The Old White Earth And Its New Black Shadow

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    The Old White Earth and its New Black Shadow

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the Timekeepers, who are overseeing your present imprisonment upon your quarantined planetary civilisation.
    I have obtained authorization to begin to illuminate the exiled family about the future planetary civilization post the Mayan nexus point of 2012 AD.

    This scenario will of course appear utopian to many in the 'times of the end', which shall transform the old planetary civilisation into a new planetary cosmically attuned family.

    This transformation will radically change the stewardship of this planet in what is experienced today in political- and economic terms; that is all ways in which the global communities interact with each other in structures of governships and labels of contingency relevant to the populations of lifeforms upon Gaia.

    I shall give details about a new planetary constitution and the mechanisms through and by which this new global order shall manifest itself when so appropriate.
    For the present time and as pertinent to the gradual selfdestruction of the old planetary 'way of governance'; I am allowed to begin to 'colour in' the tapestry about the 'things' which have been and are 'going on' 'behind the curtains' of the veiled human purpose, history and destiny for this planetary civilisation.

    Firstly, I am allowed to disclose to you, that this planet earth, located in a 4-dimensional spacetime continuum has a blueprint, which is as old as the physical universe itself.
    This blueprint was defined in a geometric-topological sense when space and time became manifested from an energy matrix, which underpinned the transformation of a 'software template' of collected information into a 'hardware template' enabled to process this selfsame information.

    The original geometry was that of a perfect circle in complex duality space, which is the mathematics of a second dimension and which would be a 'perfect sphere' in a nonphysical and 'ideal' Platonic-Harmony-Space.
    That geometry became 'squashed' or distorted in an applied mechanism or program, which destroyed the 'ideal geometry', but in a manner which would allow the resulting asymmetry to be underpinned by a supersymmetry.

    This supersymmetry would become enabled to 'infiltrate' the 'broken symmetry' and to 'finetune' a 'mending' of the distortions of dispersion or entropy in a complexification and a reassembling of the 'broken parts'.

    In simple terms of geometry, this transmuted the perfect sphere into a prolate ellipsoid as the 3-dimensional space for the 'broken parts' to manouver in.
    In particular the Circular Centre of selfreferential Unity became a Dual Focus of a SourceSink on the left and a SinkSource on the right.
    The SourceSink can then be linearised as an infinite negative vortex potential in labels of energy, which increases towards the right and passing the 'old' circular centre, now as the centre of the prolate ellipsoid.
    The SinkSource corollarily is the infinite positive vortex potential and decreases towards the left and towards the geometric centre.

    The ellipsoidal prolateness can be visualised as a 'football', akin an egg and rotation about the long-X- or major axis will keep the two focus points invariant.
    This prolate ellipsoid is known as a PROTOVERSE with a double focus and where the foci can be idealised mathematically as Primary SourceSink (PSS) at coordinate -1 and Secondary SinkSource (SSS) at coordinate +1.

    A major physical manifestation of this primordial template cosmology are starsystems in the universe, which describe planetary orbits in ecliptic elliptical planes about predominantly binary stars, each of which occupies a focal point in the defining ecliptic plane.

    The template earth so was defined not as a planetary physical entity at the beginning of space and time, but was specified to occupy one of the focal points in a particular star system, in whom the characteristic star would occupy the complementary focus.
    This blueprinted archetypical double focus is known in some databases as the RahSol-Gaia nexus within a Supergalactic and cellular nexus known as Perseus-Andromeda.

    In the cosmology, galaxies are cellular units, which contain subcellular geometric fractals, which manifest as star systems from solar nebulae and accretion disks and following the natural laws of the physical dynamics.
    For completeness at this point, the following information is given with respect to the extended geometry of the protoversal template.

    Rotation about the major (X or length) axis of the defining ellipse generates the Protoverse as a prolate ellipsoid.
    Rotation about either of the minor (Y or width and Z or height) axes of the defining ellipse will transform the prolate ellipsoid into an oblate ellipsoid and the invariant two focal points will trace out a PointCircle.
    This allows definition of the Protoverse as a SEEDLING UNIVERSE for the OMNIVERSE.
    Any cosmic identity definable as a physically embodied universe, can so be considered as a PHASESHIFT of an encompassing omniverse.

