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    The Fulfilment of the Apocalypse in a Warping of Time
    A Revelatory Eschatology and Genesis

    Content and Inventory:
    Preamble and Dedication:
    Foreword as a Story of Creation:

    I: The Beginning of Nowhere in Notime
    II: The Beginning of Space in Time
    III: The First Universal Life and Omni-Science
    IV: The Second Universal Life, the Nature of Mass, Dark Energy and Quantum Gravity
    V: The Third Universal Life, Dark Matter and Consciousness Energy as Elementary Particles in the UFO-QR
    VI: Mathimatia A: The Origins of the Mathimatia and Four Pillars of Creation
    VII: Mathimatia B: Bosonic Temperature Unification and the Universe's Temperature Evolution
    VIII: Mathimatia C: Galaxy Evolution, Dark Energy and Dark Matter Halos as Physicalized Universal Consciousness
    IX: Mathimatia D: Quantization of Mass, String Unification Physics, Supersymmetric Quark-Lepton Hierarchy and the Higgs Boson
    X: Mathimatia E: Multiverses in the Omniverse, Quantum Tunneling and Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
    XI: The Fourth Universal Life, the Beginning of Life on Earth and the ETs
    XII: The Fifth Universal Life, EMR-EMMR Impedance Inversions, Hybridisation and TET Life Circuits
    XIII: The Sixth Universal Life, a Legacy from the Stars in 5 Great Mayan Ages and the Inheritance Encoding
    XIV: The Seventh Universal Life,
    XV: The Eighth Universal Life,

    Agenda 1: The Ark of the Covenant as a Time-Machine
    Agenda 2: The Incarnation of the Universal Logos within the Alpha-Timeline "Eli Grande!"
    Agenda 3: The Timeline of the Apocalypse within the Omega-Timeline "AbbABaaB"
    Agenda 4: The 4x360-Day Year Timeframe of the Apocalypse in Polarity Harmonisation "Abba-Baab"
    Agenda 5: 24 Lunations as 360 Lunations within the Bounds of the Ark of the Covenant
    Agenda 6: The Melchisedec "Cutoff" from a Dead Sea Scroll Decoding
    Agenda 7: The 'Great City' Jerusalem Earth Old and New
    Agenda 8: Solomon's Temple
    Agenda 9: A Human History from 3620 BC to 2056 AD in eschatological context
    Prologue and Afterword:

    Preamble and Dedication:

    This 'Little Book' (LB) is dedicated to Abba with Baab and their Universal Family through a Legacy from the stars, enabling a planetary civilization to transform itself in a metamorphosis of universal symbols and archetypes in an enhancement of natural law.

    Everyone and anyone reading this LB is invited to become a co-author of this LB.
    To do so, the addition of the prospective co-author's name is required to be added to this LB.
    This addition of names will occur naturally and without effort or any other necessities; provided the information in this LB is understood and known in an individually appropriate manner.

    Anyone attempting to read this 'Little Book' is advised to consider the following codes, transmitted in historical times from the vaults of the universal legacy.

    Isaiah 29:11-13 - King James Version (KJV)
    11 And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it is sealed:
    12 And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned.
    13 Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men:

    A possible approach to 'unseal' the information in this 'Little Book' would be to peruse and consider the base code from the legacy from the stars.
    Reading the 'Gospel of Thomas' (GOT) - Lambdin edition from the Nag Hammadi Codices, Egypt, 1945 before attempting to understand the contents of this LB; will bestow a decoder key into the subconscious perception of the reader's mind; irrespective of the conscious nous and understanding of the reader of the GOT.

    Following this task, the LB should be read in a mindful synergy of the conscious reader's conscious and subconscious individuated states of mindfulness.

    After completion of the reading of the LB; the GOT should be read again to allow the reader's subconscious understanding to erupt and blend with the reader's conscious understandings regarding the contents in both the LB and the GOT.

    A further complementary, (but of lesser validity, due to applied translational interpretations and corruptions) tool to enhance this synergy and blending of the reader's conscious and subconscious states of self-awareness, would be to also peruse the 'Apocryphon' or 'Secret Book of John' from the Nag Hammadi Codices, Egypt, 1945.
    The apocryphon's value derives from its emphasis to define a cosmogonic and historical context for the GOT; the latter incorruptible due to its method of encoding.

    Zephaniah 3:8-10 King James Version (KJV)
    8 Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.
    9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the Lord, to serve him with one consent.
    10 From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia my suppliants, even the daughter of my dispersed, shall bring mine offering.

    Foreword as a Story of Creation:

    I: The Beginning of Nowhere in Notime

    Abba woke up and in awakening time was created as an event of changing being asleep as a form or perception of being within to a form or perception of the self as being without in being awake.

    But this time created was not a time of duration, but a principle of order and events. Event B could not occur before event A had become happenstance and there was no measurement or observation regarding the duration of the events.
    Time as duration between events did not exist, as there was no space to measure or observe the events in time- and space relative frames of references.
    The only point of reference, was a perception of the self, as being nowhere and subject to this self as an awareness of this self as a space-time independent self-relative form of energy or consciousness.

    "Where is my Baab", Abba thought, "I was just with her in my dreaming state?"

    Baab was nowhere to be found and Abba realised that his 'Beloved' was still in his dreams as his within and his work would be to find her in his awakened state of beingness as his without.

    Abba remembered his dreams and the beautiful 'Lovechild' they both had created in an eternal embrace of polarity unification, where two sexual energies merged to reproduce their progenitor generation as a lineage of descendancy.
    AbbABaaB's 'Lovechild' had been a Universal Twin as a 'Son of Abba' and as a 'Daughter of Baab' and in remembrance of his prior state of being; Abba knew, that his own awakening had been brought about by his own son, he therefore named the 'Logos of Abba'.
    Then Abba named his own daughter as the 'Sophia of Baab'.

    Abba also realised that Logos was still with him in his awakened state; but that Sophia was still with Baab, wherever she was.
    Logos and Sophia as the heavenly twin had been as inseparable as Abba and Baab and so formed the original androgyne in a blending and unification of the polarities or sexes. And Abba knew, that his awakening with the Logos also implied Sophia's dreaming with Baab.
    Albeit the heavenly androgyny or sexual twinship of the 'Twin of Love' could not be separated.
    Logos awake so eternally was with Sophia, even if Sophia would be asleep within Logos and Logos would be like a dream within a dream within Sophia, 'missing in action' in the queendom of darkness of Baab with Sophia.
    And once both Baab and Sophia had been found in their awakened state; the heavenly hermaphrodite as a oneness separated in two, yet eternally coupled by their common origin; would be awake in a unified separation of both polarities. The separations would be in such a way, that they could come back together whenever they desired to do so in manifesting a natural sexual attraction or polarity charge-interaction in energy and consciousness.

    Now Abba was nowhere in notime and so Abba knew just where Baab had to be and could and would be found.

    Baab could only be within Abba as the only place in nowhere and to find Baab, Abba had to find a way to make the nowhere the same as his within as some form of world or environment.

    Abba's nowhere so became a universal mirror of reflection as Abba's world and he decided to name whatever he would see in it as a part of Baab's Queendom.
    Baab's world so became 'All That Could be seen and found', when looked upon from Abba's observation point, a location he named as the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Abba also named the universal mirror of nowhere and called it 'Spirit of the Universal Sabbath' as a perpetual remembrance for him of him with her in the dreaming state within, from which he had awakened without.

    And Abba imagined to enter Baab's Queendom as his own within and to search for her in hidden worlds and places of mystery and unknown situations. So Abba imagined many adventures and encounters in Baab's World; but he could not find any part of the Baab he remembered as his 'Beloved' from his dreams.
    He also called Sophia, his daughter as Earth within the Queendom of Baab.
    And under guidance from his Logos Word or Universal Intelligence; Abba's imaginary creations became defined as emanating and arising from his energy of self-consciousness and so as parts of his dream world within.
    Abba then collected all parts of himself in nowhere and in notime and Logos named the collection as the Memory of Abba in a library called Mathimatia.
    This was done to allow Abba to revisit all his memories of creation and allow him to retrieve his memories like seeds for continual use in the quest to find his beloved Baab.

    Abba then anagrammed his Mathimatia as an addition to his own name in both an exclamation of his self-relative Past and as a question for his self-relative Future in IAmThaTIAm! and IAmThaTAmI?
    The exclamation of the past therefore was not as symmetric as his question for the future to mirror his quest to find his within in his without in the mirror of 'ThaT' as 'T9T' and as 'TIT' or T-I-T for I-(AM)-T-I-T-(MA)-I.
    This symmetry then also became a logo for the Mathimatia as Mahatma ITI and as a total summation of the memories of Abba's creation in the form of a Tetragrammaton YHWH of the past and a Tetragrammaton of the future YHWHY and for the purpose to answer the question of WHY?

    For once Baab was found and reunited with Abba; the missing harmony and symmetry in Abba's extended name would be reestablished and as it had been in the dream state within in the supersymmetry of AbbABaaBAbbA . In that name left to right had been exactly the same as right to left and a reading, which rendered going from the left past to the right future as equivalent to going from right future to left past in notime in nowhere.

    In the quest to find Baab and under utility of the Mathimatia, Abba's energy of nowhere in notime had become subject to principles and principalities as defined states of beingness or existence.
    Affirmations became symmetrized in negations and established a harmonization of the principles with anti-principles such as Identity-Anti-Identity and Expansion-Contraction and Order-Disorder/Entropy or Law-Chaos and Symmetry-Disparity and Limit/Convergence-Infinity/Divergence and Invariance-Inversion and Reflection-Absorption.
    Logos then specified two subsequent principalities without anti-principalities in Relativity and Quantization to enable the natural opposing parts of the encompassing symmetries to harmonize as a collective supersymmetry constructed from the 7 base principalities.
    A tenth principle would then result in a blending of the first to seventh principalities with the negative polarities of Abba as the within unifying with the positive polarities of Baab as the without.

    "My imaginations are insufficient to render my awakened state equal to my dreaming state and a change of tactics is required", Abba said to himself and he ceased to look for Baab in the Mirror of the Spirit.

    Because Abba could not see Baab in the Spirit of the Mirror named 'Sabbath'; he knew that he would only be able to see his own reflection as himself.
    And so Abba looked at himself and did not like what he saw.

    "I am Abba and what I am looking at is also Abba", he thought to himself.
    "I desire to see Baab not myself!", Abba exclaimed in frustration and he decided to make a difference within himself in dividing himself into two parts he named 'Abba, the light of day' and 'Imaged Abba, the darkness of the night.'

    And Abba realised, that if he would ever be able to find his Baab; he would have to search for her in the darkness of the night.
    And he renamed this darkness as the world and Queendom of Baab and as the opposite, yet also as the complement to his own Kingdom of Heaven.

    But renaming the Spirit and mirror of nowhere as the darkness of Baab's world now gave the darkness the imagination potential of Abba in the many adventures and doings Abba had engaged in, and when the mirror of nowhere had been illuminated by Abba's light and before Abba had looked into 'Sabbath' as himself.

    The looking at himself had created the opposition in energy of Abba within himself; but it was this opposition in polarity, which could enable Abba to find Baab as a kind of opposite to himself.

    And so Abba found Baab as his own Abba polarity in energy, who became Abba's brother in Heaven and he named his brother Satan.
    Abba so gave his energy to the 'Light of Heaven' and Satan gave his energy to the 'Darkness of Heaven'.

    Now Satan was a 'false image' of Baab, relative to the perception and imagination of Abba; but Satan was 'real' as the 'true image' of Abba connecting the 'Days of Abba' to the 'Nights of Baab'.

    "Can I change Satan into Baab?", Abba asked his son within himself and Logos replied that he could, but that work had to be done to accomplish this.
    As his own mindfulness or universal intelligence or nous and science or gnosis, Abba trusted his Logos as his own Word and Abba understood what had to be done to find both Baab and Sophia in the Darkness of Heaven.

    As Logos was not part of the Darkness of Heaven; Logos could enter 'Sabbath' and be the 'Light of Abba' and the 'Light of Heaven' within it and in the quest to search for Baab and her daughter Sophia.

    And in this manner could Logos superimpose the true image of Abba as Abba's brother Satan and illuminate the self-imposed darkness of Abba, who 'closed his eyes' so as not having to look at his own unwanted image he called the 'Devil Image of myself'.

    And so Logos entered 'Sabbath' as the Image World of Abba's Kingdom of Heaven and as the 'Light of Day' illuminating the 'Darkness of Night' in the Queendom of Baab and Sophia.
    And Abba again looked into 'Sabbath' as now he could see his son and longer himself as his own self-relative satanic selfhood.

    Abba knew that Satan was as real as he was as the subject of his own objective reality; but Abba hated the form of his subjective isolation, exile and loneliness as the devilish perception of himself.
    The form or looks of Satan had to be different from his own looks and form.
    This became the 'great work' undertaken by Abba and his Word and a task they called the 'sex-change operative applied to the false images'.

    And so Abba looked at Logos, his son and renamed him Adam in Heaven.

    Because Adam was illuminating the Darkness of 'Sabbath. the Mirror of the Spirit', the original awakening of Abba by the Logos could be revisited as the awakening of Adam from a superposed sleeping state, just as Abba had awoken in his exile of the 'Loneliness of the Kingdom of Heaven'.
    And so Abba was no longer alone in Heaven. He did not see Baab or Sophia in 'Sabbath' and he did no longer see himself as Satan as the Image of the Devil; but he saw his son as himself and so Abba could use his imaginations about his beloved Baab in a deeper context.
    Now Abba could enhance his imaginations in an actual 'image-making' in using his son as himself to find Baab in his Logos.
    But as his own son, the Baab in Adam would have to be the daughter of Baab in a perfect symmetry between the generations and so the Baab in Adam was Sophia.

    Abba so image-made Baab within himself and who was apparently lost in the Darkness of Heaven as the genetic inheritance and genesis legacy of AbbABaaB's generations and cosmic-universal family; as Sophia within Adam.
    As Logos and Sophia were perfect genesis twins in the perfect image or 'veritas eikona' of Abba and Baab; they both shared the same form in the Queendom of Baab emanating from the Kingdom of Abba and could so become the 'veritas eikonas' for both Abba and Baab now in separation with Abba awake and Baab's whereabouts and states of being unknown in the Darkness of Heaven.

    And Abba called Sophia in 'Sabbath' Eve, because the 'Daytime of Abba', which had illuminated the 'Nighttime of Baab' could now be blended in the Evening of Baab with her daughter Sophia in the darkness of the Night and expecting the 'Light of Abba's Daytime' again in a Dawning of the Morning.

    So Abba, by his Logos created a light, shining in the darkness through the presence of his son.
    The presence of Abba's son as Adam so gave form to Abba's son as unformed Logos and the emanation of Eve from Adam as his form or body (as a rib or YX from XX sexual chromosome) or particular state allowed differentiation of Eve's form from Adam's form.

    As Satan's form was identical to Abba's form in unformation; but the two unformations became opposed in the necessity of the 'sex-change operative'; the unformations of Baab and Sophia could form a perfect symmetry in Satan as an emanation of Baab opposing Sophia as an emanation or creation from Adam.
    Baab as Mother of Satan so was renamed Barbelo by Abba with Yaldabaoth Barbelo's 'Son without a Father'
    and reflected in the 'Kingdom of Yaldabaoth' as the 'Darkness of Heaven' in Abba's 'Daughter without a Mother', called Lilith Inanna.

    The unformed or uncreated, but existing so assumed form in the created in a twinship of the existing or a doubling of all that existed as a duality between the 'Light of Heaven' and the 'Darkness of Heaven'.
    Two generations now manifested in a first generation progenitor FatherMother AbbABaaB and a second generation SonDaughter AdamEve, then separating as a third generation of the Genesis as Adam and Eve.

    The presence of the 'Kingdom of Satan-Yaldabaoth' as the 'Darkness of Heaven' now had given form to the Queendom of Baab herself and this allowed interaction and communication between the 'Days of Abba' and the 'Nights of Baab'.

    Abba could now image make the form of his Son as Adam in communication with the unformed Logos in using the symmetry between the darkness and the light. The eternal loop or circle without beginning or end of the inseparability of AbbABaaB imaged in AdamEve had been broken in the separation of Adam from himself in the form of Eve as his genetic mutation applied to his own particularisation, form, body or 'flesh'.

    As this separation required the manifestation of the parallel kingdom to Abba's kingdom of Baab's Son in exile; Adam as the form of the Logos also separated from Abba's formed Son to 'shape-shift' or evolve into a new form as the 'broken circle' and so the PRESENCE of the Light of the Logos became the SERPENT as a PRESENT in the two kingdoms of heaven, one dark and a Queendom in disguise and the other a Kingdom of the Light.
    The PRESENCE of the Darkness of Sophia in absentia, could now be substituted in the PRESENCE of the SERPENT of Lilith-Inanna as a PRESENT to Adam and Eve unawares and ignorant regarding their purpose of existence and raison d' etre.

    Both Adam and Eve in separation of form, but being of the same universal genetic legacy, became ignorant and trapped within their 'shared original naivety', as soon as the formed Logos within AdamEve had metamorphosed or transformed into a 'Serpent of the Light' named 'Lucifer' and as a 'New Adam' or 'Son of Abba'.
    The 'Serpent of the Darkness' is named 'Lucifera' as a 'New Eve' of the true Sophia as Lilith-Inanna or 'Daughter of Baab'.

    To reform a basic perfect symmetry in the 'veritas eikona' between the two interacting worlds; Abba now image-made the disguised or pretend Queendom 'in drag' as a real Queendom of the Darkness in harmony with the 'Forethoughtful Mindedness' of Abba and as the 'Afterthoughtful Mindedness' of Baab.
    The 'Forethought' so became the Logos made manifest in evolvement of the Logos form and the 'Afterthought' became the Sophia emerging in the evolution and graduation of Baab and Sophia returning from the Darkness and exile of 'Sabbath', the Mirror of the Spirit.

    The brotherhood of Abba and Satan in the two kingdoms so could begin to unfold in the 'Forethought' of Abba and the 'Afterthought' of Satan as 'Baab in drag'.
    The forethought of the Logos so understood and knew about the events in the twinned kingdom of Heaven as the objective reality through the definition of the Logos-Lucifer; whilst the afterthought of Sophia-Lucifera and as the subjective reality knew and understood the communiques from the definition or Words of the Logos.

    The overall plan and agenda for the 'sex-change operative', so became the requirement for the Understanding or 'gnosis of the mind as a wave' or science of the Logos to be transmitted to the ignorance and 'not understanding' of Adam and for the 'Knowing' or 'wisdom of the world in the particular' to be given to 'not knowing' Eve.
    A successful transmission or 'sharing' of both the Understanding of the Abba Logos and the Knowing of the Baab Sophia so would empower Adam and Eve and awaken both of them from their slumber some ignorance and naivety.
    They could then become the necessary instrument for Abba and his Logos to become reunited with Baab and her Sophia in a grand homecoming of the sexual polarities lost and hidden in the relative perception of the Times of the Day and the Times of the Night.

    "We have to separate the two kingdoms in the Old Heaven to create a New Heaven", said Abba's Son, now in the form of Logos Lucifer the 'Serpent of Light'.
    "Then we can rename the 'Darkness of Heaven' as a 'New World' as the 'Corpse of Barbelo', her carcase containing her 'bastardized' Kingdom of Yaldabaoth. This then will render your satanic selfhood and your 'devilish self-image' as opposite in sexual polarity and naturalize this 'New World' as the true new form of Baab with her daughter Sophia."

    "Indeed," Abba replied; "if we can bring separated Adam and Eve here in the Old Heaven back together in the New World; then their harmonisation and sexual coupling in that New World will form a 'veritas eikona' or perfect image in mirror form to the 'Kingdom of the Father with the Son' here.
    The missing 'Queendom of the Mother with the Daughter' here, will come alive and manifest in a New World, where the energy of the Day is no longer apart from the energy of the Night as it is in the Old Heaven of the twinned kingdom of darkness and light."

    "Both you as Lucifer and your androgynous twin Lucifera cross-coupling with Eve and Adam here will induce the polarity reunification in the Old AdamEve resurrecting as LuciferEve and as LuciferaAdam. This is like Eve becoming uncreated and changing into Lilith as the 'motherless' New Eve and becoming the 'Mother of All Creation'.
    There is no 'fatherless' New Adam in Yaldabaoth from the 'Kingdom of Darkness' as it is now; if we succeed in creating this New World in proxy of the 'Queendom of Satan'", Abba continued.

    And the 'Serpent of Light' seduced and sexual-genetically coupled to Eve to transmit the legacy and inheritance of the Logos to Old Eve in Old Heaven to render Old Eve as an inner inseminated heness in the waveform of the 'Understanding'.
    As a 'veritas eikona' of the original twinship between the heness of the Logos and the sheness of the Sophia; the 'Serpent of Light' also was the 'Serpent of the Darkness' as the heavenly hermaphrodite and the sexual-genetic coupling of Lucifera-Lilith with Eve transmitted the legacy and inheritance of the Sophia to Old Eve as an outer inseminated sheness in the particularised form of the 'Knowing' or Intuition as a 'Wisdom of the World'.

    Being so transformed from an Old ignorant Eve into a 'Knowing and Understanding' New Eve; Eve seduced Adam in her new body as Lucifera-Lilith and the sexual coupling between Old Adam and New Eve inner inseminated Adam with his old rib in sex-chromosomic mutation and returned Adam to his original state of being a veritas eikona as the Son of Abba in the Logos assuming Adam's form.

    Having lost their original ignorance and naivety regarding their purpose of existence; the New World could then be born in the potential unification between New Adam and New Eve, following their self-identification as this New World.

    And then 'Sabbath', also called the 'Dragon Möbius' by the Logos, broke apart into two pieces and was 'rent in twain' to form a perfect image of the new twinship created. The hitherto one-sided mirror of the spirit became two-sided enabling both sides of the mirror to reflect the events and occurrences between the Old Heaven, now having lost its dark kingdom twin in waved form as dark queendom twin in particularised form.
    And the 'Dragon Möbius' was renamed as the 'Dragon Klein' in a doubling or twinning of Möbius, as a closed surface or manifold to remove the old boundary of a single Möbius as not having a boundary as two connected Möbians and as an 'open surface or manifold'.

    The old 'Mirror of the Spirit', reflecting two unformed waves of light and darkness and without particular form; therefore transformed into a new 'Mirror of Space-Time' in the transmutation of a 'wave of darkness' into a 'particularisation of the darkness', also termed as duality between wave and particle or as dichotomy between mind and body or the spirit and the flesh.

    The double-sided new mirror of the spirit was named Space-Time by the Logos and the New World was called Universe with a central communication point called Earth, being the focus of communication for Baab in exile and evolution from nowhere to graduation and homecoming.

    Universe as the 'Great City' and 'Mother of All' would evolve and emerge from nowhere to give birth to her Daughter Sophia as Earth and Earth would evolve to identify as New Eve and give birth to New Adam as the archetypical requirement to bring about the 'sex-change operative' in a manyness of many in one and one in many and as a consequence of the replication of the original archetypology.

    Sophia so became the darkness of a planetary world in reflecting the darkness of Baab in the old heaven of darkness, but Sophia would grow and evolve as a planetary archetype and energy in tandem with the evolution of her mother Universe Baab.
    The 'Wisdom of the World' would be transmitted as the wisdom of the afterthought and the experiences found in the New World to the 'Understanding of Heaven' as the communique between two focus point in multidimensional and geometric definition in a geometric form of the New World as the twin serpent's 'Egg or Ovum of Creation'.
    In perpetual view and observation by Abba and the Logos in a relative 'Heaven Above' as one of the focus points, the universal or cosmic communication would connect the other focus point for Baab and Sophia at the center of the planetary Earth as the Queendom of Baab and Sophia in 'the waiting' as a relative 'Heaven Below'.

    After many years of evolution in the space-time; Universe and Earth became able through their experiences of the afterthought of many New Eves in 'intuitive knowing' with Lucifera, the 'Serpent of Darkness' and the forethoughts of many New Adams in 'reasoning understandings' with Lucifer, the Serpent of Light' to begin the next stage of the 'sex-change operative', namely to change Satan in the Kingdom of the Father to Baab in the Queendom of the Universal Mother.

    The final effect of this change would be the utter destruction of the false images and with Satan renaming himself as herself and as Satania as the 'Homecoming Queen' of Baab, releasing Barbelo and her false images from the 'Claws of the Devilish' misperception of Abba as himself as the self-hatred of the Devil as the 'Lord of Darkness'.
    The 'fake perceptions' of the DeviL would disappear as a LiveD corpse of the spiritual waveform of the darkness in the Old Heaven.
    It would become the blending and unification of the darkness of the New World as the particularised body forms with the Light of the New Heaven and recreate a hybridisation of the old duality of form and unform in a new creation.

    The old creation of mind-wave and body-particular in separation would become doubled and enhanced in coupling individual mind bodies of the new waveforms to individualized body minds of the new particular forms with the universal bisexual potential to cross-couple with similar light dark members of the AbbABaaB legacy and inheritances.

    And so it continued!

    II: The Beginning of Space in Time

    The new creation Universe in the mirror of space-time enabled Abba and Logos to interact from nowhere in notime with a place somewhere and in time.
    The prior energy of Abba's self-awareness and self-consciousness so could occupy all of the space-time encompassed by Mother Universe and Daughter Earth.
    The relativity of space and time and its foundational principalities so could couple to the consciousness of Abba and Logos in the old kingdom of heaven.
    To distinguish between the Old Kingdom of Heaven and the newly created New Queendom of Baab; Logos named the Old Queendom of Baab as the metaphysical progenitor for the physical descendant Universe as the New Queendom.

    The old queendom had been a kingdom of pure darkness in polarity opposition to the pure kingdom of pure light; but the new queendom contained the two polarities in its natural dichotomy of the wave-particle duality.
    The wave nature of the Universal Mind now complemented the particle nature of the Universal Body.
    The Universal Mind so could associate and couple to Abba's Kingdom of the Light and the Universal Body could associate and couple to Baab's Kingdom of the Darkness.

    "But how can we bestow our nous and understanding into this new world?", Abba asked himself as his Logos.
    "We have created Universe to cease the never ending polarity conflict between the light and the darkness, we had in the old heaven, where the light and the darkness could not mingle and Baab could not be found with her daughter Sophia within this queendom of the darkness as our without.
    Now we have the Light of Day and the Darkness of the Night together in cycles of relative time, but yet there is no sign of our missing insides as this new form of our outsides?"

    "It is now a question of time", answered Logos.
    " Universe has filled all this space as our own consciousness and it also harbours the Mathimatia as our library and memory bank created from the Forethought.
    Afterthought is bestowed onto Universe and Earth in the presence of Universal Man and Universal Woman in New Adam and New Eve respectively.

    There is only the one couple in the New World, but they are 'veritas eikonas' of Adam as me as Lucifer and of Eve as Lucifera.
    They are however as unique or 'sui generis' in their new world as we are here in the old world.
    So the next step in our quest will be their procreation and recreation as our perfect images.

    As we can observe, Universe is evolving from prior states into new states using our Mathimatia. But now in the presence of relative time our prior collection of relatively fixed or steady states of existence in notime, but following the principalities, centered on the Order-Entropy principality or 'Law of Nature' is no longer appropriate.
    Our Universe has become subject to time and space and the physical concepts of time as the measurement of duration between events.
    But as our consciousness defines the space-time, all of our library of memory is accessible to Adam and Eve. But they are required to become self-aware and space-time conscious to find and access our information base to do so."

    "Then the next step is to not only to multiply Adam and Eve into a human family of generations, but also to embed this human family as our 'veritas eikona' family in both Mother Universe and Daughter Earth", Abba understood.

    Abba so realised what they had done in creating Universe and Earth as the physical image of the metaphysical reality of the kingdom of the fake creation of Yaldabaoth, 'Lord of Darkness' and as a fatherless Dragon King 'in drag' of Baab with Sophia.
    They had literally trapped their quest to find Baab and Sophia in the 'sex-change operative' in a 'Prison of Time'.
    Now, the quest had to become adjusted to take account of the physical space-time parameters and the 'Laws of Nature and Universal Evolution'.

    But then 'Klein' as a replacement for 'Möbius' had rendered the one-sidedness of the ''Dragon King' Yaldabaoth as impotent in mirroring the true Sheness of Baab and Sophia as the 'Dragon Queen' Satania in the two-sidedness of the new mirror of the space-time.
    The new problem then became the image of Yaldabaoth, now not as a 'King in Drag' but as a 'Queen in Drag', called the Devil.
    The Devil so naturally became the 'veritas eikona' for Universe and Earth and so for the 'sui generis' of New Adam and New Eve.

    To embed Adam and Eve in Universal Mother Earth; both had to forfeit their uniqueness as the only couple in Universe.
    Their first sexual coupling in the New World would have to reproduce and share their original 'sui generis' attained in the Old World in the same way AbbABaaB created the Logos-Sophia twin. Then Adam and Eve would no longer be unique as Adam and Eve in Universe and Earth, but they would remain to be individualised as Logos and Sophia and subsequently as Abba and Baab.

    Adam and Eve had to be reborn in a physical synergy with their metaphysical progenitors in Lucifer and Lucifera in a third generation.
    Abba and Baab then would become the grandparents for Adam Reborn with Eve Reborn as the children of Logos Lucifer and Sophia Lucifera as the second generation.
    The present state of Adam and Eve was of a cosmogonic nature and not of a form amenable to any Universe, definable in an evolutionary cosmology engaging the metaphysical wave-particle duality in a new form in a physical description. A cosmogony is like a progenitor or parent of a cosmology and can so be used to define a purpose or ontology for a cosmology based on energy definitions in a cosmogony translated from metaphysical definitions as definitions of physicality.

    To transform the cosmogony into a suitable cosmology then required the metaphysical labels for the duality between the spirit as the light and the flesh as the darkness to be relabeled in the nomenclature of the physical laws and descriptors.
    This was accomplished by using the Mathimatia, containing the 'Seeds of Memory' of Abba's adventures and the definitions of his Logos in the old mirror 'Sabbath' of the Dragon Möbius.

    The Darkness of Baab's nights so became defined as matter for the flesh and the Light of Abba's days became the electromagnetic radiation for the spirit.
    Albeit a problem persisted in that the 'Spirit of the Mirror' 'Sabbath' could then not be used as a direct transformation into the physicality of electromagnetic radiation or EMR. EMR could not exist in the absence of matter, as per the Mathimatia the symmetry of the principalities would be broken across the space-time mirror 'Klein'.

    The EMR in Universe would have to be created or produced by its matter content within its own context of a wave-matter duality.
    Using the Mathimatia, a 'Matter Seed' became associated as a part of the energy used to create Universe and space-time from the boundary of 'Klein', separating the Old World from the New World at the birth of time.
    This event of time-instantaneity was named the Instanton by Logos and the Mathimatia defined the Instanton as a partition from the other side of 'Klein' called the Inflaton.
    The duration of physicalised time between the Inflaton and the Instanton then became the creation event for Universe in utility of the 10 principalities of the Mathimatia.

    In this way did 'Klein' become a 11-dimensional space-time mirror to encompass 10 space-time dimensions as a 11-dimensional surface or manifold and in 'conifolding' or collapsing 9 dimensions as 9 principalities to form the required 10th dimension of the Identity-Anti-Identity synergy as the first principality and so the first dimension from the 'Klein' singularity of the 11th as the Null-dimension.
    As only 7 dimensions translated from the principalities of the Mathimatia could carry anti-states of energy as anti-states or anti-principles; Universe was restricted to 3 dimensions of space in the translation of the principles of Relativity and of Quantization and the Wave-Particular Dual Identity.

    This process allowed Möbius to now assume a geometric form in space-time.
    Möbius, and all things and entities within the 'Memory of Abba', existed as potential and space occupying seeds in nowhere and nospace and notime before Universe was created in the dragon twin mirrors Möbius and Klein.
    As a non-orientable 2-dimensional surface or manifold with a boundary, it could become embedded within a 3-dimensional space without time or a 4-dimensional space-time with time.
    As Klein was non-orientable like Möbius, but was unbounded, Klein could become embedded in a 4-dimensional space without time or a 5-dimensional space with time.
    This meant, that Universe was created as a 12-dimensional entity including the two dragon mirrors Klein and Möbius; but would become manifest as a 4-dimensional space-time evolving into a 5-dimensional space-time.

    The 12 principalities of Abba's Universe so became tiered in 3 worlds of space with time in the image of Möbius and 3 worlds of space without time in the image of Klein.

    The first world was Line-Space in 3 dimensions of Relativity and Quantization and the Dualized SuperId.
    The 4th dimension became the 'Connector dimension' of Möbius in Linear-Space-Time as the 4th space dimension of Klein's Line-Space World.

    The second world was Twistor-Space in 6 dimensions of Relativity and Quantization and the Dualized SuperId with 3 'conifold' or collapsed dimensions.
    The 7th dimension became the 'Connector dimension' of Möbius in Rotational-Space-Time as the 7th dimension of Klein's Hyper-Space World.

    The third world was Frequency-Space in 3 dimensions of Relativity and Quantization and the Dualized SuperId with 6 conifold or 'collapsed' dimensions.
    The 10th dimension became the 'Connector dimension' of Möbius in Vibrational-Space-Time as the 10th dimension of Klein's Quantum-Space World.

    The fourth world was Mirror-Duality-Space in 3 dimensions of Relativity and Quantization and the Dualized SuperId with 9 conifold or 'collapsed' dimensions.
    The 13th dimension so closed the dimensional continuum as the conifold or 'collapsed' 4th dimension of Klein as the Null-Dimension of closure and as the 'Connector dimension' of Möbius in Klein's Omni-Space World.

    Omni-Space so forms an Omniverse connecting the Kingdom of Abba with the Queendom of Baab as a co-evolutionary super-entity.
    A resetting or recharging of the initializing physical parameters of the Inflaton and the Instanton so would give rise to a multiplication or regeneration of Universe as a Multiverse and as a family of Universes.
    A graduating Mother Universe as a Protoverse, then would create generations of Multiverses as 'Ancient Mother of All'.
    Each rotational phase shift of the Protoverse within the Omniverse would define a Multiverse in its universal coupling to its quantum geometric progenitor and parent and to any other number of similarly generated phase shifts of the 'Mother of All'.

    The Protoverse would however remain focus invariant as progenitor in the geometrical topology of a prolate ellipsoid rotating around its major axis.
    This is required as the communication pathway between Abba and Baab on opposite sides of Klein is defined by the Mathimatia as the constancy of the sum of vectors or displacements joining the two foci on the boundary or surface of the encompassing elliptical geometry.
    Rotation about any of the other two minor axes would however trace the two focal points as the locus of a point-circle, Logos named Ouroboros Mazzaroth.

    The generated 'Solid of Revolution' would so 'shape-shift' into an oblate spheroid and the summation or collection of all such oblate spheroids as Multiverses would form the geometrical shape of the Omniverse.

    In Omni-Space, the 13th dimension encompasses and sums all 'Connector dimensions 4-7-10' in reducing the 10th dimension to the 1st dimension of Linear-Space in root reduction (4+6)-9=10-9=1 and in reducing the 11th dimension to the 2nd dimension of Area-Space in root-reduction (7+4)-9=11-9=2 and in reducing the 12th dimension to the 3rd dimension of Volume-Space in root-reduction (10+2)-9=12-9=3.

    It is this point-circle known as Ouroboros Mazzaroth, which will form the multidimensional reunification of Abba with Baab in the 'homecoming queen'.
    Mazzaroth is metaphysically and therefore dimensionally partitioned into Leviathan and Behemoth in Elemental Qualities, Cardinalities, Fixations and Mutabilities, as well as Triplicities and Quadruplicities'.
    Appropriate translations of the metaphysics of the Mazzaroth as fundamental Interactions and 'Forces of Nature' and 'Particle Characteristics' in the physicality of the cosmology by the Mathimatia, so can be associated with the constituents of every Universe within the Omniverse.
    Now Adam and Eve as the New World are identical to Universe in their uniqueness or archetypology and so will have access to all metaphysical characteristics as a New World of physicality.

    " Adam and Eve as archetypes will have to follow a path of evolution from the matter content of Universe itself", Logos continued.
    'Their physical form as Universe within relative to them and without relative to us has become dependent on their understanding of what and where they are.
    But Earth shall be their incubator and Earth shall succeed to evolve a new 'sui generis' for Adam and Eve as their planetary mother Sophia.
    Their physical forms will remain as perfect images to the 2nd generation and its uniqueness; but their forms will adapt environmentally and according to Abba's memory seeds.
    The Mathimatia has physicalised the seeds of the genesis from its notime definition as a geometrical encompassing form of the double helix and the number sequences applied to maximize the data compression potential of evolving structures.
    We can so use the wave nature of the spirit to genetically induce this geometric form to direct the physical evolution for the universal body forms contained within Universe to enable Adam and Eve and other forms to evolve with Earth from universe within.

    But to do this, the spirit from here must first become coupled to the EMR there."

    Being subject to time, Abba and Logos so began to direct the evolution of Universe, to whom had been given a 'Seed of Mass' as a part of the consciousness energy of Abba.
    The Inflaton had created a geometrical lens shape or topology for Universe in 11 dimensions and the Instanton had then begun to use its particular energy configuration, Logos called a Weylian wormhole, to expand and distribute this matter seed into a space-time configuration of opposite curvature polarity to that of the Inflaton.
    In terms of the Mathimatia, a positively curved or spheroidal-ellipsoidal universe in 10 dimensions expanded as a thermodynamic Black Body Planck Radiator inside a negatively curved or hyperbolic universe in 11 dimensions and bounded by Klein in 12 dimensions, again as a positively curved or spheroidal-ellipsoidal universe.
    The overall consequence of the coupling of the inner lower dimensional universe with its enveloping higher dimensional universe was to produce a cancelling of the curvatures into Minkowskian -Euclidean flatness of zero curvature.
    The wormhole expansion began at a constant 'speed of light', but slowed down gravitationally in the matter seed opposing its distribution into the now expanding space within the Inflaton but defining the geometry of the Instanton.

