The Tamil Calendar Follows A Similar Pattern Of Six Seasons

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    The Tamil Calendar follows a similar pattern of six seasons

    as described for north Indian Hindu calendars
    which in fact need adjustment
    as taking new year from Grishma like that Bengali calendar....
    Tamil season NamesEnglish MeaningGregorian MonthsTamil Months
    Muthuvenil (Summer) முதுவேனில்Matured heat / warmthApril 15 to June 14Chithirai and Vaikasi
    Kar (Monsoon) கார்Dark CloudsJune 15 to August 14Ani and Adi
    Kulir (Autumn) குளிர்Cold / ChillAugust 15 to October 14Avani and Purattasi
    Munpani (Winter) முன்பனிEarly (Frontal) Dew / MistOctober 15 to December 14Aipasi and Karthikai
    Pinpani (Prevernal / Early Spring) பின்பனிLate (Rear) Dew / MistDecember 15 to February 14Margazhi and Thai
    Ilavenil (Spring) இளவேனில்Tender heat / warmthFebruary 15 to April 14Masi and Panguni


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