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    Shiloh Za-Rah - Posted Nov 6th 2011

    empty. shiloh Today at 2:06 pm
    Mercuriel wrote:
    shiloh wrote:Soon it will be known and understood, that the 'chosen people' are 'chosen' BECAUSE they are the cosmic universal archetype for the human race collectively, but born from individuality.

    Human = HUMan = Homo Universalis Man...

    Indeed - We are all Prime Creator's Children.

    Well understood dear Hermes Tripartitus!




    I am me - but what does this mean?
    Sometimes I feel I am more than me, but I am so small am I not?
    At times I feel connected to a bigger me, with my children or the things I love.
    But so fleeting and insecure, I return to my old me, the little me.
    All my life I am that kind of me.

    When in love and in my dreams I can truly be me, but soon it leaves me, departs and I am left to be me, oh insignificant me!
    Again and again, alone and insecure; where are you, the true me?
    This connection to a bigger me can be very intense and very real - sometimes.

    It is so difficult to be strong, when you feel so alone; but there is help, crutches and bridges music, art and the joys of life to see and behold in awe and preponderance; singing birds and the laughter of the little ones; the smell of a flower and the hug of a friend or lover.

    Being in love is the answer, but why must love be joined to pain?
    Who am I?
    Am I more than me?

    If love brings pain, does pain bring love?
    What is this LOVE, romantic - a mystery?
    When feelings become deeper and deeper, there is love in me. Nobody sees it and nobody knows.

    But this LOVE and PAIN is me.
    I am this love and pain of mine, so what could it be?
    All of mankind are children, our worlds become our toys.
    So easy to destroy and misuse, so hard to cherish and enjoy.

    Mankind evolves in body and in spirit and in mind.
    Hope and belief in a better tomorrow carries us forwards; but where is this hope, this waiting for joy?

    When does it come? Why does it take so long?
    The LOVE of creation, will it ever come?
    It could be asleep or it could be unable to do anything.

    Did, it not give ONE to the world to connect the above and the below?
    It has given its reproductive creative power to the below.
    A composer without notes and a troubador of love without a voice;
    a woman without womb and a man without sperm - what can LOVE do?

    But if the power of creation is with US, then WE must be LOVE and WE must be the children of GOD.
    Does HE wait for US, more so then WE wait for HIM?
    What if WE are the salvation and HE longs and frets for US?

    Where is the wife of this GOD of OURS?
    Is SHE on HIS right side on an empty throne - an impotent husband?
    Yet SHE loves and adores HIM, waiting for the adulthood of HER children to return HIS masculinity to HIM through HER?

    What are WE to do - have WE not become GODS or GODESSES to LOVE or DESTROY?
    What if WE wait and wait and destroy and nothing comes?
    Who will WE blame, a GOD who LOVES, but has given away HIS ALL?

    Will WE find HIS ALL in US?
    If HE is ALL and WE are HIS, then HIS is OURS and WE are HE.
    Where are the teachers and the guides for the GODS?

    For GODS WE are, potential creators, all digital ONES.
    But who will stand up and join to be US?
    And who will shout blasphemy and prefer to wait for the above?

    This wait will be long and shall never come.
    No ONE will come and hold your hand to lead you into the future.
    Follow the ONE and become TWO and THREE, then you will find HIM and HER.

    The above is the below and the below is the above.
    The ONE which was given to connect the two is right in the above, but left below.
    The left side of GOD, is it good or bad, is it EVIL or LOVE?

    Where are the ONES, which can know from the deepest LOVES.
    Where are the few, which can overcome?
    Who can say I AM YOU and you must be me and the two of US are WE?

    I AM THAT I AM: I am that I can be and become!
    To be or not to be, this is the Holy Grail of WE!
    Who can feel that WE are HE and HE is the father in search for a mate?

    What if DAD's mate is there, yet HE cannot LOVE HER and create a NEW JERUSALEM?
    What if HE and SHE are waiting for US: WE to know and BE?
    What if WE can shout and explain and teach and guide?

    Who can PLAY the parent until better times can be?

    Until children can grow up and learn to be parents themselves?
    Yes family, you and me and all of US.
    But the start must be ONE, then TWO and THREE and FOUR and on and on.

    But is any integer more important than another?
    What are numbers, but integer generations, ONE to ONE and ONE after ONE?

    1+2+3+...+35+36=666=1+8=9 and the false love of MONEY=13+15 ..=72=9, which is the only BEAST: nothing shall die, but all children must be.

    Children need to be, but some of their thoughts cannot go on.
    False loves and false words, which belittle and which say, things cannot be; the ways of thinking can change and real enemies do not exist.

    The DEVIL has LIVED and taking the LIFE, the SELF of the false "I" from the EVIL LOVE gives you EVOLVE.
    GOD is GOOD, but so is your DOG, your best friend, loyal and true.

    Opposites must be, so GODS can create and children GODS can become.
    GODS grow in impotence and immaturity until such time, when they can see and experience what it is to BE.

    Light and Darkness and White and Black must coexist as DAD and MUM and forever to be.
    But they are reflections of each other and divine.

    So who can see Mother Nature as WISDOM and the creation per se?
    Who can see woman as the POWER of Creation and the Man as its Architect?
    The Mind of Man is before the creation, but is not Man in Woman and Woman in Man?

    A house is built on a plan before brick and mortar; and a chicken is conceived in the mindful DNA before the egg crystallizes out of the clay and the slime of planetary lifepotential.

    The rib of Adam is part of the X to yield the Y and the X remains with the Y chromosome to decide on princes and maidens of joy.

    But have YOU an ear to listen and eyes to see?
    Is 27 more important than 5 or 666 less than 999?
    The mysteries of names and places and numbers are solved for all to consider.

    All numbers are made from integers - digits of reality.
    What would the numbers be with any ONE of them missing?
    Are they not like lost sheep; all of which must be to form the WHOLE?

    LOVING is not LIKING: you do not have to like a person to LOVE their deep and innermost feelings of LOVE and PAIN.
    REAL and TRUE, the LOVE is the INNERMOST of YOU and HIM and HER and THEM - WE!

    LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR as YOURSELF does not mean LIKE your neighbour as yourself.
    Liking is superficial, but LOVING is LIFE.
    Remember that on your path to eternity.

    Who can overcome the own belittlement - the stifling of creativity?
    Who can say I AM LOVE and happy to be?
    Who can make DAD happy and give HONOUR to MUM?