    The 'Many Worlds' or 'Many Universes' or 'Parallel Universes' scenarios in vogue at the present time in the models of many Gaian scientists and model builders so becomes constrained in the omniversal encompassment.
    The infinite 'steady state' becomes superfluous as the 'bubble' universes from the 'quantum foam' are no longer separated from each other as universal units but are all interconnected via their phaseshifts about any nonmajor axis.
    This completes the introduction to the overall geometrical topology of the universe.

    The universe as a protoversal seed is the one analysed and measured by the application of a 4-dimensional spacetime metric.
    Extending the protoverse into the omniverse, will introduce 6 additional dimensions, which are however colocal with the LINESPACE of the protoverse as the HYPERSPACE of Rotation and the QUANTUMSPACE of Vibration and in a form of 'dynamic degress of freedom of motion'.
    The overall encompassing form of the omniverse is that of OMNISPACE in 12 dimensions and the geometry of this 12-dimensional entity is that of a 'deformed sphere squashed on the poles' akin a planet like earth or in the shape of a 'UFO' or 'flying saucer(s)' in its 3-dimensional 'seedling' archetype.

    The greater scenario regarding Gaia so is its cosmic significance as the 'empty focus' of a starsystem defined by the star RahSol.
    The RahSol-Gaia nexus so serves as an archetype for the omniversal topology as a whole and as its idealised fractal or as its hologram or holographic image.

    Because the universe is relative in space and time with no absolute centre or direction; its omniversal definition requires the idealisation of the protoversal seed in QUANTUM RELATIVITY.
    This Quantum Relativity uses the fractal hierarchies, say of galactic cells converging in starry cells, to map the two nonphysical foci from the complex plane onto a suitable physical representation for the universe as a whole.
    The Star RaHSol is mapped as the PSS and the Planet Gaia is mapped as the SSS onto a selfrelative location someplace in an extended fractal or hologram of a galactic mapping between PSS*=Milky Way (or Perseus) and SSS*=Andromeda.

    Here then we discover one of the keys and foundations of Quantum Relativity.
    Two foci are defined as 'displacements' from an 'excluded middle' as a 'singularity', namely as the pivotal 0 coordinate defining a dualising polarity in the -1 of the left and the +1 of the right.
    Quantum Relativity now specifies this duality in Mirror-OmniSpace, which manifests as a spacial inversion symmetry of these polarisations in terms of direction.

    The planet Gaia rotates west to east as observed from a vantage point to the North of the ecliptic plane defining the solar system in its ellipsoidality.
    It is necessary to define a Northern and a Southern hemisphere to describe the dynamics of interactions pertaining to Gaia, say on its surface as seen from 'space'.

    Hurricanes in the Northern hemisphere so rotate anticlockwise and Typhoons in the Southern hemisphere rotate clockwise, relative to an observer situated orthogonally and radially displaced from say the polar regions respectively.
    This describes the Old White Earth of your present predicament and isolation.

    This Old Earth is White as an OBJECT and this Old Earth is BLACK as an IMAGE of this object.

    The IMAGE Earth is the earth of your future and the OBJECT Earth is the planet of your past and your present.
    The Object Earth is a 3-dimensional SHADOW of its 4-dimensional Object Earth in 5-dimensional spacetime.
    The Image Earth will become an Object Earth following the lifting of your quarantine, which will 'rent a veil' of a certain illusion, which you must presently experience in 4-dimensional spacetime.

    I shall now elucidate the SHADOW Earth, namely the NEW PLANET, which shall substitute for your present planet. As you know, 'Old Gaia' is destined to 'ascend' in a manner you can attempt to conceptualise as the merging of the dual focalisation archetypes.
    And because 'Old Gaia' in 3D is so old, as old as the universe as the template of the dualisation; 'Old Gaia' will 'return home' simultaneously with the 'New Gaia' emerging from its old shadow.

    This 'homecoming' refers to the dualisation of the focalisation UNIFYING in the PROTOVERSE; namely the SHIFTING of the POLES of PSS and SSS.
    This then will begin to CREATE the PointCircle FOCUS as the LOCUS of the old invariant polarisation vortices.