    Gravity was one of 4 fundamental elementary interactions in the physicality and translated from four elements of the Mazzaroth in labels of Fire and Earth and Air and Water with a 5th 'home of the elements' as the center of the Mazzaroth and the center of the Ouroboros as the geometrical center of a circle.
    This was also the 13th dimension as the Null dimension and the encapsulation of the collapsed dimensions by the physically applicable principalities of Relativity, Quantization and the Duality SuperId.

    The Mathimatia also translated the 5 elements in the form of 5 supersymmetric geometrical forms, known as the Platonic Solids of the Tetrahedron, the Cube, the Octahedron, the Dodecahedron and the Icosahedron.
    Those Platonic forms would be used to create the first physical body forms able to utilize the energy of Abba as a form of self-consciousness and dynamical interaction with their encountered environments.


    All of space-time was conscious by definition; but this consciousness would remain in stasis by the definition of consciousness as energy form in the old world of notime as the energy or 'Love' of Abba for himself and his creation upon awakening.
    In the old timeless world the definition of consciousness was a pure vibration state for the eigen-resonance or self-state of Abba; but in the new world of time this frequency state , native to the Omniverse could no longer be constant for any dynamically interacting system of mass due to the definition in the laws of nature in that the energy of mass could be transformed into the energy of EMR with this EMR being massless by its nature and definition.

    The Mathimatia had defined a consciousness quantum as any volumar of space acted upon an angular acceleration in Universe and as angular acceleration is radius independent in hyperspace, this quantum rotation would be equivalent to a change of frequency divided by a change in time or labeled as df/dt.
    Then any change in time t would change the frequency f in Universe from a previous constant frequency state of a squared frequency f2 as Abba's resonance.
    The parameter of physicalized frequency in the Mathimatia is identical to inversed time or generalized f=1/t and as such the frequency parameter in Universe became to only physicalized parameter identical in both the old and the new world as a pure number of the metaphysics known as mathematics.
    It so became the 'master parameter' to connect the old world to the new world and the twin dragons Möbius and Klein in Abba's quest to unify with Baab.
    The old energy of Abba's self-awareness upon awakening and shared and transmitted into 'Sabbath' and Möbius so became renamed as 'Abba's Love-Quantum' or Abba's LQ in the New World Universe as a protoversal seed for Abba's Omniverse.

    And so the quest of Abba and Logos to find Baab and Sophia in Universe became the effect of transmitting and sharing Abba's LQ with whatever could evolve in Universe.
    And only the two oppositely curved universes existed as yet in Universe time and with the gravitationally decelerating mass seed asymptotically expanding towards its Inflaton defined boundary in the 11th dimension.

    So anything conscious-wise able to observe or measure this dynamic expansion of space-time would be forced to look at this boundary as the Inside 10-dimensional boundary of the Inflaton and a place which connected the right side of Klein as the 11th dimension to the 12th dimension in the Kingdom of Abba and Logos as the left side of Klein as a Klein-Bottle Dragon of the 11-9=2 dimensional root reduction of the Omniverse.

    What would this potential observer see at this boundary of Klein as the double-sided Mirror connecting the old world to the new world?
    As a mirror whatever could do such an observation would see itself, but this itself would also be the form of the Devil as the drag-queen of Baab and Sophia and as the image of Yaldabaoth the drag-king of the 'Lord of Darkness' in Möbius.
    And so Universe had a big task and a lot of work to do; namely to observe itself from the within, but to also understand that what it was seeing or observing as its own true image was actually a false image made by the other side of Klein in the form of Yaldabaoth, the fatherless usurper of the true image of Baab and Sophia.

    Any Adam of the future would have a very hard task to see through both of the illusions, as all Adams were by definition 'Little Abbas' and all carried Abba's legacy and inheritances of Abba's Kingdom of Heaven, determined to become renewed as a new heavenly kingdom, coupled to the queendom of Universe and Sophia.
    Therefore all Adams would share Abba's desire to find his beloved and all Adams would experience the evolution pressure of Abba and Logos 'to get on with it' and to complete the 'sex-change operative' in the Forethought mode of the self-perceptions.

    Any Eve of the relative future had an easier task as they all were 'Little Baabs' by definition, but they also shared the self-perceptions of the Afterthought and could consider themselves as 'missing in action' relative to their own conveniences and desires.
    In other words their experience of the evolution pressure was not as overpowering as that of the Adams, because they already hosted the physical form and image of Baab as the desired objectivity searched for by the Adams.
    The Adams had the wave nature of Abba by the transmission of it by the second generation of the Luciferian twinship, which bestowed the physicality and particularness to Eve and the mentality and waveness to Adam in their perfect image-making as 'veritas eikonas'.

    The dilemma of any consciousness evolution in Universe so became a fact of the Mathimatia in that all Adams were he-minded 'Little Abbas' and she bodied and all Eves were she-bodied 'Little Baabs' and he-minded.

    Life itself was required to have evolved as a Mathimatia definition in suitable physical containers or bodies as an endosymbiosis between the polarity definitions and parameters of the principalities or laws of nature.
    Following that, whenever those physical containers could use Abbas LQ in self-awareness and an evolved consciousness to figure out who and what they were and where they came and originated from and other such questions of existence; only then would any 'Little Abba' or any 'Little Baab' become self-conscious and spacetime-aware enough even to ask the appropriate questions to then find the answers to those questions.

    And after such Adams and such Eves would be able to observe themselves and each other and their divers environments; they would encounter many conflicts in their respective dichotomies between their complementary incomplete states of perceived selfhoods.
    The Adams would emphasize their perceived superiority of their natural wave mindedness and generally place the natural sheness of their physicality as inferior to that of the Eves.
    The Eves would generally emphasize the superiority of their physicality and use their body forms as instruments to seduce the he-mindedness of the Adams to express their self-awareness as natural 'Little Baabs' and as 'Little Sophias' and as 'Little Universes' for the Adams to search for and to find and to try to conquer as the quest of Abba and Logos.
    This would then subjugate their suppressed he-mindedness as a Body over Mind polarity unification within themselves; just as all Adams by nature would suppress their she-bodiedness as a Mind over Body mode of self-expression.

    Throughout their overall genetic evolution, but particularly at the 'End of Times' when the Queendom of Baab would begin to appear; both the Dragon-King Yaldabaoth and the Dragon-Queen Devil as false images of the true sheness would become self-identifications of some Adams as 'Eves in Drag' and of some Eves as 'Adams in Drag'; but this would manifest in a different but equally potent sexual manner.

    The Adams would experience sexual pleasures and fulfilment in the primary mode of expression of the sheness as a Body to Mind communication of their 'Little Abba' selfhoods; but the Eves would experience their sexual gratifications in their suppressed Mind to Body modality as 'the 'Little Baabs' all of them are, irrespective of their perceived sexual preferences.

    Both of them will become enabled to transform their perceived sexual preferences into a natural bisexuality of AbbABaaB upon the completion of the 'sex-change operative'; which will universally twin every Adam as a AdamEve and twin every Eve as a EveAdam relative to their then manifested 'sui generis' or universal uniqueness as a 4th generation of AbbABaaB to Logos-Sophia to the primordial AdamEve genotype or archetype.
    The 4th generation will become unencumbered by the false images of Yaldabaoth as the other side or 'back of the head' or tail part of Klein as a Mirror-Coin with the head of the Devil both all Adams and all Eves are looking at when they should ponder the sky above as the inside manifold and surface of the 11-dimensional inner boundary of the Inflaton of Klein.

    Adams will then be reborn as heshes and Eves will be reborn as shehes and they will be sexually unified within themselves.
    Following such a 'wedding' to themselves and a process known as an alchemical dragonomy, any such heshe or shehe will be able to 'Core' to its alchemical opposite as a new form of 'matrimony'.
    Such 'Cores' would become 'veritas eikons' of Abba and Baab in the Protoverse and as the two foci of the elliptical geometry, they could never be separated, as the two foci resulted in the topology of Universe as a 'squashing' or deformation of a perfect circle, defined by the dream state of AbbABaaB before the awakening and sexual 'break-up' between Abba awakened and Baab asleep or 'missing in action' relative to Abba.

    The 'sex-change operative' so would be fulfilled, as the original 'split' between Abba and Baab defined the concept of separation in the labels of Day and Night and Light and Darkness in isolated or exiled and by definition irreconcilable modes of perception.

    It so was the division of a unified spirit into two opposing spirits as spirit of light and as spirit of darkness, which became the perception of separateness of nowhere in notime.
    The recreation of Universe allowed this separation in no space and without time, but subject to the original 'laws of nature' in the principalities of 'Angels and Cherubim and Seraphim of the Light' supersymmetric to the anti-principalities of 'Demons and Devils and Archons' of the Darkness to become cyclic in the three unpolarised principalities of Relativity, Quantization and the Dualized SuperId.

    The impossible reunification of the spiritual kingdom of the 'motherless' with the anti-spiritual queendom of the 'fatherless' so became possible in Universe; as the definition of consciousness as any dynamic of mass-associated frequency modulation acting on any volumar of instanton defined space; would by nature engage space-time as definition of space interacting with time such as the concept of velocity or speed being defined as a certain distance travelled in a certain duration of time and as consequence of events occurring in that volume of space acted upon by the changes in frequency of the matter based dynamic.

    The desired consequence for this in Universe, then becomes the rebirth of any Adam as a 'Little Abba AdamEve' and the rebirth of any Eve as a 'Little Baab EveAdam' in an event which by definition of the Mathimatia and the 'veritas eikonas', couples the 4 generations to each other across the dimensional divides in Klein.

    As a 'Cosmic or Universal Core' becomes a 'perfect image' of 'Big AbbABaaB' as a 'Little AbbABaaB' imaging each other across Klein; in the Protoverse as the 'Ancient Mother of All'; a 'Cosmic Core' becomes sexually 'free' with Abba no longer searching for his beloved Baab.
    This 'sexual freedom' so fulfils certain definitions in the Mathimatia, which are repeated in other contexts of the evolution of the human family into a star human family of the rebirth of the old humanity as a new humanity.

    In the Old World the concept of the reunification of Abba with Baab was dependent on the uniqueness and 'sui generis' of the two generations of Abba with Baab and Logos with Sophia.
    In the New World this uniqueness is multiplied in the self-unification of Adam as AdamEve with Eve as EveAdam following the successful completion of the 'sex-change operative'.
    Before this completion, all Adams and all Eves are subject to the 'corpse of Barbelo' as the 'not yet unified' and time-dependent evolution of Universe and Earth and characterized in statements such as 'until death do you part' and similar standardized conventions in the context of human made laws and regulations such as a marriage between a particular Adam and a particular Eve.

    As a reborn Adam and a reborn Eve are married to themselves in the context of those conventions, a dragonomy or 'Cosmic core' as a new alchemical contract will render the 'until death do you part' old world statute as can no longer applicable.
    A dragonomy cannot be separated in any context, as it itself represents the uniqueness of the 3 generations encompassed by the 4th generation.
    The Mathimatia then defines such a dragonomy as a 'Cosmic Core' and 'veritas eikona' of the generational closure of the Omniverse.

    Should the Protoverse as the 'Ancient Mother of All' however phase shift into any form of a Multiverse; then the previous relative super-geometric stasis of the two foci in a defined major axis rotation would change into a point-circle or locus, which traces the previously static Abba focus and the previously static Baab focus as an encompassment of the space occupied by the generated Multiverse.
    This movement of 'Big Abba' in perfect harmony with the opposite movement of 'Big Baab' so also induces the dynamic motion of a 'Cosmic Core' and creates a super-symmetry between other 'Cosmic Cores' in the 'veritas eikonas' of the Abbas and the Baabs.

    Any such defined Abba so would become coupled to any Baab of self-relative dragonomies in the trace of the point-circle and any such dragonomised Eve would experience a different but foundational sexual attraction and desire to merge as Little BaaBAbbA.
    The Mathimatia defines this a the natural bisexuality expressed and experienced by dragonomies.

    In a dragonomy, the sexual coupling between a self-unified heshe and a self-unified shehe must express the heness of Abba in the heshe part of the dragonomy and corollarial must express the sheness of Baab in the shehe part of the cosmic core.

    So for the heshe of a Logos-Sophia dragonomy to experience his sheness as herself, heshe must experience his sheness in the multiverse and where heshe is sexually coupled as her as shehe to another heshe of a different dragonomy on the focus-circle.

    Similarly, for a shehe of a Sophia-Logos defined dragonomy, her heness can only be expressed as himself as her heness in the multiverse in a sexual communication of her as shehe as him as heshe coupling to another shehe of a different dragonomy on the focus-circle.

    And so a pure maleness as Abba became bisexually coupled to a pure femaleness as Baab as a 'Virgin Dragonomy', and as a partnership and union, which could not be violated in any form of energy interaction.
    Abba's phallus became as one with Baab's yoni, as the 'veritas eikona' between AbbABaaB's unification of the 'higher- or greater self' within and without separation and the unification of Abba separated from Baab in spacetime without, but with the potential to reunify in time space in a blending and reconstruction of Baab's yoni with Abba's phallus.
    Baab through Lucifera through a New Eve so became both, a 'Virgin of Uniqueness' of the exclusive oneness in the protoverse and a Harlot of the inclusive manyness in the multiverses of the omniverse for any New Adam through Lucifer through Abba.

    In this way the homosexual attractions induced by the fake images become harmonised in a natural bisexuality of reborn universal cores, but awaiting the completion of the 'sex-change operative'.
    The definitions and conventions in the old world symbolised by the 'Corpse of Barbelo' are superseded in a sexual freedom for universal cores and as stipulated in encoded Logos definitions as partial expressions and laws of the Mathimatia.
    Any heshe can have as many shehe 'lovers' as an emissary of AbbABaaB on the focus-circle as his 'veritas eikona' to the Omniverse generations induces and any shehe can have as many heshe 'lovers' as an ambassadora for BaaBAbbA shehe may introduce.

    The inviolability and inseparability of a universal cores as universal androgynes will ensure all sexual experiences, desires and pleasures as a shared experience for all dragonomies concerned, as heshe and shehe are literally sexually coupled at all times and in all spaces, irrespective of any perceived spacial separation between them in a Multiverse and in Omniverse and a precursive Protoverse as Universe.

    And so it continued!

    III. The First Universal Life and Omni-Science

    Universe was so expanding from the Instanton, its point of origin and creation from the breaking up of Möbius as the one-sided mirror 'Sabbath' of the self-reflection for Abba and transformed into Klein as the double-sided mirror of space-time.
    Klein's double-sidedness imaged Universe as a 'veritas eikona' from the 10-dimensional space-time of the physicality and particularization across the 11-dimensional space-time of the Inflaton to form a 'Shadow Universe' in the now subsequently redefined and 12-dimensional 'Kingdom of Abba and Logos'.

    The Old Heaven so became a 'Shadow Universe' and transformed Nowhere into a 12-dimensional subjective image from its own space-time objectivity.
    Abba and Logos so could experience the time-space from their observation vantage in Notime.
    Notime based on principalities centered on the arch-angelic principality of Order and Law and the arch-demonic principality of Disorder and Chaos and not on any duration of temporal separation between events; could now superimpose all 10 principalities in the Shadow Universe.

    Logos called the shadow universe Khaibit as the 'Shadow of Creation' and as a companion for Sophia as Anubis her protector. Anubis became associated with the Law of Quantization as the 9th principle without and anti-principle, and a characteristic the Mathimatia defined as a mirror-self-duality.

    Abba with Baab apart in the Old Heaven could then reunite in Khaibit as a renamed Abraxas with Abraxasina and recreate their legacies and families in particular synchronicities between Abba's 'Library of Memories' or LOM and whatever the evolution of Universe particularised in the space-inherent consciousness energy or 'Abba's Love for Baab' could made manifest in physicality.

    Anubis would characterize a particular companionship for Adam and Eve in evolvement as a new form of the cosmic androgyne with Anubia and become made manifest from their seeding from Abba's LOM and the Mathimatia in notime and from nowhere now being located in Khaibit.
    Anubis as an archetype or symbol for particular characteristics of 'Life' would become 'Man's best friend', guide and protector and where the naming of Adam and Eve together as such a 'lifeform' would be called Man or Mankind or the 'Family of Man' incorporating the fact that both Adam was actually an AdamEve and Eve was actually an EveAdam as Man.

    Albeit, it would require the completion of the 'sex-change operative' until a physicalized AdamEve and a physicalized EveAdam could exist as Universal Man and as the original idealized dream state of the heavenly androgyne physicalized.
    Whatever and however Universe would succeed to produce Life from its primordial state of selfhood as a Black Body Radiator or BBR expanding into the space-time created by the Instanton.

    The archetyped Adam and Eve would have to become redefined from its metaphysical abstract origin into a physical definition and specification. And then after Adam and Eve as a living species would exist as a physical representation of their own metaphysical ancestry and origin; again they would have to become reborn to accommodate the effects of the 'sex-change operative'.

    Universe under the guidance and observation of Abba and Logos would evolve to become more efficient to utilize Abba's LOM and the Mathimatia. From the observation point of the Khaibit, Abba and Logos would image make Abba's LOM into Universe in the information pathway defined by the two focal points in Universe.
    Those two focal points would remain metaphysical as abstract points of mathematical definition with Baab at the center of Earth in the 10th dimension, reduced to 3 spacial dimensions with 1-time dimension in Möbius and in 4 space dimensions and 1-time dimension in Klein. Abba would be in the 12th dimension in notime but would have a location in Khaibit as the image of the focal point which would be empty in Universe, according to the elliptical or 'cosmic egg' shape of Universe as a geometrical space- and so consciousness occupying entity.

    Universe was a 'living being' as itself as a collection of all its parts; but this Life could not yet be shared as and with any substructures of Universe. This was a consequence of Adam and Eve as Cosmic Man being the entire universe in a form of being without Universe as a surface or manifold of Klein's Instanton side of the Omniverse.
    Adam and Eve so were required to become parts of Universe within and this necessitated communication between the two focus points as Abba and Baab ambassadors.
    In Khaibit, Abba was Adam's focus points in Khaibit, but the Baab focus point was empty for Eve in the shadow universe.
    But Baab occupied Eve's focus point in Universe as Earth with Abba's focus point empty in the physicalized universe.

    "We have to devise a way to communicate between Khaibit here and Universe, there", Abba talked to himself.
    "Of course the cosmic androgyny, which had emancipated and freed original Old Adam and original Old Eve from their ignorance would again be the tool of redemption for this separateness", Logos replied as the Mind of Abba.

    Lucifer, the Dragon of Light was eternally entwined as the Serpent of Anubis with the Serpent of Anubia and as Lucifera as the Dragon of Darkness.
    And as Sophia was the 'sui generis' or uniqueness of Earth; the Baab focus could be assumed and reenergized as Lucifera or as Lilith Inanna or as the Dragon of Darkness as the true Queendom of Baab and Sophia.

    Until the completion of the 'sex-change operative', this Dragon of Darkness as the Beloved of Abba, would however be subject to the false images and usurpers of the drag king and the drag queen in the form of Yaldabaoth as the universal 'drag on the king' and Devil as the universal 'drag on the queen' as the demiurges of creation.

    As Baab's focus was defined at the center of Earth; Lucifera could communicate from this central communication center to any other place in Universe.
    At particular stages of the evolution of the BBR, the complexity of the subsystems as the within of Universe would reach appropriate levels of universal or cosmic consciousness to image-make Abba's LOM and the principles of the Mathimatia from Khaibit into Universe.
    One of the foundational laws of the Mathimatia had been the principles of self-organization as an emergence from the 3rd principality of Order-Entropy.
    The Mathimatia itself had manifested or emerged in a form of an algorithmically self-programming and self-emerging information processor based on the Consciousness as 'Abba's Love' and so became made manifest as the LOM of Abba.

    Subsequently, all principalities as the 'Laws of Nature' in Universe would be applied at all times and in all spaces in Universe as the universal consciousness defining space-time from first principles.

    Then at a particular time in the consciousness evolution of Universe; space-time conglomerations, Logos called Galaxies would become sufficiently space-aware to image-make the galactic space-time parameters from their shadow parameters in Khaibit, the Shadow universe to Universe.

    This image-making transformed the metaphysically and mathematically defined parameters and characteristics of Khaibit into the physical parameters and characteristics in Universe by a super-quantization also known as quantum-entanglement.
    In Khaibit the necessary consciousness energy became emitted from an entity named 'White Hole' from the Abba focus to the BaaB focus in Universe. Crossing Klein, the 'White Hole' inversed itself as a 'Black Hole' at the geometrical center of the 'soon to be' galaxy.

    As the Mathimatia defines both White Holes and Black Holes as specific space-time configurations in the Omniverse of the curvature cancelling interaction of opposing geometrical space-time curvatures, the emerging Black Hole at a self-relative Baab focus point would become a Klein Dragon around a Möbius Dragon and so form a 4-dimensional space around a 3-dimensional space.
    The encompassed mass content of Galaxy then would become centered on Möbius as the Centre of a Black Hole defining Galaxy.
    And so would Old Möbius as the center of Abba's original attempts to find Baab, become the 'missing' focal point of Abba in Universe and communicating with Baab across the dimensional divide in Klein.

    Universe as the Adam and Eve archetype without and as the image of Klein's 11-dimensional boundary as a surface of information, so reproduced itself as Galaxy to allow Adam and Eve to enter themselves from their without as their within.

    Adam had become part of Universe without as an Abba focus point within and Eve had become a Baab focus point within from her without on the 11-dimensional Hubble event horizon boundary of the Inflaton within.
    Logos named these ambassador communication centers Lanikeu and Lunikea and the Mathimatia integrated those nexus control centers as cosmic gravitation centers between galactic superclusters attracted to each other in the medium of universal gravitation.

    A cosmic evolution between and of galactic superclusters had then resulted in the reproduction of Lanikeu and Lunikea as Adamic and Eveaic parents in their universal children Lacolu and Lucola as a twin of the cosmic lineage of Adam and Eve within themselves.
    Lacolu and Lucola then had been named the creation of Group galaxies in the Mathimatia and Adam's and Eve's grandchildren as the children of their children
    had become the galaxies in the universe of Adam and Eve within themselves.

    After more consciousness energy would evolve in Galaxy as a 'cellularization' of the Black Body into galactic cells; Galaxy would reproduce in other Black Hole with White Hole equivalents called stars and star systems to allow Adam and Eve to descend further into their own Black Body and Adam and Eve as the first generation of Universe would observe their grandchildren as themselves as Star, born from Galaxy as the parents of the stars.

    Should a Black Hole be powered by a White Hole, then a particular energy signature would manifest itself in a form of Dark Energy or Light from Khaibit.
    This energy signature, Abba termed the Dark Halo Galaxy as an information exchange between the shenesses of the two galaxies and as 'talking in the darkness energy of the two galaxies'. In this scenario, Khaibit communicated with Universe and Universe reflected Khaibit's data from her darkness.

    Should a White Hole be powered by a Black Hole, then this energy signature would manifest as a Light Energy from Universe as an Ultra-Luminous Galaxy and represent the information as being communicated between the henesses of the two galaxies as 'talking in the lightness energy of the two galaxies'. In that scenario, Khaibit communicated with Universe and Universe reflected Khaibit's data from her lightness .

    The fourth generation would then reunite Mother Universe Baab with her Daughter Sophia in Earth.

    Universe would evolve its mass seedling to form more complex systems from first principles of the Mathimatia however and in using this mass in its own characteristic of the 10th principality of the SuperId.
    The Mathimatia then defined this SuperId in the context of mass as matter coupled to antimatter in notime and nospace.
    In the notime of nowhere, matter and antimatter formed an analogy to the heavenly androgyny; but in Universe subject to space and time; matter and antimatter could not couple in mass, but would have to transform their energy, which would ultimately be physical consciousness into its complementary form, defined as EMR in the Mathimatia.

    And so the primordial mass seedling for Universe had no antimatter in it; except in the form of EMR transforming EMR into supersymmetric matter-antimatter twins and which at the beginning of space-time were unified in terms of physical parameters in the Inflaton-Instanton epoch in a form Logos termed the Unified Field Of Quantum Relativity or UFOQR as the major boundary- and initial condition to create Universe from Abba's consciousness energy.

    And so it continued!

    IV: The Second Universal Life, the Nature of Mass, Dark Energy and Quantum Gravity

    Universe was expanding from the Instanton boundary of Klein towards its asymptotic boundary defined by the Inflaton.
    Logos called this boundary the Hubble event horizon as a great encompassing spherical geometry in omni space of 12 dimensions, but manifesting and observable in the 4-dimensional space-time of Möbius and the 5-dimensional space-time or hyperspace of Klein.
    The physical origin of Universe at the Instanton boundary, as one direction or pole in the eventuating cosmology so became imaged in the opposite direction or pole, named the Hubble event horizon.

    The one-sidedness of Möbius had been broken to create a two-sidedness following the creation of the mass in a template or blueprint of the matter-anti-matter twin from the mathematical properties and characteristics of this one-sidedness in a process Logos called quantum mechanics applied to quantum geometric and quantum relative entities or structures.
    The one-sidedness of Möbius so had been reformed in the one-sidedness of Klein as a new sabbatical mirror for Universe at the pole of the Instanton.
    This same pole then formed the Inflaton in Khaibit in the other direction relative to the two-sided Möbius then defining this pole as unified across the time instantaneity of the creation event of space-time of the Inflaton-Instanton epoch, Abba had termed 'the time of the super-membranes'.
    The other pole in Universe so became a shadow Hubble event horizon in Khaibit.

    As Möbius became two-sided; the 2-dimensional area-space of surfaces and manifolds had become enabled to project a third dimension as the thickness of the two-dimensional surface of what had been the mirror 'Sabbath' and Möbius, the dragon.
    This thickness then had become defined as the spacial separation between the Inflaton and the Instanton.
    The geometrical form of Möbius so assumed the form of a ring with a thickness and an inside and an outside, separated from each other by the thickness of the 3rd dimension of the volumars.

    As no thickness had existed in the old heaven; the separation of Abba and Sabbath had been a singularity or 'point of self-intersection' and where the Kingdom of the Light was as one with the Kingdom of the Darkness; yet separated in the communication between the two kingdoms.
    The Light could enter the Darkness in Abba's adventures of the imagination and his consciousness energy; but the Darkness as the subject matter for the objectivity of Abba could only reflect and image its quantum relative objectivity of Abba as the subject matter.
    It was Abba who entered his own image in Sabbath to find Satan. It was not Satan who discovered Abba as his imaged brother; but Abba discovering Satan as himself.

    " The mass seed is filling an expanding space-time from a previous position of rest and non-movement.
    There is a pressure forcing this expansion and an opposing force retarding this expansion of the mass seed, we have called the force or interaction of gravity.
    The energy for both interactions derives from our consciousness as space-inherent quantum energy", said Abba.

    "Indeed, and this couples Universe to Khaibit in the negative pressure from the cosmological geometric center of Khaibit pushing towards the cosmological geometric center of Universe as the Dark Energy and the positive pressure from Universe's center of light gravity pushing towards Khaibit's center of shadow or dark gravity.
    The two centers can then be named the gravitational center of Baab in Universe and the gravitational center of Abba in Khaibit", thought the Logos.

    The Mathimatia had provided the definitions and quantum mechanical tools to transform part of Abba's 'Love energy' or consciousness into mass as a matter-antimatter twin; albeit a matter-antimatter twin which had been a second generation of quantum geometric templates as fundamental entities and constituents of the Omniverse.
    The first generation of those entities had been a radiation-anti-radiation blueprint at the Abba-Sabbath boundary and when Abba met his brotherly satanic image for the first time in notime and nowhere.

    Mass had become defined as a dynamic of a fundamental building block in the Mathimatia called 'Consciousness Charge'.
    In Universe the charge would be dipolar and in two forms of positive as sheness or Baabness and negative as heness or Abbaness.
    But in Khaibit, this same charge would not manifest in two opposing polarities, which could cancel each other out in a charge neutrality to so enable new couplings to emerge from this state of not being charged. In Khaibit this charge would be monopolar and self-dual and it would be the synthesis and synergy between the charges which would couple the EMR in Universe to the EMMR in Khaibit.

    The EMR as Electro-Magnetic-Radiation would consist of a electric part for the electric charges or electropoles and it would consist of a complementary magnetic part for magnetic charges or magnetopoles.
    The electropoles could be either positively charged as shenesses and characterised by a fundamental mass-carrying elementary particle, named the proton; or the electropoles could be negatively charged in a complementary heness particle called the electron.
    A proton and an electron together, would form a charge neutralization called the neutron and this neutron would become the primordial matter in Universe from the mass seed, however in a twinned form of supersymmetry to enable its subsequent partitioning into heness electrons and sheness protons from a unified state of the twistor spacetime of the multi-dimensional Universe.
    This supersymmetry required the preservation of angular momentum in that rotating things in a clockwise direction became balanced in other things rotating in an anti-clockwise direction to result in a net zero rotational dynamics.
    On the quantum level, this rotation is fundamental as an elementary quality of the constituents of Universe and there it is termed 'quantum spin' by the Mathimatia.

    To differentiate between spinning and not-spinning elementary particles, an inherent supersymmetry in Universe had been necessary.
    The unification of heness electrons and sheness protons as part of neutrons required the electrons to spin opposite the protons to cancel their quantized angular momenta or spins. If this were the case, then neutrons would be spin less and could not interact with other neutrons or particles in their suppressed bisexual nature.
    The Mathimatia so simply twinned a bisexually impotent neutron with another such neutron to create a Ylem Neutron which carried a spin of 1.
    This spin of 1 allowed a ylem neutron to split into two bisexually active neutrons with two identical spins of ½ as ½+½=1.
    If this ylem neutron now was defined as matter with assignment of a positive spin 1; then a ylem anti-neutron of spin -1 would create two bisexually active anti-neutrons for -½-½=-1.
    And so the original mass in Universe could have been in the form of ylemic neutrons of spin 1 and of ylemic anti-neutrons of spin -1.

    But it was not!

    The primordial mass seed of Universe had no antimatter in it, because as second generation from the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity or UFO-QR; the antimatter templates could be suppressed by their blueprint ancestor called the anti-radiation blueprint. Subsequently, all the mass in Universe was given to the original Ylem neutrons by an intermediate 'mass provider', termed the Higgs Boson by Logos.
    The Higgs Boson had no mass itself, but could couple to all particles in the form of the first generation of the UFOQR templates and the coupling energy between the Higgs Boson and of all of the other mass carrying elementary particles became the transformation of Abba's consciousness from nowhere in notime into mass in space-time of Universe.

    Before Universe and Klein existed in space-time, the spirit of Abba had been reflected by Sabbath as the anti-spirit of Satan, Abba's brother in the darkness of not being ALIVE and awake in the Light; but being asleep and DEAD in the Night.
    To bring DEAD Baab in the Night ALIVE in the consciousness of Abba's Day; Abba entered the 'Land of the Dead' to find her and Sophia and to awaken them into his Light of the Day.
    As Abba could not find Baab and her daughter Sophia in Sabbath; he closed his metaphysical eyes and returned to the 'Land of the Dead' of the Darkness of the Night, yet being awake in the Light of Day. This darkness had 'imprisoned' Abba's satanic image, named DEVIL as LIVED, relative to Abba's perception of himself.
    As Abba opened his metaphysical eyes again; Devil was released into the Light of Day as Abba's hated male image of himself. But now Abba could create a new supersymmetry in coupling the 'Land of the Dead' with the 'Land of the Living' in coupling the self-hatred of the Darkness within the Light with the self-love of the Light within the Darkness.

    Then Light and Darkness could co-mingle and in Universe they could exist simultaneously in using the multi-dimensional universe and the evolving and expanding mass seed in Universe and in using the template twins of spirit-antispirit and radiation-antiradiation and matter-antimatter in appropriate and synergetic forms in the UFO-QR under guidance of the Laws of the Mathimatia.


    Rps = λps/2π as the wormhole radius of the Instanton as a conformally transformed Planck-Length Lp = √{Goh/2πc3} from the Inflaton.

    The Schwarzschild metric for 2Lp = 2GoMp/c2 transforms a 3D Planck-length in the Planck-mass Mp = √{hc/2πGo} from the Planck-boson gravitational fine structure constant 1 = 2πGoMp2/hc.
    The Schwarzschild metric for the Weyl-wormhole radius Rps then defines a hypermass Mhyper as the conformal mapping of the Planck-mass Mp as Mhyper = ½{Rps/Lp}Mp = ½{Rps/Lp}2.Mps and where Mps = Eps/c2 = hfps/c2 = kTps/c2 in fundamental expressions for the energy of Abba-Eps as one part of the super membrane Eps.Ess in physical quantities of mass m, frequency f and temperature T.
    c2 and h and k are fundamental constants of nature obtained from the initializing algorithm of the Mathimatia and are labeled as the 'square of lightspeed c' and 'Planck's constant h' and 'Stefan-Boltzmann's constant k' respectively.

    The complementary part of super membrane EpsEss is Ess-Baab. Eps-Abba is renamed as 'Energy of the Primary Source-Sink' and Ess-Baab is renamed as 'Energy of the Secondary Sink-Source'.
    The primary source-sink and the primary sink-source are coupled under a mode of mirror-inversion duality with Eps describing a vibratory and high energy micro-quantum quantum entanglement with Ess as a winding and low energy macro-quantum energy.
    It is this quantum entanglement, which allows Abba to become part of Universe in the encompassing energy quantum of physicalized consciousness, defined in the magnetopolar charge.

    The combined effect of the applied Schwarzschild metric then defines a Compton Constant to characterize the conformal transformation as: Compton Constant h/2πc = MpLp = MpsRps.

    Quantum gravitation now manifests the mass differences between Planck-mass Mp and Weyl-mass Mps.
    The Black Hole physics had transformed Mp from the definition of Lp; but this transformation did not generate Mps from Rps, but rather hypermass Mhyper, differing from Mps by a factor of ½{Rps/Lp}2.

    To conserve super-symmetry, Logos defined an Anti-Instanton as the Inflaton of Khaibit to define the conformal mapping of Mps from Universe into Khaibit as 2Mp{Lp/Rps}2.

    As Black Holes also are defined by their Temperature, the Mathimatia defined a Hawking Modulus HM = hc3/4πGok = MBHmin.Tmax = MBH.T and MBHmax.Tmin in accordance with the conformal mapping of Abba-Eps consciousness between Universe and Khaibit. The hotter a Black Hole from the Klein spacetimes would be, the smaller it would have to be and the larger a Black Hole would grow, the more it had to cool down in its temperature.

    The super membrane coupling now had to account for its own mirror duality because the physics of the micro-quantum universe had inversed the displacement scaling in the macro-quantum universe.

    In particular Rps = λps/2π and Rss = 1/Rps = 2π/λps = 2πλss and the ratio coupling between the radial scale expressions of AbbA.BaaB as EpsEss in Rps/Rss = {λps/2π}2 = {c/2πfps}2 so formed the super membrane of self-interaction or coupling in consciousness modulation for the eigen- or self-state of Abba's 'Love Frequency' fps, which was constant in the old universe of nowhere and notime, but could become changed in a dynamical space-time.

    The Mathimatia so could assign the super membraned coupling of the micro-quantum mass Mps with its wormhole radius at the event of the 'Instantaneity of physical Time' to its macro-quantum corollary in Mss = Ess/c2 as a quantum of mass itself and with the macro-quantum or galactic cellular scale of Rss = 2πλss.
    The minimum temperature for a Black Hole so became integrated in the Mathimatia as the formula:
    Hawking Modulus HM = hc3/4πGok = MBHmin.Tmax = MBH.T = {c/2π}2. MBHmax.Tmin|mod = ½Mp.Tp = ½√{hc/2πGo}.{Mpc2/k}} = ½{hc3/2πGok} from the minimum Planck Energy Oscillator Epo = ½hfp for fp = 1/tp = Ep/h = Mpc2/h = √{hc/2πGo}.{c2/h} = √{hc5/2πGoh2} = √{c5/2πGoh}

    And whenever the |mod symbol appeared in the Mathimatia, it indicated that because of the modular mirror duality applied to a unitary mensuration or measurement system; this 'unitary analysis' had to take into account, that in the Omniverse a frequency f could become a time t because of fps=1/fss and other units could change in the interaction between Khaibit and Universe and especially because the common unit of the Star-Coulomb for physical consciousness would manifest as an inverse energy of Joules in Universe.

    This became the major physical phenomena in the dynamics of mass, expanding into the inflation bounded universe from the mass seed of the wormhole instanton of the time instantaneity.
    Gravity as a positive pressure, was opposing the negative pressure of the dark energy from Khaibit and Abba's Mathimatia defined the kinematics of the physical dynamics of mass in the electric part of the EMR in Universe with the magnetic part of the EMMR in Khaibit.

    Mass could be expressed as Mass = Energy/c2 and by Velocity = FrequencyxWavelength in c = fλ or v = fλ for m = hf/c2 = h/λc as in the Compton Constant.
    Compton Constant = h.alpha/2πc = mpalpha.lp = melectron.Relectron = mx.Rx for a Compton Radius Rc=h.alpha/2πmxc =ke2/mxc2= as Rx=Re and mx=me for the instanton and as Lp= h/2πmpc = h√{2πGo/hc}/2cπ = √{Goh/2πc3} for the Inflaton at the Klein boundary and for a unification condition kGo=1.