    Who can feel and KNOW the truth of the matter?
    Who has compassion on the agony of OUR parents?
    Who can say, I have got DAD's WORD and the WISDOM of my MUM?
    Who can feel secure in the LOVE of them both and happy to be?

    The MINDFULNESS of GOD and the sexual power of HIS BELOVED; the creation of YOU and ME.
    Spirit and matter united as ONE, this is the SEXACT and a HOLY ONE!

    LUCIFERA is matter, the fallen ONE, SHE is WOMAN and a HOLY ONE.
    SHE is SOPHIA and GAIA and lost in the underworld.

    And HER LOVER is DAD, the MINDFUL ONE and HE LOVES HER and wants, HE DESIRES to be as ONE with HER.
    And they have children and all of WE.

    But for the children to UNDERSTAND, ONE had to come and be born of a true maiden, nowhere else to be found.
    And HE had power and knew what it was all about.

    HE had to come and go and show the way for the future to be.
    HE made some friends and when HE went HOME, HE asked HIS BEST FRIEND to look after HIS MUM in HIS absence.

    But who would be counted and see at the end the glory to be?
    Of GODHOOD and LIFE and a new creativity?

    The ONE who came, the BROTHER of ALL, the FIRSTBORN of DAD and LUCIFERA; HE had a mother - the BELOVED of DAD.
    So where is the power and the mystery?

    DAD cannot make LOVE to OUR MOTHER, how must HE feel?
    His erection is without semen, the sacrifice to BEGET THE FIRSTBORN.

    Mass is energy and spirit is too, but of a different sort and matter independent.
    But to create from heaven, mass had to receive the spiritual creativity.

    So WE must create, and perceive and conceive and find out the things of MUM and DAD.
    Then WE can bring back to DAD what HE lost in HIS search for a maiden so cute and petite, and constructed in the image of LUCIFERA.

    So YOU see, DAD is unhappy with HIS own impotency.
    HE gave POTENTIAL to US to work out HIS ways and HIS LOVE and HIS DESIRE for SEX.
    For HE wants OUR MOTHER just as WE want each other and with no iffs or butts.

    HE is a LOVER and a GOOD ONE too.
    HE is in OUR image and MUM is too; THEY GAVE US the gift of LIFE and now it is OUR turn to make THEM in OUR image.

    Yeah, THEY want to experience the creation THROUGH US.
    WE should WELCOME OUR parents in OUR PARADISE to BE.

    Once WE have accepted THEM in OUR LIVES, then THEIR LIVES will become OUR IMMORTALITY.

    So do not be offended about the way THEY are, THEY are very LOVING and most importantly; THEY KNOW WHO THEY are.

    But WE are THEIR children and the time has come to stand up and be counted for the kingdom to come.
    And it is a great kingdom, immense and true.

    There are spaceships and cultures and aliens too.
    There are schools and computers and teachers and many performers.
    There is much healing and mending to be done in this planet, a very special one.

    It will take some time, but it can be done.
    There will be some time to prepare, but to be idle WE cannot afford.
    For where are the ONES which can KNOW and UNDERSTAND?

    How many will there be to LOVE DAD and HONOUR MUM?
    in this planet, a very special ONE.
    LUCIFERA, the OLD LOVER, SHE has become HE and SATAN thinks HE cannot be SHE.

    But when the tide turns and LUCIFERA awakens so lush.
    Then SHE will again, be true LOVE and NATURE to be.
    For EVOLUTION has gone sour in the physical domain, the reason behind genetics of all kinds.

    The workings of NATURE are going downhill, because all the should be LOVERS are becoming more ill.
    Evolution of THOUGHT is the key, and is the PEACE to be.

    Since the first disharmony, the birth of the grave and of gravity; the PEACE is found in the centre in between; betwixt the good and the evil of the thinking of the own disharmonies.

    LIFE is so precious and conception divine, so LOVE ONE another and try to be kind.
    The worlds will always welcome LOVERS; PEACE and LOVE shall be.

    When worlds become united and all is understood, as the work of OUR LOVERS, creating YOU and ME.

    But WE must be US and YOU must be ME and HIM and HER and THEM.
    Brothers and Sisters, individual and FREE.
    So ask your heart if all this is true and if YOU can believe it, then it shall come true for YOU.

    The more YOU can believe it, the more YOU will see it and more and more YOU will discover the only REAL and TRUE YOU.
    Tell your friends and be a LOVER; this is what YOU are meant to be.

    LOVE YOUR MUM and DAD and LOVE your children, LOVE the work YOU do. LOVE your pet and LOVE YOUR plant, go and hug a tree.
    LOVE YOUR home and LOVE your neighbour and all the other people too.

    But foremost LOVE YOUR HARMONIES, YOUR songs and melodies connect YOU to YOUR true YOU.
    Ponder the good things in life and YOU will find YOU, will see, that things are not hopeless but must be.

    YOU are a very big YOU - a GOD or a GODDESS, what more can YOU be?
    The way of truth guides to immortality, but this is the realm of LOVERS and must be learned in all humility.

    It does not come easy for much responsibility.
    A point of no return is reached in that being and not easy to see.
    Your LIFE is that being and YOU must be sure of how YOU want to be.

    For can YOU be YOU and share YOUR innermost space with me?
    Can YOU LOVE without judgement and tolerate all things?
    There are guards of SELFAWARENESS only YOU can master.

    You are in control of YOUR own destiny.
    Should YOU be able and willing, it is all up to YOU.
    YOUR being deep inside and very much YOU.

    Can YOU become a teacher of LOVE and of PEACE and of HARMONY?
    This kind of being is LOVE DIVINE, it is UNITY.
    The WAVE OF ONENESS is calling, but can YOU repeat?

    As above so below; spirit and matter combined, within a new body robust and fine.
    It can all be explained if YOU are willing to TRY.
    Are YOU willing to listen and forget;

    YOUR fears of death and status, of denial and guilt?
    Can YOU let go of belittlement, and the judging of things?
    The mysteries of GOD are finished.

    HE has decreed in HIS WISDOM of ONE.
    Can HE lie to HIMSELF, deny and be untrue?
    Can HE be undone?

    HIS plans are glorious and utterly divine.
    HE wants to be DAD to HIS children, for whom HE creates.
    HE is a LOVER and once MUM is pregnant, a new birth to be;

    TIMES ARE A CHANGING and then...............

