The Thirteen aka The 13 Moon Calendar ~ Names ~ Oneida

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    The Thirteen aka The 13 Moon Calendar

    The 13 Moons and their names:

    Image Courtesy of: Olihwaka·yú - Oneida History Program

    NOTE: The names that are indented are alternative names
    or names that are more common in other communities.

    The name that is most common in the Oneida Wisconsin community
    is the first one listed when there are multiple given.

    Tsaˀtekohsélhaˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Midwinter Moon, 1st new moon after solstice)

    Wataˀklokwaskó‧ (Great Snow Moon, 2nd new moon)

    Tewahúhtyaks Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Breaking Ear Moon, 2nd new moon) or
    Otsiˀkhé‧ta Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Maple Sap Moon, 3rd new moon)

    Tewʌhníslyaks Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Breaking Season Moon, 3rd new moon) or
    Wáhta Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Maple Syrup Moon, 3rd new moon) or

    Káhsakayu‧té‧seˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Thunder Moon, 4th new moon)

    Twayʌthos Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Planting Moon, 5th new moon)

    Kaˀniyohu‧té‧s Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Strawberry Moon, 6th new moon)

    Oˀyhótsliˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Green Bean Moon, 7th new moon)

    Onʌstaseˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Green Corn Moon, 8th new moon)

    Yeyʌthókwas Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Harvesting Moon, 9th new moon)

    Yutékhwayʌheˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Storing Away Moon, 10th new moon)

    Luto‧láts Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Hunting Moon, 11th new moon)

    Wahsu‧tés Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Long Night Moon, 12th new moon)

    Watolíshʌheˀ Wʌhní‧taleˀ (Resting Moon, 13th new moon)

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