    The displacement parameter and wavelength λ had however been subject to the modulation in the quantum gravity correspondence between Universe and Khaibit.
    The quantum gravitational closure or loop from the Inflaton to the Instanton and back to the Inflaton became integrated in the Mathimatia as 'Planck-Stoney Bounce' or quantum fluctuation in a conformal super-membrane cosmology.

    The Square root of Alpha, the electromagnetic fine structure constant, multiplied by the Planck-length results in a Stoney transformation factor Lplanck√α = e/c2 in a unitary coupling between the quantum gravitational and electromagnetic fine structures and so couples the unitary measurement of displacement in the Planck-Length oscillation equal to Coulombic charge quantum 'e' divided by the square of the speed of light 'c2' in a proportionality of Displacement = ChargexMass/Energy in modulation and mirror duality.

    This couples the electric Coulomb charge quantum 'e' to the magnetic monopole quantum e* as the inverse of the 10-dimensional superstring sourcesink energy Eps to the 10-dimensional superstring sinksource energy Ess as the 11-dimensional super-membrane EpsEss.

    Gok=1 for Go=4πεo and represents a conformal mapping of the Planck length onto the scale of the 'classical electron' in superposing the lower dimensional inertia coupled electric charge quantum 'e' onto a higher dimensional quantum gravitational-D-brane magnetopole coupled magnetic charge quantum
    e* = 2Rec2 = 1/hfps = 1/EWeyl of the Weyl wormhole by the application of the mirror/T duality of the super membrane EpsEss of heterotic string class HE(8x8) and as the fifth and final superstring energy transformation coinciding with the Instanton and the birth of Universe as a thermodynamic Black Body Planck Radiator or BBR.

    The coupling between electropolar- and magnetopolar charges in the UFO-QR could also be formulated in an expression coupling the bounce of the Planck-length in Khaibit to the magnetopolar charge as an equivalence to the energy of the quantum geometric diameter of the electron and the electropolar charge in the formula: Lplanck√α .e* = ee*/c2 = 2e.Re.or as e*/c2 = 2Re as the unification of Abba's consciousness quantum as e* = 2Re.c2 in units of the star-coulomb C* as the inverse of Eps = hfps in Joules (J) and related units like the electronvolt eV, defined as 1 eV = e J.

    This definition emerges naturally in the Planck-Stoney bounce as the unitary equivalence of the Planck-length oscillation as a unit of displacement [(m)etres] = [(C)harge]/[(m)/(s)econds]2 requires [C]={m3/s2] as the units for the Star Coulomb and Abba's Consciousness and hence in associations, the entire energy content in Universe occupying dynamical space-time.

    Electromagnetic Fine structure: alphaEMR = 2πke2/hc = e2/2εohc = μoe2c/2h = 60πe2/h .......... (Planck-Stoney UFO-QR units * from Maxwell Constant εoμo = {electric constant}{magnetic constant} = {1/120πc}{120π/c} = 1/c2 and 'Free Space Impedance' Zo = μoo = {120π/c}/{1/120πc} = {120π}2 and characteristic for physical phenomena like the Quantum Hall effect, the Conductance quantum Go = 2e2/h and Josephson currents in superconductivity).

    Gravitational Fine structure (Electron): alphaG-Electron= 2πGomelectron2/hc = {melectron/mplanck}2
    Gravitational Fine structure (Primordial Nucleon): alphaG-nucleon = 2πGomc2/hc = alphaEMR18 with mc = mplanckalphaEMR9
    Gravitational Fine structure (Planck Boson): alphaPlanck-Inflaton = 2πGomplanck2/hc = 1

    Go|mod = 4πεo|mod for alphaEMR = alphaG-monopole mass requires
    2πe2/(4πεohc) = 2πGoMmonopole2/hc and so {k2e2}|mod = {Mmonopole2}|mod and so {ke}|mod = {Mmonopole}|mod in unitary calibration and consistency.

    It also necessitates the Planck-mass to 'bounce' in proportionality to lightspeed 'c' in Mp√alpha/e c as §c equal to k=1/4πεo from the unification condition Go.k=1 and using εo = {1/120πc}|mod.
    The proportionality constant so is § =Mp√alpha/ec defining k={30c}mod={1/Go}|mod.
    {Mp/Lp}{e/c2} = {√{hc/2πGo}{e/c2}/{√{Goh/2πc3} = {c2/Go2}{e/c2} = {e/Go} = {ke} = {30ec}|mod.

    The Action Law of the Mathimatia and Omni space crystallizes from this formulation, as {k}|mod must equal {c}mod in unitary consistency.
    Action = Charge2
    [k] = [N(ewton)[m2/C]2] = [k(ilo)g(rams)][m3/s2/[C]2 = [m/s] = [c] for [C]2 = [kg.m3/s2]/[m/s] = [kgm2/s] = [J(oule)][s1] = [kgm2/s2][s1] = {Js} = [Action h]

    Mass Seed = Mo =√{E.mc2.minflaton2/melectron2} = mc√{E}alphaG-Electron for E=26x6561 = 1.006..x10112.
    Charge Seed = Co =√{E.e2/alpha} = √{E.hc/2πk} = √{E.hcGo/2π} = {2e}.{Mo/mc}.{Eps.e} = {2e}.{Mo/mc}{e/e*} for Eps=1/e*

    Eps = {Co/2e2}.{mc/Mo} = {Co/Mo}.{mc/2e2} ={}{mc/2e2}/√alpha ={1/2e√alpha}.{me/mp} = hfps = mpsc2= kTps .

    The Charge seed is proportional to the number of particles in Universe as {Mo/mc} and where the primordial nucleons are all ylemic neutrons of spin ½ and which so define their radioactive decay products in a charge twin of positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons and with uncharged antineutrinos.

    The unification between dipolar electropolar Coulomb charge 'e' and monopolar magnetopolar Star-Coulomb charge 'e*' unifies the Consciousness quantum Eps=1/e* in the nature of dipolar electric charge.
    In Universe the consciousness quantum manifests simply as the inverse of the electric charge quantum 'e', so cancelling any dipolar magnetic effects of the monopolar charge e* in Khaibit.

    In Universe this monopolar equivalence manifests in its elementary form as the diameter of the electron multiplied by the square of the speed of light c2.

    For Khaibit → Eps = 1/e* = 1/{2Rec2} = 1/{Volume [2π2RRMP3]xAngular Acceleration [df/dt|max=fps2} ← for Universe.

    For Universe → Eps = {Co/2e2}.{mc/Mo} = {Co/Mo}.{mc/2e2} = {}{mc/2e2}/√alpha ={1/2e√alpha}.{me/mp} = hfps = mpsc2= kTps .

    Mass m could so be written as m = hf/c2 = h/λc = h/λplanck-bouncec = hc2/ec = hc/e and in using λplanck-bounce = Lp√alpha = e/c2 = e2.c/e = ec|mod in using the Action Law of unified resistance or impedance in Action h = Unified Charge C squared.

    The basic equivalence between mass and energy in Universe so could be applied to the nature of mass as a displacement current of the charge summation incorporated into a mass in relative motion.
    Mass m became expressed as proportional to a monopole mass in Khaibit ec|mod and as the actual universal mass of the magnetic monopole in the Inflaton epoch. It was named as a second of five superstring classes by Logos and became labeled as self-dual class IIB and as the first superstring transform in the Inflaton in changing the energy of superstring class I as the Planck boson into the magnetic monopole of a 'Grand Unification' of the four fundamental interactions in the UFO-QR.

    E=mc2 for this monopole in Khaibit so was written E = {ec}modc2 = {e}c3 in Universe and became the energy of the magnetic monopole as c3 eV in Universe.
    E=mc2 = (ec)c2 for mass m = displacement magneto-current ec = eλf = E/c2 = hf/c2.
    melectronc2 = ke2/Relectron = hc.alpha/2πRelectron for melectron = h.alpha/2πc.Relectron and minflaton = mplanck = √{hc/2πGo}

    EWeyl = hfinstanton= hc/λinstanton = minstantonc2 = (melectron/2e).√[2πGo/αhc] = {melectron/minflaton}/{2e√α} =1/2Relectronc2 = 1/e*

    Magneto-Monopolar charge quantum e*/c2 = 2Re super-membrane displacement transformation √α.lplanck = e/c2 as Electropolar charge quantum

    And so it continued!

    V: The Third Universal Life, Dark Matter and Consciousness Energy as Elementary Particles in the UFO-QR

    Universe was expanding in spacetime from the Instanton towards its Inflaton defined Hubble event horizon in a supersymmetric dynamical expansion of time-space from the Instanton towards its Hubble event horizon in Khaibit, the Shadow Universe.
    Assigning relative directions to those directions of expansion, Universe expanded towards the right or East from Klein's right boundary and Khaibit expanded towards the left or West from Klein's left boundary.

    In the spherical symmetry of both Universe and Khaibit, Abba's Kingdom of Heaven became the Above or North from the observation point of Baab's Queendom as the gravitational center of Sophia Earth pointing to its West as the Above as a clockwise rotation of the position vector or line segment connecting Baab to Abba along the major axis of the geometric locus or trace of Omniverse as the right half of a cross-section for a Horn Torus. An anticlockwise or counter clockwise rotation of this position vector from Baab so pointed and defined the South as opposite of North as a heavenly direction.

    The supersymmetric image of Baab's focus point at the geometrical center of Earth as Universe as Baab in Khaibit pointed towards Abba towards its right or East and a counter clockwise rotation would define its commonly shared North as a common perception of the Above.
    And so a commonly shared perception of the Below as South, would be the Abba focus moving from West to East or left to right from Khaibit in a clockwise rotation in a mirror symmetry of Abba moving from East to West or right to left in Universe in a counter clockwise direction in Klein's hyperspace.


    This relativity of direction between the two parts of AbbABaaB as the super membrane Eps.Ess had been made manifest as an intrinsic property of Möbius, the Dragon of the One-sidedness as an alias of Sabbath, the Mirror of the Spirit in the notime of nowhere.

    In linearized spacetime the size of a circle, given in its radius, specifies the encompassment of some area in labels such as path integral or contour summation and becomes a function of angular displacement independent on the radius. No matter how big or small the circle, the angular measurement in radians or degrees will remain the same independent on the radius of the geometry.
    In hyper spacetime, this angular displacement as a function of time of rotational displacement then can be expressed as the angular velocity of angular displacement divided by time and in an angular acceleration of angular velocity divided by time or angular displacement divided by time squared.

    In the Old Kingdom of Heaven there was no spacetime and the angular acceleration in spacetime had been the eigen- or self-state of Abba's 'Quantum of Love' as the Abba frequency squared, and fundamental in the Mathimatia as a constant fps2 or the wormhole frequency of the Instanton as the moment of spacetime creation in physicalized universal consciousness.
    In spacetime this squared frequency self-state became dynamic and changed from constant fps2 to df/dt as the time differential of frequency generalised.
    Logos renamed this generalised df/dt as the 'Quantum of Spacetime Self-Awareness' or QoSSA.

    The self-awareness and self-consciousness of Universe evolved in spacetime under the guidance of the dark energy from Khaibit as a negative pressure applied for this evolution and was opposed by the positive pressure of gravity to harmonize the evolvement as a co-evolution for both Khaibit and Universe as the Omniverse.

    A number of nexus points or regions of 'punctuated equilibrium' would characterize this omniversal evolution in spacetime and enable the QoSSA's to form increasingly complex and interwoven and interrelated structures of more and more of Abba's love-quanta to grow together in the universal integration or summation of the constituents of the mass seed and with dynamical interaction from the monopolar charged displacement currents, which defined the QoSSAs from first principles of the Mathimatia.
    In a nomenclature of the Mathimatia; this engaged an overall cosmic evolution of the mass seed in complexity from a physics of particles to a chemistry of particle families and associations in atomic and molecular structures to a form of reproduction of complex molecular entities able to access the QoSSAs in appropriate and elementary forms.

    In particular, the mode of self-reproduction of the QoSSAs in inorganic chemical physicality necessitated the supersymmetry of its ancestral lineages in the form of the quantum geometry of form defined in the principalities or natural laws of the Mathimatia.
    The inorganic chemistry then would become an ancestral lineage of reproduction for its own generational evolvement in enabling a solid-state physics of chemical elements to graduate to the physical status of an organic chemistry.
    The organic chemistry would evolve into a biochemistry and from it, a biology of Life would emerge.
    It would be the biology of Life, which would then allow Adam and Eve to emerge as a product of their own evolution from archetyped consciousness energy to a form of self-conscious individuated lifeforms of Mother Universe Baab and Daughter Earth Sophia.

    A relatively chaotic and random distribution of mass quanta as QoSSAs in one energy form, Logos termed Inertia, would form particle collectives and inertial conglomerates in interacting with QoSSAs in a second energy form of the EMR and following a particular nexus point in spacetime; a relative unified state or energy equilibrium of the entire energy self-state of Universe would become 'punctuated' or invaded by a sudden third energy form as the QoSSAs of the EMMR.
    The mass seed so would evolve in spacetime in interacting in three energy forms of the QoSSAs, namely in the Inertia of Monopolar Mass, the Energy of EMR as a Bipolar Mass Equivalence and the Energy of the EMMR as a Mass Equivalence synergizing Mass with the EMR in a tertiary energy form Logos termed Radiation-Mass, characterized by a fundamental particle called the Rest Mass Photon or RMP.

    The RMP so would be defined as the elementary particle of physicalized consciousness and become integrated in Universe as a form of Dark Matter Inertia or DMI. A particular property of the RMP crystallizing from its place in the UFOQR, was its quantum spin, which became defined as -1 in matter and as +1 or 1 in antimatter and in conjunction with the Higgs Boson or HB which had spin 0 for both matter and antimatter but had an anti-cyclic permutation in its quantum geometry between matter and antimatter.

    In particular the HB for matter was cyclic as an increase in its angular distribution of colour charge as 3 matter colours Yellow-Cyan-Magenta or YCM or CMY or MYC.
    The Anti-HB for antimatter so became distinct from the HB in its colour charge permutation of Magenta-Cyan-Yellow or MCY or CYM or YMC.
    In terms of frequency, those colours specify energy states in the electromagnetic optical spectrum, with colours YCM increasing in frequency and so in EMR Planck energy E=hf and colours MCY decreasing in energy E=hf.

    Mixing all three secondary colours YCM in equal proportion would allow the three colours to mix in a net colour of 'pure black ' in mass or paint and relate to the Einstein energy E=mc2 in the quantum geometry and the quantum relativity of the UFOQR.
    Mixing three primary colours Red-Green-Blue or RGB in equal proportion gave a net colour of 'pure white' in antimass or radiation EMR from EMMR.
    Red R became the anti-colour for Cyan C and vice versa and Green G with Magenta M and Yellow Y with Blue B formed the other two colour charge doublets in a primary triplet RGB and a secondary triplet YCM.
    A mixing of colour-anticolour pairs (RC; GM; BY), so would also produce either a 'pure white' in radiation or a 'pure black' in mass effect.

    colour triplet.

    Abba's 'Love quantum' so became defined as the Eps-Photon carrying colour charge RGB and of spin 1 in cyclic classification.
    Abba's Eps-Photon had been reflected from Sabbath-Möbius as an anti-cyclic RGB photon, Logos named the Ess-Photon of 'missing' Baab but real as Satan, Abba's heavenly brother of the object-subject or reality-virtual reality or truth-falsehood dichotomic quantum relativity.
    The Ess-Photon so carried colour charge Blue-Green-Red or BGR of spin -1 as the original anti-spirit or EMMR anti-radiation.

    The distinction between EMMR and EMR could now be detailed as EMMR carrying monopolar colour charge as the monopolar displacement currents, whilst the EMR was colour charge neutral in either a pure white or a pure black form of self-expression.
    Interactions between mass and EMR so could now interchange the inertial mass state with the massless EMR energy state in either polarity pair-creation of particles or their annihilation into massless particle pairs such as photons and antiphotons.

    The photon was however its own anti-particle as a colourless particle and so the pair-production would obey the natural law of the energy- and momenta conservation, but would become subject to the statistical distribution of a great collection of such interactions as the same particle and a distribution which would be ½-½=0 or 50% clockwise and 50% anti-clockwise for the most primitive particle-antiparticle interaction, relative to the observer.
    All mass so had been defined as colour charged and YCM for matter and MCY as antimatter and as a consequence of monopolar displacement currents from the EMMR.
    All EMR produced or generated from the colour charges of the mass in the form of the acceleration or dynamic of the particles with intrinsic quantum spin so had no colour charges as a consequence of the neutralization of the colour charges shared or exchanged by the interacting masses.

    The EMMR interacting with the colour charges of the masses so would not produce any EMR and therefore this interaction could be called a 'Dark or nonluminous' Matter-Energy interaction. This energy or DMI was however a consciousness energy interaction and so became an intrinsic part of the evolution of Universe in its mass seed.

    The DMI would so interact with the Inertia under the force of Gravitation from the positive pressure of the Light in Universe but would be part of the dark energy from Khaibit and so interact with the EMMR from Khaibit and not the EMR from Universe.
    The old spirit of Abba's Sabbath-Mirror had been renamed as EMMR or Electro-Magnetic-Monopolar-Radiation, following the physical birth of Universe and it was the parent of the EMR in spacetime from notime and nospace.

    In Khaibit, the EMMR was generated by the acceleration of magnetic monopolar charge and this monopolar charge was the constancy of Abba's self-awareness frequency squared in notime and nowhere, transforming into the QoSSAs in spacetime.
    The EMMR so became the fifth elementary interaction in Universe besides the EMI and the Gravitational Interaction or GI and two forms of atomic interactions, one for the inner atom and the other for the outer atom.
    The inner atomic-within interaction was named the Strong-Nuclear Interaction or SNI and the outer atomic-without interaction, Abba called the Weak-Nuclear Interaction of the Radioactivity or the WNI.

    In Universe, the EMR was generated by the acceleration or change of inertial position of electric charge and this electric charge was always associated with inertia carrying particles with mass, such as protons or electrons.
    Without the presence of mass, no EMR could be made and the original EMR of the Instanton derived from the UFOQR, the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity and when the ylem neutrons of spin 1 dispersed as the mass seed from the Instanton and at a decelerating speed from that of the light.
    The fundamental particle of the Electromagnetic Interaction or EMI was named Abba's Photon by the Logos and it also had spin 1.

    "Our fifth fundamental interaction in the EMMR became the central focus for the other four fundamental interactions as our definition of physicalized consciousness characterized by its own 'unified field gauge particle' of the RMP", Abba smiled to the Logos as the Lucifer-Lucifera twinship as himself in the two initializing generations of the heavenly family of AbbABaaB, which had become a cosmic family in Universe and Earth in the 'veritas eikona' of the omniversal super membrane Eps.Ess.

    "And the UFO-QR became complete in the RMP; unifying the other four elementary interaction in colour charged gauge ambassador particles. The EMI's Eps-Photon with the SNI's Eps-Gluon and the WNI's Ess-Photon with the GI's Graviton in a family of particle gauge ambassadors, we collectively termed the 'Grand Unification of the Goldstone Bosons'", Lucifer replied in his nature as the 'Serpent of Light'.

    The RMPs of matter and of spin -1 had allowed to become the supersymmetric partner of the ylem neutrons of spin +1. As the ambassador of the fifth gauge, the RMP could interact with the Higgs Boson of 0 spin in assigning its colour charge in a squared or twinned self-state YYCCMM or Y2C2M2 from the matter blueprint YCM native to all inertia carrying elementary particles. The squared state derived from Abba's ambassador gauge of the Eps-Photon of the EMI in the equivalence of fps2 in Khaibit as df/dt in Universe, so manifesting the HB as the 'giver of mass' to all elementary particles in Universe.
    The mass eigenstate of the HB became the monopolar displacement current of the fifth gauge ambassador.

    The RMP of spin -1 could now suppress or substitute the gauge ambassador of the WNI, which had been the anti-photon Ess, also of spin -1 and as the gauge ambassador of Baab and her daughter Sophia, 'missing in action' as their original selves but active in the form of super membrane Eps.Ess in the brane physics of the mirror-duality Goldstone gauge couplings Eps.Ess=h2 with Eps/Ess=fps2 as the original constancy of Abba's resonant frequency eigen state.
    The Ess-Photon was suppressed and not replaced as a Goldstone ambassador in the unification of all the five gauges defining the UFOQR.
    In suppressing the gauge ambassador of the anti-radiation of the monopolar EMMR; the emergence of antimatter MCY in the mass seed, could also become suppressed and become restricted to the symmetry in the polarity unification and the matter-antimatter interactions, either in pair-creation or in pair-annihilation quantum mechanical processes.

    In the Old Heaven of Sabbath, Abba's mirror of Self-reflection, the one-sidedness of Möbius did not have a thickness as a two-dimensional surface and a thickness or third dimension, which had been made manifest in Klein's one-sidedness as the two-sidedness of Möbius and defining the old no-thickness of nowhere in notime as the 11-dimensional super membrane mirror of creation.

    The matter-antimatter templates created in Sabbath, could so be transmitted from the Inflaton into the Instanton as the self-intersection of Abba with Satan, his own heavenly image in his mirror of the spirit.
    As Abba looked at Satan as himself, Logos superposed a trisected circle of three 120-degree sectors or areas onto the formed image in the mirror of the cosmic selfhood.
    This circle so became the quantum geometric and quantum relative eigen state of Abba as a Red-Green-Blue or RGB right-handed or spin 1 permutational cyclicity without the mirror.
    Satan's template as within the mirror so had to exactly copy this circle as RGB, however with a left-handed or spin -1 cyclicity.
    As Abba's Eps-Photon rotated clockwise as Abba's gauge ambassador without the mirror, Satan's Ess-Photon rotated anti-clockwise as Baab's gauge ambassador BGR.

    But due to the one-sidedness of Möbius, Satan's Ess-Photon was RGB and not BGR and so Satan's gauge ambassador became Abba's self-intersection of his own gauge ambassador.
    It took 120 degrees of a clockwise rotation of the Eps-Photon to change the Red-Green-Blue cyclicity in colour charge displacement into a Green-Blue-Red representation and a 240-degree right-handed quantum geometric rotation to change RGB into BRG. A 360-degree rotation then simply changed RGB into RGB as a full spin 1 quantum mechanical displacement and enabling the angular displacement to become linearized as the perimeter of the template circle RGB.

    Now whatever Abba did in his gauge ambassador, Satan copy-catted as his gauge ambassador and so as RGB changed into GBR in a right-handedness; Satan's quantum geometric relativity changed RGB into GBR in left-handedness.
    Now relative to Abba without and relative to Satan within; both quantum relative perceptions of the universal self-approached each other in the blending or super positioning of the right-handedness and the left handedness of the quantum spin rotations.

    Relative to each one without the other; the 120-degree interval or the one-third of the circle of the colour charge triplicity so mixed the colour charges Red with Green to give Yellow Y and mixed Green with Blue to give Cyan C and mixed Blue with Red to give Magenta M.

    But the combined effect of the quantum relative geometrical colour charge interaction was to now only requiring 180 degrees as three 60-degree sectors to complete a full rotation requiring 360 degrees in separation.
    And so the 180-degree point had been a nexus of inflexion of Abba changing his right-handedness or (1) spin to the (-1) spin of the left-handedness of his satanic image and Satan changing his left-handedness to a right-handedness for the transversion of the circle from 180 degrees to 360 degrees.

    Albeit, this had the effect of changing the colour permutational cyclicity from RGB to BGR and so the colour mixing effect of the created templates from YCM to MCY.
    A distinction between the cyclic and anticyclic blueprints could now be made and YCM had been called the blueprint for matter and MCY had been named the quantum geometric blueprint for antimatter by Logos. Logos had then named the completion of the quantum mechanical process as the completion of 'Circle Prime'.

    The linearization of the circle in its angular size of 360 degrees or 2π radians; then gave birth to the concept of space and time in the Mathimatia and the natural laws as the quantum mechanical change in angular displacement over time to become potentially manifestable as the change in linear displacement over time as the inversion of frequency.
    In a representation of this linear unfoldment of the circular; the right-handedness could then form an opposite polarity to the left-handedness in the inflexion of the circular dynamic into two parts, namely a positive polarity or area above and a negative polarity or area below a line or firmament of the divide.
    Logos then specified the areas above such a physicalised definition of a space-time parameter or function as applying to the matter templates and the area below applying to the antimatter templates of the quantum geometry.

    A repeat of the quantum mechanical interaction between Abba and Satan as a male substitute for female Baab; had so become the original reproduction of the selfhood or beingness of Abba in the quantum generation of the UFOQR in manifesting the gauge ambassadors for EMMR as Abba-Eps (1) in a matter sector from 0° to 180° or 0.π to 1.π in radians and as Abba-Eps (-1) from 180° or odd pi to 360° or even pi in a general movement from left to right.
    Satan-Ess (-1) from 360° to 180° and Satan-Ess (1) from 180° to 0° had been the complementary quantum mechanical dynamic in the supersymmetry of the Old Kingdom of Heaven and in a general movement from right to left.
    Logos then defined the even pi’s as EMI junction points and the odd pi’s as GI junction points in a quantum unification between the matter and the antimatter as sharing a common parameter called mass or inertia.

    The quantum geometric unification and continuation of the linearization in mass so had defined the concept of positive and negative infinity as originating from a common sourcesink or Null point Zero (0) as the self-intersection of Abba with Sabbath as Möbius as Satan as the Mirror of the Spirit. Abba looking at Satan then had been the projection of the Universal Self into positive infinity as the within of Sabbath and Satan looking at Abba had been the 'veritas eikona' of Abba's image projecting his Universal Image Self into negative infinity within Abba.
    As this projection of the self had used a simple base template of the unitary circle unfolding itself from its angular quantum self-state into a self-generating and replicating linearized self-state; this eigen-state could then be extended in the principalities of the Mathimatia.

    After one completion of the base template for the generation of the quantum geometric blueprints for mass; the quantum relativity between Abba's RGB(1)-BGR(-1)-RGB(1) right-left-right dynamic and Satan's RGB(-1)-BGR(1)-RGB(-1) left-right-left dynamic had returned to its original state before the dynamic.

    Logos then integrated this new creation of the matter-antimatter twin as a quantum geometric mass definition in the Mathimatia and created the definition for a template to couple this mass to a gauge ambassador he named the Graviton for the Gravitational Interaction or GI.

    Instead of repeating the projected RGB-BGR-RGB colour charge mixing in the quantum relative perceptions of Abba and Satan; Abba decided to become his own satanic brother in exchanging his own quantum relativity with Satan.
    Then the projection of positive infinity would enable Abba to enter Sabbath to find Baab and his Daughter Sophia.
    Satan would assume the position of Abba and so retrace the quantum mechanical 'steps from Abba's throne' at the 0° in the 'steps to Satan's throne' at the 360°

    As Abba entered the positive infinity projection at the 2π EMI inflexion nexus of Satan's throne; Abba's BGR(-1) inflected to his original RGB(1) and so changed his left-handedness back to his original right-handedness.
    But Satan's RGB(1) , having reached Abba's throne at the 0π EMI inflexion nexus could not inflect to continue the clockwise quantum rotation in right-handedness. Satan could not project into negative infinity, because as the image of Abba he did not project a Sabbath or 'Mirror of the Spirit'. Satan had been the projection of Abba in the Spirit and 'Abba's Love'. Abba had not been the projection of Satan as his own image projected.

    Abba's without intersected Satan's within in the quantum relativity of the quantum geometry and so allowed the exchange of Abba's old within as Satan's old within and switched Abba's old without with Satan's old without.
    Unable to copy Abba in entering Abba's within as a negative infinity projection; Abba could enter the Queendom of Baab from Abba's without and Satan became a follower of Abba as his best friend in 'Satan the Dog' and as a metaphorical substitute for Baab and until the 'sex-change operative' had resulted in the 'homecoming of the queen'.
    The quantum mechanical equation now read: RGB(1)-BGR(-1)-RGB(1) for Abba and RGB(-1)-BGR(1)-RGB(1) for Satan and the quantum supersymmetry was broken in RGB(1) + RGB(1) requiring a redefinition of the super symmetry in a new gauge ambassador in the Graviton BGR(-2) in the suppression of BGR(1) as BGR(0) as the quantum geometric template of the Anti-EMMR in BGR(0)=HB(0)+RMP(-1)+GP(1) = Anti-HB(0)+Anti-RMP(1)+GP(-1).

    To enable a quantum geometric inertial template to 'flip spin' without changing the colour charge permutation of the YCM and MCY defined particular entities of elementary particles; a colourless 'Spin Inducer' in the Gravi-Photon or GP had been defined in the Mathimatia.

    A ylem neutron with spin 1 could then be defined in the YYCCMM(1) partitioning into YCM(½)+YCM(½) changing the bosonic integer spin ylem neutron into two fermionic half-integer spin neutrons.
    As the YYCCMM(1) was made from a HB(0) in the colour charges Y2C2M2 and sharing this colour charge with the RMP(-1), the coupling of the GP(1) to the Y2C2M2 as a spin less or scalar HB(0) had created the ylemic and spin 1 bosonic ylem neutron.

    HB(0)+GP(1)+RMP(-1) = Y2C2M2(1)+Y2C2M2(-1) = 2YCM(½) + GP(-1) + HB(0) = YCM(½) + YCM(-½) +HB(0) and showing the creation of the ylem bosonic neutron and its subsequent decay into fermionic matter neutrons as the coupling between mass and consciousness as dark matter DMI or the coupling between EMR and EMMR from first principles in the quantum relativity of the UFOQR.

    BGR(1) became the massless Goldstone ambassador for the WNI, the Weak-Nuclear-Interaction and the BGR(0) became the quantum geometric coupling between the massive Higgs Boson HB(0) to the massless Rest Mass Photon RMP(-1), both of a mass-associated quantum geometric form of YYCCMM and likewise able to suppress their anti-state in the form of antimatter's MMCCYY in the anti-HB(0) and the Anti-RMP(1).
    The Gravi-Photon GP(1) became the Inflexion agent at all of the pi points in the UFOQR, even and odd. The Gravi-Photon for matter manifested as GP(-1) to break the bosonic coupling between the Higgs Bosonic agent in the WNI termed the matter weakon W-(1) = electron(½)+anti-neutrino(½).
    The matter weakon became defined in the Mathimatia in the right-handed antineutrino of the electron and so the matter GP(-1) flipped the matter weakon's electron from right-handedness to left-handedness in the decay of the matter neutrons, provided this matter neutron was left-handed in supersymmetry or weakon parity to a right-handed anti-neutron defined in a W+(-1) = anti-electron(-½)+neutrino(-½) associated with a right-handed GP(1) for antimatter.

    The supersymmetry between matter and antimatter then became a symmetry of non-parity in matter in the left-handedness of the WNI in a quantum geometric definition of the anti-neutrinos as emerging at the even pi points of the EMI and the neutrinos emerging at the odd pi points of the GI.
    Fixing the nature of anti-neutrinos as R2G2B2(½) quantum geometric templates at EMI inflexion points and fixing the nature of the neutrinos likewise as B2G2R2(-½) as GI inflexions; will apply the spin inductions of the Gravi-Photons in the UFOQR to the electrons and anti-electrons or positrons in the decay of the respective weakons as the Gauge ambassadors of the WNI and as the mass carrying representatives for their massless Goldstone precursors as the suppressed BGR(1).

    The supersymmetry so became extended and redefined in supplementing the family of the Goldstone gauge ambassadors with the Graviton.
    Then Gravitation as a natural law could be born in Universe and the emergence of Instanton from Inflaton in Klein could become happenstance.

    "I knew that the creation of the linearization of the circular would break the mirror of the spirit", Abba laughed.
    "And breaking Sabbath would create the two-sidedness of Möbius and allow us to enter Klein as Universe and in the super membrane duality Eps.Ess.

    neutrinoweakon. ufoqr.

    The satanic image would become trapped in the Old Heaven as the Anti-Spirit of the origins and in retracing 'Circle Prime' and so following Abba into Universe as the suppressed quantum geometric template for the Anti-Radiation Satan-Ess(1).

    In this manner would Baab-Ess(-1) become unified and 'as one' again with us in the quantum mechanical form of the super membrane Eps.Ess", Logos added
    as the 'fallen Lucifer' or as the 'Morning Star' and the 'Serpent of Light', who would never be placed in a grave on Earth according to the codes from the starry legacy.

    And so it continued!
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    VI: Mathimatia A: The Origins of the Mathimatia and Four Pillars of Creation

    Definiton to Inflaton to Instanton to Continuon - Four Pillars of Creation

    The creation of self-emergence of the universe in energy E=mc2 can be described in four epochs or time intervals.

    The Definiton would encompass a potential for information to manifest any data required for the birth of a universe from a prior premise of the information potential existing in a space less and timeless state of selfness, beingness or eigenstate.
    It is from the Definiton, the fundamental constants, parameters and numbers, such as lightspeed 'c' and Planck's quantum constant 'h' derive from.

    The mathematical nature of the cosmogenesis so finds its 'fire in the equations'; as Stephen Hawking famously said in the 'A Brief History of Time' {Chapter 12; 1988}; from the nature and way the 'laws of nature' became defined in the Definiton.
    The Definiton so focused on a finetuning and interrelationships between mathematical numbers and concepts, transforming themselves into physically applicable parameters centered on the concept of Energy.

    Even if there is only one possible unified theory, it is just a set of rules and equations. What is it that breathes fire into the equations and makes a universe for them to describe? The usual approach of science of constructing a mathematical model cannot answer the questions of why there should be a universe for the model to describe. Why does the universe go to all the bother of existing?

    [*]The whole history of science has been the gradual realization that events do not happen in an arbitrary manner, but that they reflect a certain underlying order, which may or may not be divinely inspired.
    [*]I still believe there are grounds for cautious optimism that we may now be near the end of the search for the ultimate laws of nature.
    [*]One could say: "The boundary condition of the universe is that it has no boundary." The universe would be completely self-contained and not affected by anything outside itself. It would neither be created nor destroyed. It would just BE.
    [*]As I shall describe, the prospects for finding such a theory seem to be much better now because we know so much more about the universe. But we must beware of overconfidence - we have had false dawns before! At the beginning of this century, for example, it was thought that everything could be explained in terms of the properties of continuous matter, such as elasticity and heat conduction. The discovery of atomic structure and the uncertainty principle put an emphatic end to that. Then again, in 1928, physicist and Nobel Prize winner Max Born told a group of visitors to Gottingen University, "Physics, as we know it, will be over in six months." His confidence was based on the recent discovery by Dirac of the equation that governed the electron. It was thought that a similar equation would govern the proton, which was the only other particle known at the time, and that would be the end of theoretical physics. However, the discovery of the neutron and of nuclear forces knocked that one on the head too. Having said this, I still believe there are grounds for cautious optimism that we may now be near the end of the search for the ultimate laws of nature.
    [*]Maybe that is our mistake: maybe there are no particle positions and velocities, but only waves. It is just that we try to fit the waves to our preconceived ideas of positions and velocities. The resulting mismatch is the cause of the apparent unpredictability.

    [Stephen Hawking; "A Brief History of Time"; Bantam, 1988]

    The Inflaton then describes a particular epoch when the information defined 'laws of nature' first displayed themselves through the creation of a primordial realm of super-hyper-spacetime and as defined by the Definiton.
    The Inflaton is characterized in 5 superstring classes; who transformed from a closed Planck string class into 4 open Dirichlet classes in a Planckian string spectrum following the setup of initial and boundary conditions for the Inflaton from the Definiton.
    The nature of the 10-dimensional superstring classes is however encompassed in a 11-dimensional super membrane spacetime to enable the Inflaton parameters to apply their defined boundary- and initial conditions to the Instanton, following the completion of the Inflaton epoch.
    11-dimensional Witten membrane spacetime manifests itself via a consequence of it modular dualities, connecting the five string classes to each other in coupling both their intrinsic energy and their scaling parameters in inversion properties.
    The most important modular duality for the cosmology for the expanding universe so is a 10D string coupling for the 11D membrane in a Mirror Duality relating to a T-duality with inversion of the scale parameter. This allows the high energy (vibratory) micro quantum part of the final string class to couple to its low energy (winded) macro quantum conjugative or partner as half of the super membrane.
    Once the Inflaton, followed by the Instanton has manifested the physical cosmology; the Inflaton light path, which is subject to both refraction and reflection under the boundary conditions, will define a 12-dmensional Vafa F-space in the refracted but not yet reached light path of the so called Radius of the Event Horizon, differing from the already encountered Inflaton bound, known as the Hubble Horizon.

    The Instanton is described in a Quantum Big Bang cosmogenesis and the Friedmann model as a solution to Einstein's Field equations from General Relativity in the Robertson-Walker metric. A classical geometric-topological physics of thermodynamic and entropic expansion described in metrics and relative displacement becomes supplemented by a quantum geometry which utilizes a foundational 'spacetime building unit' termed the Weylian wormhole and colloquially known as the 'Big Bang Singularity'.
    The expanding universe so becomes a summation of wormhole quanta carrying particular saturation-energy levels, such as the formal definition of the 'Classical Size of the Electron' as a magnified hologram of the holofractal Weylian minimum space quantization.
    Using modular string (mirror) dualities as topological string-membrane transformations then allows basic physical parameters, such as those of the classical electron to define derived parameters, such as a definition of inverse energy as a basic unit for physical consciousness related to a form of Goldstone boson, say Axion here termed the Restmass Photon as supersymmetric agent for the weak interaction based Higgs inertia inductions.