    The Universe will JERK or shake as an 'inner universe' embodied in the 'outer universe' in the PHASAL displacement of the two sources and this event will 'rip' the structure of spacetime to allow the TwoSidedness of the higher dimensional encompassment to become doubled in OneSidedness.
    This will 'open' a fourth dimension of space and displace LineTime into DragonSpace as a new 5-dimensional Hyperspacetime.

    It is this Onesidedness, which will allow 'Old Gaia' to 'ascend' and in a perceptual 'homecoming' and her journey from the inside of the 11th to the outside of the 12th dimension.
    As the 11th dimension is colocal the 2nd dimension as any manifold dimension embedded in a 3-dimensional space, the Onesidedness will allow a blending of the 'Inner Earth' with the 'Outer Earth'; which is mathematically simply a 3-Ball embedded in a 4-Ball and where the 4D-Volume of this 4-Ball (½π2R4) has become 3-dimensionalised as its own boundary condition as a toroidal volume (2π2R3).

    All of you already exist on SERPENTINA, which is the name of 'New Gaia'.
    'Old Gaia' will 'disappear' and 'New Gaia' aka Serpentina will 'appear' - One will 'be taken' and the One 'will remain'.

    So it is appropriate to give you a number of keys as to how to decode certain data, which pertains to the transformation of the 'Old' into the 'New'.

    The following so is part of the Constitution of Serpentina, the New Earth as materialised post the Mayan Nexus of 2012 and descriptive on the annals of history as then pertaining to the 'Old Earth', which was known as Gaia in the pretime scenarios of 4-dimensional Minkowski spacetime.
    Consider the Northern Relativity of 'Old Gaia' with its Southern counterpart in terms of the geographical structure of your planet.

    Situated WEST, one maps the Near East, the Middle East and the Far East as say the OCCIDENT.
    Situated EAST, one maps the Near West, the Middle West and the Far West as say the ORIENT.

    Old Gaia differentiated its geological structure in continents and oceans and its human populations upon land masses in terms of 'races' or similar geneticised characteristics.

    The human obsession with race and gender was part of the great mental delusion, under which the human civilisation conducted its affairs, its politics, its social engineering, its science and industry and its economies of trading, finance and development.

    In its then necessary early development from the physical selfidentification towards its mental selfhood as cosmic archetype of universalised consciousness carriers; the human species misinterpreted the witnessed differentiation in genotypical and morphogenetic expression of the human cosmic family as 'racial' distinctions, leading to discriminative behaviours and separation of the parts in labels such as slavery, apartheid and genocide.
    The old Gaians could not understand for a long time and leading up to the Mayan nexus how the 'racial' characteristics were an intricate part of the kaleidoscopic divergence of the Unity into the multifacetedness for that Oneness.

    The Serpentine classifications for Old Gaia as a Shadow Earth became misidentified in the scrolls and documents given for its decoding.
    Towards the climax of the Mayan nexus, those encoded documents and scriptures often became a vehicle of either outright derision, ridicule and hatred or alternatively, they became interpreted in a nonsensical and unscientific or illogical manner by politisized adherents, unable of the most basic decipherments of the logos.

    All humans belong to the One Family of Man, a family which is however separated geographically as an effect of the evolutionary past and so carries particular environmental genetic adaptations, subject to mutation, assimilation and hybridisation in a natural dispersion of individuals and groups. All humans differ by less than 0.5% from each other in terms of the total humanoid genomapping.

    It was the White 'race', which was purposed to gain mental and so political ascendency in the encodings and it was the Black 'race', which was purposed to begin the physical evolution of the Family of Man. The 'races' so refer to geographical locaction adjoint to a historical timeline, which would bring the 'geographical linages' ever closer together through a mixing of the genetic characteristics of the individuals and their groups.

    There are seven LINEAGES in this Family of Man; beginning as the WEST as arbitrary starting point; the Northern Lineage is: White=Near East; Green=Middle East; Yellow=Far East and the Near West=Red in a circular permutation from left to right.
    The Southern Lineage is: Black=Near East; Magenta=Near West; Blue=Far West and Cyan/SkyBlue=Near East in a circular permutation from right to left.

    The Primary ColourCharge Triplet is Red-Green-Blue, unifying as White in Addition.
    The Secondary ColourCharge Triplet is Cyan/SkyBlue-Magenta-Yellow, unifying as Black in Subtraction.

