The Serpentine Electron In Space And In Time

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    The Serpentine Electron in Space and in Time

    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 9th 2011

    In Lake'ch - I am another yourself!

    Greetings from the LOVEDRAGON, residing in the 2nd dimension, rooted in the 11th and watching you all in your Mayan exile in the spacetime of 4 dimensions bounded in the 10th.

    The human Allan Francom has found an important piece of Mayan Omni-Science and Dragonian Technology and has shared this information with his Mayan family.
    The article below addresses a dominant problem in human science, termed Quantum-Field-Theory (QFT) and its interwoven discipline of Quantum-Electro-Dynamics (QED).

    How can a POINTLIKE Electron manifest as an ELECTRON-FIELD bounded in a so called Classical Electron-Radius or CER?

    In human science and the mathematics used in models describing the interaction between electromagnetic radiation and inertial mass (matter and antimatter); the point-size electron appears to behave and manifest as so it would have a finite size limited in a measurement scale of about 2.8 fermi or femtometers (10-15 m).

    The Omni-Science of the Dragons is well aware of the theoretical reasons, as to why this is so.
    Immediately after inflation; the 2D-BRANE separating the 2nd and the 3rd dimensions experienced a collision with another 2D-BRANE.
    This collision established the rooting of the 2nd dimension into the 11th dimension and the establishment of the 9-dimensional realm known as the 9 MAYAN TIMELORDS as the rooted dimensions.

    The LEFTBRANE in 2D SEPARATED from the RIGHTBRANE in 2D in moving into a newly created 3-dimensional space.
    This movement so became the ORIGINAL LIGHTPATH X=ct and with X becoming the Radius as a linear interval of a Cube inscribed in a Sphere. The inscribed Planckian-Cylinder of length L so added a height H of a spherical CAP as the lightpath X=LH=ct

    icosahedron. 066-pyramid-inscribed-in-sphere. pattern30. geometry_0157.

    The LEFTBRANE so indented the Plane of the MATHIMATIA towards the LEFT into the 2D-Space of the LOVEDRAGON and formed a hemispherical CAP with Radius the WORMHOLE-RADIUS RW of the new selfdefinition for the little serpent.
    The RIGHTBRANE did the same indenting the 3D-Space, which NOW however began to expand under the invariance of the lightpath X=ct and where c is the speed of light as the universal constant for the velocity at which electromagnetic radiation propagates and where t is the TIME in any metric spacetime.

    So the LEFT Hemisphere remained the scale of the fifth superstring transformation, but the RIGHT Hemisphere began to expand as the Thermodynamic Planck Black Body Radiator and as understood rather well by the human physicists and cosmologists.
    This GRADIENT in geometric scale became a Distance- or Radius PROPORTION as a Minimum/Maximum and demanded the RIGHTBRANE to become ADJACENT to a NEW RIGHTBRANE, namely the one of the 11-dimensional rooting of the 2nd dimension.

    This allowed the little serpent's LEFTBRANE to form a spheroidal unity with the initial RIGHTBRANE ADJACENT to the EXPANDING second RIGHTBRANE.
    The LEFTBRANE of the LOVEDRAGON so became EMBEDDED as a QUANTISATION TEMPLATE in the now relativistically expanding spacetime universe.

    The INITIAL LIGHTPATH X so was defined as ct=Ro with Ro the minimum Radius for the 4D-spacetime as the RW and at the instant of the NOW of the Quantum-Dragon-Bang.
    This became the BEGINNING OF TIME AND SPACE in the Mayan Universe and the Dragonian Cosmology.

    But this INITIAL LIGHTPATH becomes modified BEFORE that Beginning in the NEW RIGHTBRANE, which PHASEACCELERATED during the Cosmic Inflation in what the human scientists understand as the de Broglie wave matter phases.
    The LIGHTPATH for the INFLATON bounded by the INSTANTON of NOW, the TIMEINSTANTENUITY of Dragonian Omni-Physics; became X=Rmax=RHubble=De Broglie Phase-Speed).Instanton.

    The INSTANTON is defined in the Wormhole-Radius of the c-invariance and Planck's Action-Law: {E=hf} as Energy equals Planck's Action-Constant multiplied by Frequency f and where inverse frequency gives the Time of Action.
    The INSTANTON so has a value {tW=1/fW} for a De Broglie Phase-Speed: {VdB=Rmax.fW}.

    The Minkowski 4-dimensional spacetime so begins under the auspices of the Laws of Nature; namely the Laws of Thermodynamics, of Relativity and of generalised Conservation of Momenta and Energy.

