The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy The Whirling Rainbow Is The Promise Of Peace Among All Nations

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    The Whirling Rainbow Prophecy

    The Whirling Rainbow is the promise of peace
    among all Nations and all people.

    The Rainbow Race stresses equality
    and opposes the idea of a superior race
    that would control or conquer other races.

    The Rainbow Race brings peace through
    the understanding that all races are one.

    The unity of all colors, all creeds
    working together for the good of the whole,
    is the idea that is embodied in the Whirling Rainbow.

    When all pathways to wholeness are respected
    by all cultures, the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow
    will be completed.

    The prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow was very specific.
    When the Time of the White Buffalo approaches,
    the third generation of the White Eyes' children
    will grow their hair and speak of love as the healer
    of the Children of the Earth.

    These children will seek new ways of understanding
    themselves and others.

    They will wear feathers and beads and paint their faces.
    They will seek the Elders of the Red Race
    and drink of their wisdom.

    These white-eyed children will be a sign
    that the Ancestors are returning in white bodies,
    but they are Red on the inside.

    They will learn to walk the Earth Mother
    in balance again and reform the ideas of the white chiefs.

    These children will be tested
    as they were when they were native Indians
    by unnatural substances like firewater to see
    if they can remain on the Sacred Path.

    The first generation of Flower Children
    has moved through this part of the prophecy
    and some have remained on the Sacred Path.

    Others were lost for a while and are now returning
    to the natural way of being.

    ome were disillusioned and have forgotten the high ideals
    that gave them life when their hearts were young,
    but others who are now still young are waking up
    and quickening into remembering.

    As we are beginning the shift into the new cycle or Fifth World,
    this new cycle can be seen as a wobbly pony
    that on being born would try to use his legs.

    his wobble would be felt by the Earth Mother
    and the changes would occur in the soil and the waters.
    And inside the Children of the Earth,
    the wobble would create rolling emotions
    and feelings that would bring
    the quickening and the remembering.

    Colorful dreams and visions would be brought
    into many of the younger generation
    of the Warriors of the Rainbow
    and they would begin to learn how
    to Walk in Balance.

    The changes in our Earth Mother
    would create fear in her children,
    which would later lead to the understanding
    and unity of Our Planet
    --One People.

    The Whirling Rainbow will appear in the form
    of a Sun Dog to those who are ready to see.

    The Sun Dog is a full Rainbow Circle
    around the sun that has bright white lights
    at the Four Directions.

    The Sun Dog is a rare natural phenomenon
    that was named by Native Americans.

    The name is now used by scientists all over the world.

    Many Sun Dogs will be seen
    around the time of the White Buffalo,
    which will be the Sky Language sign
    that the Secret and Sacred Teachings
    are to be shared with all races.

    Enough of the Children of Earth
    will be awakened
    to carry the responsibility of the teachings
    and the healing process will begin in full swing.

    As the changes in the earth intensify
    so will the feelings
    that the Children of the Earth
    would have during the wobble
    or healing process as the Whirling Rainbows
    permeated their dreams.

    Many will remember their purpose
    for being on this Earth Walk
    and will learn to develop their gifts
    to assist the whole of humanity.

    Truth will shatter the bonds
    of separation and goodness will prevail.

    Some details of Earth changes
    will come into the dreams
    of those who are being warned
    to move where they will be safe.

    Others will be told that their talents
    will be needed in areas
    where the changes occur.

    Everyone will have to trust their personal vision
    and follow their hearts in order to assist the whole.

    Each person will be able to use
    their gifts with joy
    and share equally in the bounty
    created by all those working together.

    The other teachings
    of the prophecy of the Whirling Rainbow
    will be released at a later time
    when more have awakened
    to the potential they carry.

    As written by Jamie Sams
    and shared by the Grandmothers
    who were her teachers…

    Fire Rainbows - Sun Dogs & Sun Halos
    all OF THEM will come,
    to play a great part of a GREAT REMEMBERiNG
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    Fire Rainbows:

    A Rare Cloud Phenomenon

    by Kaushik Patowary

    “Fire Rainbows” or "rainbow clouds" are neither fire, nor rainbows,
    but are so called because of their brilliant pastel colors
    and flame like appearance.

    Technically they are known as circumhorizontal arc
    an ice halo formed by hexagonal, plate-shaped ice crystals
    in high level cirrus clouds.

    The halo is so large that the arc appears parallel to the horizon,
    hence the name.

    Brightly colored circumhorizontal arc occur mostly during the summer
    and between particular latitudes.