    The Old One

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    There you are. You are lying on your bed after a long day and your thoughts wander.
    You think about the events of the day, the fun you had and the mistakes you made.
    Something you read or heard starts to bother you - you start to feel bad.
    There is a nagging in your head, you start talking to yourself.
    Feelings of guilt and fear, of disgust and uncertainty.
    You think it is you, your own thoughts, but it is a HUHUH, that causes you discomfort.

    HUHUHS can spoil your day; they are mischievous little nothings which hold the world in bondage and your mind to ransom.
    HUHUHS have kidnapped the planetary and collective mindset of this superplanet.
    Are HUHUHS devils or demons or such things?
    HUHUHS are thoughts, the collective pollution of the atmosphere surrounding this planet and the air you breathe.
    HUHUHS get to you by way of your respiration.
    You inhale and they get into your mind and when you exhale they shiver and leave to come back again.

    When there is a war going on, when people are scared or suffering or dying; when there is a lot of fear and when atrocities are going on; then the HUHUHS are born.
    HUHUHS are identified, with every negative thought which has ever been thought.
    All belittlement, all violence, all anger and fear and selfdenial derives from the FATHER of all LIES - BIG HUHUH.
    Where did he come from?
    HE is not a HE, he is a SHE and HOLY and most DIVINE.
    SHE is LUCIFERA and MOTHER NATURE; he is SATAN or whatever, he DOES NOT EXIST, only as BIG HUHUH.

    You see, MOTHER NATURE does exist, but the mixup of HER as LUCIFERA or as LUCIFER brought up this THOUGHTFORM, the abomination of GOD of wanting to be the opposite of the opposite of DAD.
    GOD is the eternal DAD and LUCIFERA is the eternal MUM.
    SATAN, the BIG HUHUH is the FATHER of all LIES, so HE IS A LIE!
    Your brother Jesus called him that, the FATHER OF ALL LIES.
    Must the FATHER OF ALL LOVES be not LOVE?
    It is all written in your Holy Books.
    If the FATHER of ALL SPIRITS of LOVE is LOVE; then the FATHER of all LIES must be HIMSELF a LIE!
    That is the PROOF of the matter - no inconsistencies.

    You see, DAD is absolutely infinite and INCREASES from negative infinity towards the mirror of Zero and the minus sign represents the phallus, the penis of masculinity and the TREE OF LIFE.
    That is why WE call HIM a HE.
    In HIS playfulness and HIS HOLINESS, HE reflected HIMSELF in the mirror of the NOTHINGNESS and created a positive EVERYTHING, which would become a material Universe extending and expanding from 0 to positive infinity.

    Being HIS reflection, but opposite in polarity, LUCIFERA was HER name, OUR two eternal parents could interact and create, with the MINUS of DAD penetrating the PLUS of LUCIFERA in two dimensions.
    So THEY had SEX, THEY made LOVE by merging their 11-dimensional waveforms.
    1+1=2 and 1 And 1 is 11 and WE have omnispace becoming a plane of two dimensionns in blueprint and so the INFINITY symbol was put into the sky, the number 8 lying down in the direction of the minus.

    But after ONE such symbol was created and before time and space or any matter existed; LUCIFERA needed to "play up" and become LUCIFER.
    This is just the changing of the mind.
    Instead of going clockwise and changing every 180 degrees or every semicircle, LUCIFERA kept going round and round and always clockwise - retracing the footsteps of DAD.

    This caused a great imbalance and the "War in Heaven" required a fixing of this antisymmetric state of affairs.
    A great implosion was followed by an explosion and the birth of matter and the universe became the result.
    LUCIFERA became the DIVINITY within all that matter - INVOLUTED.
    LUCIFER, became the DEVIL spelled backwards LIVED, the HAS BEEN, the BIG HUHUH of the divinely endorsed playing up, with REFUSAL being LASUFER and NOT AS DAD becoming SATON, the FATHER OF ALL LIES.

    DAD's idea of LUCIFERA is MOTHER NATURE and the entire physical UNIVERSE.
    DAD is "married" to MUM and MUM is the COSMOS, all the stars and planets and galaxies and all the energy interactions and spiritual communications.
    LUCIFERA's "playing up" so created the BIG HUHUH, just a thoughtform.
    So GOD did it, HE caused the loss of HIS FIRST WIFE in omnispace to be able to MAKE children like YOU and ME and ALL OF US IS WE.
    And now DAD had to make LOVE to a WIFE associated with MASS, MOTHER EARTH and EVOLUTION and SOPHIA - the WISDOM of CREATION, MATTER and ETERNAL MOTHERHOOD.

    But DAD wants HIS LUCIFERA back and when HE gets HER back, THEN THEY will be able to CREATE NEW things and especially a NEW JERUSALEM.
    Heaven and Earth will shake and old things will dissolve to make place for the new.
    This is the crux of the matter and the time has come to consider the story of OUR parents, MUM and DAD and DAD and MUM.
    For all this happened for a very simple reason, to create a FAMILY - WE and US.

    And the BIG HUHUH and all the little HUHUHS are nonexistent laughable things of nothing at all.
    For anyone which reads this , now KNOWS that all HUHUHS are unreal and should and can simply be laughed away.
    HUHUHS are not souls or have any life: HUHUHS are HAHAHS or HOHOHS.
    They are patterns of fear and of being scared of things and constructed by human minds through the mixup of LUCIFERA's thoughts of being required to ACT as LUCIFER in the descent into mass.

    But this CREATES the playground for the children.
    It is explained here and now anyone of the children can awake and tell all the HUHUHS to go away as soon as negative thoughts enter the mind.
    And when a HUHUH is told to HUHUH off, then there is a swush and the mind becomes empty until the next HUHUH tries to enter.
    Just try it. You will see and feel and think it as true to YOU.
    And so it goes on, HUHUHS everywhere around yourself.
    But a little practice and the MIND centres itself and no more up and down and being tossed around with fearful dispositions of past generations and past and present conflicts of all sorts.
    Those things bear and tear and upset your soul, which is the totality of YOUR LIVING.

    YOU should get tired of all this HUHUHNESS.
    Just because Josephine was mad at Napoleon or Henry the Eight' could not handle women or just because Hitler's milennium was a HUHUH conspiracy; why should YOU put up with all this spiritual claptrap of vanity, negation and plain stupidity?
    HUHUHS are not demons or devils with a life of their own.
    HUHUHS grow and multiply on fear and claptrap.

