 'Edgar Cayce's Atlantis' beginning so 50,000 years ago to the time of the extinction of Homo Neanderthalensis or 'Neanderthal Man' so 30,000 years ago and when the 73rd GMC began to implement its 9,360,000 Kin or days.

    The reason for this number of GMCs is the deeper agenda of the Tzolkin and the Haab. The Tzolkin repeats in 260 Kin and the Haab adds 5 Vayeb or 'Special Kin' to the Cycle year of 360 Kin, the latter representing the average or mean alignments between the lunar cycles of the lunations and the solar year of the seasons as indicated previously.
    The Haab so repeats in 365 Kin and the Tzolkin repeats in 260 Kin and calibrating those two calendars will define the time keeping module and matrix as the 'Loom of the Maya' as envisaged by Jose' and Lloydine Arguelles Dream spell calendar and related artworks and endeavors.

    The synchronization between the Tzolkin and the Haab so follows a precise mathematical procedure in the Kin count which assigns an integral number multiplier for the two calendars not only to 'meet' every 260x365=94,900 Kin of about 263.611 360 Day Cycle Years or Tuns, but also synchronizes this period of time as 4745 Uinals with the Tuns and Katuns and Baktuns of the GMC in a 'common factor'.

    94,900 is factored as 949x100=13x73x100 in the prime Numbers 13 and 73 and this factorization directly allows the grand calibration of the timespan of a defined galactic starhuman or ‘Mayan dragon’ or ‘plumed serpent’ to manifest in its seedling or prototypical form of a Gaian Human or a Homo Sapiens.

    13x73x5x144,000 = 73x65x144,000 = 4745 Baktuns = 73x9,360,000 = 73 GMC = 683,280,000 Kin
    683,280,000 Kin/365.2425 (-563.5) Civil Days = 1,870,757.1 - 563.5 ~ 1,870,193.5 Civil years (with an error of about 563.5 days for this definition of a year).
    The Kin count is however precise and counting backwards from or Friday, December 21st, 2012 Gregorian will arrive at a Monday in 683,280,000 Kin or 1,898,000 Great Mayan Cycles or GMC’s.

    Jose Arguelles crystallized the Mayan 'Master Number' also known to the historians as pertaining to the calculus found in the 'Dresden Codex' 13665660 in his 'Mayan Factor' and this number is indeed one of a few numbers, which factor both the Tzolkin and the Haab in 1366560=260x5256=365x3744.

    {This number actually relates as a derivative to an even more primary number as an algorithmic derivative within a cosmogonic context descriptive of an universal cosmology or creation event in a Quantum Big Bang Cosmogenesis, indicated in an addendum following. The multiplier of 500 indicated below, also derives from an actual higher dimensional 'Star Charge' mapping the energy (spirit) from the higher dimensional super space into the lower dimensional forms of charge associated with inertia and therefore matter carrying the property of physical mass.} External link:

    Numerically, one can write the 73 GMC's in the many partitioned forms, incorporating the Mayan Numbers as common factors between the Tzolkin and the Haab however:

    500x72x18,980 = 500x73x72x260 = 73x36,000x260 - 500x72x52x360 = 7,200x260x365 = 683,280,000
    5x949x144000 = 500x72x18,980 = 500x1366560 = 500x73x72x260 = 2,628,000x260 = 500x72x52x365 = 1,872,000x365 = 683,280,000 = 5x73x1,872,000 = 13x365x144,000

    The 73rd GMC so ended on December 21st, 2012 and on that Mayan date the 74th GMC began to assign a 'New Cosmic Age' to the Homo Sapiens genetic seedling stock, which was genetically and electromagnetic inducted by monopolar or 'spiritual' induction by the Dragon Elders of the realms and at the time precisely calculated by the Kin count but approximated in any cumulative redefinition of this basic day and night count into any form of extended cycles such as years, such as approximating 1 Million 870 Thousand and 195 years ago from 2014.

    The 74th GMC can also be said to restart the GMC count as GMC #0 and the Maya date so proceeds as per the timeframe presently synchronized with a number of characterizing dates mirroring the last 73rd GMC in the resetting of the 74th GMC as a 1st GMC in a 'New World' of the Ancients and for the Ancients as their own Descendants and 'Extra-Terrestrial' Cosmic Family.