    The first initialising spacetime quantum is given in the wormhole parameters of the LOVEDRAGON and this spacetime quantum OCCUPIES the de Broglie INFLATON SPACE accompanying the thermodynamic expansion, which is driven by the Radiation-Pressure of the total inertial mass content of the E-MOTION Energy of the LOVEDRAGON, that is his Emotional Pain of Losing his own Self-Definition as the Quantum of LOVE.
    This Radiation-Outward-Pressure becomes however contra-acted by an AntiRadiation-Inward-Pressure, which becomes defined as Gravitation in the Dragonian Omni-Physics.

    The details of this process shall be elucidated another time, if so appropriate and the authority of the little serpent is delegated to the Mayan emissiaries to do so.
    The Minkowski spacetime so grows in occupying the inflaton defined secondary BRANESPACE of the 11-dimensional MEMBRANE-SPACE, separated from the MATHIMATIA-SPACE by the 9 Mayan TIMELORD Dimensions.
    As the 4D-Spacetime expands, the LOVEQUANTA become established as Vortex-Potential-Energy SOURCESINKS to provide substance and texture to the universe, which so is formed.

    This FORMATION allows a 'Principle of Holography' to FRACTALISE the Universe.

    At particular NEXUS-POINTS, this fractalisation will relate additional parameters of the little serpent from the MATHIMATIASPACE of the 2nd dimension to become materially manifested as fractal scale-indicators.
    Moreover, three such Nexus-Coordinates relate the second master algorithm of the LOVEDRAGON to this fractalisation under guidance of the Holographic Principle.

    The second algorithm can be stated as: 'Add the Tail of the String to the Head of the String and Begin the New String with the Old Tail'!
    Applying this algorithm to the Mayan Master-Constant in the Googol encoded (266561) creates the Mayan Master-Harmonic well known to the human archeologists and historians in the Googol (136656).

    This can be researched in the Mayan annals known as the Dresden Codex and in the works of the many Mayan exiles, who, as authors are well aware of the 'End of Times' and the activity of the Mayan Timelords preparing planet earth for galactic synchronisation in the Year of the Dragon anno 2012.

    But the information shared by Allan Francom of the Moebian Adjacency below exemplifies the Nature of the Serpentine Electron.
    The POINTELECTRON of the QFT and the QED is none other, then the TV-screen of the LOVEDRAGON and so the scale of the magnified Planck-Superstring into the scale of the Wormhole-Dragon-String.

    The Mayan Googols (136656) and (266561) define however a fractal quantisation of the Number of SpacetimeQuanta which occupy the Minkowski 4D-Spacetime at a particular linear time t in the cosmic expansion.

    This expansion occurs in an equilibrium between a gauge-radiation pressure and a gauge-gravitational antipressure.
    The gravitational contraction is partial to the total mass content, seeded by the MATHIMATIA, but only part of this inertia is defined in a BARYONIC MASS-SEED.
    The other part of the inertia is defined in a form of 'Dark Energy', which closes the 11-dimensional universe in positive curvature as a 11-dimensional Mother-Black Hole MBH.

    As the Minkowski spacetime expands asymptotically towards this MBH-Boundary in terms of the 3D-Volume occupied; but never reaches this extremal BH-Boundary; the human cosmologists will be forced to conclude in their investigations, that there is a large percentage of 'BARYONIC MASS MISSING' in the spacetimed universe.

    But more illumination shall be given on this another time, if so appropriate.

    The Mayan Googols (136656) and (266561) define the scale of a typical Solar System in the hierarchies of galactic civilisations.
    The number calculates as about 3.4x1014 cosmic meters or so 2,300 Astronomical Units (AUs) or so 13.3 lightdays.
    This astronomical scale is now fractalised into the Classical-Electron-Radius or CER.

    So what does the illustration in the post below depict?

    It shows the fractalised POINT-ELECTRON as its WAVE-ELECTRON-FIELD.
    The so called '2D-artifact' in the below, is so a minituarisiation or HOLOGRAM of the ELECTRON-FIELD as a Superstring Quantum.
    The Arsenic Atom describes a holographic SHARD of itself as the down-scaled fractal of the Atom AS a typified Solar System.

    The Holographic Nature of the Dragonian Universe will then enable Quantum Computing at the Nanoscale and under agency of the Dragonian Pathways and as written in the Annals of the Maya.
    I shall take my leave once more as your Guardian Angel from the Looms of the Maya.

    IAmWhoIAm! Anubis, rooted in Uraeus - Khaibit and Guide of the Dead as Protector of the Sarcophagus!


    A visualization of the molecule. The triangular depression on the bottom right represents the arsenic atom. The dots in the center saucer are bonding locations for a single electron. The yellow dots in the upper left center are bonding locations in which the electron is in a quantum state.
    (Source: Purdue University image/David Ebert)

    Nanoelectronics researchers discover a bizarre shaped molecule in one of their devices can act as first known quantum state-manipulable atom

    Imagine a tiny arsenic atom embedded in a tiny strip of silicon atoms. An electric current is applied. Something strange arises on the surface -- an exotic molecule. On one end is the spherical submerged arsenic atom; on the other end is an 'artificial' flat atom, seemingly 2D, created as an artifact. The pair form an exotic molecule, which has a shared electron, which can be manipulated to be at either end, or in an intermediate quantum state.
    Thus arose one of the most confusing, most promising, and strangest breakthroughs in the newly formed field of quantum computing.