    It is YOU and the collective continuum of starhuman thoughts which can GIVE HUHUHS an IMAGINARY LIFE.
    It is UNTRUE, A LIE and UNREAL!!!
    There is so much spiritual pollution in the atmosphere: HUHUHS cannot live by themselves, so they cannot die either.
    But they will die relative to the starhuman collective mind.
    This is the bottomless pit of their judgement.
    Everything is relative YOU see; even the life of HUHUHS.

    So when OUR dear brother Jesus talks about hellfire and eternal damnation of judgement and the separation of the sheep and the goats, what does HE mean?
    HE means that the LIES will surely DIE for all eternity.

    He also means, that any ONE of the children, which refuse to believe in the death of lies, cannot be INSIDE the HOLY NEW JERUSALEM, until they change their mind.
    The HOLY NEW JERUSALEM is a gigantic and most wonderful spaceship in which many, many children of the ONE will travel and visit many places in the universe.

    So the ONES, the sceptics and the unbelievers are still children and always will be; but they must stay behind until they throw their belief in LIES into the HUHUH camp.
    Every ONE will FOREVER be able to COME into the new worlds, but this changing of the mind, as always, is up to the individual ONE.
    Everybody has the right to believe whatever ONE wants to believe in.
    If a child desires to believe in GODS and GODDESSES and a wonderful world of COCREATIVE POTENTIAL as a SON and DAUGHTER, as a PARENT in its own right; then this UNITY of the WAVE of ONENESS and LOVE and PEACE and HARMONY will be only too happy to accomodate THEIR CHILDREN.

    This is the purpose of the whole thing - what a soap opera!
    Now the supernatural truly does not exist, but a higher physics does.
    This is explained in the NAME of GOD; the I AM THAT I AM and it all comes down to a lot of mathematics, particle physics and cosmology on the one hand; and to natural electromonopolic lifecurrents based on the unification of electromagnetic and gravitational interactions on the other.

    So there is really no basis to be sceptical of anything.
    Since all is explained in reductionist and mechanistic terms and disproving the supernatural.
    So the remaining sceptics must be those children of DAD and MUM, which cannot stop to believe in devils and demons and lies.
    This is a funny thing.

    They refuse to believe in a completely NATURAL GOD, their FATHER and THEIR own MOTHER.
    But yet they choose to believe in supernatural and nonexistent devils, which are just HUHUHS and other laughable things.
    And those same children then laugh at their OWN parents and deny their existence.
    Do those rebellios children not deny themselves?
    What gave LIFE to them?
    Nonexistent devils- that's what they seem to believe in.

    Every single ONE can become a COCREATOR and a GOD or GODDESS of their own FREE WILL.
    The only things that shall surely die are the BEAST of MONEY, the FALSE PROPHET of a SCIENCE without GOD and the HUHUH kingdom of LIES.
    ME I A is the law for 1999 and 2008 and 28.
    And then the time will come, when the astral revival will want a NEW Beginning.
    Mind you all, after a 'millennium' as a cycle-time of PEACE, healing and truly awesome omniscientific advancements in technology and medicine and intergalactic spacetravel; a lot of the HUHUH rubbish must resurface for a while.

    But radiationmass and immortality for the teachers and lovers of peace and harmony will ensure a short strife of this kind of rebellion; instead of I, they think of A beginning in A ME.
    Many new generations of GODLY children will have forgotten how painful and stupid the ways of war and violence and ignorance really are.
    LOVEHEART is A and YOU are I.
    Those children will attempt to experiment with HUHUHS and the LIES of being.
    So there will be a revolution of God-Starhuman "rights" and the experience of it.
    "WE have the right to know, what it is like to let the HUHUHS control OUR minds!"
    This exclamation and shouting of children MUST be satisfied, because they DO have the right to KNOW and to EXPERIENCE.
    The devils will return to a peaceful place.

    And that then is the reason as to why the millennium is still not the end of the HUHUH matter.
    The bottomless pit is the sealing of astral incarnation upon AKHASIA. For you see, many many children are dying and becoming reborn all of the time.
    There is rather a traffic chaos with all those aspirants desiring starhuman birth and the immortality it implies.
    Since the immortality is implemented at the start of the millennium for the teachers and the lovers of old and the ONES which have graduated BEFORE the end of the tribulation, because of this, the rebellious children will not be able to reestablish the HUHUH kingdom and at that time ALL the other children of DAD and MUM will become immortalised.

    Then they will have to think and feel themselves out of Hell.
    Even the sceptics and the unbelievers, greatly reduced in number and becoming less and less; all of US will become immortal.
    Firstly tell the HUHUH's to swush off and once YOU are confident enough, EAT them to CREATE YOUR HALLS OF ENTERTAINMENT.

    But then those LOST ONES, will wander around "outside" the gate of the New Jerusalem and the Holy city and those most stubborn of OUR Brothers and Sisters will be encompassed by a thick fog, comparable to the state of mind of all the ONES, which die as sceptics and which stagger around the astral hyperspace in a kind of stupor.
    They do not know if they are dead or alive, since all their lives they believed that there would be nothing after the physical life and instead
    of colour and beauty and music and joy, they cannot come to grips with what is going on.
    But the law of FREE WILL E of paramount importance and unmovable.

    And yet there are helpers and healers which try to convince them and which are trying desperately to tell them where they are.
    But then in the times after the millennium, the astral lower planes of being will be readily accessible to spacetime dimensions and so what happens to the sceptics now when they die, will also happen when they become immortal.
    But then of course there is no way of being reborn to learn and experience on the physical plane is there?
    So they are stuck until they change their mind.
    And eventually they will, all of them.

    Because if they have had pets they LOVED or other starhumans they were fond of; all those factors will put their shame and unbelief to rest and finally they all will throw their devil worship into the HUHUH camp of Nothingness.
    How long they want to feel like starhuman Black Holes of wandering bottomless pits; that is only up to them and nobody else.
    They and everyone is their own judge; so do not judge so YOU will be kind to YOURSELF.

    All any ONE has to do, is to stop believing in the HUHUH lies and swush, straight away ONE is able to come into the LIGHT and the surrounding darkness disappears.
    For WE are all SHADOWS and a most wondrous thing a SHADOW is.