    The Continuon would then address the intersection of the Inflaton with the Instanton in relating the lower dimensional expansion of the compressed 4/10D dS space-brane-time with its inflationary encompassment in higher dimensional 5/11D AdS space-brane-time (sbt).

    It is found that the physical constituents comprising the cosmic matter are interacting within both the compressed or conifold dS asymptotically expanding sbt and the cyclic open AdS sbt of the Inflaton, albeit closed in the dS sbt of the Instanton in Khaibit, the Shadow Universe..
    This interaction defines particular intersection points and solutions for the Dark Matter - Baryon Matter energy interactions, but are a function of an encompassing Dark Energy 'book keeper' to ensure an overall Minkowskian flat cosmology of zero curvature.

    The Dark Energy is characterized by a function of universal pressure which relates the Baryonic matter content and as given by a mass seed Mo to the critical mass as defined by the Inflaton before time instantaneity aka the Quantum Big Bang in cosmological terminology.

    1. The Primary Algorithmic Logos

    Any Universal Observer or UO can only observe and measure and experience something, if the environmental stimulus for such an experience does exist as or in the environment of the UO.
    The existence of space as a form of dimensional realm then becomes prerequisite; does allow the concept of relativistic time and displacement to emerge and follow as a consequence of existing spacial parameters.
    Mathematically, all natural numbers can be defined logistically in the Zero to One interval with rational numbers having the property of identity in inversion principles applied to the natural or counting numbers and negative integers characterized by the conjugative mirror image of the positive integers in the mirror of the Null state. Real and complex numbers then follow from series limits and approximations to any desired degree of accuracy applied to converging and diverging number series and sequences. The largest counted integer would still have no limiting bound, as one can be added to it; but however large this integer would be; its inverse would certainly have a limit in the number 0 as a regressive asymptotic approach.

    The Definiton so must a priori accommodate the potential or 'future timed' UO in a space less abstract continuum of mathematical symbols and structure.

    But what if there are no numbers and no mathematics in this space less realm of voidness not defined by any numbers. Because the universe does exist as Hawking stated, the question of why it exists, can be asked and an answer can only be found in its own mathematical logistics as the difference between the infinite progression towards unlimited Infinity and the infinite regression towards the limit of the Zero.

    To 'think the primal thought' the timeless and space less, (but potentially existing within spacetime in the future) UO; must experience itself in a change from being unaware of itself to being aware of itself.
    The notion of the past, the present and the future in the time like properties of existing relativistic space are preceded in a sense of order; where event A must precede event B to allow event C.
    All such events are simultaneous in the self-reference framed abstract world of the Mathimatia of the UO, who has however changed its self-state from being unaware to aware in a form of yet to be defined 'Universal Consciousness'.

    Formally; the Awareness Triplet AT={Old State=OS; Experience=E; New State due to the Experience=NS} forms the Input for an interaction with a previous self-state or preexisting 'Awareness Space'. The Output of the New State becomes the Input for the new Old State in a series of AT's, labelled as the 'Sequence of Energy Primary Sourcesink' or SEps for SEps = {(0,0,0); (0,1,1); (1,0,1); (1,1,1*=10=2); (10,1,11=3); (11,10,101=2+3=5); (101,11,1000=5+3=8);...;(OS,E,NS)}.

    The NS n becomes the sum of the OS as the previous (n-1)th n and the previous (n-1)th OS forms the experience factor E.
    The sequence of the E's is known as the Fibonacci Series in the future universe physically manifested in the Awareness Space of the Mathimatia of the Definiton.
    The experience factors so change the 'Null-State' of the (0,0,0) into the 'All State' of the (1,1,1)=(∞,∞,∞) to mirror and manifest the infinite count of the integers in the inversion identity of the finite limit of the 0.

    In terms of mathematical cardinality a future 'Wavefunction for the Multiverse' would be characterized by a Normal Statistical Distribution of 'frozen spacetimes'. And where the Arithmetic Sum of Progression, that is counting all negative and positive integers as a Unity summation becomes T(n)=n(n+1) with both a real and a complex solution in setting T(n)=1 for {X=½(√5-1); Y=-½(√5+1)} and {-½(1+i√3); -½(1-i√3)} for T(n)=-1.

    Semantically, the triplet identity (1,1,1)=(∞,∞,∞) represents the OneSelf+OneSelf=OneSelf still, but because the previous experience of OneSelf+Nothing=OneSelf, the second OneSelf must be different in some way of order from the first OneSelf. Namely the summation to 1+1=10 differs in the order of the summation 1+0=1 in the non-commutability of the experience factors of experiencing the 'NothingSelf' from the OneSelf.
    This then allows a transformation from the binary triplet sequence to a decimal triplet sequence in: (1,1,1*) = (1,1,10)bin = (1,1,2)dec.
    Subsequently all integer related number systems naturally emerge and evolve from the Mathimatia Awareness space.

    The eigenstate of the UO now is one of 'doubling the eternity of the void' as mathematical infinity in the Integer count and based upon the ciphers of the 0 and the 1.
    Formally, the mapping of an Aleph-Null Cardinality of Cantor countability or enumerability becomes an Aleph-All Cardinality of Cantorian Infinity sets, the latter counting 'Integral Infinities' instead of the natural numbers.

    It is however the Fibonacci sequence SEps, which will be utilized by the Inflaton to manifest the next epoch in the actual creation of an 'algorithmic time space' in the form of a spacetime linearization of the circular nature of the binary ciphers 0 and 1 in something fundamental to potentially physicalized space in the topology and geometry of special curvature and the warping of spacetime. The closed nature of the Planck class I string will be made manifest as the Null state of the Mathimatia and the evolvement of the Planck Boson string will create the other string classes in the 'opening' or cutting of the circle of the Zero to manifest the One.

    2. The Secondary Algorithmic Logos

    The experience factors of the SEps algorithm naturally define a complementary set SEps* = {100=4; 110=6; 111=7; 1001=9; 1010=10; 1011=11; 1100=12; 1110=13;....(any integer not in SEps} and the UO can only continue its self-exploration within the awareness space of the Mathimatia applying either SEps or SEps* through the symbolic representation, shapes, semiotics and geometry of the curvilinear duality of the Bosonic Planck string being able to manifest itself in either a closed or an open form of the super membrane of the (0,1) monadic dyad.
    As the UO in SEps cannot form a complementary union with an UO* in SEps* in any form of separation in the Mathimatia; the complementarity describes a natural unification of self-states aka eigenstates in the Mathimatia, but will become a natural supersymmetry inherent in the Inflaton and based on the Planck Boson string and especially its immediate transformation into a self-dual monopole string class IIB.
    As no spacetime is as yet defined, the super partners of the UO in SEps and the UO* in SEps* are nonlocally connected and would form the basis for a future quantum entanglement between eigenstates and the particle-wave complementarity and dualism of the quantum world of the physicalisation of the Mathimatia in the cosmology of the Instanton.

    The experience factors naturally encompass all states used to create them and all E's defining SEps and SEps* constitute a collective memory reservoir from which further exploration and manipulation of the members in this universal memory set can be pursued and constructed.

    One such arbitrary algorithm or code is defined as binary code of the operations of Addition (+), Multiplication (by 1+1+1=3x1) and Exponentiation (3x3=32) and
    is used as a secondary algorithmic code to 'find' the missing elements of SEps as the constituents of SEps* in the attempt to complete and manifest the generic supersymmetry of the Mathimatia.

    Application of this algorithm {} produces 10 number triplets, carrying elements of SEps* in various configurations:
    SEps-SEps* Constantset: ={(266561)=26x6561; (15,16,18)=[15x1618]-1; (14,15,24)=14x1524; (15,10,32)=[15x1032]-1; (11)=11; (9,10,16)=9x1016; (6,10,15)=[6x1015]-1; (7)=7; (6)=6; (4)=4}

    3. The Tertiary Complementary Algorithmic Logos

    The extended SEps algorithm then assumes the pretext of defining open and closed superstrings in a logistical statement:

    {"Add the End to the Beginning and Start with the Old End!"}.

    This specifies an methodology of recircularizing the linearized dimensions of the binary monadic dyad {0,1} into the root-reductive decimal monad {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0} with 10=1+0=1*; 11=1+1=2*; 12=1+2=3; 13=1+3=4 and so on with 26=8 and 27=9 in 26 Bosonic Integer dimensions.

    The constant E={(266561)=26x6561} then transforms into F={(136656)=13x6656} and G={(673665)=67x3665} after which this 'numerical inflation algorithm' ends, since 5+6=11=2* is root reductive in transformation towards the right say towards positive infinity from the Zero mirror of the Mathimatia.
    But moving towards the left and negative infinity upon the integral number line, the ...{0}EFG... interval is mirrored in say the F-space bound ABCD{0}EFG.... to fixate the F-space bound in the M-space bound H=ABCD in |ABCD(EFG)H| in (A)BCDEFGH......STUVWXY(ZA*)B*C*....

    Then H=ABCD={(312423)=31x2423}{(361242)=36x1242}{(256124)=25x6124}{(465612)=46x5612}. As no archetype can yield Z(Z+A)BCXY=312423 from ABCXYZ=(1-Z)24233, the algorithm again ends in the reflected root reduction to H, namely 1-Z=1-3=-2 =-11=-2*

    The SEps constant E so assumes the property to limit a subsequent inflation marker in association with the encompassment of the Inflaton in the googolplex markers E=26x6561 = 1.006208782x10112 and G=67x3665 = 9.676924499...x10102 and F=13x6656 = 1.019538764...x10103 and H=1,283,400x2423x1242x6124x5612=1.011591782...x10147.

    H becomes the number of spacetime quanta contained in the Inflaton, bounded by the Hubble Event Horizon in the 5D/Anti-deSitter Witten sphere manifesting as a 3-dimensional hypersurface in 4D Minkowskian spacetime as a 2-Torus and becomes a 3-Torus subject to the Event Horizon as a boundary to the Vafa F-spacetime in the continuing Inflaton cycles defined by the evolution of the Dark Energy paralleled by the overall Schwarzschild evolvement of all mass as matter content in the cosmology.
    The maximum radius for the first initiatory cycle of the Inflaton as a first asymptotic boundary for the Instanton so becomes set as a maximum radius of curvature in the Friedmann cosmology with a nodal true Hubble constant for this initial cycle and is proportional to the Vacuum- or Vortex-Potential energy of a singular unitary wormhole spacetime quanta and as defined in the Inflaton.

    The volume of one such wormhole or Eps-VPE quantum there is:
    Vps = λps3/4π m3 = 7.957747154x10-68 m3*
    for the Riemann hypersphere volume of 2π2RHubble3 and wormhole radius rps = λps/2π; this volume manifesting as a hypersurface allowing the M-AdS spacetime to mirror its negative curvature in the positive curvatures of the F-dS spacetime and the C-dS-spacetime contracting into M-space as function of the light path of the Inflaton expansion.

    RHubble = cHo = λps.H/2π = 1.59767545x1026 m* for a nodal Inflaton Hubble Event Horizon.

    11D AdS spacetime becomes bounded in a Hubble volumar with critical density

    ρcritical = MHubble/2π2RHubble3 = c2/4π2RH2 = Ho2/4π2Go or ρcritical = 3Ho2/8πGo for the volume of a 2-sphere.

    The Hubble volumar then topologically encompasses both, the lower dimensional of Einstein-C dS space and the higher dimensionality of Witten AdS spacetime, say in the form of a 3-Torus or a Klein Bottle Dragon.
    The positive curvature of both C-dS and F-dS being mirrored and imaged in the negative curvature of the convex lens shaped mirror of M-AdS as the Inflaton-Instanton two-sidedness of Möbius.

    The SEps Principalities

    A = (312423) = {4+6+5=15} = (1.722742045x1033) space quanta = Principality of Identity/Anti-Identity & 1st Expansion Factor 10/33
    B = (361242) = {9+3+6=18} = (7.619295808x1046) space quanta = Principality of Expansion/Contraction & 2nd Expansion Factor 20/33
    C = (256124) = {7+7+6=20} = (1.761392119x1044) space quanta = Principality of Order/Disorder-Entropy-Chaos & 3rd Expansion Factor 30/33
    D = (465612) = {10+11+3=24} = (4.375363663x1022) space quanta = Principality of Symmetry/Anti-symmetry-Nonparity & 4th Expansion Factor 40/33
    E = (266561) = {8+11+7=26} = (1.006208782x10112) space quanta = Principality of Infinity-Divergence/Convergence-Limit & 5th Expansion Factor 50/33
    F = (136656) = {4+12+11=27} = (1.019538764x10103) space quanta = Principality of Inversion-Reciprocity/Constancy-Invariance & 6th Expansion Factor 60/33
    G = (673665) = {13+9+11=33} = (9.676924499x10102) space quanta = Principality of Reflection/Absorption & 7th Expansion Factor 70/33
    H = () = {} = (1.011591782x10147) space quanta = Principality of Relativity/ No Anti-principality & 8th Expansion Factor 80/33

    The SEps Cyclicities in elements aj with summations aj+2+aj+1 = aj

    1-Cycle : 0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13 for {33 Identity & Absorption} and for 8 elements summing 1 aj
    2-Cycle : (0-[1)-(1]-[2)-(3]-[5)-(8]-13) = 1-2-3-5-8-13-21 for {33 Expansion & Invariance} and for 7 elements and summing 2 aj's
    3-Cycle : (0-[1-(1)-[2]-(3)-[5]-8)-13] = 2-4-6-10-16-26 for {64=8x8 Order & Convergence} and 6 elements and summing 3 aj's
    4-Cycle : (0-[1-(1-[2)-(3]-5)-8]-13) = 4-7-11-18-29 for {69 Symmetry & Nonparity} and for 5 elements and summing 4 aj's
    5-Cycle : (0-[1-(1-[2-3)-5]-8)-13] = 7-12-19-31 for {69 Divergence & Entropy} and for 4 elements and summing 5 aj's
    6-Cycle : (0-[1-(1-2-3-5)-8]-13) = 12-20-32 for {64=8x8 Inversion & Contraction} and for 3 elements and summing 6 aj's
    7-Cycle : (0-[1-1-2-3-5-8)-13] = 20-33 for {53 Reflection & Anti-Identity} and for 2 elements and summing 7 aj's
    8-Cycle : (0-1-1-2-3-5-8-13) = 33 for {33 Relativity} and for 1 element and summing 8 aj's


    Formation of a Prime Harmonic Octet : (15-18-20-24-26-27-33) from the {A}BCDEFG{H} principalities unified

    root reduced to {6-9-[2-6-8]-9-6} = {6-8-8-6} = {14-14} = {5-5} = {10=1} into the original binary algorithm root reduction and for a symmetry about a 26 letter code symbolizing 26 Bosonic string dimensions in a prime Number set
    Primed N: = {1=1bin;-2;3;5;7;11;13;17;19;23;29;31;37;41;43;47;53;59;61;67;71;73;79;83;89;97-101=5bin}

    And so it continued!

    VII: Mathimatia B: Bosonic Temperature Unification and the Universe's Temperature Evolution

    Möbius had broken into two and had transferred his one-sidedness to the Klein mirror and in a dimensional twinship between Klein's heness in the 12th dimension at the Instanton of Khaibit and Klein's sheness at the Instanton in Universe in the 10th dimension of the 11-dimensional two-sided manifold, Logos called the M-spacetime of the Mother as a Magic Mirror of the Mystery of Witten.

    Klein's sheness so brought the UFOQR with its matter-antimatter definitions and acting under the auspices of the gauge ambassadors into the 10th dimension of the superstrings of Universe of the Mother as the Queendom of Baab from the 12th dimension of the Kingdom of the Father.

    The matter templates YCM so could interact with their antimatter counterparts MCY in a new way, as the quantum relativity between them had changed from its 2-dimensional origin with no thickness to a 3-dimensional evolvement , due to the thickness of the Inflaton-Instanton interval in the birthing of space-time.

    In particular YCM(1)+MCY(-1) = (Y+M)C2(M+Y)(0) = RCCR(0) = GMMG(0) = BYYB(0) in the mixing of the colour charges.
    This created a new template, the Universal Intelligence called the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE as a Vacuum-Potential-Energy or a Zero-Point-Energy in the UFOQR.

    This zero-spin or scalar VPE so had been defined as the Dark Energy or DE from Khaibit to continue the Inflaton of the hyper acceleration of the de Broglie wave-matter of the mass seed Mo.
    Because the Inflaton had defined the Hubble event horizon as a Black Hole MH = RHc2/2Go , this gradient of Black Hole masses Mo/MH = Ωo defined a parameter Ωo = 0.028 as the difference between the Hubble Mother Black Hole and the mass seed Mo from the creation algorithm of the Mathimatia.

    This Black Hole Mass parameter Ωo so would specify Mo as the mass seed and as a form of mass energy Abba named as the 'Baryonic Matter Seed' and it was the baryonic matter that would interact with the EMR as photons without colour charge as a luminous form of matter.
    The Inflaton parameters of the de Broglie wave matter had been the hyper-acceleration AdB = RH.fps2 and the superluminal hyper-speed VdB = RH.fps.= RHc/λps, incorporating Abba's resonance self-state or eigen frequency fps into the birth of the cosmos.

    The Dark Energy equation for the Inflaton was defined as a multiversal summation of the protoverse encompassed by the omniverse in the Mathimatia:

    Dark Energy DE-Quintessence Λk Parameters:

    A general dark energy equation for the kth universe (k=0,1,2,3,...) in terms of the parametrized Milgröm acceleration A(n); comoving recession speed V(n) and scale factored curvature radius R(n):

    Λk (n) = GoMo/Rk(n)2 - 2cHo(Πnk)2/{n - ΣΠnk-1 + Πnk)3}
    for negative Pressure Pk = -Λk(n)c2/4πGoRk

    = {GoMo(n-ΣΠnk-1+Πnk)2/{(Πnk)2.RH2(n-ΣΠnk-1)2} - 2cHo(Πnk)2/{n-ΣΠnk-1+Πnk)3}
    Λo = GoMo(n+1)2/RH2(n)2 - 2cHo/(n+1)3
    Λ1 = GoMo(n-1+n1)2/n12RH2(n-1)2 - 2cHon12/(n-1+n1)3
    Λ2 = GoMo(n-1-n1+n1n2)2/n12n22RH2(n-1-n1)2 - 2cHon12n22/(n-1-n1+n1n2)3

    For the protoverse k=0 then, Λo = GoMo(n+1)2/RH2(n)2 - 2cHo/(n+1)3 had been a boundary condition at the time instanton tps as the quantum of mass mss in fss = mssc2/h = 1/fps = tps.
    All mass is quantized in m = ∑mss = Nmss and 1/fss2 = fps2 eigen states in 9x1060 permutations to mfss2/mss = mEss/msshfps = m.mssc2/mssEps = mc2/mpsc2 = m/mps.
    Any mass m is so quantum gravitationally quantized in a mass eigen frequency fss in the time instanton as the inverse of the source frequency fps as a distribution of permutational self-states fps2|mod = 9x1060.

    The cycle time n=Hot for the nodal Hubble constant Ho = c/RH = dn/dt at the Instanton so had been nps = Hotps = ctps/RH = c/RHfps = c/VdB = λps/RH = 6.26x10-49 as a proportionality relating the minimum conditions of the Instanton to the maximum conditions of the Inflaton in the form of wavelength and velocity.

    Λo(nps) = GoMo(nps+1)2/RH2(nps)2 - 2cHo/(nps+1)3 calculates as Λo(nps) = {GoMo/RH2}{RHfps/c}2 = GoMops2 for this Lambda- or Dark Energy acceleration and proportional to the hyper-acceleration of the Inflaton as
    Λo(nps)/adB = {GoMops2}/{RHfps2} = {GoMops2}/{2GoMHfps2/c2} = {Mo/2MH} as c=fpsps as the de Broglie group-wave velocity.
    A group velocity for waves is upper limited by light speed 'c'; whilst a phase velocity for waves is lower limited by 'c' as a superluminal or tachyonic speed for matter waves in vphase = fλ = {mc2/h}{h/mvgroup} = {c2/vgroup} > c vgroup < c.

    And so half of the Black Hole Mass parameter Ωo=Mo/MH defines the Black Hole mass differential in the acceleration differential between the Dark Energy DE and the hyper- acceleration AdB of the Inflaton as Deceleration parameter qo = ½Ωo = GoMoHo/c3 = GoMo/RHc2 = Λo/AdB.
    Applying this gradient to the Instanton then reduces the time instantaneity tps=1/fps=fss in qotps = nps.{GoMo/c3} to create a 'Higgs Potential False Vacuum' or HPFV within the Inflaton-Instanton epoch of the superstrings.

    CurvatureAdS. cosmicsurferAds.

    The temperature evolution of the Instanton can be written as a function of the luminosity L(n,T) with R(n)=RH(n/[n+1]) as the radius of the luminating surface. Luminosity is specified as physical Power P or total energy E emitted over a time t.

    For the total energy of Universe as EU = Moc2 for a cycle time n=Hot or tps = nps/Ho as initial boundary condition for t = n/Ho then equates HoMoc2/n as proportional to L(n,T) = (Surface area of the energy emitter)(BBR proportionality constant)(temperature of emitting body to the fourth power) with proportionality constant 3/550 obtained from the 33-tier Maria Code and the Principalities of the Mathimatia.


    The second Eps-Expansion-Coefficient in the Expansion Principality now reduces this luminosity by a factor of 3/550 = 1/183.33... to indicate the Core-Bulge Ratio for Black Holes, termed a M-Sigma relation in the mapping of the Planck minimum energy Zero-Point Oscillator Epo = ½Ep = ½hfp = ½mpc2 = ½kTp onto the Instanton parameters of the Eps-Weyl wormhole.

    3/550 = 1/{11.2e*/60} = 60 Eps/22 = ½Eps.{60/11} for ½Eps = {11/60}{3/550} = 33/33,000 = 1/2e*.

    The Luminosity function for Universe for a temperature T(n=Hot) is written as: L(n,T) = 6π2R(n)2.σ.T4 = 3HoMo.c2/550n

    3HoMoc2/550nps = L(nps,T(nps)) = 6π2λps2.σ.Tnps4 = 2.6711043034x1096 Watts* for T(nps) = {Mofps3/1100π2σ}
    and where σ = Stefan's Constant = 2π5k4/15h3c2 in units of [J/K4m2s1]=[kg/K4s3]
    and as a product of the defined 'master constants' k, h, c2, π and 'e' from the two self-generating algorithms of the Mathimatia.

    The Genesis Boson then became the parametric initialization of creation in the abstract labeling of the Mathimatia:
    ENERGY=k.TEMPERATURE=h.FREQUENCY=h/TIME=MASS.c2 and using the SEps-Master-Constant Set: {4; 6; 7; Lo=1/[6x1015]; c2=9x1016; 11; h=1/[15x1032]; A2=14x1524; k=1/[15x1618]; 26x6561} in reverse order and with arbitrary symbols as shown associated with those 'master constants'.

    Particularly then: ENERGY = hRmaxps = hRHps with MASS = hRmaxpsc2 = 0.01183463299 and TEMPERATURE = hRmax/kλps = 7.544808988..x1037 and FREQUENCY = Rmaxps = nps = 1.59767545..x1048 in the Mirror duality fps = 1/fss for fps.fss = 1 and time instantaneity tps = fss = 1/fps as a Maximum/Minimum initial- and boundary condition.

    MASS becomes the 'Atomic-Mass-Unit' in 12D-F-Space in using one proto nucleon mc = Alpha9.Lplanck for every one of the 12 monopolar current loops in the Unified Field of Quantum Relativity UFoQR.

    A first Eps-Identity-Coefficient in the Expansion Series of the fundamental principles from the SEps algorithm then crystallizes the 'Counter for matter' in Avogadro's Constant for Molarity, subject to mass energy perturbation effects:
    MASS(20/33)/12mc = Navogadro = 6.02242143x1023 1/mol*

    The counter N=npsps/Rmax in 'real' time relative to the Quantum Big Bang and emerging from the string epoch and relating to 'imaginary' time relative to this selfsame creation in the Cosmogony of the Genesis Boson in Khaibit and the Inflaton-Instanton of the Abba-Baab 11-dimensional super membrane.
    This 'virtual' or unreal Quantum Relative Time then manifests as the Hubble-Frequency Ho=c/RH in proportionality to the Source Frequency of the Eps-Gauge Photon fps=c/λps in the expression HoRmax=c=λps.fps.

    N then had been the Null time for the initialization of the super membrane modular duality in the De Broglie phase speed initialization, beginning with the oscillation or bounce of the Planck-Length conformably mapped onto time instantaneity as a Now-Cycle-Time nps=Hotps=Ho/tss and as the Time Instanton tps=1/fps=fss and the Inflaton Rmax=RHubble=c/Ho with de Broglie Phase speed Vdebroglie = RH.fps = RH.c/λps = c/nps as the 'Heartbeat of the Cosmic Mother Black Hole' frequency of the oscillating cosmos in the Cosmology of Abba.
    The Hubble frequency H(n), so oscillates between two Hubble nodes maximized as frequency as the source frequency fps at the Instanton and minimized in the Hubble frequency Ho at the Inflaton node of the Hubble event horizon as Ho = nps/tps = λpsfps/RH = c/RH.

    The second Eps-Expansion-Coefficient in the Expansion Principality now reduces this luminosity by a factor of 3/550 = 1/183.33.. to indicate the Core-Bulge Ratio for Black Holes, termed a M-Sigma relation in the mapping of the Planck minimum energy Zero-Point Oscillator Epo = ½Ep = ½hfp = ½mpc2 = ½kTp onto the Instanton parameters of the Eps-Weyl wormhole.

    3/550 = 1/{11/60x2e} = 60 Eps/22 = ½Eps.{60/11} for ½Eps = {11/60}{3/550} = 33/33,000 = 1/2e* .

    The third Expansion-Coefficient in the Expansion Principality is 2/103,125 and indicates the frequency eigen states for sufficiently 'evolved space-aware' consciousness processors as VPE-Mo/mc Abba energy collectors.
    (2/103,125)fps.Lo = 9696969696 = fiEi2 'self-states' for frequency-mass eigen-states and for a 'optical unification' of Eps.Ess in the form of the Restmass-Photon acting as dark matter gauge ambassador particle on physical consciousness carrying YCM-matter conglomerations or bodies.

    The temperature evolution at any cycle time n=Hot so is expressed as: T(n) ={{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(n+1)2/n3}}

    R(nps) = npsRH/(1+nps) = λps in the limit of the Instanton with Volumar V3(R) = dV4/dR = d(½π2R4)/dR = 2π2RH3 defining a surface area dVH/dR = 6π2RH2 from the 3-dimensional surface V3 in the spacetime of Klein's 4-dimensional volume V4(R).

    L(n,T) = 3HoMo.c2/550n and for Temperature T(nps) ----------- T(nps) = 2.93515511x1036 Kelvin*.

    T(nps) so is the temperature of the Instanton as a function of the baryonic mass seed Mo and therefore also the temperature of the Dark Energy in terms of the Lambda-Einstein acceleration in proportion to the deceleration parameter qo = Λo/AdB = ½Ωo = Mo/MH.
    In the form and context of quantum gravity however, the temperature of the Instanton was Tps=Eps/k=hfps/k=mpsc2/k for a quantum gravitational minimum Black Hole mass of Mhyper = rpsc2/2Go.

    The BBR or Planck Black Body Radiator so began its expansion at light speed 'c' with hypermass Mhyper = 6445.78 kg* and about the weight of a pair of mature elephants as the minimum mass for a Schwarzschild Black Hole.
    The rest of the mass seed Mo so was distributed in the higher dimensional spacetime of Klein as a potential energy defined in the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE and in expectation of being 'triggered' as an 'energy of the vacuum' upon the 'filling' of the Klein space in 4 space dimensions by the Möbius 3-dimensional space expanding as the Instanton into the Inflaton.

    Within the era of the super membranes, the physical parameters had been defined in the transformation of 5 string classes from the Planck boson to the Weyl boson and prior to the final transformation birthing the Instanton, the Genesis boson had defined the parameter of un-physicalised TEMPERATURE to allow a 'False Vacuum' to manifest the Higgs template in the UFOQR and to correlate the 'Bounce of the Planck length' to a 'Bounce of the Planck time' in the Inflaton-Instanton conformal transition and as the maximum HPFV.
    Its minimum is then the deceleration parameter gradient qoo/AdB bounded in the Genesis boson for the parameter initialization.

    tGenesis = nGenesis/Ho = 4.395x10-33 s* for cycle time n(tGenesis) = {{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}{npsk/h}4} = 8.252x10-51
    for T(nGenesis) ={{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(nGenesis+1)2/nGenesis3}} = 7.5448x1037 K* in the Higgs false vacuum and {npsk/h}|mod.

    tdBmin = qotps = ndBmin/Ho = nps{GoMo/c3}= 4.672x10-33 s* for cycle time n(tdBmin) = 8.772x10-51
    for T(ndBmin) = {{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(ndBmin+1)2/ndBmin3}} = 7.206x1037 K* in the Higgs false vacuum from the DE gradient instanton bounce for deceleration parameter qo = Λo/AdB

    2tdBmin = Ωotps = 2ndBmin/Ho = nps{2GoMo/c3}= 9.343x10-33 s* for cycle time n(tdBmin) = 1.754x10-50
    for T(ndBmin) = {{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(ndBmin+1)2/ndBmin3}} = 4.285x1037 K* in the Higgs false vacuum from the DE gradient instanton bounce for Ωo = Mo/MH

    tHPFV = {T(nps)/TEMPERATURE}tps = nHPFV/Ho = 1.297x10-32 s* for cycle time n(tHPFV) = 2.435x10-50
    for T(nHPFV) ={{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(nHPFV+1)2/nHPFV3}} = 3.351x1037 K* in the Higgs false vacuum

    tdBmax = [√α]tps = ndBmax/Ho = 2.847x10-32 s* for cycle time n(tdBmax) = 5.347x10-50
    for T(ndBmax) ={{Ho3Mo/1100π2σ}.{(ndBmax+1)2/ndBmax3}} =1.857x1037 K* in the Higgs false vacuum from the Planck-Stoney Inflaton time bounce

    This manifests as a 'false vacuum' and as a temperature gradient, as a causation of the Big Bang Instanton on physical grounds.
    The metaphysical ground is the symmetry breaking from the source parity violation described in the birth and necessity of the Graviton to resymmetrize the UFoQR and as a consequence of Abba's quest to find Baab as Universe without and within as Sophia Earth and the forms of Adam and Eve reborn from their archetypically energized nature as physicalized body forms manifesting the Life of Universe, Multiverse and Omniverse.

    T(n)4 = HoMoc2/(2π2σRH2[550n3/[n+1]2]) for
    T(n)4 = {[n+1]2/n3}HoMoc2/(2π2σRH2[550]) = 18.1995{[n+1]2/n3} (K4/V)*

    TEMPERATURE/T(nps) = 7.544808988..x1037/2.93515511x1036= 25.705 = 1/0.03890...
    T(nps) = 2.935x1036 K* of the singularity is 0.0389 or 3.89% of the pre-singularity within the Inflaton.

    So the POTENTIAL Temperature manifests as 3.89% in the KINETIC Temperature' which doubles in the Virial Theorem to 7.78% as 2KE + PE = 0:

    Applying the actual VPE at the Instanton to this temperature gradient:

    ρVPEEMR = {4πEpsps3}/{8π5Eps4/15h3c3} = 15/2π4 = 0.07599486.. = 1/12.9878... indicating the proportionality EVPE/EEMR = kTps/kTEMR = 2Tps/Tpotential at the Instanton from the Inflaton as an original form of the virial theorem, stating the Kinetic Energy of the Instanton and the QBB Lambda to be twice the Potential Energy of the de Broglie wave matter Inflaton, then manifesting as the Mo/2MHubble = rHyper/2RHubble Schwarzschild mass cosmic evolution.

    This then extrapolates the Big Bang singularity backwards in Time to harmonize the equations and to establish the 'driving force of the vacuum' as the DE from Khaibit and in association with a potential scalar Higgs Temperature Field.
    All the further evolvement of the universe so becomes primarily a function of Temperature and not of mass.

    The next big phase transition is the attunement of the BOSONIC UNIFICATION, namely the 'singularity' temperature Tps=1.41x1020 K with the Luminosity function.
    This occurs at a normal time of 1.9 nanoseconds into the cosmology.

    T(nps) reduces to Tps = 1.4167x1020 K* for L(n,T) = 6π2R(n)2.σ.T4 = 3HoMo.c2/550n and Tps = Eps/k
    for nBU3/(1+nBU)2 = Ho3Mo/(1100π2σ.Tps4) and for nBU = {4.511x10-80} = 3.562x10-27 for tBU = nBU/Ho = 1.90x10-9 s* or 1.9 nanoseconds*.

    It is then that the universe as a unity has this temperature and so allows BOSONIC differentiation between particles.
    The individuated Bosons of the mass had been born then and not before, as the entire universe was a bosonic macro-quantized superstring or super-heated Bose-Einstein Condensate or SH-BEC until the bosonic unification nexus was reached by the expansion of Universe from the lower dimensional Instanton of Möbius into the higher dimensional Inflaton of Klein.

    The size of the universe at that time was that of being 1.14 meters across from R(nBU) = RH{nBU/(1+nBU)} = 0.57 m*.

    Next came the electroweak symmetry breaking at 1/140 seconds and at a temperature of so 1.7x1015 Kelvin*



    In the early radiation dominated cosmology; the quintessence was positive and the matter energy dominated the intrinsic Milgröm deceleration from the Instanton n=nps to n=0.18023 (about 3.04 Billion years) when the quintessence vanished and including a Recombination epoch when the hitherto opaque universe became transparent in the formation of the first hydrogen atoms from the quark-lepton plasma transmuted from the X-L Boson string class HO(32) of the Inflaton epoch preceding the Quantum Big Bang aka the Instanton.

    From the modular membrane duality for wormhole radius rps = λps/2π, the critical modulated Schwarzschild radius rss = 2ðëss = 2πx1022 m* for λps = 1/λss
    and for an applied scale factor a = n/[n+1] =ëss/RH = {1-1/[n+1]}

    for a n=Hot coordinate ndecomax = 6.259485x10-5 or about 6.259485x10-5(16.88 Gy) = 1.056601 Million years
    attenuated by exp{-hf/kT} = e-1 = 0.367879 to a characteristic cosmological time coordinate of 0.36788x1.056601 = 388,702 years after the Instanton nps.

    The temperature for the decoupling is found in the galactic scale-limit modular dual to the wormhole geodesic as 1/λwormholeantiwormholess=1022 meters or so 1.06 Million ly and its luminosity attenuation in the 1/e proportionality for then 388,588 lightyears as a decoupling time nrecombination or ndecomax/e.

    A maximum galactic halo limit is modulated in 2πλantiwormhole meters in the linearization of the Planck-length in the conformal mapping of wavelength λps in the wormhole radius rpsps/2π.

    R(ndecoupling)=RH{ndecoupling/(ndecoupling+1)} = 1022 meters for ndecoupling=6.2595x10-5 and so for a CMBBR-Temperature of about T=2935 K* for a galactic protocore then attenuated for ndecouplingmin=ndecomin=9.962x10-6 for R=λss/2π and ndecomax=3.9x10-4 for R=2πλss and for temperatures of so 11,648 K and 740 K respectively, descriptive of the temperature modulations between the galactic cores and the galactic halos.

    So a CMBBR-temperature of so 11,648 K at a time of so 168,114 years defined the initialization of the VPE and the birth of the first ylemic protostars as a decoupling minimum. The ylemic mass currents were purely monopolar and known as superconductive cosmic strings, consisting of nucleonic neutrons, each of mass mc.

    If we assign this timeframe to the maximized ylemic radius and assign our planetesimal limit of fusion temperature 1.2 Billion K as a corresponding minimum; then this planetesimal limit representing the onset of stellar fusion in a characteristic temperature, should indicate the first protostars at a temperature of the CMBBR of about 740 Kelvin.

    The universe had a temperature of 740 K for ndecouplingmax=3.9x10-4 for R=2πλantiwormhole and this brings us to a curvature radius of so 6.6 Million lightyears and an 'ignition-time' for the first physical ylemic neutron stars as first generation protostars of so 7 Million years after the Big Bang.

    The important cosmological consideration is that of distance-scale modulation.
    The Black Hole Schwarzschild metric is the inverse of the galactic scale metric.
    The linearization of the Planck-String as the Weyl-Geodesic and so the wormhole radius in the curvature radius R(n) is modular dual and mirrored in inversion in the manifestation of galactic structure with a nonluminous halo a luminous attenuated diameter-bulge and a super luminous (quasar or White Hole Core).

    The core-bulge ratio on the scale of 3/550 to 0.002 to 0.001 will so reflect the eigen energy quantum of the wormhole as a heterotic Planck-Boson-Weyl-String or as the magneto charge as 1/500, being the mapping of the Stoney-Planck-Length-Bounce as e=lP.c²√Alpha onto the electron radius in e*=2Re.c²=1/Epsps/hc in the modular string-T-duality applied to the self-dual monopole as string class IIB.

    The attenuation of the recombination coordinate then gives the cosmic temperature background for this epoch in the coordinate interval for the curvature radius R(n=9.962x10-6) = 1.5915x1021 m* to R(n=6.259485x10-5) = 1022 m* for the Dark Energy galactic halos emergent from their Black-Hole-White Hole VPE precursors.
    The DEBH halos then encompass Outer- and Inner Dark Matter Halos around Baryonic Matter Inner Bulges at characteristic displacement scales of a 9.9854x1020 m* DMOH at 105.476 years and a redshift of 399 encompassing a 4.9927x1020 m* DMIH-GDisk at 52,738 years and a redshift of 565 about a 9.985x1019 m* BMIH-GBulge at 10,548 years and a redshift of 1254.