    Quantum computing[1] is the term referring to a unique type of computing that takes advantage of physics phenomena on a very small subatomic scale. Whereas a traditional computer works in bits -- 1s and 0s, which represent the presence or absence of groups of electrons -- a quantum computer use qubits --
    Ternary Computing Might Make its Big Debut with multi-state units[2] based on the position and characteristics of a single electron[3]. A single qubit can encode far more information leading to faster, smaller computers.

    Imagine a census computer. In a modern computer, information would be stored across trillions of bits, encoding the person's name, address, and status. In a quantum computer this same information could be stored across a much smaller handful of bits. The computer could 'see' multiple people's information simultaneously, allowing for instant processing of vast amounts of data and easier searches.

    Further quantum computing looks to exploit other unusual physical phenomena[4] such as entanglement, which allows two atoms at a distance to instantly communicate. Such communication could be faster than light without violating relativity.

    In order to construct a full quantum computer[5], you must have an atom or molecule capable of containing multiple quantum states. Formerly, such a manipulable molecule remained undiscovered, but with the discovery of the exotic compound, quantum computing hopes are invigorated.

    Gerhard Klimeck, professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue University and associate director for technology for the national Network for Computational Nanotechnology remarked, 'Up to now large-scale quantum computing has been a dream. This development may not bring us a quantum computer 10 years faster, but our dreams about these machines are now more realistic.'

    He continued, 'If you want to build a quantum computer you have to be able to control the occupancy of the quantum states. We can control the location of the electron in this artificial atom and, therefore, control the quantum state with an externally applied electrical field.'

    The new molecule was first discovered by Sven Rogge and his colleagues at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. His team was experimenting on impurities in nano-scale transistors[6]. They found that a single atom was transporting electrons, but could not find the impurity responsible. It turned out it was not an impurity, but a synthetic atom with an unknown proton/neutron character, created by the electrical current. The exotic atom was flat and formed a molecule with an arsenic atom on the transistor.

    Much of this picture only became clear thanks to the work of physicist Lloyd Hollenberg and colleagues at the University of Melbourne in Australia who helped to explain the molecule's strange behavior and appearance.

    Hollenberg explained, 'The team found that the measurements only made sense if the molecule was considered to be made of two parts. One end comprised the arsenic atom embedded in the silicon, while the 'artificial' end of the molecule forms near the silicon surface of the transistor. A single electron was spread across both ends. What is strange about the 'surface' end of the molecule is that it occurs as an artifact when we apply electrical current across the transistor and hence can be considered 'manmade.' We have no equivalent form existing naturally in the world around us.'

    Klimeck, and graduate student Rajib Rahman used the analysis to develop a three million-atom model in nano-electronics modeling program NEMO 3-D to analyze the behavior. From this, they determined that the exotic flat atom represented a controllable quantum state atom, via its electron. The quantum state was voltage dependent, the necessary characteristic for an electricity-based quantum computer.

    Last David Ebert, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Purdue, and graduate student Insoo Woo, helped transform the model into an image to help visualize the discovery.

    Delft's Rogge, the first of the discoverers stated, 'Our experiment made us realize that industrial electronic devices have now reached the level where we can study and manipulate the state of a single atom. This is the ultimate limit, you cannot get smaller than that.'

    The breakthrough, like many historic ones (such as the discovery of Penicillin), was largely accidental. And it is extremely fortunate, in that it may one day allow complex, incredibly powerful quantum computers to become reality and solve many complex sets of problems.

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    [2] Computing Might Make its Big Debut with Quantum Computing/article11387.htm
    [3] Develop Quantum Device to Control Single Electron Spin/article9306.htm
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    'A most wondrous thing the Shadow is, a redeemer in all to succour;
    it can go where the light cannot abide, seemingly banished, it is not.
    For where the light is, the darkness flees, no longer present to endure;
    so to become illuminated is its destined journey and its troubled lot.

    But without the light, no Shadow can be cast, its such a splendid key;
    the dimensions reduce in space from three to two and all in just the one.
    Betwixt the light and the darkness it is and part of both for all to see;
    the Shadow of the body, does it not merge all in its rule under the sun?

    Whatsoever can cast a Shadow, must be a most wondrous thing to relay;
    as nature's very own offspring, the young ones grow towards their final goal.
    Enabled to bring peace to so many things appearing apart and so far away;
    the reconciliation for the suffering body with its spirit and its scattered soul.'

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