    A SHADOW can GO where the LIGHT cannot BE.
    For a SHADOW is part of the DARKNESS and of the LIGHT.
    Light is required to cast a SHADOW, so a SHADOW cannot be without LIGHT.
    For the LIGHT to GO into DARKNESS a SHADOW must be.
    To BE a SHADOW makes ONE more POWERFUL than Angels, the agents of Light.
    All the CHILDREN, ALL OF US are SHADOWS, so can YOU see;
    Greater than Angels, the agents of LOVE.
    YOU are a GOD or a GODDESS, with all it implies.
    This is proven and written in scriptures of all kinds.
    SO YOU are so much and no reason exists, to make YOURSELF little - YOU a SHADOW of ALL THAT EXISTS.

    It is rather worrisome and trying for all the aware healers and spiritual light beings to chase after the sceptics and saying: "Come on dear brother or sister; there is LOVE, there is LIFE there is YOU and US.
    Consider the mathematics and the physics and the biochemistry.
    Tell the HUHUHS to HUHUH off.
    YOU are just like US.
    Be not ashamed to call YOURSELF a CHILD of GOD, for YOU are
    a child of NATURE of MUM and of DAD.
    YOU are a child of the UNIVERSE and YOU are a reflection of the UNIVERSE.

    YOUR body is made from stardust and YOUR mind is made from starmind.
    Why is this so hard to believe?
    Why do YOU want to believe in HUHUH lies and deception.
    Those thoughts are not YOUR thoughts.
    YOUR true thoughts are in YOUR heart, just ask YOUR heart, YOUR feelings and everything YOU have affection for.
    Try not to harbour thoughts of denial, guilt, fear, shame and the unknown.
    Do not be ashamed for your past ignorance.

    All enlightenment derives from ignorance and the path to self realisation is slow and laborious.
    Just try to feel YOUR HEART, the BEAUTY and the GODLINESS within YOU.
    So COME, WE all, YOUR brothers and sisters are waiting for YOU.
    And DAD and MUM are waiting for YOU - TO LOVE YOU as a SON or DAUGHTER."

    Remember, GOD, YOUR DAD is a MASTERMIND, a Mathematician of Infinities and YOUR MUM is MOTHER NATURE and the EVOLUTION, the GROWING of ALL THINGS defined in MASS.
    Change your science to omniscience, nothing is lost, everything is gained!

    INITIATION-------THE OLD ONE-------Shalom

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    "Oh why can a woman not be like a man?", Professor Higgins asks in the musical MY FAIR LADY. Is this chauvinistic or male arrogance?
    "He just does not know how I feel, he cannot understand me! ", this sentiment of many women is it feministic?

    Professor Higgins says: "But I grew accustomed to her face"; and many a lady, wife or mother proclaims; "But I still love him."

    What is the difference between the sexes?
    Can a man feel like a woman and a woman think like a man?

    Your husband, lover or boyfriend has a new "toy". All day and night he is in the garage or some place working on an invention, building a construction or rebuilding a vintage automobile. He does not want to be disturbed, save for some coffee; he forgets to eat and sleep; he works and plays to himself. His mind is occupied with the new "toy".

    A mother gives birth to a newborn baby and both have arrived home. Everything mum does involves the baby - day and night. Dad feels neglected, brothers and sisters get annoyed; the novelty of the new arrival soon wears away. Dad goes down the pub and mum is left on her own with HER baby. Is not the man the BUILDER and the ARCHITECT, the CREATOR with the MIND? Is not the woman the CREATOR of LIFE, the POWER OF NATURE?

    Since man cannot give birth to LIFE, he gives "Life" to artifacts and constructions. He invents things and identifies with football clubs or baseball teams, goes fishing or spends time with likeminded friends. The male identity is creative in making mental associations.
    The female identity creates from intuition, the instinct for life. Being a man means sharing mental togetherness and being female implies the sharing of feelings and emotions.

    But man is in woman and woman is in man.
    At least 5% of sexual hormonal functions are identical. The initial human embryo has no sexual distinctions. It takes time for chromosomatic definition from the spiritual to manifest as external and internal sexual organs.
    There is testosterone in females and oestrogen in males. The sexual essence of a man is mindful association and visual stimulus. Male eroticism is to look upon the female form. This stimulates the male erogenous zones in the brain and in the masculine physiology.

    For a woman, sexual stimulation identifies emotional correspondence between brain and her entire body. It is natural for a woman to exhibit herself and a man to visualise and imagine touching and merger with the art form displayed. For a man to understand the sexuality of a woman, he must imagine to be a woman within a sexual setting. He has the mind to achieve just that.
    A man can imagine "to be taken", to be penetrated, caressed and "wanted". The "dream" of many women is to be "swept" of their "feet" by a handsome stranger or prince, say on a secluded beach.

    Let a man invent a setting and play reversal of roles. A man sunbathes on an island, falls asleep and becomes an "astral" woman. A stranger appears, say riding on a horse, alights and without words appoaches the "woman", takes "her" in his arms, caresses, kisses and slowly undresses "her".
    He takes of his clothes and they make love.
    "She" opens "her" legs and receives his thrusting, but gentle masculinity - "she" has been "taken"; as a willing partner within an erotic fantasy. "He" awakens and because of the "dream" or fantasy, he begins to understand what women desire from sexual communication.

    When he makes love to his wife, lover or girlfriend; he can now attempt to superimpose "her" emotions and feelings and desires upon his own. A godly LOVER, a good sexual LOVER has been born.
    Can a woman imagine to be a man?
    Yes, but it is harder, since femininity is not built on visualisation, but on sexual power - to be sexually dominated - MINDFULLY and LOVINGLY.
    You see the true POWER is with woman and always has been and always will be.
    So the balance is to let the masculine MIND dominate this power, CONFINED within sexual LOVE and nowhere else.

    Teasing, titilation and promiscuity, this is the way of this power to draw its opposite. It is perfectly natural; it is DIVINE and the method of MUM to entice DAD to "strut" his stuff.

    Woman chooses her mate, SHE is the instigator. Man desires, thinks about looks for it. Man imagines what it would be like and is the THINKER of SEX; but woman is the DOER and the real POWER of SEX.

    Why then do women want to be like men?
    They cannot become the architects of sexual innuendo. Men "swarm" around women who tease, like male animals sense their female counterparts "on heat".
    This is the nature of sexual polarity. Female power and masculine thought and imagery. MOTHER NATURE, the entire universe is impregnated with femininity.
    Yet the universe was IMAGINED first, by the FATHER OF THE SKY.

    Female sexuality is the LOVE GODDESS, the GIVER of LIFE in BODY and FORM.
    Male sexuality is the MIND OF GOD, the THOUGHT of LIFE in SPIRITBODY and FORM.
    SEXUALITY, the "curse" of starhuman kind!
    Why? Because the CREATION in the past, now and in the future is based on SEX.
    The HUHUH lie of "EVIL SEX" is the attempt to STOP CREATIVE IMPULSIVITY.