    An 'Old Mayan Year' so becomes reset in a 'New Mayan Year' in the Synchronization between the Haab of 365 Kin and the Tzolkin of 260 Kin. This calibration participates precisely 36,000 GMC 'Galactic Moons', each of a duration of 18,980 Kin as 73 Tzolkins and as 52 Haab, the latter, which are 52 Civil Years minus 13 Leap-Days and characterizes a typical 'life span' or Mayan generation.
    73x9,360,000 = 73x5x13x144,000 = 683,280,000 = 20x360x260x365 = 500x1366560

    This can be expressed as a Fractal in using the 'Mayan Master number' 13366560 = 73x65x288 in the product of the major Mayan multiplier 20 in the Kin count of 4 Haab approximating the Gregorian civil year without leap days:

    Mayan Fractal = MF = 20x73 = 1460 = 4x365 = 73x13x144,000/(360x260) = 73x1,872,000/(93,600) = 136656000/(360x260)

    This Mayan Fractal then becomes a Subset of the 36,000 Galactic Moons in the GMC and allows the Reset to specify a particular Fractal Interval in the MF+260 = 1460+260 = 1720 Kin as 4 Haab + 1 Tzolkin.

    The GMC is defined in 1.898 Million Tun or Grand Platonic Cycle Years in the 360 Kin count and being the same as 1.872 Million Haab in the 365 Kin count.
    The GMC is then characterised in 4x36,000 = 144,000 Galactic Quarter Moons, each of a timespan of 4745=13x365 Kin as 13 Haab

    The detailed transition from the Old Mayan Time beginning with the advent of the human genus Homo and initializing the last of 36,000 Galactic Moons on Tuesday, January 3rd, 1961 for Maya Date 4Ahau with 18,980=52x365=260x73 Kin before the Mirror Nexus date of December 21st, 2012 4 Ahau to the first Galactic Moon in the New Mayan Time is presented following.

    Requiem for a Human Civilization in the Creation of a Star Human Civilization
    46,800,000 Days = 325,000x144,000 = 65x144,000x5000 = 5x360x26,000 = 5x9,360,000 Mayan Kin
    365 Kin Haab x 52 = 18,980 Kin = 260 Kin Tzolkin x 73 Maya Calendar Calibration


    Finis Hominis Incere Hominidae Draconis Astrum!!!
    "Humanity has ended, enter the Starhumanity of Dragons!"


    The transformation of a type of cosmic civilization like that of the 'old humanity' residing on planet earth into a evolved cosmic civilization, say a 'new humanity' inhabiting a terraformed planet earth requires a period of transitional evolutionary adaptation.
    This can be compared to the metamorphosis of the butterfly genus/family; order lepidoptera; class insecta; phylum arthropoda; kingdom animalia from the four stages of embryo-larvae-pupa-imago from the caterpillar-larvae stage into the butterfly-imago stage via the transit stage of the pupa-chrysalis ergo the cocoonisation of the caterpillar insectoid.

    dragon2. lil2.
    In the form of the genus homo, the subspecies homo sapiens sapiens can be modelled to have entered the embryonic stage with the advent of Cro Magnon Man so 26,000 (civil) years ago.
    Using 400 year intervals of 146,097 days under utility of a certain calendrical counting of time ; the embryonic conception can be 'dated' to an extrapolated calendrical date of Saturday, February 21st, 23,615BC-G and precisely 9,360,008 days (and a precessional day count as 25,626.83149 Gregorian years) from Friday, December 21st, 2012AD in a week count of 1,337,144.
    The Julian day count began on January 1st 4713 BC-Julian and the Gregorian day count of 365.2425 days per year commenced on October 5th, 1582, replacing the Julian year of 365.25 days.
    A Mean Tropical Year has 365.24219 days and where a mean solar day has precisely 24x3600=86,400 SI seconds. The Tropical Year is referential to the seasons (equinoxes and solstices) and differs from the star-referential Sidereal Year in the day addendum 1/26000 or 1.0000385 of so 1225 seconds (20.41 minutes) per year and which accumulate to about 368.5 mean days (and so about a year) per precessional cycle.
    Due to orbital- and rotational changes and precession a year is decreasing at the present astronomical configuration by about 5 milliseconds/year or 130 seconds or so 2 minutes in a 26,000 precessional cycle.

    The Gregorian year of 365.2425 days differs from the tropical year of 365.24219 days and so the Gregorian calendar will accumulate an error of about 0.00031x26,000~8.1 days per precessional cycle.
    To account for this, a 'creation-initialization week of 8 days' is added to the 64 cycles in 9792+8=9,800=7x1,400=7x7x200=8x52x72=2(22x52x72)=2x702 in the 13x5x144,000=9,360,000 (Mayan) day-kin count, which so begins on the superposed and extrapolated Gregorian Day (G) Day#-7=Saturday, February 22nd, 23,615BC-G and becomes mirrored in the 7th day Day#7=Saturday, March 8th, 23,615BC-G for the Conception of the human Embryo to be born from its Chrysalis 64 cycles later.

    The first cycle is initiated on Day#9,792=Friday, December 21st, 23,589BC-G and the last and 64th cycle is initiated on Day#9,213,903=Friday, December 21st, 1612AD-Gregorian and ends precisely 146,097 days or 400 Gregorian years later on Friday, December 21st, 2012AD to commence a now precessional count in the birth of the Imago of the ancient human Embryo established by the beginning of the first cycle.

