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    On Vipers and Snakes and 'Evil' Serpents Invading The Realms

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    Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban
    Originally Posted by hippihillbobbi View Post
    Thanks for your commitment to this thread. i feel somewhat like Celine, i guess, in that sometimes i'm thinking what the f--k are they talking about?!? especially when you & [what's his/her name] were going back & forth earlier .... it was like ya'll were talking in code or a foreign language LOL!! but i've caught enough to have some questions, though it's taken me awhile to formulate them:

    1) is part of what you're talking about the transcending of duality? /the death of the devil? / embracing our shadow (as a species)?

    2) what is this about you being a vampyre ..... only not like the ones who only come out at night??? are there any other ways that you're different from them??? excuse my naivite, but i haven't read any anne rice or other pop-culture vampire novels, and so to me vampires still imply serious evil. what am i missing here?!?

    thanks again, Abraxasinas, and all you other cool spirits on this thread ... ya'll rock!

    Hi hippihillbobbi!

    1. Yes, the DEVIL is LIVED backwards. The power of the 'darkness', the 'reptilian agendas', the 'EVIL is LIVE backwards; and so on are as powerful as the image of yourself in the mirror of your bathroom.
    If you go into the bathroom, look into the mirror at your image and ask it to come out and attack you, what would you think would happen?

    Your image is mimicking your words and stays where it is.
    The falseness of images is all what the 'Devil' is, absolutely human selfcreated.
    So when man abuses man and the environment, then it is man as the Devil image, which does the EVIL and not some antiGod.
    You hiippibillbobbi are BOTH God and DOG GOD and DEVIL. Which part of the fairy story do you wish to play: Cinderella or the Evil Sister?
    Knowledge about these things will set your mind free; marry heaven and hell (both states of mind and perceiving and not physical locations) and REDEEM the evil, past, present and future in this human world.

    1. If someone calls me a werewolf then I am a werewolf as the mirror image of the one calling me a werewolf.
    If someone calls you a elven queen than you become an elven queen relative to the miiror reflection of the one who has imagined you as such an eleven queen.

    If one has nothing 'good' to say about someone; then one should hold one's tongue; because all things return to the one creating them - as a wisdom saying goes.

    So should you believe in the 'great evil', then the 'great evil' will continue to haunt and persecute you.
    What you resist, will persist as another wisdom saying goes.


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    Default Re: The Occult Reptilian Agenda and the Council of Thuban
    Originally Posted by cloud9

    I finally decided to take the risk, I'll look ignorant and even more so because I haven't read Anna Hayes books which seem very difficult to grasp and as I understand much of the material in this thread is related to her teachings. I do have some questions:

    1.- abraxasinas, who are you? Can you tell us more about you and your knowledge? I have read very extrange things in the last few years and I'm trying to learn the most I can but sometimes it seems too much to do and not enough time.

    2.- How is it possible for "regular" people who need to work and keep a family to get all the information they need?

    3.- Are you related in some way to the reptilians more than the rest of us?

    4.- Silly me, I'm very curious about what you can see or sense about me if it's possible.

    5.- In plain English, can you tell us what you see in the future for the next 2 - 3 years in recognizable or physical events for humankind?

    Thank you and I hope other people like me who don't understand very much all the jargon of the thread can really "get it".

    Thank you so much.

    Hi cloud9!

    [*1.]Everyone is a mirror for everyone else when incarnated at some place at some time in the material universe.

    So can you see yourself as the 'starving' Ethiopian and as the 'queen of England'?
    You are both of them when NOT in incarnation.
    Where does this knowledge come from? Or is this just some personal innuendo and imagination?
    It is the prerogative of the 'dead' people of the 'mysterious beyond' to KNOW after leaving the 'use by dated' 'bodies' behind.

    Then the dichotomy of life and death is of course engaged in this scenario as well.

    So where does the knowledge from Thuban derive from: The Land of the Dead. {Hint: There exist a story, that promises 'Eternal Life' with the abolishment of physical death, but requiring new bodies}.

    [*2.]It is sufficient to ALLOW relevant information to 'invade' ones personal intimate space; as the 'inner soul's superconsciousness' can process all information from the perception of the unity, without the waking consciousness fully understanding the information given.

    [*3.]No, I am as much related to anything else as you are. I have remembered more than you at this point in spacetime and to help you to remember more, I am sharing what I know.

    [*4.]You are on cloud Nine. You are filled with an all penetrating idealism as how you have envisioned or 'dreamt' of how life could be and you are attempting to infuse your environments at work, with your friends and family and your familiars, with your ideas; though often you lack the confidence to express yourself as you would like to do.

    [*5.]2008 began the great transformation in a midpoint of a warptime loop beginning in December 2004.

    2009 began the declaration from 'Dragonspace', meaning the 'Land of the Dead' above the limiting 8th dimension of what many here term the 'Reptilian agendas'. Dragonspace encompasses dimensions (or densities) 9-10-11-12.

    2010 will allow 1 in 50,000 inhabitants of the earth to sow internal seeds for a harvest beginning on the Mayan nexus date and culminating in an 'end of all old prophecy' in August 2013.
    In that time period, the total population count of the earth will have reached the required saturation level of 7.2 billion incarnates.

    The 1 in 50,000 represents a Core for a new starhumanity (Old Human Caterpillars cocooning to become StarHuman (or Dragonised) Butterflies. The former 'eating' or consuming the Gaian environment, the latter POLLINATING and FEEDING the Gaian environment.

    Around this core of humanity will be spo 200 Million humans, also able to graduate into a new form of humanity.

    Post 2012 there will so be TWO different RACES of humans inhabiting this planet - Old Humans and New Starhumans.


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