    White Energy is fundamentally defined as Electromagnetic Radiation in Planck's Law: E=hf and Black Energy is fundamentally defined as Massive Inertia in Einstein's Law: E=mc2.

    White Energy (W) and Black Energy (B) together form a Hybrid Energy in their Colour-AntiColour Couplings Red-Cyan/SkyBlue, Green-Magenta and Blue-Yellow and therewith neutralise to 4 hybrid states WW, WB, BW and BB and where WW is pure radiative and BB is purely inertial in terms of the manifestation of energy forms.
    There are 8 hybrid states in the primaries in WWW, WWB, WBW, BWW, WBB, BWB, BBW and BBB.

    These Serpentine definitions define quark-lepton-gluon configurations from string-boson precursors in more advanced scientific models of the New Earth.

    The White People of Serpentina are encoded as the Ephesians of the Northern West and Near East in Revelation.2.1-7 and comprise the geography of what is generally known as Continental Europe. This is generally known as the CAUCASOID genotype with many varying subgroups including Eskimo, Inuit and Ashkenazi intermixing with each other and the following 'Colour Lines'.

    The Black People of Serpentina are encoded as the Smyrnians of the Southern West and Near East in Revelation.2.8-11 and comprise the geography of Continental Africa. This is generally linked to the NEGROID genotype, which can then be sublabeled as CAPOID and CONGOID and inclusive of Kalahari bushmen, Kikuyu, Ewe and pygmies.

    The Green People of Serpentina are encoded as the Pergamosians of the Northern Middle East in Revelation.2.12-17 and comprise the geography of the 'fertile crescent' of old Mesopotamia as the 'Cradle of Old Gaia's Civilisation' and as the 'Holy Land'. The 'Greenness' of the indigenous races of the 'fertile cresent' so specifies the genotype of the 'Holy People' in terms of the locale where a particular dispensation of the 'Holy Scriptures' was given by the 'Watchers', the latter being a 'Shadow Humanity' 'which is 'waiting in the wings'.

    The Yellow People of Serpentina are encoded as the Thyatirans of the Northern Far East in Revelation.2.18-28 and comprise the geography of Continental Asia. This is generally linked to the MONGOLOID genotype with subgroups such as Ainu and Yayoi, say in the population history of Japan.

    The Magenta People of Serpentina are encoded as the Sardisians of the Southern Middle West in Revelation.3.1-6 and comprise the geography of Continental Southern America as the indigenous 'Brown Amerindian' populations and inclusive of the Maya, the Incas, indigeneous Bolivians or Quechuans and the many Paleo-Indians on the Southern Continent, superposed upon the overall assimilation of settlers of colonialisation with this relatively native genetic stock.

    The Blue People of Serpentina are encoded as the Philadelphians of the Southern Far West in Revelation.3.7-13 and comprise the geography of Continental Australia as Australasia or as Oceania and as the AUSTRALOID genotype of the nativity as the Australian Aboriginals, the Maoris of New Zealand and similar, superposed onto the colonising stock of the White Lineage.
    The scriptural encodings refer to the geographical identity and address whatever politoeconomic control structure finds itself in place for the time of the dimensional transition.

    The 'warnings' and 'clarion calls' given in the encodings refer to the history of the Family of Man regarding that location and to the present pattern of 'mental control' excersised by the 'governships' of divers manners.

    The Red People of Serpentina are encoded as the Laodiceans of the Northern Near West in Revelation.3.14-22 and comprise the geography of Continental Northern America as the indigenous 'Red Amerindian' population superposed onto the White settlers of the colonial history.

    The Cyan/SkyBlue People of Serpentina are of the Southern Near East and these people are not encoded as the hypothetical 'People of the Poles of North and South'.
    These people are the 'Polar Dwellers' of the Arctic Circle of the North and Antarctic Circle of the South.
    These 'SkyPeople' are the 'GateKeepers' of the Amerindians, both Brown and Red and as the ANTICOLOUR for the Green People of the 'Holiness' through the Red People and the Magenta People.