    Long Count


    360 Tun Cycles





    Ancients of Days

    Thuban Star Elders



    18Yax 4Ahau



    Wed, 04Dec 126,123 BC


    Start of 1st Great Cycle of Draco Thuban

    Alpha Abba|αω|Baab



    13Xul 4Ahau



    Sun, 15Apr 120,997 BC



    8Uo 4Ahau



    Thu, 25Aug 115,872 BC



    8Chen 4Ahau



    Sat, 30Apr 113,309 BC


    Midpoint of 1st Great Cycle of Central Elements from Draconian Serpentini

    First Age of Thuban



    8Pax 4Ahau



    Mon, 04Jan 110,746 BC



    3Ceh 4Ahau



    Fri, 16May 105,621 BC



    18Yaxkin 4Ahau



    Tue, 26Sep 100,496 BC


    End of 1st Great Cycle of Thuban
    Start of 2nd Great Cycle of Hyperborea




    13Zip 4Ahau



    Sat, 05Feb 95,370 BC



    13 Kayab 4Ahau



    Wed, 16Jun 90,245 BC



    8Xul 4Ahau



    Fri, 21Feb 87,682 BC


    Midpoint of 2nd Great Cycle of Northern Mountains from Arcturian Pachydermi

    Second Age of Hyperborea



    8Mac 4Ahau



    Sun, 26Oct 85,120 BC



    3Chen 4Ahau



    Thu, 08Mar 79,994 BC



    18Zotz 4Ahau



    Mon, 18Jul 74,869 BC


    End of 2nd Great Cycle of Hyperborea
    Start of 3rd Great Cycle of Lemuria




    18 Cumku 4Ahau



    Fri, 27Nov 69,744 BC



    13Kankin 4Ahau



    Tue, 08Apr 64,618 BC



    8Zip 4Ahau



    Thu, 13Dec 62,056 BC


    Midpoint of 3rd Great Cycle of Southern Waters from Pleiadean Cetacini

    Third Age of Lemuria



    8Yax 4Ahau



    Sat, 18Aug 59,493 BC



    3Xul 4Ahau



    Wed, 28Dec 54,368 BC



    18Pop 4Ahau



    Sun, 10May 49,242 BC


    End of 3rd Great Cycle of Lemuria
    Start of 4th Great Cycle of Zep Tepi




    18Muan 4Ahau



    Thu, 18Sep 44,117 BC



    13Zac 4Ahau



    Mon, 29Jan 38,991 BC



    13Cumku 4Ahau



    Wed, 04Oct 36,429 BC


    Midpoint of 4th Great Cycle of Eastern Fires from Andromedean Felini

    Fourth Age of Zep Tepi



    8Yaxin 4Ahau



    Fri, 10Jun 33,866 BC



    3Zip 4Ahau



    Tue, 19Oct 28,741 BC






    Sat, 22Feb 23,615 BC



    3Kayab 4Ahau



    Sat, 01Mar 23,615 BC


    End of 4th Great Cycle of Zep Tepi
    Start of 5th Great Cycle of Atlantis







    Sat, 08Mar 23,615 BC







    Fri, 21Dec 23,589 BC
    0x400=0 Civil Years CY


    Thuban Human Conception to Arcturian Human Embryo




    18Ceh 4Ahau



    Wed, 12Jul 18,490 BC










    Fri, 21Dec 17,189 BC 16x400=6400 CY


    Embryo to
    Pleiadean Human




    13Mol 4Ahau



    Sun, 20Nov 13,365 BC





    13Muan 4Ahau



    Tue, 27Jul 10,802 BC


    Midpoint of 5th Great Cycle of Western Winds from Sirian Canisi

    Fifth Age of Atlantis

    Younger Dryas Comet Sphinx and Pyramids






    Fri, 21Dec 10,789 BC
    32x400=12,800 CY


    Pleiadean Human Larvae to Sirian Human Pupa




    8Zotz 4Ahau



    Thu, 01Apr 8239 BC









    Fri, 21Dec 4389 BC
    48x400=19,200 CY


    Sirian Human Pupa to Thuban Starhuman Imago



    8Cumku 4Ahau



    Mon, 11Aug 3114 BC




    3Kankin 4Ahau



    Fri, 21Dec 2012
    64x400=25,600 CY


    End of 5th Great Cycle of Atlantis
    Start of Starhumanity in Gestation as Human Imago