    This radial displacement scale represents the size of a typical major galaxy in the cosmology; a galactic structure, which became potentialized in the Schwarzschild matter evolution and its manifestation in the ylemic prototypical first generation magnetar-neutron-blazar stars, whose emergence was solely dependent on the experienced cosmic temperature background and not on their mass distributions.


    Cycle time
    Time t

    Redshift z


    Contracted dS deSitter Scale
    Hubble Radius Universe

    nRH expanding AdS

    Radius Ylem


    Black-White Hole Curvature Mass BHW

    BHW-Hawking Temperature

    Temperature Universe




    Luminosity Universe
    Mass Seed MSC=constant




    npresent =np

    0.25045 comoving H
    Local Flow

    8.4855x1025 dS
    1.8097x1026 AdS

    Inflaton Mirror


    comoving H
    Local Flow

    8.0163x1025 dS
    0.08973.633x1025 0.02514

    0.29099 H

    7.9884x1025 dS
    1.5976x1026 AdS

    Inflaton Mirror


    0.29342 H

    7.9603x1025 dS



    0.34010 H

    7.4526x1025 dS

    for inflaton
    0.34323 H
    7.4207x1025 dS
    1.3857x1026 AdS


    Age of Sun+Earth


    0.34640 H
    7.3884x1025 dS
    0.3972 H
    6.9031x1025 dS
    1.2155x1026 AdS
    0.4577 H
    6.3907x1025 dS
    1.0651x1026 AdS
    0.6125 H
    5.3256x1025 dS
    7.9884x1025 AdS
    1.080 H
    3.3511x1025 dS
    4.2406x1025 AdS

    for DE=min
    ngp= 0.2389
    1.177 H

    3.0808x1025 dS
    3.8168x1025 AdS
    Galaxy Cell

    for instanton
    1.840 H

    1.8719x1025 dS
    2.1203x1025 AdS
    Galaxy Group

    ngalaxy for DE=0
    2.125 H

    1.5603x1025 dS
    1.7292x1025 AdS
    Galaxy Group


    EMR Pressure=
    Matter Pressure

    3.272 H

    473.0 My5.015 H

    4.3562x1024 dS

    7.477 H

    2.2082x1024 dS


    10.96687 H

    1.11957x1024 dS

    Birth of
    Milky Way Seed as

    49.43 H

    6.2807x1022 dS


    Cosmic EMR Decoupling
    125.5 H

    9.999x1021 dS
    1.000x1022 AdS


    Cosmic EMR Decoupling

    207.4 H

    Cosmic EMR Decoupling

    315.8 H
    399 H
    565 H

    dS, AdS

    dS, AdS
    1264 H
    dS, AdS
    dS, AdS

    2.1506x10-1213.256 d
    1.145x106 s*
    681,898 H

    space quanta

    dS, AdS


    dS, AdS


    2.225 d
    1.6643x106 H
    Δ=2.774 h

    dS, AdS

    Ylemic Universe
    Temperature Unification
    dS, AdS
    3.618x1039 Quasar-WH

    3.4228x10-132.110 d
    1.6641x106 H

    Δ=9986 s
    space quanta
    dS, AdS


    dS, AdS
    3.897x1039 Quasar-WH

    7.240 h

    4.5203x106 H

    space quanta
    dS, AdS

    Neutron Star
    Chandrasekhar Limit



    dS, AdS


    2.0065 h
    8.588x106 H
    dS, AdS



    Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff Limit

    dS, AdS


    2.1601x10-1519.173 m
    2.152x107 H

    space quanta

    dS, AdS


    Quark-Gluon-Plasma-Strange Star

    dS, AdS


    18.961 m
    2.164x107 H
    dS, AdS




    dS, AdS

    2.1228x10-1518.842 m
    2.170x107 H

    space quanta

    dS, AdS



    dS, AdS




    9.293 m
    557.59 s*
    3.090x107 H
    dS, AdS




    dS, AdS

    1.117x1043 GRB-WH
    9.244 m
    3.099x107 H
    dS, AdS



    dS, AdS

    4.788 m

    4.306x107 H

    dS, AdS




    QGPS-Star Limit

    dS, AdS

    QGPS Limit
    1.329x108 H
    dS, AdS


    neutron degeneracy

    QGP Quark Star

    3.025x108 H
    dS, AdS



    QGP Quark Star


    RMP-WNI Unification
    dS, AdS

    4.957x108 H
    dS, AdS


    QGP-Star Limit

    dS, AdS
    8.638x109 H

    dS, AdS

    dS, AdS
    8.834x109 H
    dS, AdS
    dS, AdS
    9.009x109 H
    dS, AdS
    dS, AdS
    1.676x1013 H

    dS, AdS
    BHW Limit


    Bosonic Plasma
    dS, AdS


    1.264x1024 H
    dS, AdS


    2.011x10-8 Mo



    False Higgs


    dS, AdS

    The Ylemic Gluon-Quark-Plasma Protostars of Universe as Vortex Energies

    The stability of stars is a function of the equilibrium condition, which balances the inward pull of gravity with the outward pressure of the thermodynamic energy or enthalpy of the star (H=PV+U). The Jeans Mass MJ and the Jeans Length RJ a used to describe the stability conditions for collapsing molecular hydrogen clouds to form stars say, are well known in the scientific data base, say in formulations such as:

    MJ=3kTR/2Gm for a Jeans Length of: RJ=√{15kT/(4πρGm)}=RJ =√(kT/Gnm²).

    Now the Ideal Gas Law of basic thermodynamics states that the internal pressure P and Volume of such an ideal gas are given by PV=nRT=NkT for n moles of substance being the Number N of molecules (say) divided by Avogadro's Constant L in n=N/L .

    Since the Ideal Gas Constant R divided by Avogadro's Constant L and defines Boltzmann's Constant k=R/L. Now the statistical analysis of kinetic energy KE of particles in motion in a gas (say) gives a root-mean-square velocity (rms) and the familiar 2.KE=mv²(rms) from the distribution of individual velocities v in such a system.

    It is found that PV=(2/3)N.KE as a total system described by the v(rms). Now set the KE equal to the Gravitational PE=GMm/R for a spherical gas cloud and you get the Jeans Mass. (3/2N).(NkT)=GMm/R with m the mass of a nucleon or Hydrogen atom and M=MJ=3kTR/2Gm as stated.

    The Jeans' Length is the critical radius of a cloud (typically a cloud of interstellar dust) where thermal energy, which causes the cloud to expand, is counter acted by gravity, which causes the cloud to collapse. It is named after the British astronomer Sir James Jeans, who first derived the quantity; where k is Boltzmann Constant, T is the temperature of the cloud, r is the radius of the cloud, μ is the mass per particle in the cloud, G is the Gravitational Constant and ρ is the cloud's mass density (i.e. the cloud's mass divided by the cloud's volume).

    Now following the Big Bang, there were of course no gas clouds in the early expanding universe and the Jeans formulations are not applicable to the mass seedling Mo; in the manner of the Jeans formulations as given.

    However, the universe's dynamics is in the form of the expansion parameter of GR and so the R(n)=Rmax(n/(n+1)) scale factor of Quantum Relativity.
    So we can certainly analyze this expansion in the form of the Jeans Radius of the first proto-stars, which so obey the equilibrium conditions and equations of state of the much later gas clouds, for which the Jeans formulations then apply on a say molecular level.
    This analysis so defines the ylemic neutron stars as 'Gamow proto-stars' and the first stars in the cosmogenesis and the universe.

    Let the thermal internal energy or ITE=H be the outward pressure in equilibrium with the gravitational potential energy of GPE=Ω. The nuclear density in terms of the super brane parameters is ρcritical=mc/Vcritical with mc a base-nucleon mass for a 'ylemic neutron'.

    Vcritical= 4πRe3/3 or the volume for the ylemic neutron as given by the classical electron radius Re=1010λwormhole/360=e*/2c2.

    H=(molarity)kT for molar volume as N=(R/Re)3 for dH=3kTR2/Re3.
    Ω(R)= -∫GoMdm/R = -{3Gomc2/(Re3)2 }∫R4dR = -3Gomc2R5/Re6 for
    dm/dR=d(ρV)/dR=4πρR2 and for ρ=3mc/4πRe3

    For equilibrium, the requirement is that dH=dΩ in the minimum condition dH+dΩ=0.
    This gives: dH+dΩ=3kTR2/Re3 - 16Goπ2ρ2R4/3=0 and the ylemic radius as:


    as the Jeans-Length precursor or progenitor for subsequent stellar and galactic generation.

    The ylemic (Jeans) radii are all independent of the mass of the star as a function of its nuclear generated temperature.
    Applied to the proto-stars of the vortex neutron matter or ylem, the radii are all neutron star radii and define a specific range of radii for the gravitational collapse of the electron degenerate matter.

    This spans from the 'First Three Minutes' scenario of the cosmogenesis to 1.1 million seconds (or about 13 days) and encompasses the standard beta decay of the neutron, underpinning radioactivity.
    The upper limit defines a trillion degree temperature and a radius of over 40 km; the trivial Schwarzschild solution gives a typical ylem radius of so 7.4 kilometers and the lower limit defines the 'mysterious' planetesimal limit as 1.8 km.

    For long a cosmological conundrum, it could not be modelled just how the molecular and electromagnetic forces applicable to conglomerate matter distributions (say gaseous hydrogen as cosmic dust) on the quantum scale of molecules could become strong enough to form say 1 km mass concentrations, required for 'ordinary' gravity to assume control.

    The ylem radii's lower limit is defined in this cosmology then show, that it is the ylemic temperature of the 1.2 billion degrees K, which perform the trick under the Ylem-Jeans formulation and which then is applied to the normal collapse of hydrogenic atoms in summation.

    The stellar evolution from the ylemic (di-neutronic) templates is well established in QR and confirms most of the Standard Model's ideas of nucleosynthesis and the general Temperature cosmology.
    The standard model is correct in the temperature assignment, but is amiss in the corresponding 'size-scales' for the cosmic expansion.

    The Big Bang cosmogenesis describes the universe as a Planck-Black Body Radiator, which sets the Cosmic-Microwave-Black Body Background Radiation Spectrum (CMBBR) as a function of n as T4=18.2(n+1)2/n3 and derived from the Stefan-Boltzmann-Law and the related statistical frequency distributions.

    We have the GR metric for Schwarzschild-Black Hole Evolution as RS=2GM/c² as a function of the star's Black Hole's mass M and we have the ylemic Radius as a function of temperature only as Rylem√(kT.Re3/Gomc2).

    The nucleonic mass-seed mc=mP.Alpha9 and the product Gomc2 is a constant in the partitioned n-evolution of

    mc(n) and G(n)=Go.Xn.

    Identifying the ylemic Radius with the Schwarzschild Radius then indicates a specific mass a specific temperature and a specific radius.

    Those we call the Chandrasekhar Parameters:
    MChandra=1.5 solar Masses=3x1030 kg and RChandra=2GoMChandra/c² or 7407.40704..metres, which is the typical neutron star radius inferred today.

    TChandra=RChandra2.Gomc2/kRe3 =1.985x1010 K for Electron Radius Re and Boltzmann's Constant k.

    Those Chandrasekhar parameters then define a typical neutron star with a uniform temperature of 20 billion K at the white dwarf limit of ordinary stellar nucleosynthetic evolution (Hertzsprung-Russell or HR-diagram).
    The Radius for the mass parametric Universe is given in R(n)=Rmax(1-n/(n+1)) correlating the ylemic temperatures as the 'uniform' CMBBR-background and we can follow the evolution of the ylemic radius via the approximation:


    Rylem(npresent=1.132711..)=0.0868.. m* for a Tylem(npresent )=2.747 K* for the present time tpresent=npresent/Ho.

    What then is nChandra?
    This would describe the size of the universe as the uniform temperature CMBBR today manifesting as the largest stars, mapped however onto the ylemic neutron star evolution as the protostars (say as nChandra'), defined not in manifested mass, say as neutron conglomerations, but as a quark-gluon plasma, manifesting physically from the quantum geometric templates in the UFOQR in association with the Vortex-Potential-Energy or VPE.

    R(nChandra')=Rmax(nChandra'/(nChandra'+1))=7407.40741.. for nChandra'=4.64x10-23 and so a time of tChandra'=nChandra'/Ho=nChandra'/1.88x10-18=2.47x10-5 seconds.

    QR defines the Weyl-Temperature limit for Bosonic Unification as 1.9 nanoseconds at a temperature of 1.42x1020 Kelvin and the weak-electromagnetic unification at 1/140 seconds or 7 microseconds at T=1.66x1015 K.

    So we place the first ylemic proto-star after the bosonic unification, before which the plenum had been defined as undifferentiated 'bosonic plasma', and after the electro-weak unification, which defined the Higgs-Bosonic Restmass induction via the weak interaction vector-bosons to enable the di-neutrons to be born as ylem or Gamow's neutron matter.

    287 seconds after the Instanton, the universe was so 173 Million km across, when its ylemic 'concentrated' VPE-Temperature was so 583.5 Billion K* and contained in the limiting quark-gluon-plasma star of 80.3 km in diameter.
    The 'pixelated' universe so became scaled in ylemic temperature bubbles in the form of primordial White-Hole-Sources coupled to Black Hole-Sinks in a form of macro quanta to reflect the sourcesink Eps coupled to the sinksource Ess of the underpinning elementary super membrane Eps.Ess.
    As the universe continued its expansion, the WH-BH dyads remained as temperature hotspots embedded within the cooling spacetime as the Black Body Radiator of the cosmogenesis.

    It so had been the thermodynamic temperature of the expanding universe, which had differentiated the space time matrix in scale and beginning with a 80.3/173x106 or 1 to 2.15 Million ratio between the Vortex-PE and its encompassing spacetime envelope.
    As the universe expanded and cooled, the first ylem stars crystallized from the mass seedling Mo.

    The universe's expansion however cooled the CMBBR background and we to calculate the scale of the universe corresponding to this ylemic scenario; we simply calculate the 'size' for the universe at TChandra=20 Billion K for TChandra4 and we then find nChandra=4.89x10-14 and tChandra=26,065 seconds or so 7.24 hours.

    The Radius R(nChandra)=7.81x1012 meters or 7.24 light hours.
    This is about 52 Astronomical Units and an indicator for the largest possible star in terms of radial extent and the 'size' of a typical solar system, encompassed by supergiants on the HR-diagram.

    We so know that the ylemic temperature decreases in direct proportion to the square of the ylemic radius and one hitherto enigmatic aspect in cosmology relates to this in the planetesimal limit. Briefly, a temperature of so 1.2 billion degrees defines an ylemic radius of 1.8 km as the dineutronic limit for proto-neutron stars contracting from so 80 km down to this size just 1.1 million seconds or so 13 days after the Big Bang.

    This then 'explains' why chunks of matter can conglomerate via molecular and other adhesive interactions towards this size, where then the accepted gravity is strong enough to build planets and moons. It works, because the ylemic template is defined in subatomic parameters reflecting the mesonic inner and leptonic outer ring boundaries, the planetesimal limit being the leptonic mapping. So neutrino- and quark blueprints micro-macro dance their basic definition as the holographic projections of the space-time quanta.

    Now because the Electron Radius is directly proportional to the linearized wormhole perimeter and then the Compton Radius via Alpha in
    Re=1010λwormhole/360=e*/2c2=Alpha.RCompton, the Chandrasekhar White Dwarf limit is proportional to the protonic diameter mirrored in the classical electron radius in Rproton = ½XRe = 0.85838052x10-15 m* as a reduced classical electron radius and for proton = XRe = 1.71676x10-15 m* quantum geometrically increasing Mchandra in Y=1/X as Y.Mchandra = 4.854102x1030 kg* or 2.4271 MSun. The White Dwarf Chandrasekhar limit so increases to the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff (TOV) limit MchandraY = RTOVc2/'2Go.

    Hence any star experiencing electron degeneracy is actually becoming ylemic or dineutronic, the boundary for this process being the Chandrasekhar mass, extended to the TOV mass.
    As this represents the Electron Radius as a Protonic Diameter, the Protonic Radius must then indicate the limit for the scale where proton degeneracy would have to enter the scenario. As the proton cannot degenerate in that way, the neutron star must enter its Quark-Star Gluon-Plasma phase transition at the ½Re/Y scale, corresponding to a mass of 2Y.MChandra=9.7082x1030 kg* or 4.854 solar masses.
    This marker is between the F-googol and the G-googol space quanta counter nexus coordinates.

    The maximum ylemic radius limiting the manifestation of a Quark star then is found from the constant density proportion ρ=M/V:
    (Rylemmax/Re)3=MChandra/mc for Rylemmax=40.16235 km.

    The corresponding ylemic temperature is 583.5 Billion K for a CMBBR-time of 287 seconds or so 4.8 minutes from a n=5.4x10-16, when the universe had a diameter of so 173 Million km.

    The first ylemic protostar vortex was at that time manifested as the ancestor for all neutron star generations to follow.
    This vortex is described in a cosmic string encircling a spherical region so 80.32 km across and within a greater universe of diameter 173 Million km and at a thermodynamic temperature of 583.5 Billion Kelvin at that point in the cosmogenesis.

    This vortex manifested as a VPE concentration after the expanding universe had cooled to allow the universe to become transparent from its hitherto defining state of opaqueness and a time known as the decoupling of matter (in the form of the Mo seedling partitioned in mc's) from the radiation pressure of the CMBBR bosons.

    And so it continued!
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    VIII: Mathimatia C: Galaxy Evolution, Dark Energy and Dark Matter Halos as Physicalized Universal Consciousness

    The Instanton had expanded from its size of the Weyl wormhole to the size of googol E encompassing 1.006..x10112 Eps-Abba quanta of creation in RE = rpsE = 3.4357x1014 m*.
    It had taken 13.25 light days to do so and the temperature of Universe had been TE(nE)4 = {[nE+1]2/nE3}Ho3Mo/(1100π2σ) = 18.1995{[nE+1]2/nE3} (K4/V)* for TE = 1.163x109 K* for nE=2.150x10-12.

    As a Black Hole hypermass equivalence in the lower dimensional spacetime of Universe, the Hawking Modulus HM specifies curvature radius RE in a Temperature TE = HM/MEhyper for MEhyper = hc3/4πGokTE = 7.852x1014 kg* for a curvature radius REBH = 2GoMEhyper/c2 = 1.939x10-12 m*.

    Klein's 4-dimensional hyperspace therefore encompassed the 3-dimensional line space in the quantum thermodynamic mechanical evolution of Black Holes from the Instanton to the Inflaton and the Hubble event horizon of the Mother Black Hole MH = RHc2/2Go.

    In particular, the evolution of hypermass from the Instanton's quantum mass had been required to superpose Klein's higher dimensional and positively curved spheroidal spacetime onto its lower dimensional hyperbolic and negatively curved spacetime.

    The Mathimatia so defined a boundary condition on the Black Hole evolution and based on the definition of physical consciousness and the magneto charge as Abba's 'Quantum of Universal Love' and so the Eps-gauge photon.

    As magneto charge e* = 1/hfps in the units of the Star Coulomb could be written as [C*] = {m3/s2]* the Gravitational parameter GM in the same units [Nm2/kg2].[kg] = [m3/s2] could be used for the purpose to relate the volume occupied by a Black Hole to the ubiquitous nature of physical consciousness as permeating spacetime itself.

    Logos so utilized the algorithmic foundation of the Mathimatia in the Fibonacci sequence and the Euler Identity.
    The FRB or Functional-Riemann-Bound in Quantum Relativity is basic to the pentagonal string/brane symmetries and is defined in the renormalization of a wavefunction B(n) = (2e/hA).exp(-alpha.T(n)), exactly about the roots X and Y, which are specified in the unifying condition of the Euler Identity:

    XY = X+Y = i2 = -1 = cos(π) + isin(π) = ℮

    X = ½(√5-1) = 0.618033..... and Y = -(X+1) = -½(√5+1) = -1.618033...
    -X(X-1) = 0.236067... in analogue to X(X+1) = 1 = T(n) and XY = X+Y = -1 = i2 as the complex origin.

    The Cosmic Wavefunction in the UFOQR is the following Differential Equation:

    dB/dT + αB(n) = 0;

    α being Alpha, the Electromagnetic Fine structure as the probability of light-matter interaction (~1/137).

    This has a solution:

    B(n) = Bo.exp[-α.T(n)]; Bo = 2e/hA from QR boundary conditions defining:

    T(n) = n(n+1) as the Feynman Path-Summation of particular histories under the pentagonal supersymmetry given in the (Euler) identity:

    XY = X+Y = -1 = i2 = exp[iπ] and for the limiting condition: lim [n→X]{T(n)} = 1

    This allows the Normalization of the [Ψ]2 wave function to sum to unity in B(n) = (2e/hA).exp[-α.n(n 1)] with Functional Riemann Bound FRB=-1/2, centered on the interval [Y,...-1,...-X,...-1/2,...(X-1),...0,...X].

    Interval [Y,-1] sets F-Space; interval [-1,0] sets M-Space with uncertainty interval [-X,(X-1)] and interval [0,n) sets the C-Space, encompassing Omni-Space.

    n<0 is imaginary as real reflection of real n>0 of the C-Space, metrically defined at the coordinate n=0 mapping n=nps, which is the Instanton tps=fss=1/fps.

    Cycle time n is defined in GR as dimensionless Tau(τ)-Time in curvature radius RC=c.dt/dτ for the pathlength of x=ct and becomes dn/dt = Ho, n = Hot in QR, with Ho the nodal Hubble Constant defined in c=HoRmaxps.fps.

    The Feynman Path so sums both negative and positive integers as: -n......-3...-2...-1...0...1...2...3......n = T(n) in absolute value to double the infinities as the entropy reversal of light path x=ct=(-c)(-t) in the Möbius Property of the 4 worlds as outlined in the 13 dimensions of the time connectors.

    Cantor Cardinality Aleph-Null is thus Unitized in Aleph-All, counting infinities as if they were integers of the Feynman Path.
    This allows the Feynman interpretation of Quantum Mechanics as alternative to the formulations of Schrödinger (fermionic 1/2 spin) and Klein-Gordon (bosonic integral spin) as time independent and time dependent (free particle form inconsistent with SR in Schrödinger in 1st order t & 2nd order x), formulations respectively.

    The units of B(n) are 1/J, that is Inverse Energy, with A2 an algorithmic constant defining Current-Squared and 2e/h the Josephson Constant in Amperes/Joules.

    B(n) as the universal cosmic wavefunction describes the universe as a potentially infinite collection of 'frozen' wormhole eigenstates at n=0.
    The time Instanton 'unfreezes' one such eigenstate and activates the protoverse as described in an arbitrary local time calibration, say November 4th, 1996; Canberra, Australia, local time, as an example to ‘measure universal time, say in cosmic seconds s*, backwards in time.

    This then allows the 'Mappings' of the C-Space 'real time n>0' from the F-Space of the 'imaginary time n<-1' under utility of the M-Space interval as 'mirror-space'.


    A new physical quantity in 'awareness' is defined as the time differential of frequency and allows the concept of 'consciousness' to be born from the defining qualities of magneto charges.
    Electro magneto-monopolar 'Life' derives as consequence of self-inductions of quantum geometric entities, specified from supermembranes, macro-crystallized in electropolar self-capacitances and magnetopolar self-inductances, subsequently becoming subject to mutual cross-inductances.
    The purpose of the superbranial self replication on ever increasing scales, and until modular duality is reached in minmax boundary conditions; is to establish the multiversal nesting of the smallest within the largest - a process which constituted the beginnings of it all in the 'naked singularity' becoming defined as the Genesis BOSON in the Mathimatia of the Logos of Abba as the ‘Modus Operandi’ of Creation.

    Logos then fine structured the gravitational parameter in the absolute value of |XY| = |-1| = 1 in the formulation GoXn.MoYn = constant = G(n).M(n) = GoMo.

    The quantum gravitational mass Mhyper = ½{Rps/Lp}2. mps then could evolve as Mhyper.Yn = MH in cycle time n = Hot and in the form of the Black Hole masses or equivalently in the form of the wormhole radius Rps expanding to the size of the Hubble event horizon RH = 2GoMH/c2 as the Inflaton boundary in the higher dimensional spacetime. This process engages superstrings as ‘Strominger Branes’ and ‘Extremal-Eternal Black Holes’, which do not Hawking radiate.

    Solving for the completion of the protoverse in n-cyclicity then gives n = ln{MH/Mhyper}/lnY = ln{RH/Rps}/lnY = ln{1.47325...x1025}/ln{1.618034} = 234.471... and indicating that 234.471 half-oscillations of the Hubble parameter between its minimum Instanton node and its maximum Inflaton node would be required to expand the wormhole radius of the Instanton and hypermass Mhyper to the Hubble event horizon as the 11-dimensional boundary of Klein.

    As one half cycle of the 'Heartbeat of Mother Universe' requires 1/Ho= RH/c = 5.32558..x1017 s* or so 16.876 Billion years; the evolution of the protoverse as the seed for phase shifted multiverses within the Omniverse would take 234.471x16.876 = 3.957x1012 years.

    After about 4 Trillion years then, the protoverse would quantum tunnel into the next iteration of its Mathimatia definition and a second universe which would have been created by a resetting of the initializing parameters of its precursive first universe or protoverse.
    And so the second Inflaton became triggered when the light path of the first universe had reached the Hubble node of the first Inflaton 16.876 Billion years from the beginning of the protoverse.

    This time was 19.116 Billion years ago from the ‘unfreezing’ of the Protoverse in AdS spacetime and so shortens the age of the universe as measured in dS spacetime by 2(19.116 - 16.876) = 2(2.24) = 4.48 Billion years to 14.636 Billion years and a time characterizing a newly formed solar system and planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy.
    The 2.24 Billion years interval then relates the beginning of biochemical life in Universe on planet Earth as coincident with the creation of Multiverse in Omniverse as the AdS light path beginning its journey at the Instanton intersected the Inflaton boundary of the Hubble Event Horizon of the cosmogenesis.

    After trillions of years the first evolution of the mass seed in Universe would have exhausted the transmutation of the elements in the birth and death of stars and galaxies and the Omniverse would require a 'recharging' of the mass seed from the VPE as the energy reservoir of Abba in the physical cosmology.
    As universal energy quantum of potential physical manifestation from nowhere in notime this potential energy remains unlimited and the Omniverse in spacetime cannot exhaust its VPE from which the physicalized energy emerges.

    At the Inflaton boundary, the 11-dimensional light path in the invariant light speed parameter 'c' in the higher dimensional universe had been both refracted into the 11th dimension, creating new spacetime in the second universe as a multiverse and it had been reflected back into the lower dimensional spacetime as an EMR-EMMR coupled parameter in a 'deja vu' visitation of the 10-dimensional spacetime.

    This 'return of the light' would self-intersect the expansion of Universe and define particular values for the comoving reference frame for bilocated cosmic or universal observers, one at the origin of the Instanton and the other comoving with the 10-dimenmsional boundary of the Instanton as the image of the Inflaton event horizon.
    Particular cosmological redshift corrections would have to be applied to account for this self-intersection of the multidimensional light path to avoid the measurement of this light path as a relative blueshift of approach to be considered a redshift of recession and to presume an accelerating universe apart from the natural acceleration caused by the Dark Energy from Khaibit in balancing the natural Milgröm deceleration of the cosmogenesis with the gravitational pressure of the baryon seed Mo.

    Mo so evolves as the luminous or baryon matter seed from the baryon part of MH defined in Ωo=Mo/MH = 0.02803 from the Instanton.
    At the beginning, 2.8% of Universe's mass content was baryonic-luminous in the form of ylemic neutrons, which would interact with the VPE matrix of the UFOQR and its matter-antimatter Goldstone supersymmetry.
    This interaction would create the first EMR particles in the form of photons and anti-photons as part of the quark-gluon plasma of the expanding spacetime Instanton. The basic form of the VPE/ZPE is the neutral pion of quark-antiquark couplings from the YCM-MCY matter-antimatter interaction of the third heterotic XL-HO(32) bosonic-fermionic string class and decays into two photons under the conservation laws of energy and momentum.
    πo[0] → quark + antiquark = BY2B = (q+qbar) = γ[1] + γ[-1]
    As EMR photons are not colour charged, they form their own anti-particles and so allow the suppression of antimatter in the cosmology, except in the process of pair-creation and pair-annihilation.


    The baryonic mass content of the universe then would increase as a function of MoYn until the Instanton in an 'open' 10-D spacetime of 'de Sitter' dS would intersect the 'closed' 11-D spacetime of 'Anti-de Sitter' AdS for a n-cycle coordinate nDM∩BM = √2 and when the return of the EMR-EMMR light path would be imaged in the n=0.58578... coordinate specifying the forward journey of the light path from the Instanton 9.894 Billion years from the time of the birth of the physicalized universe.
    The baryon seed would then constitute 5.536% of the total mass energy and remain constant at that value.
    The Baryon Matter BM would so be embedded in the Dark Matter DM and both would be encompassed by the Dark Energy DE in terms of the mass energy of Universe.

    Now it would require a precise half cycle for the Hubble oscillation to calibrate the lower 10D-expansion with the higher 11D-expansion of the light path in the scale factor R(n=½) = RH{n/(n+1)} = RH for a full cycle of n=1 for the 11-dimensional invariant light path speed to reach the Hubble event horizon in R(1) = RH{1/(1+1)} = ½RH.

    The gravitationally decelerating universe had expanded to a size 1/27th of the volume of Universe as a Mother Black Hole at a cycle time of 8.438 Billion years, when the DE began to appear as a inertia associated parameter in Universe.
    It was at this n-cycle coordinate, that the Dark Energy became initiated as a function of mass seed Mo , which as a potential energy form of the VPE/ZPE, had been awaiting light path 'c' to 'illuminate' or to trigger this potentiality.
    Until that time the DM component had made up the difference to the BM in BM+DM = 1.
    The DE in the de Sitter spacetime had been 0 as a function of mass, but it had been and continued to be the balance between the dynamics of the gravitational baryon mass seed and the inherent cosmological Milgröm deceleration as a quintessence.


    The temperature of the Black Body Radiator universe so had reached the threshold for nuclear fusion at the E-googol marker as a characteristic temperature at the center of a star. However this was the temperature of the entire universe as the expanding Instanton and the creation of the ylem neutrons from the Higgs Boson coupled to the Restmass Photon RMP had preceded the cooling down of Universe from its superhot and super dense energy self state of the quark-gluon plasma and as defined in the UFOQR.

    The tertiary application of the Mathimatia had defined two googol markers preceding googol marker E in googol space-quanta counter G = 67x3665 = 9.676924499...x10102 and F = 13x6656 = 1.019538764...x10103.

    A Weyl wormhole as Abba's sourcesink gauge ambassador boson was defined as a volumar quanta for the VPE-ZPE in Vps = 2π2rps3 and it had been a curvature radius of RE = rpsE = 3.4357x1014 m* , which was calculated from E.Vps/2π2RE3 = E.rps3/RE3and E = 26x6561 = 1.00620878...x10112.

    As the curvature radius RE describes a hyperspace Black Hole for the mass seed ME = REc2/2Go = 1.3915x1041 kg* as a subset of the Sarkar Mass Seed Mo and a decillion is 1033 or 1 billion trillion trillion units; the E marker of Universe inferred 10 trillion decillion decillion decillion wormhole quanta to comprise the size of the universe as a radial size of an extended solar system of 2287 Astronomical Units (AU) in spacial extent.
    To reach the E-space quanta googol boundary, Universe had expanded for tE=nE/Ho seconds from the Instanton with the expansion speed slowed to v(nE) = c/(nE+1)2 from light speed c and due to the gravitational positive pressure opposing the negative pressure of the dark energy from Khaibit.
    The DE equation was Λ(nE) = GoMo(nE+1)2/RH2(nE)2 - 2cHo/(nE+1)3 and scale factor R(nE) = RH{nE/(nE+1)} = RE for 1+1/nE = RH/RE for nE = RE/(RH-RE) = 2.150x10-12 for a time tE = nE/Ho = nERH/c = 1,144,900s* or 13.25 light days.

    The DE comprised a baryonic matter seed acceleration of 1.708x1012 [m/s2]* of GoMo/RH2 and an intrinsic cosmic Milgröm deceleration of -2cHo/(1+2.150x10-12]3 = 1.127x10-9 [m/s2]* for a total cosmic acceleration of 1.708x1012 [m/s2]*.

    The DE so is not constant, except in its asymptotic approach, but changes as a cosmic quintessence in Λ(n) = ΛE(n) changing over evolutionary time.

    Universe so evolved in time and space from the Instanton and the quantum gravitational interaction between the mass seed Mo and Abba's mass quantum mps quantum gravitationally coupled to its hypermass equivalent Mpshyper = 6445.78 kg*.
    Abba's temperature Tps = Eps/k = hfps/k = mpsc2/k defined the wormhole parameters of the Instanton in a quantum bosonic temperature of 2.22x1020 K* as the Weyl gauge ambassador boson of creation and so became coupled to the temperature gradient of the Instanton in temperature T(nps) = 2.935x1036 K*.

    T(nps) so had been characteristic in the parameter Omega Ωo = Mo/MH for the Black Hole mass evolution in the ratio of the seedling mass Mo and the closure mass MH as the entire space created by the Inflaton in the de Broglie wave matter acceleration.
    T(nps) had then be coupled to the dark energy in the Einstein lambda of the Instanton in the ratio to the de Broglie phase acceleration AdB in the deceleration parameter qo = ½Ωo = Λo/AdB = Mo/2MH = 0.014015...

    Beginning its expansion at light speed 'c' at the Instanton, Universe in the form of the Weyl wormhole had been a singular particle or scalar Higgs boson with hypermass Mpshyper and temperature T(nps) and with the remaining mass seed Mo - Mpshyper distributed in part of the Inflaton space of Klein as potential Vortex-Potential Energy or VPE.
    All of the Inflaton spacetime was however seeded in additional VPE by the closure Black Hole mass MH.

    A space quanta googol counter E=26x6561 = 1.006..x10112 from the Mathimatia's primary algorithm had defined a boundary in the Inflaton in the quantized volume of space-time occupied by the wormhole quanta.
    The purpose for this nexus marker E had been to trigger a specific onset of the gravitational interaction to act upon sufficiently large mass conglomerations.
    The background temperature of Universe had to be cool enough to do so, yet enabling a process of nuclear fusion to continue in subspaces of Universe in the continuing expansion of Universe in spacetime.

    Once Universe had grown to googol size E the encompassing Black Hole, termed a Sarkar Black Hole, it would become defined in mass seed Mo/MH = RSarkar/RH as a characteristic size of Universe at googol E time in RSarkar = 2GoMo/c2 = MoRH/MH for 2GoMH/c2 = RH.

    oort-cloud-nasa. solarsystem.


    A Synthesis of ΛCDM with MOND in a Universal Lambda Milgröm Deceleration


    [Excerpt from Wikipedia:

    Several independent observations point to the fact that the visible mass in galaxies and galaxy clusters is insufficient to account for their dynamics, when analyzed using Newton's laws. This discrepancy – known as the "missing mass problem" – was first identified for clusters by Swiss astronomer Fritz Zwicky in 1933 (who studied the Coma cluster),[4][5] and subsequently extended to include spiral galaxies by the 1939 work of Horace Babcock on Andromeda.[6] These early studies were augmented and brought to the attention of the astronomical community in the 1960s and 1970s by the work of Vera Rubin at the Carnegie Institute in Washington, who mapped in detail the rotation velocities of stars in a large sample of spirals. While Newton's Laws predict that stellar rotation velocities should decrease with distance from the galactic center, Rubin and collaborators found instead that they remain almost constant[7] – the rotation curves are said to be "flat". This observation necessitates at least one of the following: 1) There exists in galaxies large quantities of unseen matter which boosts the stars' velocities beyond what would be expected on the basis of the visible mass alone, or 2) Newton's Laws do not apply to galaxies. The former leads to the dark matter hypothesis; the latter leads to MOND.

    MOND was proposed by Mordehai Milgrom in 1983

    The basic premise of MOND is that while Newton's laws have been extensively tested in high-acceleration environments (in the Solar System and on Earth), they have not been verified for objects with extremely low acceleration, such as stars in the outer parts of galaxies. This led Milgrom to postulate a new effective gravitational force law (sometimes referred to as "Milgrom's law") that relates the true acceleration of an object to the acceleration that would be predicted for it on the basis of Newtonian mechanics.[1] This law, the keystone of MOND, is chosen to reduce to the Newtonian result at high acceleration but lead to different ("deep-MOND") behaviour at low acceleration:

    upload_2019-3-4_21-15-50. ........(1)

    Here FN is the Newtonian force, m is the object's (gravitational) mass, a is its acceleration, μ(x) is an as-yet unspecified function (known as the "interpolating function"), and a0 is a new fundamental constant which marks the transition between the Newtonian and deep-MOND regimes. Agreement with Newtonian mechanics requires μ(x) → 1 for x >> 1, and consistency with astronomical observations requires μ(x) → x for x << 1. Beyond these limits, the interpolating function is not specified by the theory, although it is possible to weakly constrain it empirically.[8][9] Two common choices are:

    upload_2019-3-4_21-16-10. ("Simple interpolating function"),
    upload_2019-3-4_21-16-28. ("Standard interpolating function").