    When the sun is very high in the sky, sunlight entering flat,
    hexagon shaped ice crystals gets split into individual colors
    just like in a prism.

    The conditions required to form a “fire rainbow” is very precise
    – the sun has to be at an elevation of 58° or greater,
    there must be high altitude cirrus clouds with plate-shaped ice crystals,
    and sunlight has to enter the ice crystals at a specific angle.

    This is why circumhorizontal arc is such a rare phenomenon.
    A colourful circumhorizon arc spans the sky near Fredericton,
    New Brunswick, Canada, in 2003.

    The position of the observer is also important.

    Circumhorizontal arcs cannot be seen in locations north of 55°N or south of 55°S.

    Likewise there are certain times of the year when they are visible.

    For example, in London, England the sun is only high enough
    for 140 hours between mid-May and late July.

    While in Los Angeles, the sun is higher than 58 degrees
    for 670 hours between late March and late September.

    Circumhorizontal arcs should not be confused with Iridescent clouds,
    which can produce a similar effect.
    While circumhorizontal arc occur only in cirrus clouds,
    iridescence often occur in altocumulus,
    cirrocumulus clouds and lenticular clouds but very rarely in cirrus clouds.

    If you love clouds, checkout this amusing collection of shapes that clouds can take.
    Circumhorizon arcs are so large that sometimes we see only parts of them
    where they happen to 'light' fragments of cirrus cloud.
    Ed Johnson (site) captured this one on June 8, 2003
    on Mount Baden-Powell, California
    Circumhorizon arcs are so huge that their colours sometimes
    appear to be those of the sky itself rather than an ice crystal halo.
    In this long-lens shot the halo forms a backdrop to a seemingly tiny aircraft.
    Picture taken at Pilesgrove, New Jersey in July 22, 2007
    This circumhorizon display was photographed through a polarized lens
    above Dublin, Ohio, in May 2009.
    Circumhorizon Arc in Alentejo, Portugal, 2006.
    Circumhorizontal arc in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2009
    Cirrus fragments lit by a circumhorizon arc, Halifax, Nova Scotia,
    on 3rd July 2001 with the sun 66° high.
    This peculiar 'braided' circumhorizon arc was possibly formed
    by plate crystals in high cirrus fibratus cloud.
    Pictures taken at Silver City, New Mexico, USA during August 2004.
    Circumhorizontal arc seen over Switzerland in June 2007
    Circumhorizon arcs are often seen between lower obscuring clouds.
    This one was seen in Redding, CA in June 2004.
    Circumhorizontal arc in Spokane Valley in June 2006
    Circumhorizontal arc seen in Spokane Washington State,
    in June 3, 2006 when the sun was 64° high

    Photos via Atopics, APOD and Wikipedia

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    FiRE RAiNBOWS are also known as SUN BOWS

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    During the summer, if you're very lucky, you may notice a cloud
    in the sky that looks just like a rainbow.

    These so-called “fire rainbows” are actually known as circumhorizontal arcs
    and can occur when the sun has risen higher than 58° in the sky.

    For those living at mid-latitudes, the best chance to see this phenomenon
    is in the middle of summer.

    The rarity of the event is highly dependent upon latitude and weather conditions.

    The potential for these arcs to form in Los Angeles is 5-10 times higher
    than in London.

    Aside from the position of the sun, the other ingredient
    to forming circumhorizontal arcs is cirrus clouds.

    Cirrus clouds are the thin, wispy clouds that occur at higher altitudes.

    Because the temperature is so low where these clouds exist,
    they are made of ice crystals.

    After the sun is higher than 58°, the light refracts
    through the plate-like crystals, which act like prisms and create the rainbow.

    Circumhorizontal arcs aren’t the only optical illusion
    created by the sun and cirrus clouds;
    iridescent clouds, infralateral arcs, and circumzenithal arcs
    are just a few other ways the sun can create beautiful rainbow-colored clouds.

    Check out these gorgeous examples:
    Location: Ravenna, Michigan
    Credit: Derek W, via Wikimedia Commons
    Location: South Hungary
    Credit: Attila Magyar, via flickr
    Location: Spokane, Washington
    Credit: Jonathan Fox, via flickr
    Location: West Virginia
    Credit: Jeff Kubina, via flickr

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    When all of these wavelengths reach our eyes
    from the same angle, we see the light as white,
    but when refraction causes them to scatter
    and reach us from different angles
    we see their individual colours.

    This then makes a colourful rainbow appear in the cirrus clouds,
    creating a fire rainbow.



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