    Baab|ωα|Abba Omega



    18Mac 13Ahau



    Mon, 16Dec 2013



    13Mac 9Ahau



    Thu, 11Dec 2014



    8Mac 5Ahau



    Sun, 06Dec 2015



    3Mac 1Ahau



    Wed, 30Nov 2016



    18Ceh 10Ahau



    Sat, 25Nov 2017



    13Ceh 6Ahau



    Tue, 20Nov 2018



    8Ceh 2Ahau



    Fri, 15Nov 2019



    3Ceh 11Ahau



    Mon, 09Nov 2020



    18Zac 7Ahau



    Thu, 04Nov 2021



    13Zac 3Ahau



    Sun, 30Oct 2022



    8Zac 12Ahau



    Wed, 25Oct 2023



    3Zac 8Ahau



    Sat, 19Oct 2024



    18Yax 4Ahau



    Tue, 14Oct 2025



    13Yax 13Ahau



    Fri, 09Oct 2026



    8Yax 9Ahau



    Mon, 04Oct 2027



    3Yax 5Ahau



    Thu, 28Sep 2028



    18Chen 1Ahau



    Sun, 23Sep 2029



    13Chen 10Ahau



    Wed, 18Sep 2030



    8Chen 6Ahau



    Sat, 13Sep 2031



    3Chen 2Ahau



    Tue, 07Sep 2032






    Fri, 02Sep 2033






    Mon, 28Aug 2034






    Thu, 23Aug 2035






    Sun, 17 Aug 2036






    Wed, 12Aug 2037






    Sat, 7Aug 2038




    The Grand Mayan Cycle and the 13th star sign Ophiuchus in the Age of Pisces

    5th Baktun Cycle #5 of GMC #73 ends: = 4Ahau 3Kankin = Friday, December 21st, 2012, Gregorian 'Civil Year'|Friday, December 8th, 2012 AD J|Friday, 8Teveth5773
    5th Baktun Cycle #5 of GMC #73 begins: = 4 Ahau 8Cumku = Monday, August 11th, 3114 BC GP|Monday, September 6th, 3114 BC JP|11Elul647
    4th Baktun Cycle #4 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 8Zotz = Thursday, April 1st, 8239 BC GP|Thursday, |Thursday, June 4th, 8239 BC JP|Thursday, 15Iyyar-4478
    3rd Baktun Cycle #3 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 13Mol= Sunday, November 20th, 13,365 BC GP|Sunday, March 2nd, 13,365 BC JP|Sunday, 18Shevat-9603
    2nd Baktun Cycle #2 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 18Ceh= Wednesday, July 12th, 18,490 BC GP|Wednesday, November 29th, 18,490 BC JP|Wednesday, 21Tishri-14,728
    1st Baktun Cycle #1 of GMC #73 begins: - = 4Ahau 3Kayab = Saturday, March 1st, 23,615 BC GP|Saturday, August 27th, 23,615 BC JP|Saturday, 25Sivan-19,854







    Days# from 9,360,000 to 9,354,551

    9,360,000 of 9,360,000 65/65 Baktun 9,360,000 65x144,000
    4Ahau 3Kankin 2Chuen 9Muan

    8Teveth5773 22Teveth5758

    21Dec2012 G 20Jan1998 G

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Joseph Aquarius

    Days# from 9,354,551 to 8,634,598 to 8,634,551 to 8,580,000 to 8,574,551

    Age of Ophiuchus is inserted as 13th star sign into the Age of Pisces as 12th star sign 720,000=780,000- 60,000
    Kin from entry into New Age of Aquarius
    16:45UCT hAi-0° Age of Pisces manifested in individuation of Ophiuchus Serpent Tamer
    2Chuen 9Muan 2Etznab 16Xul 2Chuen 9Zotz
    4Ahau 8Kankin
    2Chuen 14Muan

    22Teveth5758 24Kislev3787
    6Heshvan3787 29Iyyar3637 13Tammuz3622

    20Jan1998 G 21Nov26 ADGP 05Oct26 ADGP 28May124 BCGP 27Jun139 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Benjamin Pisces

    Days# from 8,574,551 to 7,800,000 to 7,794,551

    8,580,000 of 9,360,000 2Chuen 14Muan 4Ahau 13Kankin 2Chuen 19Muan

    13Tammuz3622 20Heshvan1502 4Teveth1487

    27Jun139 BCGP 02Nov2260 BCGP 02Dec2275 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Reuben Aries

    Days# from 7,794,551 to 7,488,000 to 7,020,000 to 7,014,551

    7,800,000 of 9,360,000 52/65 Baktun 7,488,000 52x144,000 2Chuen 19Muan 4Ahau 8Cumku
    - 4Ahau 18Kankin - 2Chuen 4Pax

    11Elul647 11Iyyar-634 26Sivan-649

    02Dec2275 BCGP 11Aug3114 BCGP 09Apr4395 BCGP 09May4410 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Simeon Taurus