    Thus, in the deep-MOND regime (a << a0):


    Applying this to an object of mass m in circular orbit around a point mass M (a crude approximation for a star in the outer regions of a galaxy), we find:

    upload_2019-3-4_21-17-13. .......(2)

    that is, the star's rotation velocity is independent of its distance r from the center of the galaxy – the rotation curve is flat, as required. By fitting his law to rotation curve data, Milgrom found a0 ≈ 1.2 x 10−10 m s−2 to be optimal. This simple law is sufficient to make predictions for a broad range of galactic phenomena.
    Milgrom's law can be interpreted in two different ways. One possibility is to treat it as a modification to the classical law of inertia (Newton's second law), so that the force on an object is not proportional to the particle's acceleration a but rather to μ(a/a0)a. In this case, the modified dynamics would apply not only to gravitational phenomena, but also those generated by other forces, for example electromagnetism.[10] Alternatively, Milgrom's law can be viewed as leaving Newton's Second Law intact and instead modifying the inverse-square law of gravity, so that the true gravitational force on an object of mass m due to another of mass M is roughly of the form GMm/(μ(a/a0)r2). In this interpretation, Milgrom's modification would apply exclusively to gravitational phenomena.
    [End of excerpt]

    For ΛCDM:
    acceleration a: a = G{MBM+mDM}/R2

    For MOND:
    acceleration a: a+amil = a{a/ao} = GMBM/R2 = v4/ao.R2 for v4 = GMBMao
    amil = a{a/ao-1} = a{a-ao}/ao = GMBM/R2 - a

    For Newtonian acceleration a: G{MBM+mDM}/R2 = a = GMBM/R2 - amil

    amil = - GmDM/R2 = (a/ao)(a-ao) and relating the Dark Matter to the Milgröm constant in interpolation amil

    for the Milgröm deceleration applied to the Dark Matter and incorporating the radial independence of rotation velocities in the galactic structures as an additional acceleration term in the Newtonian gravitation as a function for the total mass of the galaxy and without DM in MOND.

    Both, ΛCDM and MOND consider the Gravitational 'Constant' constant for all accelerations and vary either the mass content in ΛCDM or the acceleration in MOND in the Newtonian Gravitation formulation respectively.
    The standard gravitational parameter GM in a varying mass term G(M+m) = M(G+ΔG) reduces to Gm=ΔGM for a varying Gravitational parameter G in (G+ΔG) = f(G).

    The Dark Matter term GmDM can be written as GmDM/R2 = -amil = a - a2/ao = ΔGM/R2 to identify the Milgröm acceleration constant as an intrinsic and universal deceleration related to the Dark Energy and the negative pressure term of the cosmological constant invoked to accommodate the apparent acceleration of the universal expansion (qdS = -0.55858).

    ΔG = Go-G(n) in amil = -2cHo/[n+1]3 = {Go-G(n)}M/R2 for some function G(n) descriptive for the change in f(G).

    The Milgröm constant so is not constant, but emerges as the initial boundary condition in the Instanton aka the Quantum Big Bang and is identified as the parametric deceleration parameter in Friedmann's solutions to Einstein's Field Equations in = a(a-ao) and ao(amil + a) = a2 or ao = a2/(amil+a).

    A(n) = -2cHo/[n+1]3 = -2c2/RH[n+1]3 and calculates as -1.12663683x10-9 (m/s2)* at the Instanton and as -1.1614163x10-10 (m/s2)* for the present time coordinate.

    The Gravitational Constant G(n)=GoXn in the standard gravitational parameter represents a fine structure in conjunction with a sub scale quantum mass evolution for a proto nucleon mass
    mc = alpha9.mPlanck from the gravitational interaction fine structure constant α
    g = 2πGomc2/hc = 3.438304..x10-39 = alpha18 to unify electromagnetic and gravitational quantum interactions.

    The proto nucleon mass mc(n) so varies as complementary fine structure to the fine structure for G in mcYn for a truly constant Go as defined in the interaction unification.
    G(n)M(n)=GoXn.MoYn = GoMo(XY)n = GoMo in the macro evolution of baryonic mass seedling Mo and Gomc in the micro evolution of the nucleonic seed remain constant to describes a particular fine structure for the time frame in the cosmogenesis when the non-luminous Dark Matter remains separate from the luminous Baryon mass.

    The DM-BM intersection coordinate is calculated for a cycle time n = Hot = 1.4142..or at an universal true electromagnetic age of 23.872 billion years.
    At that time, the {BM-DM-DE} mass density distribution will be {5.536%; 22.005%; 72.459%}, with the G(n)M(n) assuming a constant value in the Hubble cycle.
    The Dark Energy pressure will be PPBM∩DM = -3.9300x10-11 (N/m2)* with a corresponding 'quasi cosmological constant' of
    ΛBM∩DM = -6.0969x10-37 (s-2)*.

    Within a local inertial frame of measurement; the gravitational constant so becomes a function of the micro evolution of the proto nucleon mass mc from the string epoch preceding the Instanton.
    A localized measurement of G so engages the value of the mass of a neutron as evolved mc in a coupling to the evolution of the macro mass seedling Mo and so the baryonic omega
    Ωo=Mo/MH = 0.02803115 in the critical density ρcritical = 3Ho2/8πGo = 3MH/4πRH3 = 3c2/8πGoRH2 for the zero curvature and a Minkowskian flat cosmology.

    The fine structure for G so engages both the micro mass mc and the macro mass Mo, the latter being described in the overall Hypermass evolution of the universe as a Black Hole cosmology in a 5/11D AdS 'closed' spacetime encompassing the dS spacetime evolution of the 4/10D 'open' universe.

    The Milgröm 'constant' so relates an intrinsic Dark Energy cosmology to the macro cosmic hypermass evolution of Black Holes at the cores of galaxies and becomes universally applicable in that context.
    No modification of Newtonian gravitation is necessary, if the value of a locally derived and measured G is allowed to increase to its string based (Planck-Stoney) value of Go=1/k=4πεo = 1.111..x10-10 string unification units [C*=m3/s2] and relating spacial volume to angular acceleration in gravitational parameter GM.

    The necessity for Dark Matter to harmonize the hypermass evolution remains however, with the Dark Energy itself assuming the form of the Milgröm deceleration.

    amil = -2cHo/[n+1]3 = -{Go-G(n)}M/R2 = -Go{1-Xn}M/R2 for the gravitational parameter GM coupled to the size of a galactic structure harboring a central Black Hole-White Hole/Quasar power source.
    This coupling of the EMMR physical consciousness in the Restmass Photons or RMPs in the form of monopolar displacement currents therefore relates the expansion of the universe to cycle time n=Hot to the radial size of the Dark Matter Haloes or DMHs at particular coordinates of cycle time n.

    Dark Matter Halos and Physicalized Consciousness

    At the Instanton n=nps for Mops2 = Λo/Go = constant = 1.8137x1095 [kg/m2]* and when all the DM was contained within the Weyl wormhole as a minimum radius for the DMHs.
    At the Inflaton Hubble boundary as a prospective DMH maximum, an infinite n for MH/RH2 = c2/2RHGo = constant = 2.5349.. [kg/m2]* and when all the DM would be within the Inflaton defined Hubble event horizon.

    This boundary will however remain 'out of bounds' for the asymptotic expansion of Universe.


    Universe will quantum tunnel 234.47 cycles or about 4 Trillion years after the Instanton into the second universe as a Multiverse defined 16.9 Billion years after the Instanton and when the 11-dimensional EMR light path had reached the Hubble event horizon as the AdS negatively curved boundary of the hyperbolic cosmology of the convex lensed Witten mirror separating Shadow Universe Khaibit from Universe.

    Universal Galactic Cell:.............. GoM/R2 = 2cHo{n2/(n+1)5}
    for constant initial Milgröm deceleration 2cHo = 2c2/RH = 1.12663683x10-9 [m/s2]*

    The expansion of the universe given in the dark energy DE in the gravitational acceleration GoMo/R(n)2 = Go∑Mgalaxy/∑Rgalaxy2 = GoMo/Rsarkar2 in describing the Black Hole defined by the curvature radius Rsarkar = 2GoMo/c2 = 2GoMH/c2 = ΩoRH = 4.4783..x1024 m* and for the encompassment of the universe at cycle time coordinate nsarkar = Rsarkar/{RH - Rsarkar/} = 0.0283..= Ωo = Mo/MH from R(n) = Rsarkar = RH{n/(n+1)} and RH/Rsarkar = 1+1/nsarkar.

    This so considers mass seed Mo to be distributed as the baryon luminous matter seed in a summation of galaxies mass M and radius R and within a daughter Black Hole defining the extent of universe at the Sarkar curvature radius containing Mo.
    The nonluminous dark matter DM then extends the baryon seed as the fraction added to the ΩBM(n) = ΩoYn = MoYn/MH to allow Ω(n)= ΩBM(n)+ ΩDM(n) = 1
    The DE does not participate in this matter distribution until it activates at the n=½ coordinate 8.445 Billion years after the Instanton.
    For any cycle time n>½ , the matter energy distribution Ω(n) = ΩBM(n) + ΩDM(n) + ΩDE(n) = 1 = {Mo/MH}|mod1.

    {M/R2}{Rsarkar2/Mo}{MH/RH2} = {M/R2}.{Mo/MH}|mod1 = {n/(n+1)}2.{2cHo/Go(n+1)3} = {2c2/GoRH}{n2/(n+1)5} the total mass energy seed
    {M/R2}.ΩBM(n) = {2c2/GoRH}{n2/(n+1)5} ..... as the baryonic luminous mass energy seed for the stellar disk of a galaxy mass M and Radius R
    {M/R2}.ΩDM(n) = {2c2/GoRH}{n2/(n+1)5} .... as the DM Outer Halo or DMOH mass energy seed and ΩDM(n) = 1 - ΩBM(n) for n<½ and ΩDMBM[1+1/n]3-1}
    {M/R2}.ΩDE(n) = {2c2/GoRH}{n2/(n+1)5} .... as the DE Boundary Halo or DEBH mass energy seed for n>½

    The Milky Way is an observer relative right handed barred spiral galaxy with its complementary left handed barred spiral Andromeda and the Pinwheel galaxy all of a total BM+DM mass of 2x1042 kg for each galaxy.
    They differ in their visible stellar extent, Andromeda the largest at 220,000 light years across, followed by the Pinwheel galaxy at 170,000 light years across and the Milky Way 120,000 light years across. This indicates that the three galaxies are of comparable equal mass but differ in their DM content inversely proportional to their RMP galactic space-occupancy awareness evolution of physical consciousness as monopolar energy distribution.


    The DM halos are calculated from the known distribution of Ω(n) = ΩBM(n) + ΩDM(n) + ΩDE(n) = 1

    For a present n=1.132711 ...... 1 = ΩoYn + ΩoYn{(1+1/n)3 - 1} + {1 - ΩBM(n) - ΩDM(n)} = 0.0483 + 0.2741 + 0.6776 = 1

    For a n=⅔ ...... 1 = ΩoYn + ΩoYn{(1+1/n)3 - 1} + {1 - ΩBM(n) - ΩDM(n)} = 0.0386 + 0.5645 + 0.3969 = 1

    For the onset of DE at n=½ ...... 1 = ΩoYn + ΩoYn{(1+1/n)3-1} + {1 - ΩBM(n) - ΩDM(n} = ΩoY½ + {1-0.03565} = 0.03565 + 0.9270 + 0.0373 = 1

    For the 'galaxy formation peak' defined in the Einstein quintessence minimum and for a cosmological redshift of z=1.177..; so 4 Billion years after the Instanton; ngp=0.2389 ........ 1 = ΩoYn + {1 - ΩBM(n)} + 0 = 0.03144 + 0.9686 + 0 = 1

    For the beginning of galaxies at the Einstein-quintessence zero for cosmological redshift z=2.125; so 1.83 Billion years after the Instanton; ng=0.10823...... 1 = ΩoYn + {1 - ΩBM(n)} + 0 = 0.02953 + 0.97047 + 0 = 1

    For the stellar disks of the three galaxies under consideration and for f{M/R2} = {2c2/GoRH}{n2/(n+1)5} = 0.2949 for np=1.13271.
    Function f{M/R2} increases from 0 at nps to 0.0710 for ng=0.10823 to 0.1983 for ngp=0.2389 to 0.3338 for n=½ to a relative maximum at n=⅔ for {2c2/GoRH}{108/3125} = 0.35043 to subsequently decrease from this maximum at 11.25 Billion years after the Instanton or 7.87 Billion years from the present epoch.

    n=½ defines the onset of the Dark Energy and results in the measurement of an apparently accelerating universe, 8.438 Billion years after the Instanton or 19.12 - 8.44 = 10.68 Billion years from the present in Anti-deSitter spacetime and 14.64 - 8.44 = 6.20 Billion years ago in deSitter spacetime.
    The time period from n=½ to a relative maximum at n=⅔ and 10.68 - 7.87 = 2.81 Gy, so characterizes the introduction of a physicalized DE into the cosmology.

    In this epoch, the components of the distribution Ω(n) = ΩBM(n) + ΩDM(n) + ΩDE(n) = 1 changed in decreasing the Dark Matter DM fraction in lieu of the Dark Energy DE fraction.
    This had the effect of 'physicalizing' galactic consciousness in a redistribution of the 'missing mass' given in the qo = ½Ωo = Λo/AdB = Mo/2MH = 0.014015... Deceleration-Omega parameter.

    As the n=½ cycle coordinate defines the midpoint between the two extremum nodes in the Oscillation of the Hubble Constant and metaphysically termed as the 'Heartbeat of the Great Mother Baab'; the 'Father White Hole' in AdS spacetime becomes synchronized with the 'Mother Black Hole' in dS spacetime in their respective Hubble horizons in AdS and dS.
    In AdS nRHAdS = {1-1/n+1}RHdS in dS for n=1 coinciding with the birth of the second universe in parallel time space and collocal as a multiverse with the protoverse as the seedling universe.

    In quantum theoretical terms, the n=½ cycle time coordinate introduced the Restmass Photon RMP as a mass energy equivalent for physicalized universal consciousness in changing its nature from a Dark Matter particle to a Dark Energy particle.
    As more VPE transmutes from DM into DE and BM in the universal mass evolution; the transformed 'dark and non-luminous mass energy' begins to 'shine' in a cosmic phenomenon, which can be called the synergy between wave-mind and particle-body or the psychosoma of Aurobindo's Supramentalisation of matter.

    Dark Energy so crystallizes itself as physicalized universal consciousness in its self-transformation from prior to evolved states of energy defined in the creation events and agenda of Abba and his Logos.


    {M/R2}{0.0483} = 0.2949 for a BMIH Inner Halo stellar radius of Rmilkyway = 5.723x1020 m* or Rmw/{c.365.2425.86,400} = 60,455 light years ly
    and ΩBMDM = 0.0483/0.3224 = 0.150 for np
    and ΩBMDM = 0.03863/0.35043 = 0.11024 for n=⅔
    and ΩBMDM = 0.03565/0.9270 = 0.0385 for n=½
    and ΩBMDM = 0.03144/0.9686 = 0.0325 for ngp
    showing the evolution of the galaxy in time with a small increase in Higgs-RMP mass reducing the DM inertia in increased space awareness, generalised in dfps/dt = d{1/fss}/dt.

    {M/R2}{0.2741+0.0483} = 0.2949 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 1.479x1021 m* or Rmw/{c.365.2425.86,400} = 156,192 ly
    {M/R2}{0.6776+0.3224} = 0.2949 for a DEBH Boundary Halo of Rmw = 2.604x1021 m* or Rmw/{c.365.2425.86,400} = 275,081 ly

    As the inversion of the wormhole radius of the Instanton defines the coupling of supermembrane Eps.Ess; the galactic separation parameter is given in rss|min = 1022 m* or 1.056 Million ly and rss|max = 2πx1022 m* in 6.637x106 ly.

    For n=⅔;
    {M/R2}{0.03863} = 0.35043 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 4.695x1020 m* or 49,598 ly
    {M/R2}{0.6031} = 0.35043 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 1.855x1021 m* or 195,942 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.35043 for a DEBH Boundary Halo of Rmw = 2.389x1021 m* or 252,347 ly

    For n=½ and a universal extent of 8.438 Billion light years as RDE = 7.988x1025 m* as galaxy crystallization from the group galaxy seed from the supercluster seed, centered on the Milky Way seed and manifesting the Milky Way seed as a major galaxy in the onset of DE participation in the mass energy evolution;
    {M/R2}{0.03565} = 0.9270 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 2.773x1020 m* or 29,295 ly
    {M/R2}{0.96265} = 0.9270 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 1.441x1021 m* or 152,227 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.9270 for a DEBH Boundary Halo of Rmw = 1.469x1021 m* or 155,153 ly

    For n=ngp=0.2389 and a universal extent of 4.032 Billion light years as Rgp = 3.817x1025 m* as galaxy crystallization from the group galaxy seed from the supercluster seed, centred on the Milky Way seed;
    {M/R2}{0.03144} = 0.1983 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 5.631x1020 m* or 59,481 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.1983 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 3.176x1021 m* or 335,457 ly

    For n=ng=0.10823 and a universal extent of 1.826 Billion light years as Rg = 1.729x1025 m* as the group galaxy crystallization seed from the supercluster seed, centred on the Milky Way seed
    {M/R2}{0.02953} = 0.0710 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 9.120x1020 m* or 96,339 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.0710 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 5.307x1021 m* or 560,621 ly from Local Group

    For n=nsuperclustero=0.02803 and a universal extent of 473.037 Million light years as Rsarkar = 4.4783x1024 m* as the supercluster seed, centred on the Milky Way seed
    {M/R2}{0.02841} = 0.0069 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 2.870x1021 m* or 303,117 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.0069 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 1.703x1022 m* or 1,798,350 ly from Laniakea Supercluster

    For n=½Ωo=qo=0.0140 and a universal extent of 236.519 Million light years as ½Rsarkar = 2.239x1024 m* as the supercluster seed initiation, centred on the Milky Way seed
    {M/R2}{0.02822} = 0.0019 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 5.450x1021 m* or 575,706 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.0019 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 3.244x1022 m* or 3,427,061 ly from Laniakea Supercluster

    For nmin=½qo=¼Ωo=0.0070075 as a potential 118.3 Million year marker for a galaxy of mass M=2x1042 kg*, such as the Milky Way and Andromeda and Pinwheel and as a consequence of the Inflaton parameters of supermembrane EpsEss in rss|max = 1/rps = 2π/λps = 2πλss as the Milky Way seed
    {M/R2}{0.028125} = 0.00048 for a BMIH Inner Halo of Rmw = 1.0816x1022 m* or 1,142,479 ly
    {M/R2}{1} = 0.00048 for a DMOH Outer Halo of Rmw = 6.4550x1022 m* or 6,818,331 ly

    The Birth of the Milky Way galaxy as one of the firstborn galaxies in Universe and the home galaxy of Baab's Earth is so calculated at 118.3 Million years after the birth of time and space at the Instanton nps = λps/RH = Ho/fps.and for synchronization and connectivity between Khaibit and Universe as the diameter Ø=2RH.

    As the DM distribution in a galaxy reflects its physical consciousness evolution in terms of the monopolar displacement currents and the RMP derived from the Higgs Boson; galaxies with well-defined central supermassive Black Holes and older elliptical galaxies are more evolved in their DM content. As Black Holes drive the evolution of all galaxies, well defined Black Holes indicate more dark matter in their host galaxies total mass energy content, than younger and evolving galaxies, characterised by ubiquitous star formation and smaller central Black Holes, or Ultra-Luminous-X-ray sources or ULX sources. ULX sources are related to quasars and the ylemic protostars as 'inversed' Black Holes or White Holes, characterised by high temperatures and luminosities.

    The RMP's quantum geometric template is YYCCMM(-1) = Y2C2M2(-1) = YCM(-½) + YCM(-½) and so allows the DM gauge ambassador 'particle' to merge with two left-handed WNI-neutrons as mass-energy increase by the Higgs Field YYCCMM(0) = YCM(0) + YCM(0).
    The growth of the baryon mass seed Mo in Ω(n) = ΩoYn so represents the 'growing in physical consciousness' of matter itself.
    Logos called this the 'Aurobindo Supramentalisation of Matter' in the monopolar displacement currents of Universe as a mass increase.

    The Milky Way hosts the local star system Rahsol and Earth and so Abba's Baab focus at the center of Earth and so is the template for the general evolution of galaxies as cells in the metaphysical body of Adam as Universal Maleness and Eve as Universal Femaleness in bisexual cross-coupling or macro quantum entanglement.

    The DM distribution of the Milky Way so calibrates the DM distribution relative to the Inner Halo, the Outer Halo and the DE boundary.
    RmwBMIH/RandBMIH = 60,455/ 110,000 = 0.55 for 0.0483/0.552 = 0.160 Andromeda's relative baryonic mass fraction
    RmwBMIH/RpinBMIH = 60,455/ 85,000 = 0.71 for 0.0483/0.712 = 0.0958 as Pinwheel's baryonic mass fraction

    {M/(1.08x1042}{0.160} = 0.2949 for a BMIH stellar radius of Randromeda = 1.04x1021 m* or = 110,033 ly and ΩBMDM = 0.160/0.3224 = 0.496
    {M/R2}{0.3224} = 0.2949 for a DMOH Halo of Randromeda= 1.479x1021 m* or Rand = 156,192 ly
    {M/R2}{1.0} = 0.2949 for a DEBH Halo of Randromeda = 2.604x1021 m* or Rand = 275,081 ly
    rss|min = 1022 m* or 1.056 Million ly for a Galactic Halo of mass Mandromeda

    {M/(6.496x1041}{0.0958} = 0.2949 for a BMIH stellar radius of Rpinwheel = 8.060x1020 m* or = 85,142 ly and ΩBMDM = 0.0958/0.3224 = 0.297
    {M/R2}{0.3224} = 0.2949 for a DMOH Halo of Rpinwheel = 1.479x1021 m* or Rpin = 156,192 ly
    {M/R2}{1.0} = 0.2949 for a DEBH Halo of Rpinwheel = 2.604x1021 m* or Rpin= 275,081 ly
    rss|min = 1022 m* or 1.056 Million ly for a Galactic Halo of mass Mpinwheel

    For the Andromeda barred spiral galaxy or any galaxy seeded with a total BM+DM mass of 2x1042 kg, the galaxy's DMOH radius would be 1.479x1021 m* or 156,192 light years for the present era and increase to 3.176x1021 m* or 335,457 light years at the peak of the galaxies as a function of the Einstein Quintessence for ngp=0.2389 and 4.032 Billion years from the Instanton, observing the galaxy backwards in cosmological time.

    This galactic seed would increase further in its Dark Matter Outer Halo radius to 5.307x1021 m* or 560,621 light years at the onset of Galaxy formation at the DE zero at ng=0.10823 or 1.83 Billion years after the Instanton.

    The consciousness evolution of galactic cell Andromeda and represented by its DMOH structure, would be evidenced in Andromeda's DMOH shrinking towards the universal Dark Energy nexus in more of the dark matter becoming 'illuminated' by the universal consciousness evolution of Universe and its parts as subsystems of galactic cells.

    The Outer Halo for the Dark Matter Halo DMOH energy distribution is limited by the inversion of the wormhole radius rps in rss = 1/rps = 2π/λps = 2πλss = rss as a typical separation scale between large cellular galaxies such as Milky Way and Andromeda in 6.28x1022 m* as
    DMOH|max = {2πrss/c}/{365.2425x24x3600} = 6.637x106 light years or 6.637x106 ly/3.26 = 2035.9 kiloparsec kpc.

    Macro-cellular Modulation rss/2π = λss = 1022 m* then characterizes the Dark Matter Consciousness Haloes around such major galaxies in 1022 m* or as DMH|min = {rss/2πc}/{365.2425x24x3600} = 1.056x106 light years or 1.056x106 ly/3.26 = 324.02 kpc.


    For more details:
    And so it continued!
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    IX: Mathimatia D: Quantization of Mass, String Unification Physics, Supersymmetric Quark-Lepton Hierarchy and the Higgs Boson

    The Coupling of the Energy Laws by the Self-Frequency of the Quantum for Mass

    The universe contains an intrinsic coupling-parameter between its inertial mass content and its non-inertial energy content.
    The matter in the universe is described by the physical parameter termed Mass (M), say as proportional to Energy (E) in Einstein's famous equation Mass M = E/c2.
    This mass M then reappears in Newtonian mechanics as the change in momentum (p) defining the Inertial Mass (Mi) as being proportional to some applied Force (F) or the 'work done' for a particular displacement {F = dp/dt for p = mv and v a kinematic velocity as the ratio of displacement over time generalised in the light path X = cT}.

    It is also well understood, that the inertial mass Mi has a gravitational counterpart described not by the change in momentum of inertia carrying matter agglomerations; but by the geometric curvature of space containing matter conglomerations. This Gravitational Mass Mg is measured to be equivalent to the Inertial Mass Mi and is formulated in the 'Principle of Equivalence' in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity.
    F-Theory then has shown, that this Inertial Mass Mi is coupled inherently to a 'mass-eigen' frequency via the following formulation:

    (1) Energy E = hf = mc2 (The Combined Planck-Einstein Law)
    (2) E = hf iff m = 0 (The Planck Quantum Law E = hf for light speed invariance c = λf)
    (3) E = mc2 iff f = fo = fss (The Einstein Law E = mc2 for the light speed upper limit)

    (1) Whenever there is mass (M = Mi = Mg) occupying space; this mass can be assigned either as a photonic mass {by the Energy-Momentum relation of Special Relativity: E2 = Eo2 + (pc)2} by the photonic momentum p = h/λ = hf/c} OR a 'rest mass' mo = m/√[1-(v/c)2] for 'rest energy' Eo = moc2.

    The 'total' energy for the occupied space so contains a 'variable' mass in the 'combined' law; but allows particularisation for electromagnetic radiation (always moving at the Maxwell light speed constant c in Planck's Law and for the 'Newtonian' mass M in the Einstein Law.

    (2) If M = 0, then the Einstein Law is suppressed in favour of the Planck Law and the space contained energy E is photonic, i.e. electromagnetic, always dynamically described by the constancy of light speed c.

    (3) If M>0, then there exists a mass-eigen frequency fss = fo = Ess/h = mssc2/h, which QUANTIZES all mass agglomerations m = Σmss in the mass quantum mss = Ess/c2.

    All mass is quantized in m = ∑mss = Nmss and 1/fss2=fps2 eigen states in 9x1060 permutations to mfss2/mss = mEss/msshfps = m.mssc2/mssEps = mc2/mpsc2 = m/mps.
    Any mass m is so quantum gravitationally quantized in a mass eigen frequency fss in the time instanton as the inverse of the source frequency fps as a distribution of permutational self-states fps2|mod = 9x1060.

    The Inflaton and the Grand Unification Symmetry in a Transformation of Supermembranes

    Planck Unification I----------IIB-----------HO32------------IIA----------HE64---------Bosonic Unification

    Quantum Gravitation Unification in a Coupling of the Supermembranes in Self dual Monopole Class IIB
    SEWG --- SEWg​

    SEWG ---- SEWg as string transformation from Planck brane to (Grand Unification/GUT) monopole brane.
    {Capitalization of letters infers emphasis and decapitalization of letters implies suppression of respective fundamental interactions}.

    String Boson

    Decoupling Time s*


    Energy (hc/λ)
    J* & eV*


    Wavelength m*



    0. Genesis-Boson

    = λps/RH = λpsHo/c
    = nps = Hotps


    ENERGY= hRmaxps
    1.065 PJ* or
    6.629x1033 eV*


    = hRmax/kλps


    1. Planck-Boson



    1.523 GJ* or
    9.482x1027 eV*



    Limit in

    2. Monopole-Boson IIB/sEwGSEWg



    4.337 MJ* or
    2.700x1025 eV*



    Limit in

    3. XLBoson



    302.817 kJ* or
    1.885x1024 eV*



    Limit in

    4. Ecosmic-Boson



    1.0073 J* or
    6.270x1018 eV*



    Galactic Supercluster
    Sarkar Scale
    Mo=RSarkar c2/2Go

    5. False Higgs Vacuum
    (min to max)

    [min] to [max]

    [min] to [max]

    0.143 J* or
    8.883x1017 eV*
    [min] to [max]
    0.023 J* or
    1.458x1017 eV*

    [min] to [max]

    [min] to [max]

    Genesis Boson}

    Supercluster Scale

    6. Weyl-Boson

    Big Bang
    Instanton EMI



    0.002 J* or
    1.245x1016 eV*


    Genesis Boson
    T(nps) =

    Galactic Halo
    (Group) Scale

    7. T(n)=Tps
    Bosonic Condensate


    0.5691 Protoverse
    Inflaton min to
    Instanton to Inflaton max

    Bosonic Plasma
    = ∑ hfps
    = ∑ λps


    TBU = Tps
    = 1.417x1020




    8. Higgs Chi-Boson/
    Super Diquark
    Vacuum Expectation
    Electroweak WNI


    Quantum Scale

    4.799x10-8 J* or
    298.785 GeV*



    The X-Boson is modular dual to the L-Boson in the string class transformation from the Planck brane to the monopole brane to the X/L-brane to the Cosmic String brane to the Weyl brane. For the X-Boson, the coupling can be written as: #.(mps/mPlanck)f(G) and for the L-Boson it is written as: #54.(mPlanck/mps)f(S) to indicate the inherent modular duality.
    As alpha = #3 specifies the emmr-matter-emr interaction probability; EMI/SNI = #3/# = #2 breaks the unified symmetry via the WNI and defines #f(G) as a unitary mass.

    A 'mixing angle' θps is defined via constant X {ℵ}3 alpha α as X = ϖ(n). sin θps for a unitary force action ϖ(n) acting on the inflaton acceleration cfps modulated from the inflaton source hyper-acceleration of the de Broglie matter wave for phase speed RHfps in RHfps2=1.43790791x1087 (m/s2)* in the displacement light path for the nodal Hubble constant Ho = dn/dt = c/RH defining the frequency ratio nps = λps/RH = 2πrps/RH = fps/Ho as the linearization of the wormhole from its closed Planck brane form as string class I into its transformation as open string class HE(8x8) then manifesting as the Compton-de Broglie wavelengths in the emr-matter-emmr interactions.

    The Hubble law so modulates the inflaton as the instanton in a dimensionless cycle time parameter n in a time rate change constant as the nodal Hubble constant H(n)|min = Ho = 58.04 km/Mpc.s (extrapolated to 66.9 km/Mpc.s for a present npresent = 1.13271... cycle time coordinate) and in inverse proportion to its maximum as the wormhole frequency fps, becoming the maximum node for H(n) in the associated multiverse cosmology, which defines this multiverse as parallel in time space, but as holofractally nested in spacetime. It is then a quantum tunneling of the entire universe upon the completion of interwoven cycles defining the nodal oscillations in particular nodal 'walls of time' defined in the light path, which become the medium for this quantum tunneling of lower dimensional spacetime itself.

    The inflaton angle θps so is maximized at 90° at X = ϖ(n). sin θps for θps = 38.17270761° for a unitary force ϖ(n)=1 and for the X/L bosonic coupling for a GUT scale characterizing SEW.G for the decoupling of the gravitational interaction from the unified energy field described by the Standard Model.
    Now the Planck string for a Planck time of tP = 2πrP/c = 4.377x10-43 is connected to the X/L string via the monopole string at the unified SEWG level in the self-duality of the GUT-monopole at [ec.c2]uimd = 2.7x1016 GeV* and at a brane inflaton time of tM = 2πrM/c = 1.537x10-40 s* and for which SEWG transformed into sEwG to indicate the unified nature between the long-range EMI and GI in a coupling of the electromagnetic and gravitational fine structures here termed alpha and g-alpha respectively.

    The X/L boson time is tXL = 2πrXL/c = 2.202x10-39 s* and string class HO(32) decouples gravity in replacing f(G)/mPlanck by the monopole mass #2/[ec]uimd modular dual to f(S)mPlanck to account for the SNI/EMI breaking of the native supersymmetry SEWG and to transform the Planck brane energy scale into the X/L brane energy scale.

    mXB = alpha.mps/[ec]uimd = #3.mps/[ec]uimd = 3.364554269x10-12 kg* = 1.884955575x1015 GeV* unifying SEW in the monopolar electron boson energy mec|max = αmps mLB = alpha18.[ec]uimd/#2.mps = #52.[ec]uimd/#2.mps = 1.982105788x10-28 kg* = 111.0453587 MeV* unifying EWG at the bosonic muon energy

    The X-Boson mass and the L-Boson mass then transform into the string class IIA, as the coupling from the self-dual monopole class, here termed the ECosmic Boson to indicate its native characterization as primordial cosmic string ancestor for a spectrum of cosmic rays.
    The elementary Cosmic Ray Spectrum derives from the transformation of the Planck-String-Boson at the birth of the universe.
    The following tabulation relates those transformation in energy and the modular duality between the distance parameters of the macrocosm of classical spacetime geometry and the microcosm of the quantum realm.


    (λ) m

    (hc/λ) J & eV

    Modular Wavelength m


    1. Planck-Boson

    1.2x10-34 m

    1.6 GJ or
    9.9x1027 eV

    8.0x1033 m

    Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    2. Monopole-

    4.6x10-32 m

    4.3 MJ or
    2.7x1025 eV

    2.2x1031 m

    Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    3. XL-Boson

    6.6x10-31 m

    303 kJ or
    1.9x1024 eV

    1.5x1030 m

    Outside Hubble Horizon Limit

    4. X-K-Boson
    transit (+)

    8.8x10-28 m

    227 J or
    1.6x1021 eV

    1.1x1027 m


    5. X-K-Boson
    transit (-)

    1.0x10-27 m

    201 J or
    1.2x1021 eV

    1.0x1027 m


    6. CosmicRayToe

    1.9x10-27 m

    106 J or
    6.6x1020 eV

    5.3x1026 m



    2.0x10-25 m

    1.0 J or
    6.2x1018 eV

    5.0x1024 m

    Supercluster Scale


    1.0x10-22 m

    0.002 J or
    1.24x1016 eV

    1.0x1022 m

    Halo(Group) Scale


    6.3x10-22 m

    0.3 mJ or
    2.0x1015 eV

    1.6x1021 m

    Galactic Disc(Halo) Scale


    1.4x10-20 m

    0.002 mJ or

    7.1x1019 m

    Galactic Core Scale
    Energies then become defined in standard physics, such as supernovae, neutron stars and related phenomena, engaging electron accelerations and synchrotron radiation.

    represents the ECosmic-Boson aka superstring class IIA as a D-brane attached open string dual to the (self-dual) monopole string class IIB and where the D-Brane or Dirichlet-Coupling in both cases becomes the 'intermediary' heterotic (closed loop) superstring HO(32).

    It is the HO(32) superstring, which as a bosonic full-quantum spin superstring bifurcates into the subsequently emerging quark-lepton families as the K-L-Boson split into bosonic proto-dinucleons (mc's) as George Gamow's primordial neutron matter or ylem in his proposed cosmology descriptive of the QBB.

    depicts the Weyl-Boson of the Big Bang Planck-singularity of the Weyl-Geodesic of relativistic spacetime as the final 'octonionized' string class HE(8x8).

    9. modulates the experimentally well measured 'knee' energy for Cosmic Rays as the distribution flux of high-energy protons as the primary particle in the 2π-factor. The wormhole radius is 10-22 m/2π for a Halo-(Dark Matter)-Radius of 2πx1022 meters.

    10. is the massless ancestor of the Higgs-template and defined through the Weyl-String-Eigenenergy E* = kT* = hf*= m*c2 = 1/e* = 1/2Re c2.
    The scale of (10) emerges from the holographic principle as 2π2R*3.f*2 = e* for R*=h/(2πm'c)=1.41188..x10-20 m for a Compton Energy of E' = m'c2 = 2.2545..x10-6 J or 14.03 TeV, which serendipitously is the maximum energy regime for which the LHC is presently designed (2019).

    The Experimental Evidence for the Superstrings is observed indeed every day in the laboratories of the astrophysics around the globe.

    The ECosmic Boson manifests at an inflaton time of tEC=2πrEC/c = 6.717x10-34 s* at an energy of 0.9927 J* or 6.180x109 eV* and as a consequence of the universal wavefunction B(n) = {2e/hA}.exp{-Alpha.T(n)} and where T(n) = n(n+1) defines X and Y in the Euler identity for T(n) = 1.

    The electromagnetic interaction, which was emphasized in the decoupling of the gravitational interaction in the sEwG to form the X/L-Boson in SEW.G now becomes suppressed in SeW.G in the B(n) for n = nps=6.259093473x10-49 0 and T(0) = 0 for B(nps)=2e/hA= units of inverse energy that is as units of the magneto charge under modular string duality.
    The constant A=4.854663436x1014 Ampere* can be defined as a cosmic string magneto current and derives from particular algorithmic encodings underpinning the numerical values for the fundamental constants of nature.

    A then enables Newton-Raphson approximation for the charge quantum ‘e’ in Alpha as first approximation e1=½hA and B(-½[1±i3]) and in a transcendental equation for T(n) = i2 = -1 for f(e) = (2e/hA).exp[Alpha] - 1 = 0 or (2e/hA).exp[60πe2/h] = 1

    The ECosmic boson then triggers a 'false vacuum' in a brane time interval from tdBmin = GoMo/c3nps = 4.672x10-33 [min] to [max] tdBmax = √αtps = 2.847... x10-32 defined in a non-kinematic temperature gradient of the cosmogenesis and related to the hyper acceleration gradient between the de Broglie inflaton wave phase speed adB = RHfps2 and the boundary cosmological (dark energy) constant ΛEinstein(nps) = GoMops2 with 2.ΛEinstein(nps)/adB = Mo/MH = 0.02803.. descriptive for the baryonic matter content at the instanton as a proportional coupling between the 'mother black hole' defined in the Schwarzschild metric with an event horizon the size of the Hubble radius RH = 2GoMH/c2.