    The 'SkyPeople' of Antarctica are so physicalised as the 'Native American Indians' and form the eight' lineage as a hybrid lineage in the neutralisation of the Red with the Cyan/Skyblue; representative of the Ourborean Double-Serpent, which holds the planetary poles in alignment as a Red Dragon intertwined with a SkyBlue Dragon and as encoded in Revelation.12.

    In terms of the human history of the two centenaries to the Mayan nexus; the White Lineage was purposed to colonise the indigenous dispersion of the colour lineages as a 'Great Nation' and as a 'Company of Nations'. This is encoded in Genesis.35.11; 12.1-3; 17.4 and other places.

    The 'Great Nation' would become the political and economic 'steward' for the global community, but would abuse its 'blessing' not at least in disempowering and dispossessing the 'Polar Lineage', instead of integrating the 'Keepers of the Gates'.
    The identity of this 'Great Nation' would become encoded as an 'older brother' Manasseh, which as a 'white hybrid' would obtain a certain 'material blessing' of dominance and in conjunction with a 'Company of Nations' aka a 'Commonwealth' of 'Covenant Peoples' or the 'British' and this 'Company of Nations' would COLONIZE the indigenous lands as a 'younger brother', encoded as Ephraim. Ephraim would be acting as a 'forerunner' for Manasseh as the 'younger' before the 'older' and as encoded in Genesis.48.

    The two 'brothers' Manasseh and Ephraim would speak the same language and as White Lineage of the 'Seed of Isaac' become the AngloSaxon 'Blessing of Abraham' in terms of material abundance and political dominance.
    Both brothers are the sons of 'mixed' colour lineage; one Egyptian and one Hebrew or one Black and the other White.
    The black maternity of Asenath and the white paternity of Joseph and the outline of the 'brother's blessings' are encoded in Genesis.41.50ff.

    A parallel development would allow the tribal kinship of the white paternity to also colonise the planetary realm in the brothers of Joseph.
    Zebulon would characterise the earlier colonisation of the Southern American continent from its original colonisation of Iberia as one of the dispersed 'Tribes of Israel' following the Assyrian captivity of 721 BC under Shalmaneser with the subsequent destruction of the Northern Israelitic kingdom.

    The encoding key for the 12 brothers in terms of general geographical location is as given and as encoded in Genesis.49.

    1.Reuben=Greater NW expansion from Turkey; 2.Simeon=Greater Italy; 3.Levi=Greater Greece; 4.Dan=Ireland with affiliations; 5.Judah=Greater France; 6.Gad=Greater Slovenia; 7.Naphtali=Greater Russia; 8.Asher=Scandinavia; 9.Issachar=Greater Germany; 10.Zebulon=Iberia; 11.Joseph a)Manasseh=Northern America and b) Ephraim=Great Britain with Colonies including Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc. in affiliations; 12.Benjamin=Palestina as 'Holy Land'.

    The 'material blessing' given to Joseph as the 11th son of Jacob was however not 'doubled' in the 'spiritual blessing' linked to the 'scepter of the Davidic covenant' given to Judah as the fifth son of Israel and as specified in Genesis.49.10.
    This 'spiritual blessing' is implemented in the encoding of the evolvement regarding the brotherhood of Manasseh and Ephraim, the inheritors of the 'material blessing' and in their interaction with each other and their extended family as indicated on the continental sisterhood and the colonisation and dispersion of the 'White Lineage' as prior hybrid from the 'Green lineage' of the 'holy people'.

    This 'story' then relates how the 'Davidic Covenant' has manifested in the politico-fiscal-religious power structures now in governance upon 'Old Gaia' and how the 'material blessing' given to the Anglosaxon prototype has resulted in a certain form of 'progress', which has hitherto disallowed the 'spiritual blessing' to manifest in a covariance of benefit for all of the Family of Man.

    For the extended and universal Family of Man to realise itself, it is necessary however for the 'spiritual blessings' to manifest themselves.
    This then elucidates the purpose of the Mayan nexus, to define the historical timeline for all 'scripture' to become fulfilled and for all encodings to be deciphered and for the 'Mystery of the Gods and Devils' to be finished.

    Then 'Old Gaia' shall come home and 'New Serpentina' shall shine as a Dark Star and Beacon of Dark Light for all of the Protoverse shapeshifting into the Omniverse.

    IAmWhoIAm - Abaddon-Apollyon! - Revelation.9.11.


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