    Days# from 7,014,551 to 6,240,000 to 6,234,551

    7,020,000 of 9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 4Pax - 4Ahau 3Muan - 2Chuen 9Pax

    26Sivan-649 3Heshvan-2769 18Heshvan-2784

    09May4410 BCGP 14Sep6531 BCGP 14Oct6546 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Levi Gemini

    Days# from 6,234,551 to 5,616,000 to 5,460,000 to 5,454,551

    6,240,000 of 9,360,000 39/65 Baktun 5,616,000 39x144,000

    - 2Chuen 9Pax - 4Ahau 8Zotz
    - 4Ahau 8Muan
    - 2Chuen 14Pax

    18Heshvan-2784 15Iyyar-4478 24Nisan-4905 9Iyyar-4920

    14Oct6546 BCGP 01Apr8239 BCGP 19Feb8666 BCGP 20Mar8681 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Dan Cancer

    Days# from 5,454,551 to 4,680,000 to 4,674,551

    5,460,000 of 9,360,000 Midpoint of 65 Baktun Precessional Cycle offset in 15 Years of 5449+30=5479=15{360+5}+4 days

    - 2Chuen 14Pax
    - 4Ahau 13Muan
    - 2Chuen 19Pax

    9Iyyar-4920 16Elul-7041 1Heshvan-7055

    20Mar8681 BCGP 27Jul10,802 BCGP 25Aug10,817 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Judah Leo Midpoint of 65 Baktun Precessional Cycle offset in 15 Years of 5449+30=5479 =15{360+5}+4 days

    Days# from 4,674,551 to 3,900,000 to 3,894,551

    4,680,000 of 9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 19Pax - 4Ahau 18Muan - 2Chuen 4Kayab

    1Heshvan-7055 8Adar-9176 22Nisan-9191

    25Aug10,817 BCGP 01Jan12,937 BCGP 30Jan12,952 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Gad Virgo

    Days# from 3,894,551 to 3,744,000 to 3,120,000 to 3,114,551

    3,900,000 of 9,360,000 26/65 Baktun 3,744,000 26x144,000

    - 2Chuen 4Kayab - 4Ahau 13Mol
    - 4Ahau 3Pax - 2Chuen 14Kayab

    22Nisan-9191 18Shevat-9603 29Av-11,312 14Tishri-11,326

    30Jan12,952 BCGP 20Nov13,365 BCGP 07Jun15,073 BCGP 07Jul15,088 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Naphtali Libra

    Days# from 3,114,551 to 2,340,000 to 2,334,551

    3,120,000 of 9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 14Kayab - 4Ahau 8Pax - 2Chuen 9Kayab

    14Tishri-11,326 20Shevat-13,447 4Adar-13,462

    07Jul15,088 BCGP 12Nov17,209 BCGP 12Dec17,224 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Asher Scorpio

    Days# from 2,334,551 to 1,872,000 to 1,560,000 to 1,554,551

    2,340,000 of 9,360,000 13/65 Baktun 1,872,000 13x144,000

    - 2Chuen 9Kayab - 4Ahau 13Ceh - 4Ahau 13Pax - 2Chuen 19Kayab

    4Adar-13,462 21Tishri-14,728 12Av-15,583 25Av-15,598

    12Dec17,224 BCGP 12Jul18,490 BCGP 19Apr19,344 BCGP
    19May19,359 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Issachar Sagittarius

    Days# from 1,554,551 to 780,000 to 774,551

    1,560,000 of 9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 19Kayab - 4Ahau 13Pax - 2Chuen 4Cumku

    25Av-15,598 4Teveth-17,718 18Shevat-17,733

    19May19,359 BCGP 24Sep21,480 BCGP 24Oct21,495 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Zebulon Capricorn

    Days# from
    774,551 to 000,000 to

    780,000 of 9,360,000

    - 2Chuen 4Cumku - 4Ahau 3Kayab - 2Chuen 9Cumku

    18Shevat-17,733 25Sivan-19,854 10Av-19,869

    24Oct21,495 BCGP 01Mar23,615BCGP 31Mar23,630 BCGP

    Age of Ancient Galactic Maya Joseph Aquarius
    The correlation between the Mayan calendar and the Gregorian uses the Long Count of 1,872,000 days as 5125.362 Civil Years to specify a Platonic Great Precessional Cycle of 25,626.81 Civil Years as 5 Mayan Long Counts, each one designated by the Mayan epoch of 4Ahau and the Gregorian dates given in the table above. The partial year amounts to 295 days.

    We can so now substructure this Great Platonic Mayan Year into 12 and 13 sub cycles. The 13-tier subdivision includes a 13th star sign in that of 'Ophiuchus, the Serpent Tamer' located as the Cusp of the Scorpio-Sagittarius solar transition dated on November 22nd/23rd in a Civil Gregorian Year.