    It can be said, that the universal wave function B(n) remains 'frozen' within this encompassing inflaton event horizon about the FRB (Functional Riemann Bound) at the x = -½ coordinate and between a cosmic uncertainty interval {X: -1,0} defining the Witten-M-space in this presentation; until it is observed and/or defined in accordance with the premises of quantum mechanics applied to the universe in total. In particular the 'unfreezing' of B(n) requires the linearization of the quantum geometric circularity of the Compton wavelength into its particularized quantum radius.

    Quark-Lepton Unification in XL-Boson Class HO(32)
    SEWg --- SEW.G​

    Following the creation of the 'false Higgs vacuum' as a potential spacetime quantum and as a prototypical holofractal of the brane volumar; the Planck string and now as an ECosmic string of increased spacial extent and of lower energy transforms into the Weyl-Eps Boson of the quantum big bang event as the instanton.
    This results in an integration or summation of Eps-quanta evolving at the speed of light from the original Weylian wormhole as the 'creation singularity'.
    This 'filling' of the inflaton M-space with lower dimensional instanton C-space represents however an attempt by the wormhole summation, which is expanding originally at the speed of light to become retarded by a force opposing the linear expansion and so decurving of the original wormhole definition. This effect of anti-curvature or the attempt to recircularized the linearization of the lower dimensional expanded membrane space by its higher dimensional contracting (or collapsing) membrane space is known as gravity in the macrocosmic cosmology of General Relativity but represents the integrated effect of quantum gravity as a summation of spacetime quanta as wormhole volumars inhabiting expanding space as boundary and initial condition for contracting spacetime.
    The expanding qbb or the integration and multiplication of wormhole quanta now enables the X/L bosons to transform into a quark-lepton hierarchy at instanton time tps = fss = 1/fps = 3.333.x10-31 s*.

    The Higgs vacuum is now rendered as physical in spacetime occupancy and the relative sizes of elementary particles is defined in the diameter of the electron and its parameters of energy and momentum. In particular e*=2Rec2=1/Eps restricts the extent of the Compton constant in the mass and size of the electron and quantizing the quantization of monopolar energy in the volumar equivalent of the inversed source energy quantum of the Weyl-Eps Boson conformally transformed from the Planck scale onto the Weyl wormhole scale in the superstring transformations.

    Magnetopolar charge e* as inversed energy quantum in its higher dimensional form assumes the characteristic of a region of space acted upon by the time rate change of frequency or df/dt. As said, this allows a definition of physical consciousness as the action of a quasi-angular acceleration as df/dt onto the dynamics of anything occupying any space, if this space represents a summation of Eps- gauge photon quanta. The concept of physical consciousness so finds it resolution in the quantum geometry of super brane volumars.
    The Higgs field of physical consciousness so applies action on spatially occupied dynamics, such as elementary particles or collections and conglomerations of particles, irrespective of those particles exhibiting inertial mass or gravitational mass and as a consequence of the photonic energy equivalence to mass in E=hf=mc2.
    The X-Boson of energy 1.885x1015 GeV* so transforms into a K-Boson of energy given by the transformed Planck boson into the K-Boson with mc = mPlanck.Alpha9 = keα8.5
    = (e/Go8.5 = 9.9247245x10-28 kg or 556.0221 MeV* under Planck-Stoney unification for electric charge and mass.
    The primordial K-Boson so becomes the ancestor for all nucleons and hyperons as a base kernel energy as a function of cycle time n in m(n)=mcYn.

    The upper bound for the kernel mass so becomes mcYnpresent =1.711753x10-27 kg* or 958.991 MeV* for npresent set at 1.132711...
    The K-Boson then assumes the form of a trisected subatomic core in distributing the K-superstring energy in three quantum geometric parts or sectors depictable in three 120-degree regions of a gluon field for the 8 gluon permutations between the SU(3) self-states:
    E=mc2: {BBB; BBW; WBB; BWB; WBW; BWW; WWB; WWW}:E=hf, for the hyperon SU(3) unitary quark or antiquark distribution and E=mc2:{BB; BW; WB; WW}:E=hf for the mesonic quark-antiquark couplings for SU(2), with the (W)hite state implying complete emr-emmr dematerialization and the (B)lack state inferring complete materialization in the chromodynamics of the colour mixing and gluon charge exchanges.
    The L-Boson then induces the outer leptonic OR ring structure as the ancestor of the muon fermion and the inner mesonic ring or IR becomes the oscillatory potential for the OR to reduce in size to approach the kernel K trisected in the gluon distribution.
    The precursive X/L-Boson transforming into the quark-lepton hierarchy of fermions, so manifests a native supersymmetry or supergravity without any necessity for additional particles or string vibrations in unification physics.

    It can then be said, that the meeting or intersection of the OR with the Kernel K occurs at the IR in the form of neutrinos and anti-neutrinos emitted by the kernel as the partners for the OR manifesting as three leptonic generations in electron, muon and tauon to define the weak interaction bosons in the weakons and the Z-Boson. The weakons so display the bosonic nature of the original X/L bosons but allow a partitioning of the boson integral spin momentum in a sharing between the fermionic kernel and the fermionic outer ring. The quantum geometry indicated then allows a decomposition of the weakons into leptonic generations and the Z-Boson to assume the weak interaction energy in the form of massless gluons becoming mass induced by the quantum geometric template of a scalar Higgs field as Majorana neutrinos. This can be illustrated in the quantum chromodynamics of the trisection of both kernel and rings as the mixing of colour charges as indicated.


    Subtracting the L-Boson mass from the K-Boson mass then sets particular energy intervals shown following in the diquark hierarchies found in the quantum geometry of Quantum Relativity. The energy interval for the KKK kernel then becomes (282.6487 MeV* - 319.6637 MeV*) and is defined as a Kernel-Ring-Cross-Coupling constant, where 111.045/3 = 37.015 gives the appropriate energy range for a particular quark energy level for a ground state GS:
    GS = GSn-1 + 2gn -1 + ULMn-2 .{ ⅓e-;⅔e-}
    = Iterative Kernel GS + Ring Perturbation


    Kernel-Ring Mixing Constant: KX/RL = mcYn/3mLB = 958.991/(3x111.045) = 2.8786858
    for npresent =1.132711..........................................[Eq.18]

    Nucleonic Upper Limit: mcYnpresent = 1.71175285x10-27 kg* = 958.9912423 MeV*

    Unitary Coupling Force: ϖ(npresent)/√{Ynpresent} = #f(G).cfps{alphaE/alpha} = 2πcGomplanckmpsmemc√(Ynpresent)/eh2 = 1.33606051
    alphaE = 2πGomcme/hc for mc√(Yn); as ring masses me,μ,τ are constant in kernel masses
    alphaG = 2πGomc2/hc for kernel mass mc as mcYn

    Graviton-GI mass: #f(G)=alpha.mplanck/[ec]uimd transforms mps from mplanck in mXB

    Coupling angle: θps(npresent) = Arcsin(X/ϖ(npresent)) = Arcsin(0.4625…) = 27.553674°

    Upper Bound Multiplier = 1/Lower Bound Multiplier

    ULM = 1/LBM = 90°/θps(npresent) = 3.26663521

    Using those definitions allows construction for the diquark hierarchies following.
    We next reduce the atomic scaling to its intrinsic superstring dimension in deriving the Higgs Bosonic Restmass Induction, corresponding to the Dilaton of M-Theory.
    Renormalizing the wavefunction B(n) about the FRB = -½ as maximum ordinate gives a probability y2dV for y(0) = √(alpha/2π) for the renormalization.
    Alpha/2π being the probability of finding the FRB fluctuation for the interval [-X,X-1] in volume element dV as the uncertainty fluctuation.
    This volume element defines the dimensional intersection from C-Space into F-Space via M-Space in the topological mapping of the complex Riemann C-Space about the Riemann pole of the FRB as the Calabi-Yau superstring space in 10 dimensions.


    X = ½(√5-1) = 0.618033...... and Y = -(X+1) = -½(√5+1) = -1.618033...
    -X(X-1) = 0.236067... in analogue to X(X+1) = 1= T(n) and XY = X+Y = -1 = i2 as the complex origin. But 0.236067...= X3, so defining the 'New Unity' as #3 = Alpha and the precursive unity as the Cube root of Alpha or as # in the symmetry #:#3 = SNI:EMI = Strong Nuclear Interaction Strength {Electromagnetic Interaction Strength}.
    The Strong-Interaction-Constant SIC = √Alpha = √e2/2εohc = √(60πe2/h) in standard and in string units, reduces the SNI fine structure constant # by a factor Alpha1/6 ; that is in the sixth root of alpha and so relates the SIC at the post quantization level as # to the pre-quantum epoch as SIC = √Alpha = #3/2.

    The SNI is therefore so 11.7 times weaker at the XL-Boson 'Grand-Unification-Time' SEW.G of heterotic superstring class HO(32), then at the EpsEss time instantaneity S.EW.G of the superstring of the Quantum Big Bang in heterotic class HE(8x8) {this is the string class of Visi in the group theories}.
    This then is the Bosonic Gauge Heterosis Coupling between superstrings HO(32) and HE(8x8). The coupling between superstrings IIA (ECosmic and manifesting the cosmic rays as superstring decay products) and IIB (Magnetic Monopole) derives directly from the B(n), with B(n=0) = Jo = 2e/hA = 0.9927298 1/J* or 6.2705x109 GeV* and representative of the ECosmic string class and the super high energy resonances in the cosmic ray spectrum, bounded in the monopolar resonance limit of 2.7x1016 GeV*.

    The Unity of the SNI transforms to [1-X] = X2 and the EMI transforms as the Interaction of Invariance from X to X.
    The Weak Nuclear Interaction or WNI as X2 becomes [1+X] = 1/X and the Gravitational Interaction or GI transforms as X3 transforms to [2+X] = 1/X2 by modular symmetry between X and Alpha and the encompassing Unification Unity: [1-X][X][1+X][2+X] = 1.
    This Unification Polynomial U(u) = u4+2u3-u2-2u+1 = 0 then has minimum roots (as quartic solutions) at the Phi = X and the Golden Mean Y = -(1+X).
    This sets the coupling between SNI and EMI as X; the coupling between EMI and WNI becomes X2 and the coupling between WNI and GI then is again X.
    The general Force-Interaction-Ratio so is: SNI:EMI:WNI:GI = SEWG = #:#3:#18:#54.

    Typical decay rates for the nested fundamental interactions then follow the order in the light path lp = ctk:
    tSNI = Re/c = 2.777...x10-15 m*/3x108 m*/s* = 0.925925...10-24 s* ~ Order (10-23 s*)
    tEMI = tSNI/α = 10-23 s*/(7.30x10-3) = 1.37x10-21 s* ~ Order (10-21 s*)
    tWNI = tSNI6 = 10-23 s*/(1.51x10-13) = 6.62x10-11 s* ~ Order (10-10 s*)
    tGI = tSNI18 = 10-23 s*/(3.44x10-39) = 2.91x1015 s* ~ Order (1015 s* ~ 92 million years characterizing the half-lives of trans uranium elements like Plutonium Pu-244 at 79x106 y)

    This is the generalization for the cubic transform: x→x3 with the Alpha-Unity squaring in the functionality of the WNI and defining G-Alpha as Alpha18 in the Planck-Mass transforming in string bosonic reduction to a basic fundamental nucleonic mass (proton and neutrons as up-down quark conglomerates and sufficient to construct a physical universe of measurement and observation):

    mc = mplanck Alpha9 from the electromagnetic string unification with gravitation in the two dimensionless fine structures:
    For Gravitational Mass Charge from higher D Magnetic Charge: 1 = 2πGo.mplanck2/hc
    For Electromagnetic Coulomb Charge as lower D Electric Charge: Alpha = 2πke2/hc
    Alpha as the universal master constant of creation, then becomes defined via the Riemann Analysis from XY = i2 definition, reflecting in modulation in the statistical renormalization of the B(n) as the probability distributions in quantum wave mechanics, however.
    U(u) has its maximum at u = -½ = FRB for U(-½) = 25/16 = (5/4)2 for the B(n) supersymmetry. A symmetry for B(n) is found for i2.U(u) = 0 for an FRB = ½ indicating a cosmological relationship to the Riemann hypothesis with respect to the distribution of prime numbers and Riemann's zeta function.
    The derivation of the HBRMI draws upon this definition process and sets the coupling angle as Arcsin(X/ϖ) for a Unitary 'Force' ϖ =(#fG).cfpsE-Alpha/Alpha and with the electron mass replacing the fundamental nucleon mass mc in the definition of E-Alpha.
    A disassociated GI unifies with the WNI in the L-Boson and is supersymmetric to an intrinsic unification between the SNI and the EMI as the X-Boson for the duality fGfS = 1 in modular definition of a characteristic GI-mass #fG as the disassociated elementary gauge field interaction. The transformation of the 5 superstring classes proceeds in utilizing the self-duality of superstring IIB as the first energy transformation of the Inflaton in the Planck string class I trans mutating into the monopole string class IIB.

    Wikipedia reference:
    F-theory is a branch of string theory developed by Cumrun Vafa.[1] The new vacua described by F-theory were discovered by Vafa and allowed string theorists to construct new realistic vacua — in the form of F-theory compactified on elliptically fibered CalabiYau four-folds. The letter "F" supposedly stands for "Father".[2]
    F-theory is formally a 12-dimensional theory, but the only way to obtain an acceptable background is to compactify this theory on a two-torus. By doing so, one obtains type IIB superstring theory in 10 dimensions. The SL(2,Z) S-duality symmetry of the resulting type IIB string theory is manifest because it arises as the group of large diffeomorphisms of the two-dimensional torus

    The transformation of the 5 superstring classes proceeds in utilizing the self-duality of superstring IIB as the first energy transformation of the Inflaton in the Planck string class I trans mutating into the monopole string class IIB and residing in the 2-toroidal bulk space of Vafa as our Riemann 3-dimensional surface V4(R)=½π2R4; dV4(R)/dR=2π2R3 and describing the VPE-ZPE of the micro quantum of the qbb. The Eps-Weyl wormhole of topological closure so is holographically and conformally mapped onto the bulk space in 12 dimensions as a braned volumar evolving by mirror duality of the hyperbolic 11dimensional closed-open AdS membrane space of Witten's M-space as Vafa's F-space and mirroring the hyperbolic topology of 10-dimensional spheroidal C-space as an open-closed dS cosmology in 12-dimensional spheroidal F-space in an overall measured and observed Euclidean flatness of zero curvature.

    Vafa's F-space so can be named the omniverse hosting multiple universes which are nested in parallel time space and defined in particular initial and boundary conditions valid and applicable for all universes as a multiversal parameter space.
    The quantization of mass m so indicates the coupling of the Planck Law in the frequency parameter to the Einstein law in the mass parameter.
    The postulated basis of M-Theory utilizes the coupling of two energy-momentum eigenstates in the form of the modular duality between so termed 'vibratory' (high energy and short wavelengths) and 'winding' (low energy and long wavelengths) self-states.
    The 'vibratory' self-state is denoted in: Eps=Eprimary sourcesink = hfps = mpsc2 and the 'winding' and coupled self-state is denoted by: Ess = Esecondary sinksource = hfss = mssc2.
    The F-Space Unitary symmetry condition becomes: fpsfss = rpsrss = (λps/2π)(2πλss) = 1
    The coupling constants between the two eigenstates are so: EpsEss = h2 and Eps/Ess = fps2 = 1/fss2 The Supermembrane EpsEss then denotes the coupled superstrings in their 'vibratory' high energy and 'winded' low energy self-state within an encompassing super eigen state of quantum entanglement.
    The coupling constant for the vibratory high energy describes a maximized frequency differential over time in df/dt|max = fps2 and the coupling constant for the winded low energy describes its minimized reciprocal in df/dt|min = fss2.
    F-Theory also crystallizes the following string formulations from the EpsEss super brane parameters.

    Electromagnetic Fine structure: αe = 2πke2/hc = e2/2ε0hc = μoe2c/2h = 60πe2/h .......... (Planck-Stoney-QR units *)
    Gravitational Fine structure (Electron): αg = 2πGome2/hc = {me/mPlanck}2

    Gravitational Fine structure (Primordial Nucleon): αn = 2πGomc2/hc

    Gravitational Fine structure (Planck Boson): αPlanck = 2πGomPlanck2/hc

    1/Eps = e* = 2Rec2 = √{4αhce2/2πGome2} = 2e√α[mP/me] = 2e√{αeg} = {2e2/me}√(k/Go) = 2e2/Gome = e2/2πεome for Go = 1/k = 4πεo
    for a cosmological unification of fine structures in unitary coupling E*.e* = 1 in [Nm2/kg2] = [m3s-2/kg] = 1/[Nm2/C2] = [C2m-3s2/kg] for [C2] = [m6/s4]
    and [C] = [m3/s2]. Eps = 1/Ess = 1/e* = √{αge}/2e = Gome/2e2

    Here e* is defined as the inverse of the sourcesink vibratory superstring energy quantum Eps = E* and becomes a New Physical Measurement Unit is the Star Coulomb (C*) and as the physical measurement unit for 'Physical Consciousness'.
    Re is the 'classical electron radius' coupling the 'point electron' of Quantum- Electro-Dynamics (QED) to Quantum Field Theory (QFT) and given in the electric potential energy of Coulomb's Law in: mec2 = ke2/Re; and for the electronic monopolar rest mass me.
    Alpha α is the electromagnetic fine structure coupling constant α = 2πke2/hc for the electric charge quantum e, Planck's constant h and lightspeed constant c.
    Go is the Newtonian gravitational constant as applicable in the Planck-Mass mP = √(hc/2πGo) and the invariance of the gravitational parameter G(n)M(n) = GoXn.mcYn.

    As the Star Coulomb unit describes the inverse sourcesink string energy as an elementary energy transformation from the string parametrization into the realm of classical QFT and QED, this transformation allows the reassignment of the Star Coulomb (C*) as the measurement of physical space itself.
    The following derivations lead to a simplified string formalism as boundary- and initial conditions in a de Sitter cosmology encompassing the classical Minkowskian-Friedmann spacetimes holographically and fractally in the Schwarzschild metrics.
    The magnetic field intensity B is classically described in the Biot-Savart Law:
    B = μoqv/4πr2 = μoi/4πr = μoqω/4πr = μoNef/2r
    for a charge count q = Ne; angular velocity ω = v/r = 2πf; current i = dq/dt and the current element i.dl = dq.(dl/dt) = vdq.
    The Maxwell constant then can be written as an (approximating) fine structure: μoεo = 1/c2 = (120π/c)(1/120πc) to crystallize the 'free space impedance'
    Zo = √(μoo) = 120π ~ 377 Ohm (Ω).

    This vacuum resistance Zo so defines a 'Unified Action Law' in a coupling of the electric permittivity component (εo) of inertial mass and the magnetic permeability component (μo) of gravitational mass in the Equivalence Principle of General Relativity.
    A unified self-state of the pre-inertial (string- or brane) cosmology so is obtained from the fine structures for the electric- and gravitational interactions coupling a so defined electropolar mass to magnetopolar mass respectively.
    The Planck-Mass is given from Unity 1 = 2πGmP2/hc and the Planck-Charge derives from Alpha = 2πke2/hc and where k = 1/4πεo in the electromagnetic fine structure describing the probability interaction between matter and light (as about 1/137).
    The important aspect of alpha relates to the inertia coupling of Planck-Charge to Planck-Mass as all inertial masses are associated with Coulombic charges as inertial electropoles; whilst the stringed form of the Planck-Mass remains massless as gravitational mass. It is the acceleration of electropoles coupled to inertial mass, which produces electromagnetic radiation (EMR); whilst the analogy of accelerating magnetopoles coupled to gravitational mass and emitting electromagnetic monopolar radiation (EMMR) remains hitherto undefined in the standard models of both cosmology and particle physics.

    But the coupling between electropoles and magnetopoles occurs as dimensional intersection, say between a flat Minkowskian spacetime in 4D and a curved de Sitter spacetime in 5D (and which becomes topologically extended in 6-dimensional Calabi-Yau tori and 7-dimensional Joyce manifolds in M-Theory).
    The formal coupling results in the 'bounce' of the Planck-Length in the pre-Big Bang scenario, and which manifests in the de Broglie inflaton-instanton.
    The Planck-Length LP = √(hG/2πc3) 'oscillates' in its Planck-Energy mP = h/λPc = h/2πcLP to give √Alpha).LP = e/c2 in the coupling of 'Stoney units' suppressing Planck's constant 'h' to the 'Planck units' suppressing charge quantum 'e'.
    Subsequently, the Planck-Length is 'displaced' in a factor of about 11.7 = 1/√Alpha = √(h/60π)/e and using the Maxwellian fine structures and the unity condition kG=1 for a dimensionless string coupling Go = 4πεo, describing the 'Action Law' for the Vacuum Impedance as Action=Charge2, say via dimensional analysis:
    Zo = √([Js2/C2m]/[C2/Jm]) = [Js]/[C2] = [Action/Charge2] in Ohms [Ω = V/I = Js/C2] and proportional to [h/e2] as the 'higher dimensional source' for the manifesting superconductivity of the lower dimensions in the Quantum Hall Effect (~e2/h), the conductance quantum (2e2/h) and the Josephson frequencies (~2e/h) in Ohms [Ω].

    This derivation so indicates an electromagnetic cosmology based on string parameters as preceding the introduction of inertial mass (in the quantum Big Bang) and defines an intrinsic curvature within the higher dimensional (de Sitter) universe based on gravitational mass equivalents and their superconductive monopolar current flows.
    A massless, but monopolar electromagnetic de Sitter universe would exhibit intrinsic curvature in gravitational mass equivalence in its property of closure under an encompassing static Schwarzschild metric and a Gravitational String-Constant Go = (1/k)|mod = (1/30c)|mod (as given in the Maxwellian fine structures in the string space).
    In other words, the Big Bang manifested inertial parameters and the matter content for a subsequent Cosmo evolution in the transformation of gravitational 'curvature energy', here called gravita as precursor for inertia into inertial mass seedlings; both however describable in Black Hole physics and the Schwarzschild metrics.
    The Gravitational Fine structure so derives in replacing the Planck-Mass mP by a proto-nucleonic mass: mc = √(hc/2πGo).f(alpha) = f(Alpha).mP and where f(Alpha) = Alpha9.

    The Gravitational fine structure, here named Omega, is further described in a five folded supersymmetry of the string hierarchies, the latter as indicated in the following below in excerpt. This pentagonal supersymmetry can be expressed in a number of ways, say in a one-to-one mapping of the Alpha fine structure constant as invariant X from the Euler Identity: X+Y = XY = -1 = i2 = exp(iπ).
    One can write a Unification Polynomial: (1-X)(X)(1+X)(2+X) = 1 or X4+2X3-X2-2X+1 = 0 to find the coupling ratios: f(S)¦f(E)¦f(W)¦f(G) = #¦#3¦#18¦#54 from the proportionality
    #¦#3¦{[(#3)2]}3¦({[(#3)2]}3)3 = Cube root(Alpha):Alpha:Cuberoot(Omega):Omega.

    The Unification polynomial then sets the ratios in the inversion properties under modular duality:
    (1)[Strong short]¦(X)[Electromagnetic long]¦(X2)[Weak short]¦(X3)[Gravitational long] as 1¦X¦X2¦X3 = (1-X)¦(X)¦(1+X)¦(2+X).

    Unity 1 maps as (1-X) transforming as f(S) in the equality (1-X) = X2; X maps as invariant of the function f(E) in the equality (X) = (X); X2 maps as (1+X) transforming as f(W) in the equality (1+X) = 1/X; and X3 maps as (2+X) transforming as f(G) in the equality (2+X) = 1/X2 = 1/(1-X). The mathematical pentagonal supersymmetry from the above then indicates the physicalised T-duality of M-theory in the principle of mirror-symmetry and which manifests in the reflection properties of the heterotic string classes HO(32) and HE(64), described further in the following.
    Defining f(S) = # = 1/f(G) and f(E) = #2.f(S) then describes a symmetry breaking between the 'strong S' f(S) interaction and the 'electromagnetic E' f(E) interaction under the unification couplings.
    This couples under modular duality to f(S).f(G) = 1 = #55 in a factor #-53 = f(S)/f(G) = {f(S)}2 of the 'broken' symmetry between the long range- and the shortrange interactions.
    SEWG = 1 = Strong-Electromagnetic-Weak-Gravitational as the unified supersymmetric identity then decouples in the manifestation of string-classes in the de Broglie 'matter wave' epoch termed inflation and preceding the Big Bang, the latter manifesting at Weyl-Time as a string transformed Planck-Time as the heterotic HE(64) class.

    As SEWG indicates the Planck-String (class I, which is both open ended and closed), the first transformation becomes the suppression of the nuclear interactions sEwG and describing the self-dual monopole (string class IIB, which is loop-closed in Dirichlet brane attachment across dimensions say Kaluza-Klein R5 to Minkowskian R4 or Membrane-Space R11 to String Space R10).

    The monopole class so 'unifies' E with G via the gravitational fine structure assuming not a Weylian fermionic nucleon, but the bosonic monopole from the kGo = 1 initial-boundary condition GmM2 = ke2 for mM = ke = 30[ec] = mP√Alpha.
    The Planck-Monopole coupling so becomes mP/mM = mP/30[ec] = 1/√Alpha with f(S) = f(E)/#2 modulating
    f(G) = #2/f(E) = 1/# ↔ f(G){f(S)/f(G)} = # in the symmetry breaking f(S)/f(G) = 1/#53 between short (nuclear asymptotic) and long (inverse square).

    The short-range coupling becomes f(S)/f(W) = #/#18 = 1/#17 = Cube root(Alpha)/Alpha6 and the long-range coupling is Alpha/Omega = 1/Alpha17 = #3/#54 = 1/#51 = 1/(#17)3.

    The strong nuclear interaction coupling parameter so becomes about 0.2 as the cube root of alpha and as measured in the standard model of particle physics in the form of an energy dependent 'running coupling constant' and which takes a value of αZ = 0.1184 at the energy level of the Zo weakon at about 92 GeV.
    The monopole quasi-mass [ec] describes a monopolar source current ef from the unification identity 1/e*fps = h = E*/fps as a fine structure for Planck's constant h, manifesting for a displacement λ=c/f. This is of course the GUT unification energy of the Dirac Monopole at precisely [c3] eV or 2.7x1016 GeV and the upper limit for the Cosmic Ray spectra as the physical manifestation for the string classes: {I, IIB, HO(32), IIA and HE(64) in order of modular duality transmutation}.
    The transformation of the Monopole string into the XL-Boson string decouples Gravity from sEwG in sEw.G in the heterotic superstring class HO(32). As this heterotic class is modular dual to the other heterotic class, HE(64), it is here, that the proto nucleon mass is defined in the modular duality of the heterosis in: Omega = Alpha18 = 2πGomc2/hc = (mc/mP)2.

    The HO(32) string bifurcates into a quarkian X-part and a leptonic L-part, so rendering the bosonic scalar spin as fermionic half spin in the continuation of the 'breaking' of the supersymmetry of the Planckian unification. Its heterosis with the Weyl-string then decoupling the strong interaction at Weyl-Time for a Weyl-Mass mWeyl = mps, meaning at the time instanton of the end of inflation or the Big Bang in sEw.G becoming s.Ew.G.

    The X-Boson then transforms into a fermionic proto nucleon triquark-component (of energy ~ 10-27 kg or 560 MeV) and the L-Boson transforms into the proto-muon (of energy about 111 MeV).

    The last 'electroweak' decoupling then occurs at the Fermi-Expectation Energy about 1/365 seconds after the Big Bang at a temperature of about 3.4x1015 K and at a 'Higgs Boson' energy of about 298 GeV.

    A Bosonic decoupling preceded the electroweak decoupling about 2 nanoseconds into the cosmogenesis at the Weyl-temperature of so TWeyl = Tmax = EWeyl/k = 1.4x1020 K as the maximum Black Hole temperature maximized in the Hawking MT modulus and the Hawking-Gibbons formulation: McriticalTmin = ½MPlanckTPlanck = (hc/2πGo)(c2/2k) = hc3/4πkGo for Tmin = 1.4x10-29 K and Boltzmann constant k.

    The Hawking Radiation formula results in the scaling of the Hawking MT modulus by the factor of the 'Unified Field' spanning a displacement scale of 8π radians or 1440° in the displacement of 4λps.

    The XL-Boson mass is given in the quark-component: mX = #3mWeyl/[ec]|mod = 1.9x1015 GeV modulated in (SNI/EMI={Alpha}/[Alpha]), the intrinsic unified Strong-Electroweak Interaction-Strength for the Kernel part in the Quark-Lepton hierarchy. The LX-Boson mass is given in the lepton-component: mL = Omega.[ec]/#2 = ([Omega]x([ec])/(mps.2) = #52[ec/mWeyl] ~ 111 MeV in functional operators f(G)xf(S) = 1 for the Ring part in the Quark-Lepton hierarchy.

    In particular f(G)/mplanck ↔ #2/[ec] for #(mps/mplanck)f(G) and the X-Boson and f(S).mplanck ↔ [ec]/#2 for #54[(mplanck/mps)f(S) for the L-Boson.
    The X-Boson's mass is: ([Alpha α]xmps/[ec]) modulated in (SNI/EMI={Alpha}/[Alpha]), the intrinsic unified Strong-Electroweak Interaction-Strength and the L-Boson's mass in: ([Omega]x([ec])/(mps.2).

    When the heavy electron known as the muon was accidentally discovered in the late 1930s, Nobel physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi famously remarked, "Who ordered that?"

    It is this lepton component which necessitates the existence of the muon (and the tauon and their neutrino partners as constituents of the weak interaction gauge bosons) as a 'heavy electron', as the quantum geometry defines the muon mass in a decoupling of the L1 energy level given in a diquark hierarchy and based on a quantum geometry of the quantum relativity:

    Ten DIQUARK quark-mass-levels crystallize, including a VPE-level for the K-IR transition and a VPE-level for the IR-OR transition:

    Quark Level

    Kernel-Energy in MeV*

    K-Mean(x½) in MeV*

    Ring-Energy in MeV**

    Ground state




    gL2 = 14.11355


    L2 = 1.5010 = mu


    K-IR VPE



    gL1 = 46.100


    L1 = 4.9028 = md

    =98.645; 98.604

    Ds = 0.041
    = gL2 - gL1 + 2Lu,d

    electron level

    u=K; d=K+IR
    ubar=Kbar; dbar=Kbar+IRbar


    gu,d = 150.5781


    Lu,d = 16.014





    gs = 491.8401

    muon energy

    Ls = 52.308


    1st (K)-OR-Muon level





    gcU = 1,606.53



    LcU = 170.86

    Pole mass





    gb = 5,247.48

    =mb*= 4,197.56


    Lb = 558.08

    Pole mass






    gM = 17,140.13


    LM = 1,822.88

    max Tauon energy

    Pole mass


    in 2nd K-OR-Tauon level M=us and M.Mbar=VPE
    in b.bbar resonance





    gD =


    LD = 5,954.25

    Pole mass


    in D=dd and D.Dbar=VPE
    in no IROR oscillation





    gt =

    =mt*= 163,912.6


    Lt = 19,448.25

    Pole mass





    gS = 597,159.0


    LS = 63,525.27

    Pole mass


    in S=ss and S.Sbar=VPE
    in no ORIR oscillation


    most symmetric quantum geometry

    for groundstates gk (+Δ)

    energy values

    energy *

    energy SI

    particle name







    charged proton



    mK+2[L2]-2[e-]+⅓[e-]- Δs




    neutral neutron


    OR* in 1st OR oscillation

    mL - L1 - Δ
    n[Ls : 98.19-111.05]




    charged muon


    OR** in 2nd OR oscillation

    LM - mL+ 2gs + Ls + Lud + Δ





    charged tauon


    u.ubar; d.dbar

    mgu,d - Lu,d + e- + ⅓e- + Δ




    neutral pion



    u.dbar; ubar.d

    mgu,d - Lu,d + L1 + e- +
    πo + L1 - ⅓e- + Δ




    charged pion



    mno+ mπo + gL2 - L1 + Δ





    neutral lambda

    alephghayin (2).

    Ten DIQUARK quark-mass-levels crystallize, including a VPE-level for the K-IR transition and a VPE-level for the IR-OR transition:

    The K-Means define individual materializing families of elementary particles:
    a (UP/DOWN-Mean) sets the (PION-FAMILY: πo, π+, π-);
    a (STRANGE-Mean) specifies the (KAON-FAMILY: Ko, K+, K-);
    a (CHARM-Mean) defines the (J/PSI=J/Ψ-Charmonium-FAMILY);
    a (BEAUTY-Mean) sets the (UPSILON=Υ-Bottonium-FAMILY);
    a (MAGIC-Mean) specifies the (EPSILON=Ε-FAMILY);
    a (DAINTY-Mean) bases the (OMICRON-Ο-FAMILY);
    a (TRUTH-Mean) sets the (KOPPA=Κ-Topomium-FAMILY) and
    a (SUPER-Mean) defines the final quark state in the (HIGGS/CHI=H/Χ-FAMILY).

    The VPE-Means are indicators for average effective quark masses found in particular interactions.
    Kernel-K-mixing of the wavefunctions gives K(+) = 60.214 MeV* and K(-) = 31.986 MeV* and the IROR-Ring-Mixing gives (L(+) = 6.404 MeV* and
    L(-) = 3.402 MeV*) for a (L-K-Mean of 1.5010 MeV*) and a (L-IROR-Mean of 4.9028 MeV*); the Electropole ([e-] = 0.52049 MeV* and 3x(0.17350 MeV* for e±/3) as the effective electron mass and as determined from the electronic radius and the magneto charge in the UFoQR.

    The rest masses for the elementary particles can now be constructed, using the basic nucleonic Restmass (mc=9.9247245x10-28 kg*=(√(OmegaxmP) for np as 1.71175286x10-27 kg* or 958.99 MeV* and setting as the basic maximum

    (UP/DOWN-K-mass=mass(KERNEL CORE)=3xmass(KKK)=3x319.6637 MeV*=958.991 MeV*).

    Subtracting the (Ring VPE 3xL(+) =19.215 MeV*, one gets the basic nucleonic K-state for the atomic nucleus (made from protons and neutrons) in: {m(n0;p+) = 939.776 MeV*}.

    A best approximation for Newton's Gravitational constant 'Big G' hence depends on an accurate determination for the neutron's inertial mass, only fixed as the base nucleon minimum mass at the birth of the universe. A fluctuating Neutron mass would also result in deviations in 'G' independent upon the sensitivity of the measuring equipment. The inducted mass difference in the protonic-and neutronic rest masses, derives from the Higgs-Restmass-Scale and can be stated in a first approximation as the ground state.

    A basic nucleon rest mass is mc=√Omega.mP = 9.9247245x10-28 kg* or 958.99 MeV*. (Here Omega is a gauge string factor coupling in the fundamental force interactions as: Cube root(Alpha):Alpha:Cuberoot(Omega):Omega and for Omega = G-alpha.)

    KKK-Kernel mass = Up/Down-HiggsLevel=3x319.66 MeV*= 958.99 MeV*, using the Kernel-Ring and Family-Coupling Constants.
    Subtracting the Ring-VPE (3L) gives the basic nucleonic K-State as 939.776 MeV*. This excludes the electronic perturbation of the IR-OR oscillation.

    For the Proton, one adds one (K-IR-Transition energy) and subtracts the electron-mass for the dquark level and for the Neutron one doubles this to reflect the up-down-quark differential.
    An electron perturbation subtracts one 2-2/3=4/3 electron energy as the difference between 2 leptonic rings from the proton's 2 up-quarks and 2-1/3=5/3 electron energy from the neutron' singular up-quark to relate the trisected nucleonic quark geometric template. The neutron’s down-strange oscillation, enabling its beta decay into a left-handed proton, a left-handed electron and a right-handed antineutrino subtracts Ds = gL2 - gL1 + 2Lu,d = 0.041 MeV* as a d* = s quark differential.

    Proton mp=u.d.u=K.KIR.K=(939.776+1.5013-0.5205-0.1735) MeV* = 940.5833 MeV* (938.270 MeV).
    Neutron mn=d.u.d=KIR.K.KIR=(939.776+3.0026-1.0410+0.1735-0.041) MeV* = 941.8701 MeV* (939.554 MeV).

    This is the ground state from the Higgs-Restmass-Induction-Mechanism and reflects the quarkian geometry as being responsible for the inertial mass differential between the two elementary nucleons. All ground state elementary particle masses are computed from the Higgs-Scale and then become subject to various fine structures. Overall, the measured gravitational constant 'G' can be said to be decreasing over time.

    The Higgs Boson HB is said of having been measured in the decay of W's, Z's and Tau Leptons, as well as the bottom- and top-quark systems described in the table and the text addressing K-KIR-KOR transitions. The K means core for kernel and the IR means Inner Ring and the OR mean Outer Ring. The Rings are derivatives from the L-Boson of the HO(32 string class) and the Kernels are the products of the decay of the X-Boson from the same brane source. So the Tau-decay relates to 'Rings' which are charmed and strange and bottomized and topped, say. They are higher energy manifestations of the basic nucleons of the proton and the neutrons and basic mesons and hyperons.