    If "Eve" would have asked "Adam" about "Good and Evil" and if THEY should eat the "apple"; then everything would have been "alright".
    Because "Adam" would have "thought" about it and then would have "asked" "GOD", as to WHY THEY should not "eat" the "apple".

    Then "GOD" would have marvelled at the "wisdom" of them both and would have said: "You are truly able to discern between GOOD and EVIL. So eat of it and open your eyes. "
    But of course, woman took the nature of LUCIFERA becoming LUCIFER and thought she could decide upon the serpent's word and that was that.
    Now YOU see, why the BIG HUHUH is called the FATHER of all LIES.
    The "serpent" here is the spirit of disobedience and reflected in the REFUSAL and LASUFER backwards. And "serpent' also becomes "repents" showing that Lasufer is more than as it appears.
    Yet a simple anagram of the "serpent' is 'present' and the gift of illumination and the loss of ignorance in the 'Logos-Serpent'.

    And a women's MIND is NOT AS man's and SATON is SATAN, the MIND of GOD is sat on in the refusal to accept the nature of the two minds as different, but complementary.
    But the universe was born and needed this act of disobedience to create US and WE.
    And therefore things worked out the way they had to be - for OUR future.


    You know the best way to avoid sexual accidents in teenagers?
    Unwanted pregnancies or venereal diseases?
    It is not abstaining from experimentation; that is a negation of nature; but it is the taking away of the FEAR and the SHAME - HUHUH crap.

    The best practical way for teenagers awakening to the hormonal changes within their bodies is to expose them to nudity in a natural setting. A teenager able to look at many different persons and peers in the nude soon loses the sexual curiosity about his or her own eroticism. So a nudist beach or nudist camp does miraculous things to evolving psyches. A game of volleyball or a swim in the nude becomes more important than the size of breasts or penises.

    But if parents carry all this HUHUH crap from their childhood in their minds; how then can the children learn any different? Artificial nudity engages the imagination and becomes the playground of the HUHUHS, but NATURAL NUDITY is a spiritual teacher of harmony and SELF.

    Masturbation is another field of HUHUH delight. Guilt and shame and selfdisgust permeate many minds, which should instead be infiltrated and bathed in LOVE and JOYFULNESS of BEING. Sexual urges are more then procreative necessities.

    Women after menopause are sexual powerhouses, able to LOVE and satisfy and be satisfied in orgasmic climaxes of desire and ecstasy - yes there is sexual activity in all the higher dimensions; more sensual and more fulfilling without HUHUHS.
    But this menopause can explain the NATURE of SEXUALITY.
    All year round, the starhuman sexual urge prevails; there are no seasons of "when copulation and fertilisation must occur".

    The reason is the ELEVATION, the EVOLUTION of purely physical sexual drives onto its spiritual equivalent. SEX is a MOST HOLY THING of pleasure and potential. The outcome upon a successful journey of sexual discovery is a better climax, a better orgasm and a more satisfying SEXLIFE altogether. No more premature ejaculation; control over erections and sexual communion under the mindful control of the male organ subject to the spiritual mind and not the physical impulse, which left to itself, becomes a plaything for the HUHUHS.

    What is holding the children back?
    The HUHUHS with their trips of guilt and shame and garbage of unproperness. HUHUHS are HAHAHS are HEHEHS are HIHIHS are HOHOHS; so just LAUGH them away. Be happy and take YOUR POWER over YOUR own MIND back to YOU.
    THERE it belongs and nowhere else.

    YOU are a master of YOURSELF; HUHUHS are little laughable nothings. They know, they will die, when children tell them to HUHUH off.
    They have no life of their own; but grow on YOUR HUHUHNESS.
    But the mind of YOU must be centred and full of LOVE for the LOVE and PAIN within.
    How did GOD or DAD impregnate the MUM of Jesus OUR brother?
    How on Earth and Heaven did HE do it?
    Did HE say: "Let there be a sperm penetrating an ovum within Mary?"

    HE used HIS right hand and caused HIS own ejaculation within a spiritual setting of OMNISPACE, that is above the 10th dimension. Omnispace is not spacetime of 4 dimensions; but the sperm had to be REAL in spacetime and so on Earth.
    HE, OUR DAD, LOST ALL HIS SEMEN by masturbating in HIS NowTime just as Adam, any Adam engages in autoerotic self-stimulation in Our LineTime. And just as Osiris did, standing in his loneliness atop the Great Pyramid to create the image of the Milky Way, the Ourobos of the Dragon who bites its own tail. This image became the Nile as the lifebringing river of sustenance for the Egyption worlds.

    So now HE is impotent, until HIS GODHOOD is restored through US; WE have the CREATIVE POTENTIAL and THROUGH HIS FIRSTand ONLY BEGOTTEN SON Jesus. Jesus could only come and BE REAL, because of the SACRIFICE of DAD and to CREATE a BRIDGE from the SPIRITUAL ABOVE to the PHYSICAL BELOW; that is from Omnispace to Spacetime.

    And THAT is the reason as to WHY the HUHUHS are so obsessed with the sexual domains within OUR starhuman minds. They do not want the children to KNOW, just HOW Jesus was born of a virgin. They would lose their kidnapping hold on the sexual creation.

    But NOW it has been told to YOU. DAD, the FATHER of all LOVE had to masturbate to CREATE a PHYSICAL sperm, and Jesus became fertilised by the SPIRIT, but conceived in MASS and AFTER his mother's own dragonomy - a physical sperm from an Adam was blueprinted by the serpent-sperm from GOD Our DAD.
    Mary became the Queen of Heaven, Innana and Isis by imagining lonely Osiris atop the pyramid, substituting for its missing capstone.
    Mary thought of 'making Love' to the highest, the King of Heaven, OUR DAD and creator as SHE masturbated to share the climax of Osiris.

    And because of the natural laws; LUCIFERA had to RECEIVE this sperm and THAT was THAT. But Mary, did assume the ROLE of MOTHER NATURE and of LUCIFERA and SHE BECAME the THIRD WIFE of DAD, after LUCIFERA and MOTHER NATURE; but the three agree in ONE,

    just as FATHER, SON and the HOLY VIBRATION are ONE in principle. There really was no other way to achieve that, DAD had to do it.