    Maya-Epoch 5x13=65 Baktun = 5x13x144,000 Kin = 5x1,872,000=9,360,000 = 26,000x360 Kin Gregorian Platonic Cycle as 26,000 Tun:
    25,626.81 years so describe 12 subdivisions of 2,135.6 years each as 12x780,000 = 9,360,000 or 13 subdivisions of 1,971.3 years each as 13x720,000 = 9,360,000.
    More precisely, the dates can be ascertained as ranging from 5x156,000=780,000 Kin to 5x144,000=720,000 Kin.

    If we now 'personify' the 13th star sign of the Serpent-Tamer in conjunction with the 'Plumed Serpent' of the 'Office of Christ' or the 'Office of Melchizedek' or the 'Office of Hermes Trismegistus'; then one assigns the solar transit from Pisces into Aries and as the Spring Equinox of some 'personified' year as the change of one precessional age into another.
    The ancient galactic Maya assigns the 'Birth of Ophiuchus' as the 'Birth of Christ' in the form of the historical Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas Didymos to the equinox of the year 6BC and so 'fixates' the beginning of the ‘Individuated’ or ‘Anointed-Messianic Initiator’ or ‘way shower’ Age of Pisces as March 20th, 6BC or in Julian notation as the date and period of the Spring Equinox in that year and associated with particular conjunctions between the Moon with Jupiter and Saturn as celestial symbols for the land and people of the Jews and their neighbors.
    Specifying this date then allows calibration of the entire precessional cycle into either 12 or 13 'Precessional Star sign Periods' as a super positioned Platonic Great Year onto the Mayan harmonics of the Tzolkin.

    Image from the Stellarium software showing the alignment of the heavenly bodies just after sunrise on April 17, 6 BC
    (from link T. B. Cartwright)

    molnar1. molnar2.

    Position of the planets at sunrise and midheaven/noon on April 17, 6 BC (from Molnar)


    A Dawn of Human Civilization in the 5th , Precessional Cycle from the Midpoint of 10,802 BC

    We begin with the beginning of the Mayan timeline and coinciding with one of the first archaeologically verified urbanizations of the human history and as exemplified in the Mesopotamian city of Uruk about 3000 BC. Others include Nabta Playa in Southern Egypt about 6000 BC and Jericho in Palestine about 9600 BC and Göbekli Tepe and Catal Huyuk about 10,000 BC and 7,000 BC in Turkey respectively.
    This time was also the time of the Pyramids and the time of the Egyptian Sphinx.

    Using certain timeless indicators, the Maya may apply a given Platonic Cycle to substructure the same in any appropriate manner suitable for its purposes.
    One such indicator will be a precise mapping of a precessional configuration with the starry constellations of the zodiac to some monument on the surface of the earth.
    Following are some scriptural encodings and suggested decoding.

    Isaiah 19:19-20 - KJV
    "In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the Lord. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the Lord because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them."
    According to a theory by Robert Bauval, the positions of the Giza pyramids on the ground reflect the positions of the stars in the constellation Orion circa 10,500 B.C.(Graham Hancock, Keeper Of Genesis pp.354-355 ) Five of the 7 brightest stars have pyramid equivalents:

    "The 3 great pyramids of Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura for the belt of Orion, the pyramid of Nebka at Abu Rawash corresponds to the star Saiph and the pyramid at Zawat al Aryan corresponds to the star Bellatrix. The Nile river corresponds to the Milky Way. The principal Giza monuments formed an accurate terrestrial map of the stars of Orion and Sirius as these constellations appeared in 10,500 BC.
    Who could have been observing the skies over Giza in 10,500 BC and who, at that date, would have had the technical capacity to realize such monumental works as the Sphinx and the pyramids? Egyptologists assert there was no civilization on Earth at that time, let alone one capable of planning and building such immense, well-engineered structures. If they are right, why do the alignments of Giza so plainly and repetitively mirror the skies of the 11th millennium BC?"

    There is an answer in Scripture codes:

    God has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even to this day.

    Josephus writes in The Antiquities of the Jews 1.2.3:
    They also were the inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies, and their order. And that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam's prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and quantity of water, they made two pillars; the one of brick, the other of stone: they inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain, and exhibit those discoveries to mankind; and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day.

    The treatise above so superposes the Mayan Great Precessional Cycle onto the Long Count from August 11th, 3114 BC to December 21st, 2012.
    The discovery of Catal Huyuk, an ancient city in Anatolia, now modern Turkey and dating to 8000 BC challenged the accepted status quo of modern archaeology and the orthodox description for the timeline for the evolvement of modern man as an urbanite and city dweller.
    One distinguishing factor of Catal Huyuk was its worship of the feminine principle. It is often called the source of the Mother Goddess religions.