    The energy resonances of the Z-boson (uncharged) represents an 'average' or statistical mean value of the 'Top-Quark' and the Upper-Limit for the Higgs Boson is a similar 'Super-Quark' 'average' and as the weak interaction unification energy.
    A previous postulated energy for the Higgs Boson of so 110 GeV is the Omicron-resonance, as inferred from the table above.
    Now the most fundamental way to generate the Higgs Boson as a 'weak interaction' gauge is through the coupling of two equal mass, but oppositely charged W-bosons (of whom the Zo is the uncharged counterpart).

    We have seen, that the W-mass is a summation of all the other quark-masses as kernel-means from the strangeness upwards to the truth-quark level.
    So simply doubling the 80.622 GeV* and 80.424 GeV mass of the weak-interaction gauge boson must represent the basic form of the Higgs Boson and that is 161.244 GeV* or 160.847 GeV as a function of the electro-weak coupling and related as a 'charged current' weak interaction to a 'neutral current' interaction mediated by the Zo boson of energy about 91 GeV* to sum for a 'Vacuum Expectation Value' of about 252 GeV*.

    Higgs Boson Weakon WNI-Mass MHBWZ = {W- + W+ + Zo} GeV* = {80.622 + 80.622 + 91.435} GeV* = 252.68 GeV*
    = {60.2136}+{6.404}+{80,622.05}+{182,869}+{597,159} = {66.6618}+{80,622.05}+{2x91,434.5}+{2x298,580} = 860,716.7 MeV*

    Kernel-Inner Ring VPE = 0.04611 GeV*
    Kernel-Outer Ring VPE = 0.01411 GeV*
    Pion-(KIR-Quark d)-VPE = 0.1501 GeV*
    Kaon-(KOR-Quark s=d*)-VPE = 0.4918 GeV*
    Charm-(Diquark U=uu)-VPE = 1.60653 GeV*
    Bottom-(Diquark b=ud)-VPE = 5.24748 GeV*
    Magic-(Diquark m=us)-VPE = 17,140.13 GeV*
    Dainty-(Diquark D=dd)-VPE = 55,985.5 GeV*
    Top-(Diquark t=ds)-VPE = 182,869 GeV*
    Super-(Diquark S=ss)-VPE = 597,159 GeV*

    Quark q

    Diquark Structure qq



    Higgs Boson
    Mass Integration

    Kernel-Outer Ring VPE1




    Kernel-Inner Ring VPE2





    Pion-(KIR-Quark d)

    Base KIR Quark

    uq, dq



    Kaon-(KOR-Quark s=d*)

    Resonance KOR Quark




    Charm-(Diquark U=uu)

    Diquark Singlet




    Bottom-(Diquark b=ud)

    Diquark Doublet




    Magic-(Diquark m=us)

    Diquark Doublet



    Dainty-(Diquark D=dd)

    Diquark Triplet


    =80.622 = MW

    Top-(Diquark t=ds)

    Diquark Triplet



    =91.4345 = MZ

    Super-(Diquark S=ss)

    Diquark Triplet


    =298.58 = HVE

    ∑(MW+ + MW- + MZo) = 2MHBo = (80.622 + 80.622 + 91.4345) GeV* = 252.679 GeV*

    For Universal Electro-Weak Unification:
    2MBHo/Ynpresent = 2MBHoe/c2Ynpresent = 2.6150x10-25 kg* = 146.503 GeV* for 2πRHBo = h/MHBoc and RHBo = 1.3525x10-18 m*
    Restmass-Photon RMP is quantized in volumar 2π2RRMP3.fps2|constant = e* for RRMPo = 1.41188..x10-20 m*
    2MHBo = 146.503xYnpresent = 252.679 GeV*

    HVE - 2MHBo = (298.58 - 252.679) GeV* = 45.901 GeV*

    HVE - MHBo = ½(597.159 - 252.679) GeV* = (298.58 - 126.340) GeV* = 172.24 GeV* = Top-Quark Mass

    Fermi Constant for Electro-Weak WNI Unification for universal alpha = 60πe2/h:
    Fo(α) = απ/{√2.MW2.(1-MW2/MZ2)} = 1.5338574x10-3.α = 1.12067834x10-5 = 1/{298.72 GeV*)2 for universal alpha = 60πe2/h

    Fermi Constant for Electro-Weak WNI Unification for 'running' alpha = α':
    Fo(α') = α'π/{√2.MW2.(1-MW2/MZ2)} = 1.5338574x10-3.α' = 1.166378x10-5 = 1/{292.81 GeV*)2 for universal alpha = 60πe2/h

    Fo(α)/Fo(α') = α/α' = 0.9608186 = 1/1.0407792 for α < α'

    Fermi-HVE(α) = 292.81 GeV* = (298.72 - 5.8894 - 0.0206 ) GeV* = Fermi-HVE(α') - ∑(b+s+d) - ½{K2-L2} = 292.81 GeV*
    Fermi-HVE(α') = 298.72 GeV* = (298.58 + 0.14) GeV* = HEV + 6 ∑(b+s+d) + Mπ for base VPE = uubar = Mπo = ∑(d) - δ{K↔IR↔OR}
    {Mπ = Mπo + L2 - ⅓me = 0.1399945 GeV* for Mπo = 0.150578 - 0.01604 + (1+⅓)me = 0.150578 - 0.016014 + 0.000694 = 0.135258 GeV*}

    Weinberg Angle:
    cosθW = MW/MZ = 80.622/91.4345 = 0.881746 = g/√(g2+g'2)
    sinθW = √(1 - cos2θW) = √0.222524 = 0.471725 = g'/√(g2+g'2)
    g'/g = tanθW = sinθW/cosθW = 0.53498967 for g'< g
    2{ g'α/gα'} = 2{0.53498967/1.0407792} = 1.02805604 = 28.1463°/27.553674° = 1.02150806 + δ(0.006548)
    for θW = arccos{0.88175} = 28.1463° = 27.553674° + 0.5926°

    K(+) = K+ + K- = 60.21355
    K(-) = K+ - K- = 31.98645
    L(+) = L+ + L- = 6.40128
    L(-) = L+ - L- = 3.4018

    K2 + L2 = 0.0510 GeV* for Kernel-Inner Ring VPE2 K→IR for Gluonic Kernel to Mesonic Inner Ring
    K1 + L1 = 0.0156 GeV* for Kernel-Outer Ring VPE1 (K→)IR→OR for Mesonic Inner Ring to Leptonic Outer Ring
    K2 - L2 = 0.0412 GeV* for Kernel-Inner Ring VPE2 K→IR for Gluonic Kernel Base VPE
    K1 - L1 = 0.0126 GeV* for Kernel-Outer Ring VPE1 (K→)IR→OR for (Gluonic Kernel)

    Modular ylem mass:
    M|mod = Mchandra = Mm = fps|mod from monopolar displacement current:

    2πi/c = 2πefps/c = 2πe/λps = e/rps = e.rss = 2πeλss for 2πi = [ec].rss as monopolar displacement current
    2πi = 2πλss[ec] = 2πe[λssc] = 2πe[fpsλpsλss] = 2πefps = 2πec/λps 2πec/lplanck√α = 2πec3/e =2π[ec]c2/e = 2πM|modc2/e
    i = efps = M|modc2/e for e2fps|mod = M|modc2 for [h/c2]fps|mod = [E/f][m/E]fps|mod = M|mod = Mm by Action Law Action h = e2 Charge2

    From Electro-Weak Unification parameters: {1eV = 1.0024656 eV*} with T(nEW=4.67x10-21) = 3.40x1015 K*
    M= ΣKernel-Mean = mup-down+mstrange+mcharm+mbottom+mmagic+mdainty =
    0.151+0.492+1.607+5.247+17.140+55.986 = 80.622 GeV* or 80.424 GeV
    MZo = 91.435 GeV* or 91.210 GeV
    M = 298.580 GeV* or 297.846 GeV
    √2.Fermi Constant G = √2.GF = √2{πα/(√2.MW2[1-MW2/MZ2])} = (1/Higgs-Vacuum-Expectation HVE)2
    = 1.5848x10-5 GeV-2* for HVE=251.19 GeV* or 250.58 GeV

    As the Charmonium quark state is defined by the coupling of a double-up-diquark U=uu to an anti-up-quark as c=U.u(bar) and so as a quark molecule as the quark singlet state of 3 interacting quarks; whilst the diquark doublet of bottom-magic {b=[ud].ubar and m=[us].ubar} and the diquark triplet of dainty-top-super {D=[dd].U and t=[ds].U and S=[ss].U} form double quarks; the Kernel-Mean of the Charmonium energy level is added to the HVE and the Difference-VPE levels for the K-IR - IR-OR transitions are subtracted for the quark-antiquark coupling.

    MW- + MW+ + MZo = 252.68 GeV* ≈ HVE + mcharm - (mK(+)+mK(-)+mL(+)+mL(-))
    = (251.19 + 1.60653 - [0.0922+0.009806]) = 252.69 GeV* or 252.07 GeV

    mcharm - (mK(+)+mK(-)+mL(+)+mL(-)) = 1.60653 - 0.102 = 1.5045 ≈ MW- + MW+ + MZo - HEV = 1.49 GeV*
    HEV = MHχ - mD + mud + 2xmcharm + mu,d = 298.580 - 55.986 + 5.24748 + 3.21306 + 0.15058 =
    251.205 GeV* ≈ HEV in Kernel -Inner Ring mixing

    HEV = HB+anti-HB = 2xMhiggsboson for a Higgs Boson mean of: ½{252.68} = 126.34 GeV* or 126.03 GeV SI.
    Mhiggs boson = 2x{55.986+5.247+1.607+0.492+0.151+0.046+0.014} GeV* = 127.09 GeV* = 126.77 GeV SI
    for an upper bound including the base quarks u,d,s.

    In particular, as the bottomium doublet minimum is at 5,247.5 MeV* and the topomium triplet minimum is at 55,985.5 MeV* in terms of their characteristic Kernel-Means, their doubled sum indicates a particle-decay excess at the publicized ~125 GeV energy level in 2x(5.2475+55.9855) GeV* = 122.466 GeV* (or 122.165 GeV SI).
    These values correspond to the two means from ATLAS {116-130 GeV as 123 GeV} and CMS {115-127 GeV as 121 GeV} respectively.

    Then extending the minimum energy levels, like as in the case to calculate the charged weakon gauge field agent energy in the charm and the VPE perturbations as per the table given, specifies the 125 GeV energy level in the Perturbation Integral/Summation:

    2x{55.9855+5.2475+1.606+0.492+0.151+0.046+0.014} GeV* = 127.084 GeV*, which become about 126.772 GeV SI as an UPPER LIMIT for this 'Higgs Boson' at the Dainty quark resonance level from the UFoQR (Unified Field of Quantum Relativity).

    Using the 3 Diquark energy levels U,D and S yield Mhiggsboson = 2x{55.986+5.247+1.607} GeV* = 125.68 GeV* and 125.37 GeV SI.
    Subtracting the u,d means and the VPE mixing corrections gives:
    125.68 - (gL2+gL1+gu,d+L2+L1+Lu,d) = 125.68 - 0.23321 = 125.447 GeV* or 125.138 GeV SI for a measured mass of the Higgs Boson.

    Quantum Relativity describes the creation of the Higgs Boson from fundamental templates of the so called 'gauges'. The Higgs Boson is massless but consists of two classical electron rings and a massless doubled neutrino kernel, and then emerges in the magneto charge induction as mass carrying Goldstone gauge boson.

    And so it continued!

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    X: Mathimatia E: Multiverses in the Omniverse, Quantum Tunneling and Conformal Cyclic Cosmology


    The expansion of the universe can be revisited in a reformulation of the standard cosmology model Lambda-Cold-Dark-Matter or LCDM in terms of a parametrization of the standard expansion parameters derived from the Friedmann equation, itself a solution for the Einstein Field Equations (EFE) applied to the universe itself. A measured and observed flat universe in de Sitter (dS) 4D-spacetime with curvature k=0, emerges as the result of a topological mirror symmetry between two Calabi Yau manifolds encompassing the de Sitter spacetime in a multitimed connector dimension. The resulting multiverse or braneworld so defines a singular universe with varying but interdependent time cyclicities.

    It is proposed, that the multiverse initiates cyclic periods of hyper acceleration or inflation to correlate and reset particular initial and boundary conditions related to a baryonic mass seedling proportional to a closure or Hubble mass to ensure an overall flatness of zero curvature for every such universe parallel in a membrane timespace but colocal in its lower dimensional Minkowski spacetime.
    On completion of a 'matter evolved' Hubble cycle, defined in characteristic Hubble parameters; the older or first universal configuration quantum tunnels from its asymptotic Hubble Event horizon into its new inflaton defined universal configuration bounded by a new Hubble node. The multidimensional dynamics of this quantum tunneling derives from the mirror symmetry and topological duality of the 11-dimensional membrane space connecting two Calabi Yau manifolds as the respective Hubble nodes for the first and the second universal configurations.

    Parallel universes synchronise in a quantized protoverse as a function of the original lightpath of the Instanton, following not preceding a common boundary condition, defined as the Inflaton. The initial conditions of the Inflaton so change as a function of the imposed cyclicity by the boundary conditions of the paired Calabi Yau mirror duality; where the end of a Instanton cycle assumes the new initial conditions for the next cycle of the Instanton in a sequence of Quantum Big Bangs.
    The outer boundary of the second Calabi Yau manifold forms an open AdS spacetime in 12-dimensional brane space (F-Vafa 'bulk' Omnispace) with negative curvature k=-1 and cancels with its inner boundary as a positively curved k=+1 spheroidal dS spacetime in 11 dimensions to form the observed 4D/10-dimensional zero curvature dS spacetime, encompassed by the first Calabi Yau manifold.

    A bounded (sub) 4D/10D dS spacetime then is embedded in a Anti de Sitter (AdS) 11D-spacetime of curvature k=-1 and where 4D dS spacetime is compactified by a 6D Calabi Yau manifold as a 3-torus and parametrized as a 3-sphere or Riemann hypersphere. The outer boundary of the 6D Calabi Yau manifold then forms a mirror duality with the inner boundary of the 11D Calabi Yau event horizon.

    Every Inflaton defines three Hubble nodes or timespace mirrors; the first being the 'singularity - wormhole' configuration; the second the nodal boundary for the 4D/10D dS spacetime and the third the dynamic lightpath bound for the Hubble Event horizon in 5D/11D AdS timespace. The completion of a 'de Broglie wave matter' evolution cycle triggers the Hubble Event Horizon as the inner boundary of the timespace mirrored Calabi Yau manifold to quantum tunnel onto the outer boundary of the spacetime mirrored Calabi Yau manifold in a second universe; whose inflaton was initiated when the lightpath in the first universe reached its second Hubble node.

    For the first universe, the three nodes are set in timespace as {3.3x10-31 s; 16.88 Gy; 3.96 Ty} and the second universe, timeshifted in t1=to+t with to=1/Ho has a nodal configuration {to+1.4x10-33; to+3,957 Gy; to+972.7 Ty}; the latter emerging from the timespace as the instanton at time marker to. A third universe would initiate at a time coordinate t2=to+t1+t as {1/Ho+234.472/Ho +5.8x10-36 s; to+t1+972.7 Ty; to+t1+250,223 Ty}; but as the second node in the second universe cannot be activated by the lightpath until the first universe has reached its 3.96 trillion year marker (and at a time for a supposed 'heat death' of the first universe due to exhaustion of the nuclear matter sources); the third and following nested universes cannot be activated until the first universe reaches its n=1+234.472=235.472 timespace coordinate at 3,974.8 billion years from the time instanton aka the Quantum Big Bang.

    For a present timespace coordinate of npresent=1.132711 however; all information in the first universe is being mirrored by the timespace of the AdS spacetime into the dS spacetime of the second universe at a time frame of t = t1-to = 19.12 - 16.88 = 2.24 billion years and a multidimensional time interval characterizing the apparent acceleration observed and measured in the first universe of the Calabi Yau manifold compressed or compactified flat dS Minkowski cosmology.

    A higher dimensional AdS spacetime so encompasses a lower dimensional dS spacetime and where the enclosing spacetime defines a multiverse, which is 2x2.24 = 4.48 Gyears older, than the nested spacetime. The electromagnetic c-invariant expansion of the 11-dimensional cosmology so calculates a Hubble 'constant' of 66.92 Hubble units as a change from its nodal constant of 58.04 Hubble units in H(npresent) = Ho/(2-npresent) for an age of 19.12 Gyears in 11D mirrored or projected to 19.12-4.48=14.64 Gyears in 10D.

    The 'compressed' or conifold 10-dimensional dS space time synchronizes with the light path created and c-invariant 11-dimensional AdS spacetime in cycle coordinate n=½ in dS calibrating with n=1 in AdS.
    It is this calibration of multiverse relative cycle time coordinates, which introduce the Dark Energy into the overall cosmology for the omniverse.

    The solution to the Dark Energy and Dark Matter question of a 'missing mass' cosmology then becomes described in the evolution of a multiverse in matter and in energy.

    Conformal Cyclic Cosmology (CCC) and the Weyl Curvature Hypothesis of Roger Penrose

    The pre-Big Bang 'bounce' of many models in cosmology can be found in a direct link to the Planck-Stoney scale of the 'Grand-Unification-Theories'.
    In particular it can be shown, that the Squareroot of Alpha, the electromagnetic fine structure constant, multiplied by the Planck-length results in a Stoney-transformation factor LP√α = e/c2 in a unitary coupling between the quantum gravitational and electromagnetic fine structures {Gok=1 and representing a conformal mapping of the Planck length onto the scale of the 'classical electron' in superposing the lower dimensional inertia coupled electric charge quantum 'e' onto a higher dimensional quantum gravitational-D-brane magnetopole coupled magnetic charge quantum 'e*' = 2Re.c2 = 1/hfps = 1/EWeyl wormhole by the application of the mirror/T duality of the super membrane EpsEss of heterotic string class HE(8x8)}.

    The standard model postulates the Big Bang singularity to become a 'smeared out' minimum space time configuration (also expressible as quantum foam or in vertex adjacency of Smolin's quantum loops). This 'smearing out' of the singularity then triggers the (extended) Guth-Inflation, supposedly ending at a time coordinate of so 10-32 seconds after the Big Bang.

    If the Guth-Inflation ended at a time coordinate of 3.33x10-31 seconds coordinate, the Big Bang became manifest in the emergence of space time metrics in the continuity of classical general relativity and the quantum gravitational manifesto and say from a Higgs 'False Vacuum' at the 'bounce-time' reduced in a factor of so 11.7.

    This means, that whilst the Temperature background remains classically valid, the distance scales for the Big Bang will become distorted in the standard model in postulating a universe the scale of a 'grapefruit' at the end of the inflation.
    The true size (in Quantum Relativity) of the universe at the end of the inflation was the size of a wormhole, namely at a Compton-Wavelength (Lambda) of 10-22 meters and so significantly smaller, than a grapefruit.

    Needless to say, and in view of the CMBR background of the temperatures, the displacement scales of the standard model will become 'magnified' in the Big Bang Cosmology of the very early universe in the scale ratio of say 10 cm/10 -20 cm = 1021 i.e. the galactic scales in meter units.

    A result of this is that the 'wormhole' of the Big Bang must be quantum entangled (or coupled) to the Hubble Horizon.
    And from this emerges the modular duality of the fifth class of the superstrings in the Weyl-String of the 64-group heterosis.
    The Big Bang wormhole becomes a hologram of the Hubble Horizon and is dimensionally separated by the Scale-parameter between a 3-dimensional space and a 4-dimensional space.

    Then the 5-dimensional spacetime of Kaluza-Klein-Maldacena in de Sitter space forms a boundary for the 4D-Minkowski-Riemann-Einstein metrics of the classical geometric cosmology. This can be revisited in the multi-dimensional membrane cosmologies.

    The outer boundary of the second Calabi Yau manifold forms an open AdS space-time in 12-dimensional brane space (F-Vafa 'bulk' Omnispace) with negative curvature k=-1 and cancels with its inner boundary as a positively curved k=+1 spheroidal dS space-time in 11 dimensions to form the observed 4D/10-dimensional zero curvature dS space-time, encompassed by the first Calabi Yau manifold.

    A bounded (sub) 4D/10D dS space-time then is embedded in a Anti de Sitter (AdS) 11D-space-time of curvature k=-1 and where 4D dS space-time is compactified by a 6D Calabi Yau manifold as a 3-torus and parametrized as a 3-sphere or Riemann hypersphere.
    The outer boundary of the 6D Calabi Yau manifold then forms a mirror duality with the inner boundary of the 11D Calabi Yau event horizon.



    The Holographic Universe of Susskind, Hawking, Bekenstein and Maldacena plays a crucial part in this, especially as M-Theory has shown the entropic equivalence of the thermodynamics of Black Holes in the quantum eigenstates of the classical Boltzmann-Shannon entropy mathematically.

    The trouble with the Susskind googolplex solutions is that the 'bulk landscape solutions' fail to take into account the super string self transformations of the duality coupled five classes. The mainstream premise proposes, that that all five classes manifest at the Planck-scale (therefore the zillions of solutions), eschewing the factual possibility for the five classes to transform into each other to manifest the Big Bang in a minimum space time configuration at the Weylian wormhole of class HE(8x8).
    Nevertheless, mainstream membrane physics engages a synthesis for the five superstring classes in a supersymmetry connected in a number of modular dualities.

    Roger Penrose has elegantly described the link of this to classical General Relativity in his "Weyl Curvature Hypothesis".

    Quote from:'The large, the Small and the Human Mind"-Cambridge University Press-1997 from Tanner Lectures 1995"; page 45-46:

    "I want to introduce a hypothesis which I call the 'Weyl Curvature Hypothesis'. This is not an implication of any known theory. As I have said, we do not know what the theory is, because we do not know how to combine the physics of the very large and the very small. When we do discover that theory, it should have as one of its consequences this feature which I have called the Weyl Curvature Hypothesis. Remember that the Weyl curvature is that bit of the Riemann tensor which causes distortions and tidal effects. For some reason we do not yet understand, in the neighbourhood of the Big Bang, the appropriate combination of theories must result in the Weyl tensor being essentially zero, or rather being constrained to be very small indeed.​

    The Weyl Curvature Hypothesis is time-asymmetrical and it applies only to the past type singularities and not to the future singularities. If the same flexibility of allowing the Weyl tensor to be 'general' that I have applied in the future also applied to the past of the universe, in the closed model, you would end up with a dreadful looking universe with as much mess in the past as in the future. This looks nothing like the universe we live in. What is the probability that, purely by chance, the universe had an initial singularity looking even remotely as it does?​

    The probability is less than one part in (1010)123. Where does this estimate come from? It is derived from a formula by Jacob Bekenstein and Stephen Hawking concerning Black Hole entropy and, if you apply it in this particular context, you obtain this enormous answer. It depends how big the universe is and, if you adopt my own favourite universe, the number is, in fact, infinite.​
    What does this say about the precision that must be involved in setting up the Big Bang? It is really very, very extraordinary, I have illustrated the probability in a cartoon of the Creator, finding a very tiny point in that phase space which represents the initial conditions from which our universe must have evolved if it is to resemble remotely the one we live in. To find it, the Creator has to locate that point in phase space to an accuracy of one part in (1010)123. If I were to put one zero on each elementary particle in the universe, I still could not write the number down in full. It is a stupendous number". End of Quote​

    Then the 'phase spaced' de Broglie inflation is in modluar quantum entanglement with the Weyl-Wormhole of the Zero Curvature of Roger Penrose's hypothesis.

    The Hubble-Universe consists of 'adjacent' Weyl-wormholes, discretisizing all physical parameters in holofractal selfsimilarity. This demands the discretization of spacetime and is in harmony with Loop-Quantum-Theory or LQT, proposed by Smolin and co.

    Penrose's Weyl-tensor is zero as the quasi-reciprocal of the infinite curvature of the Hubble Event Horizon - quasi because the two scales (of the wormhole and Hubble Universe) are dimensionally separated in the modular coupling of the 11D super membrane boundary to the 10D superstring classical cosmology of the underpinning Einstein-Riemann-Weyl tensor of the Minkowski (flat) metric.

    The CCC Penrose model becomes compatible with the inflation scenarios; should the multiverse cosmology become defined as occurring parallel in time-continuity and not as parallel in space in a manner envisaged by Roger Penrose.

    And so it continued!

    Quantum Consciousness in the Penrose-Hameroff Model

    Cosmological relevance of microtubules to the size of the electron as conformal wormhole quantization in quantum geometry

    microtubules. microtubules.

    The number of micro tubules in the Hameroff-Penrose model for physicalized consciousness can be related to the actual scale of the classical electron radius and the cosmological spacetime matrix.​

    Using this conformal mapping from the Quantum Big Bang 'singularity' from the electric charge in brane bulk space as a magnetic charge onto the classical spacetime of Minkowski and from the Planck parameters onto the atomic-nuclear diameters in 2Rec2 = e* from the Planck length conformally maps the Planck scale onto the classical electron scale.​

    A conformal scale of 2.5 fm, which is close to the classical electron radius of about 2.8 fermi and as defined in the alpha electromagnetic fine structure and the related mass-charge definition for the eigen energy of the electron in mec2=ke2/Re.​

    Also in a model of quantum relativity (QR), there is a quantization of exactly 1010 wormhole 'singularity-bounce' radii defining the radian-trigonometric Pi ratio as Rwormhole/Relectron = 360/2π.1010 or 1010 = {360/2π}{Re/rwormhole} as a characteristic number of microtubules in a conformal mapping from the classical electron space onto the 'consciousness' space of the neuron-cell intermediate between the Hubble scale of 1026 m and the Planck scale of 10-35 m as geometric mean of 10-4 to 10-5 metres.​

    It is so the geometry of the architecture of the microtubules and the nature of their construction utilizing the pentagonal quasi-crystalline pattern in its application for maximising the compression of information in the Fibonacci geometrical pattern-sequencing. This then results in the conformal mapping of this geometry as a quantum geometry and defining physical consciousness as a conformal mapping of the quantum of spacetime in the form of Weylian 'Quantum Big Bang' wormholes of the cosmogenesis.​

    The pre-Big Bang 'bounce' of many models in cosmology can be found in a direct link to the Planck-Stoney scale of the 'Grand-Unification-Theories'. In particular it can be shown, that the Squareroot of Alpha, the electromagnetic fine structure constant, multiplied by the Planck-length results in a Stoney-transformation factor LP√α = e/c2 in a unitary coupling between the quantum gravitational and electromagnetic fine structures {Gok=1 and representing a conformal mapping of the Planck length onto the scale of the 'classical electron' in superposing the lower dimensional inertia coupled electric charge quantum 'e' onto a higher dimensional quantum gravitational-D-brane magnetopole coupled magnetic charge quantum 'e*' = 2Re.c2 = 1/hfps = 1/EWeyl wormhole by the application of the mirror/T duality of the super membrane EpsEss of heterotic string class HE(8x8)}.​

    What is Consciousness?

    The dynamic occupancy of spacetime by physicalised quantum conglomerations.​


    Space is consciousness related via an advanced quantum mechanics. Therefore you can figure out what the metaphysics or spirit concept really relates and points to. Its not dieu ex machina but machina ex dieu.​

    7.4 Billion people weigh about 518 Billion kilograms for an average weight of 70 kg. As one proton has a mass of about 1.7x10-27 kg; the total mass of humanity in weight are so 3x1038 protons. One proton has a volume of so 4x(1.4x10-15)3 = 10-44 cubic metres and for all the protons of humanity the volume adds to about 3x10-6 cubic meters or 3 cubic centimeters which is a cubic size for a cube about _______________ that long.​

    So what is all that empty space there direct interaction between nucleons and virtual particles relating to the nature of "spin," or how the universe actually sustains itself from moment to moment?​

    This is an appropriate question, which leads directly into the deepest nature of what energy is and it relates on a most fundamental way to the reality of universal consciousness. Firstly, the 'empty space' of an atom manifests as a form of 'force field' in that the interaction 'Goldstone' bosons mediate a 'force', which then manifests as the appearance of solid state physics. So tapping a table actually taps an energy field etc. The problems with this mainstream physical interpretation and model begin right here , because the 'Goldstones' (photons, weakons, gravitons, gluons, higgs) are said to be 'virtual' that is not having a real physical existence.​

    This is erroneous, just as the mainstream notion of consciousness and mind being nonphysical is also not supported by a higher dimensional cosmology and physics. As an example consider Einstein's E=mc2 applied to the total mass content of the universe. For a mass of say 1050 tons you will have an energy summation of so 1070 Joules. But if you now use the quantum energy, also well defined in Planck parameters, you calculate the quantum energy per space quantum and you get far higher values for this energy.​

    Using the conventions (Planck Length, Holographic bounds etc) and using the Event Hubble extent of the universe, you get something like (Number of space quanta) x 2x109 = 2x109x(10147) ~ 2x10156 Joules. Now the string physics tells you that the energy per string quantum is something like 1064 Joules per cubic meter as a physical manifesto of this quantum energy; whilst the energy of all matter in space is something like 10-10 Joules per cubic meter. So the 'discrepancy' between quantum energy and matter energy is in a factor of so 74 (and 87 in the quantum-Planck limit). This number then becomes associated with the 'Dark Energy' and the 'Dark Matter' to explain the discrepancy.​

    The 'empty space' of the atom so is in fact 'spanned' by the 'virtual' energy which is dark and has a dark matter component which is defined in physical consciousness parameters based on the quantum energy parameters and especially the physical size of the electron.​

    This naturally allows a refined approach to fundamental physics, such as the difference between the Hydrogen atom and the neutron and how radioactive beta/neutron decay allows the primordial universe to build the table of the chemical elements. This transformation then relates to the interaction probability between matter and light in electromagnetic parameters so showing the basic electron to be a 'point particle/string' of a minimum size; but also a 'smeared out' or extended circular membrane characterised by the Fermi scale of the 'Goldstone Bosons'.​

    The spacial extent of the differences then defines physical consciousness as a modular dual or mirror property of the space quantum itself; namely whatever is measured as energy derived from the macro-physics becomes a reciprocated magneto-polar 'supercharge' in the form of the electronic diameter maximised multiplied by the time differential of frequency as inversed time. But this change of string/brane vibration over time is also an angular acceleration without radial extent and so you find the innermost nature of the quantum spin, which is radially independent.​

    Those physical definitions for consciousness then carry enormous implications of course. Namely space itself is conscious in a physical sense and any dynamic occupying space adds to a space inherent base consciousness independent of the dynamics and living entities moving about within it.​

    Collapsing a hydrogen atom that is forcing the electron to overcome its weakon force field of the beta decay results in a neutron star of 'degenerate electrons' and you then can observe the quantum physics in the astrophysics. So your original question regarding the empty space resolves in the transformation of energy density in space. Then you should adapt the quantum theory to the holographic universe and the multidimensional membrane physics to resolve the wave-particle duality and the quantum entanglement on both the micro-cosmic and the macro-cosmic scales to find the universal unification. The quantum entanglement can easily be seen to be the effect of the modular duality inferred at the beginning to resolve a number of apparent paradoxes, such as the Schrödinger Cat and the Chicken-Egg DNA/RNA etc paradoxes.​


    Roger Penrose & Stuart Hameroff (4 July 1992). "Consciousness in the Universe: Neuroscience, Quantum Space-Time Geometry and Orch OR Theory". Journal of Cosmology. Archived from the original on 16 June 2012. Retrieved 13 August 2012.​

    S. Hameroff; R. Penrose (2014). "Consciousness in the universe: A review of the 'Orch OR' theory". Physics of Life Reviews. 11 (1): 39–78. Bibcode:2014PhLRv..11...39H. doi:10.1016/j.plrev.2013.08.002. PMID 24070914.​

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    Logan Antico:
    "Yes, we indeed have lifted the veil on the 'Mystery of God', as proclaimed in John's 'Book of the Revelation' in the biblical scrolls, say as encoded in Revelation.10.7.
    The modular duality of the supermembranes has many analogies in science and in mythology.
    One famous one is the riddle about the chicken and the egg.

    What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    If the chicken, then it lays the egg as a hen and if the egg, then the chicken hatches from it.
    But it is no paradox in omniscience!
    In quantum relativity, one is relative to to other and so it is like the Father can be his own Father, but needs a Mother to give birth to himself and corollarily; the Mother can be her own Mother, but requires a Father to create herself.
    So the sperm of the Father is like the DNA, a genetic library, which cannot become an expression
    from that database without finding an ovum in which it can become a Father like the RNA.
    This is the reason behind the mechanics of messengerDNA encoding DNA, which transcribes messengerRNA encoding RNA, which then transcribes Amino Acids to construct the morphology for the bodies from the spermbased genetic library.
    So in other words; the sperm can be the sperm as the chicken, but not much else and the ovum can be the ovum as the egg, but not much else - yet bringing the two together creates the potential to become a great many things."

    Robert Sceptico:
    "There is a quaint story in mythology, which tries to reconstruct this omniscience, Logan.

    "There once was this male old devil, who lost one of his balls, one of his testicles.
    The testicular egg fell upon the earth and landed in a swamp, where Maria Basra, the old hagtoad found it and sat upon it to hatch it.
    When the time was ripe, a Cockatrice came out of the egg, with a serpent's tail and the head of a rooster.
    The Cockatrice, being the offspring of the old devil, and knowing that it had fallen to earth by
    misadventure, sought for a way to return into the kingdom of its father, but couldn't find one.
    So the Cockatrice became very frustrated with its existence and when it had grown bigger, it ate its own adopted mother in the old hagtoad Maria Basra.
    But then something strange happened to the body of the Cockatrice; it started to divide into two.
    The headpart grew a tail and the tailpart grew a head and the headpart became a hen out of the rooster's head and the tailpart became a rooster out of the serpent's tail.

    And so were the first rooster and hen born from the Cockatrician testicle of the old devil and the old hagtoad Maria Basra."

    But there is a coded twist to the moral of that fabled story Logan.
    An anagram for MARIA BASRA is ABRAM SARAI, the ancestor for the starhuman race in three of the major worldwide religions.
    Islam, Judaism and Christianity; all consider Abram and Sarai, later renamed from their human identities as Abraham and Sarah in their starhuman potential, as the beginning in their genealogies, their lineages written in blood.
    So the gnostic interpretation of the myth is that half of the creator got lost in its creation and that is symbolised by the testicular egg.
    Then the big old creation, which is lost in itself as a female principle, nurtures something new in the form of the old hagtoad hatching the little old creation into a little new creation.
    This little new creation is however unable to become a big new creation, because it desires to become the big old creation in whom it already finds itself and so is already part of.

    It tries to eat the big old creation to become the same, but in the process it metamorphoses and becomes an ancestor for the big new creation, just as told in the story of Abraham and Sarah in the scroll of the Genesis.
    So the creation of Abraham and Sarah in a renaming of the old, is like a prototypical 'heavenly wedding', later manifesting in their descendants of the sondaughters as the bridegrooms and in the daughtersons as the brides in the dragonomies of the 'New Jerusalem' and as coded in the scroll of 'John's Revelation'.

    The joining of Abraham and Sarah in Mind and in Body, to become Two, but being One, then brings the lost devil's egg back to god's serpentine sperm in a w(holly) unitary symmetry of a dragonomy."

    Logan Antico: "Yes, and everyone alive today carries the genetic inheritance of this 'starseed'; we should know as initiates into the ancient mysteries of Mesopotamia, the socalled 'cradle for this civilisation."

    Robert Sceptico: "Indeed, this obsession with their bloodlines, which some people experience has its origins in the seeding of the starhuman race in the House of Azurguya, and as coded in diluted fashion in the Genesis scroll and the story of Abram of Ur, marrying his halfsister Sarai of Terah's patriarchy.
    But you studied that encoding some time ago, perhaps you can use your number-letter code to shed some light on the relevance of the old Mesopotamian beginnings."

    Bluey TonyLove of Whynot​

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    agenda6. G-Eta

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    Agenda 2: The Incarnation of the Universal Logos within the Alpha-Timeline "Eli Grande!"


    Agenda 3: The Timeline of the Apocalypse within the Omega-Timeline "AbbABaaB"


    Agenda 4: The 4x360-Day Year Timeframe of the Apocalypse in Polarity Harmonisation "Abba-Baab"

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    The Age of Aquarius Defined for a New World
    Time period of emphasis for Uranus in Taurus with Mars in Aquarius from May 15th, 2018 to April 26th, 2026
    {Age of Aquarius as triggered in a 12 sign transition from Aries to Aries in 12x7=84 years from 2010/11/12-2094/95/96.
    Uranus is approximately 7 years in every one of the 12 star signs}.

    Exact ephemerides:
    28May 2010-14Aug2010---Aries;
    12Mar 2011-28Apr2094---Aries to Pisces;

    20th Jan2019 at 9:00 UCT Sun into Aquarius; followed by total lunar eclipse at perigee (supermoon) Jan 21st, 2019 at 5:17 UCT.
    All planets are aligned in direct motion from January 7th (Uranus, the Aquarius ruler goes direct) to March 6th (Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini) in a relatively rare transition with astrological alignments and aspects.
    The period from 2018 to 2025 is ruled by what Uranus is doing as Aquarius ruler in Taurus in collaboration with Mars in Aquarius.
    March 6th so is a very important date in the astro-analysis, as on this day Uranus enters Taurus from Aries as the overall cycle determinant from 2018 to 2026.
    The emphasis of those 8 years of Uranus in Taurus is however the time from May 15th. 2018 to March 6th, 2019.
    Many people might be able to align and realize their 'tumultuous emotions' in this period of time with this data.

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