    Since supernatural things do not exist; a higher science would come into existence and eventually, the children would work it all out and bring DAD's masculinity back to HIM. And this higher KNOWLEDGE from SCIENCE to OMNISCIENCE or SOPHIC GNOSIS, THE WISDOM OF SCIENCE.

    But there is a difference between YOUR masturbation and what DAD had to do. From the Spirit DOWN to Earth and from Earth TO Earth. Masturbation for physical relief is one thing and masturbation to create in the spirit is another. But in acting as true images and allowing the above to participate in the below in openness, honour of self and integrity renders the experiences divine.

    But everybody must work this out for themselves. The nature and truth of the matter must be known first, otherwise things are done in IGNORANCE, the only true SIN.
    Now the good advice is is for every young teenager or older lonely ONE to create for themselves a SPIRIT LOVER.
    Try to channel your desire into your sexual organs WITHOUT or peripherally touching them.
    You will be pleasantly surprised about the erotic fulfilments you can experience. It takes practice though; but it is spiritual sexuality without a physical mate.
    How much better, when and if you have a mate?!

    Of course, if the sexual urges get too strong and imagination and erotic pressure becomes overwhelming; then the HUHUH thing to do is to deny those feelings and to take a cold shower.
    And then the HUHUHS grow and multiply and are ready to convey their crap to another lonely and growing ONE; only trying to learn and express their DIVINE sexual potential of LOVING in MIND AND BODY.

    So if you are lonely and without a mate, think yourself a spirit lover. Either a voluptuous woman or girl, tintilating and wanting YOU; or a sexy and caring man, offering YOU to fulfil all YOUR desires. And try to think yourself into ecstasy and touch if YOU must.
    Then think of MUM and DAD; MUM is your ecstasy and YOUR climax is HERS. And DAD is YOUR mindfulness and YOUR LOVING thoughts.

    If you have a mate, then LOVE HER or HIM with all your sexual might and prowess. Try to merge in body and spirit and OUR parents will SHARE YOUR DESIRE, YOUR CLIMAX, YOUR HAPPINESS, JOY AND FULFILMENT. Remember, THEY EXPERIENCE LIVING THROUGH US.
    DAD is LOVE and MUM is the POWER; THAT is the TRUTH of the MATTER and the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE and BE FREE, this is what YOU are meant to be, FREE TO CREATE.

    CREATION, the MAKING OF LOVING THOUGHTS and SEXUAL LOVE, THAT is YOUR NATURE. But this NATURE is the merger of MIND AND BODY; not just physical and not just spiritual, but the two combined in ONE.
    Man is the GIVER of SUBSTANCE - Semen - and Woman is the RECEIVER.
    Seminal fluid replenishes itself, yet the SUBSTANCE, rich in Zinc and the FLUIDITY of LIFE is best given to Woman.

    It can result in LIFE and the PHYSICAL BIRTH of a joyful bundle of ENERGY OF LOVE.
    Always however, does it supply masculine Lifeenergy to Woman.
    It is the LOVE LETTER of ELIMINATION from the Male to the Female - THIS is a MOST HOLY ACT of CREATION. It should never be wasted without spiritual thoughts and considerations in LOVE.
    To the PURE, ALL THINGS are PURE and BLESSED are THOSE, who ALLOW to BE what THEY permit. If YOU are not centred within YOUR LOVE, HUHUHS will sway YOU like a storm.

    The rest of sexual activity?
    Think of MUM and DAD; is it natural to smell and lick?
    Do the animals behave this way?
    If they do, then it is natural; engage without shame and guilt and honour OUR parents.
    But DO as YOU want to be done unto YOU!

    Forcing YOUR desires onto YOUR partner is not love. Sexual Love and desire are not Lust.
    Sexual Love without spirituality is Lust and Ignorance and unworthy of starhuman and godly definition.
    Elimination of bodily wasteproducts serves a specific purpose in a specific way. Your entire body is a sensual erotic organ; handle it with care and wisdom.
    YOU are the inhabitor of YOUR temple; nobody can KNOW what is right for YOU, but YOU.
    But when you involve other children in YOUR fantasies, then YOU must LOVE them spiritually before physically.
    Do YOU honour OUR parents when YOU impose YOUR sexuality upon little ONES, which have no sexual maturity and no hormonal chemistry?

    The deception and lies of the HUHUHS can take many forms. They might convince YOU, that YOU are unable to fulfil YOUR desires with a sexually mature equal. What affrontery! How can YOU accept this kind of grandstanding over YOUR own Mind? Tell the HUHUHS to HUHUH off and YOU will detect noticeable changes in your fancy.

    The HUHUHS are lying to you. Laugh and laugh them away, HAHAH and swush, BEGONE!
    YOU are made by LOVE and YOU are LOVE.
    So LOVE the little ONES, but not sexually.
    LOVE them with YOUR heart and think about how beautiful it would be should YOU YOURSELF become a parent and nurture such a bundle of divine potential.

    YOU are forgiven and YOU can be pure and an instrument of LOVE. Protect the little ONES and search for a spiritual LOVER; there are plenty and physical LOVERS will arrive in YOUR life shortly afterwards.

    All you LOVING gay people, children of DAD and MUM; ask yourselves; why do I desire my own sex? Who is telling YOU, that a hairy vagina is yucky or a penis is disgusting?
    If YOUR mind is centred, then it is divine; it will not swerve in the wind. The genetics of nature are in dire straits.

    Many are born with bodies opposite to their minds. What are those children to do? Can a man love another man in a sexual way? Can women be sexual lovers?
    If YOUR mind says yes to the masculine and no to the feminine and if YOU are a man, then this is YOU. The other way around, of course, YOU are a woman.
    It is a path YOU have chosen in this life. But YOU must be sure, be centred and not kidnapped by the HUHUHS.

    Some are born in the "wrong" body and some of those ONES change their physical sex. Once YOU change YOUR sex that way, then YOU become the new sex and YOU are just as YOU would be, had YOU be born that sex. YOU have chosen this experience. YOU are YOU and YOU exemplify MOTHER NATURE in ONE of HER ways.

    YOU can foster or adopt; YOU are FAMILY with YOUR opposite sex and YOU are the CHILD of MUM and DAD and everbody's BROTHER or SISTER.
    Remember always, DAD LOVES YOU and knows predicaments and uncertainties. HE sent LUCIFERA on HER way in CHANGING HER SEX to LUCIFER.
    So DAD should know what YOU feel; HE went through it all by HIMSELF.