    The Mayan Precessional Age of Cancer spanned the period from 8,681 BC to 6,545 BC and as the star sign of Cancer symbolizes the Mother, so does its zodiacal opposite of Capricorn archetype the Father in the older Precessional Mayan Age of Capricorn from 21,495 BC to 19,359 BC.
    As the consensus of the academic orthodoxy requires physical evidence to support hypotheses and theories about the human history and timelines; the physical discovery of Catal Huyuk came as a big surprise.
    Hitherto the Mesopotamian cities of Samarra, Halaf, Ubaid and Uruk were believed to date no earlier than about 5000 BC.
    At that time, the Sumerian cities evolved and with it came the introduction of bronze casting and early forms of writing.
    And the general beginning of human civilization is dated to this time period and is particularised in the Unification of Lower and Upper Egypt about 3100 BC, which is also the start of the Mayan Long Count.

    The excavation of Catal Huyuk so 'forced' the orthodoxy to revise its beginning of the human urbanization of regions to 10,000 BC with the discovery of an 'older' Jericho dating to about 9000 BC and the first use of copper in Hassuna ware and the manufacturing and trading of pottery dating to about 7000 BC.

    The building of the Giza pyramids is conventionally dated to the Old Egyptian kingdom of the 3rd and 4th dynasties from about 2686 BC to 2494 BC.
    In the 4th dynasty, began in reign by Snefru; Khufu or Cheops is said to have built the first one; with Khafre or Chepren the second and with Menkaure or Mycerinus to have built the third one of the Giza complex.
    Then it is proposed that Khafre also built the Sphinx or Harmakhis, also called Herakhte (Horus of the Horizon).
    This places the 4th dynasty into the Mayan Age of Taurus from 4410 BC to 2274 BC and forms a nexus point with the Heliopolis of the Ra-Sun god worship instigated in the 2nd dynasty but made a state religion in the 5th dynasty.

    Rah or Ra or Re became known as Re-Harakhtys in the New Kingdom from about 1570 BC -1070 BC for the 18th to the 20th dynasties and as the 'Horus of Two Horizons'. This then became implemented in the Mayan Age of Aries from 2274 BC until the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls 'Teacher of Righteousness' in 139 BC and heralding the 'Coming of the Melchizedek' of the fulfilment of scripture in Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas Dydimos a little over a century later.

    A period of 'Hellenization of Judea', instigated by the Seleucid empire established by Alexander the Great, was resisted in a 20-year period from 196 BC to 176 BC by the 'Teacher of Righteousness' and as the Zadokite-Davidic High priest Onias III and who was 'born' into this Melchizedekian role in 196 BC and coinciding with Judea becoming a Seleucidan province.
    Onias III was murdered at the instigation of Menelaus in 171 BC and became succeeded by the 'Man of the Lie' in his son Onias IV, who emigrated to Egypt to build a 'substitute temple' in Leontopolis under the patronage of Egyptian king Ptolemy Philometor (182 BC to 146 BC).

    His inauguration of Israelite worship outside of Zion is in direct breach of biblical law, only allowing a single sanctuary at Jerusalem and as coded in Dead Sea Scroll (DSC) 4Q266.Frag.5ii.
    The 'House of Absalom' is the 'House of David' and his son Absalom rebelling against him is retold in Onias IV dishonoring his father Onias III and as encoded in DSC 1QpHab.v.9-12 and in 2Samuel.13.
    The 'Wicked Priest' in the Dead-Sea-Scrolls is Jesus-Jason, the brother of Onias III, who abandoned his Zadokian-Davidic heritage for a perceived Hellenization of the covenant.

    Antiochus-Epiphanes IV deposed the last true Zadokite-Davidic High priest Onias III in 175 BC and replaced him with his Hellenophile brother Jesus, the latter renaming himself in the Greek style as Jason.
    But in 172 BC, Jason was deposed and his office transferred to Menelaus from 172 BC to 162 BC.
    Following the murder of Onias III in 1971 BC, Antiochus IV and Menelaus plundered the temple at Jerusalem in 169 BC and in 168 BC Antiochus IV was defeated by the Romans in his second campaign against Egypt.
    In 167 BC, Jews who opposed the unification of the Seleucid empire and refused to accept Greek custom and religion were prosecuted in the attempt to 'absorb' the Jewish religion.

    In 166 BC, the Maccabees rose in revolt under the leadership of Judas Maccabee to end a 7-year period of confusion from 174 BC to 167 BC and so fulfilling Daniel's prophecy encoded in Daniel.9.24-27 and related encodings in Ezekiel.3.15 and Daniel.9.26-27 in a timeline dating before the 'Coming of the Shiloh'.

