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    Knowing my story will go a long ways to giving latitude to others to be who they are.

    My job is to teach a blind to man see . . .

    (it's not always clear who's teaching who)

    How do you map a world you cannot see?


    How do you map out a world you do not see? You can tell certain things are of another dimension by the telltale marks they have -- you feel it but when you try to understand it, it fades away.

    I think, many of these are things themselves -- more real, true and beautiful than their instances. Plato calls them forms and Carl Jung calls them archetypes.

    what works for some


    These things are like dreams in this world and so can be remembered like remembering a regular dream. We pick up on something though we're not sure what; we respond to the response that always comes And we do this until we know what we're looking at or should be looking at.

    Being Responsive


    Being responsive to the dream is just being responsive -- that is, it's taking care of business. It's washing the car, remembering your anniversary, visiting a sick friend -- that sort of thing. By responding to life, soul then responds to the dream and a lot more.

    Any kind of being in love seems to activate memories




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