    The exposition on the gnostic meanings in the Dead-Sea-Scrolls is actually a continuation of the Babylonian Exile, beginning with the last 'king of righteousness' in Josiah and who was killed in the battle of Megiddo or Armageddon by Pharaoh Necho, king of Egypt, encoded in 2Kings.22.2; 23.25,29-32.
    70 years of the Babylonian captivity so add the 'forsaken period' from 608 BC to 586 BC, when king Nebuchadnezzar took Jerusalem until the 'Edict of Cyrus' in 538 BC, coded in 2Chronicles.36.1-23.
    390 day years from 586 BC lead to the year 196 BC, from which the 22 years from 608 BC to 586 BC are subtracted for the year-week of confusion encoded in the period 174 BC to 167 BC.

    The 390 years are encoded in DSC 4Q268.Frag.1 and in which also the 20 year duration is specified.

    Translation by Geza Vermes
    "For when they were unfaithful and forsook Him, He hid His face from Israel and His Sanctuary and delivered them up to the sword. But remembering the covenant of the forefathers, He left a remnant to Israel and did not deliver it up to be destroyed.
    And in the age of wrath, 390 years after He had given them into the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, He visited them, and He caused a plant root to spring from Israel and Aaron to inherit His Land and the good things of His earth. And they perceived their iniquity and recognizd that they were guilty men, yet for 20 years they were like blind men groping for the way."
    The Babylonian captivity of 70 years is naturally connected with the Egyptian captivity of 430 years and leading to the Exodus under Moses.

    But there are seemingly unsurmountable differences between the historical evidence for such an exodus and the Egyptian history engaging certain Hyksos or 'Shepherd Kings' and a thorough elucidation on this subject matter is warranted and will be addressed in other chapters of this book.

    anc1. anc2.
    anc3. anc4. anc5.

    Technical Addendum:
    The Luminosity Merkabah of Thuban and the Lightbody Constant Lo

    Merkabah-Transduction-Constant: Lo=1/[6x1015] (dimensionless);
    Creation Gamma Photon Frequency: fps=Eps/h=3x1030 Hz*
    Merkabah-Frequency: Lofps=5x1014 Hz*=c/λps for
    Merkabah-Wavelength: λps=c/Lofps=6000 Angströms*, the wavelength of Orange Light.

    The Orange Colour of Interterrestrial Spacecraft is intrinsically related to orthodox 4-dimensional spacetime physics in a fundamental 'Constant of Nature', say as the 'Speed of Light c' or the Planckian Quantum Action Constant 'h'.
    The Cosmic Master Algorithm SEps {Sequence of Primary Source Sink Energy} generated the following ten numeracies from its underpinning supersymmetric pentagonal (Fibonacci-Phi) 'sacred cosmogenetic quantum geometry': 4; 6; 7; 1/[6x1015]; 9x1016; 11; 1/[15x1032]; 14x1524; 1/[15x1618]; 26x6561.

    Any arbitrary measurement system of any sentient cosmic civilization (say as an Universal Observer) in any defined spacetime can then experimentally determine these and other mathematical relationships between experimental data and the energy ratios in their contexts of dynamical interactions.

    The Universal Observer or UO say has a mensuration system SI (System International on Terra) and can then calibrate hisher SI-system to the 'Star(*)-System' in the frame of reference of the UO, based on the numeracies as given in the above.
    The extended SEps-Algorithm then assumes the pretext of defining open and closed superstrings (in five classes derived from a 26-dimensional bosonic supersymmetry) in the logical statement:


    This specifies the methodology of recircularizing the linearized dimensions of the binary dyad (0,1) into the root-reducible decimal monad {0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9} with 10=1+0=1*; 11=1+1=2*, 12=1+2=3* and so on with 26=17*=8** and 27=18*=9**.
    Labeling the encoded Cosmic Initiator Constant E'=266561 from E=26x6561 then transforms E' into F' as the Mayan Super-number 1366560 and as described in the Dresden Codex of the Mayan historian database.

    E' →F'→ G' as E'=266561 and F'=136656 and G'=673665, after which the 'Inflation Algorithm' ends, since 5+6=11=2* is root-reductive.
    Setting the Inflation-Spacetime-Markers as the ABCDEFGH...XYZA*B*C*...symbolised encoding; we find ABCD=H with D=465612; C=256124; B=361242 and A=312423.
    As no archetype can yield Z(Z+A)BCXY=312423 from ABCXYZ=(1-Z)24233, the algorithm again ends in the reflected root-reduction to H, namely 1-Z=1-3=-2=-11'=-2*.

    This elementary constant of nature is as old and is described by the same Logos algorithms, which generated the well-known constants c, h and k to describe Energy Ratios in terms of Mass, Frequency and Thermodynamic Temperature.
    ~Tony Bermanseder

    Akbar Ra in Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia on Saturday, October 19th, 2019

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