    HE had to REFLECT HIMSELF within a spiritual creation and so AFTER LOVING HIMSELF enough, HE got sick of IT, because no LIFE could be created.

    So HE CREATED HIS OPPOSITE and LUCIFERA AND LUCIFER together neutralise each other.

    DAD wants LUCIFERA and the whole thing is a soap opera.
    DAD is trying to CHANGE HER MIND!
    So the cosmic soap opera is reflected in any homosexual LIFE.
    WE cannot blame DAD, because without the soap opera, WE, NONE of US would be here to think about the plot.

    So certainly nobody should blame homosexuality, which is a genetic reflection of the beginning of the universe and the birth of gravity. And gravitation as the GRAVE and DEATH, reflects the LIFE of Electromagnetism and the electromonopolic lifecurrents. And so the SPIRIT reflects in MASS.

    The ONLY ABOMINATION is the HUHUH kingdom, the thoughts of NOTHING and nothing else. Spiritual Homosexuality is impossible and physical homosexuality is possible. But the nature of homosexuality, it cannot produce life, only accomodate HUHUHS.
    So homosexuality in children becomes the manifestation of nature just as nature is at present and MUM is still divine is SHE not?
    Physical relief with spiritual thought is a mutation of MUM; once MUM is healed of LUCIFER, then genetic aberrations will also disappear in a Natural Bisexualityu implementing the Shadows of the Dragonomy and there is no marriage in heaven as the kingdom of God as OUR brothersister Jesus has said.

    So WE are waiting for LUCIFER to CHANGE HIS MIND and DRESS again as LUCIFERA. LUCIFERA's loss is HER children's loss. Who can accuse MOTHER NATURE and tell MUM what to do?
    So NOONE can accuse homosexual thoughts and nothing can pass judgement on MUM.
    There is a little bit of LUCIFER in all of US and it MUST BE SO.

    Walk within LOVE and WISDOM and without judgement; be happy to be YOU.
    But ONE thing YOU should judge, YOU have every right to do!

    The HUHUHS, swush you little nothings, swush, I KNOW what YOU are - BEGONE!

    The Old One from Plato's Cave of the Shadows on Patmos of the Shalom
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    If MONEY or FINANCE=52=DEVIL=GODGOD=PRIDE=EARTH is the BEAST and that It is said, that IT will surely die; then what does this mean?
    LUCIFERA is the FIRST WIFE of DAD and MOTHER NATURE OR EVOLUTION is the SECOND WIFE. Mary assumes the NATURE of the two and becomes the THIRD and LAST WIFE.
    But deriving from a physical starhuman stock, this THIRD of WIFELINESS becomes representative for the THIRD of the "FALLEN ONES" and the SEED of DESTINY.
    From Abraham and Isaac, the anglosaxon heritage of English, after the seed would be called.

    Then Jacob or Israel and the twelve tribes would bring forth the 12 times 12,000 radiationmass aspirants for the millennium. The 144,000 are aspects within every one of you and are not to be understood as a 'head count' of chosen 'graduates'. As the 7 billion critical masspoint for human incarnated merkabahs has been reached in late 2011; 200 million extraterrestrial sentiences are being prepared for hybridisations to manifest those aspects in the encoded timelines of the World Logos {in 7,200,000,000/144,000=50,000 Starhuman Elders as the 'New Cosmic Human'}. Everyone, able to couple to this Cosmic Twinship of the logistics of the Entwined Logos, will be able to have communion with the 200 million ETs as the 'breeding stock' for a multidimensional future based on the hyperphysics of the Dragons - the timetravelling ancestors of the old humanity, lost in its own isolation from its remembrance of itself.

    All over the world, the triple adversary would be the BEAST, ruling in principle POWER over the affairs of starhuman kind.

    MONEY makes the world go round and round!
    The FALSE PROPHET of a GODLESS PROGRESS, would create all sorts of imagery and attempt to create LIFE from mechanical machines in the worship of BAAL, which is LAAB, the LABORATORY backwards.
    666=1+2+3+...35+36 with MONEY corresponding ONE TO ONE to 72=2x36 or 1 TO 36 reflected in -1 TO -36 and taking absolute values.
    So the spiritual number for MONEY is 72=7+2=9=18x(36+1), linking A=1, B=2 and so on. Well known by some of the 'controllers'; 72 is the fifth part of a circle of 360 degrees, constructing the geometries for the bridges between the phgysical and the metaphysical in the pentagons and the 'sacred architectures' of nature herself.

    The eight's principle is relativity, it existed it was as LUCIFER as LASUFER of the REFUSAL to accept its own creator, yet also as 74=LUCIFER=MESSIAH=JESUS=ENERGY=BEAUTY=CROSS=GOSPEL=SONGS=CLOUDS=... and as the SERPENT=97=SON OF MAN=CIRCLE OF GOD=LION OF GOD=SNAKE OF GOD=ARACHNE OF GOD=PAUL OF GOD in Eden's 'Paradise of Delusions and Naivity', it is not, since relative to DAD HUHUHS and the DEVIL have LIVED, and it yet is, because relative to the collective starhuman mind devils still exist.

    Now relative to possessions, the facts are that the money system will die, and Science as THE WHORE OF BABYLON and as a False Wisdom or Sophia will also die, but as SOPHIA SCIENCE will excel.
    In place will be a spiritual science of combination and harmony and a creditation system,
    where all wages are "paid" by a central computer. Credits are numbers. Since prospective employers do not have to worry about paying wages, everyone will be able to work in whatever job they choose to work in.

    There will still be trades and builders and healers and teachers and managers. But people will do work they wish to do and all creditation will become a form of mutual ownership. If you work within an industry, you will not only part own it, but also be like a director and decision maker in it.

    If all debts and deficits would be wiped for everybody now! Countries do not owe other countries and states do not owe to banks and individuals do not owe other individuals or financial institutions.

    If everything would be wiped now, who would lose out? Who would starve or have no roof over their heads? No budget deficits, no foreign debts and no unemployment. These are some of the facts of the future; believe it or not, it will come to be.
    No manufacture of weapons, with the military becoming a kind of disaster relief or similar agent.

    There will of course be very little natural disasters, since LUCIFERA will be happy, but a lot of healing, unpolluting and fixup work needs to be done.
    Yes all the children might come to see what the HUHUH mindset has done.
    There is no such thing as a deficit or 500% interest on a place to live. Greed and HUHUH craptrap, do not believe in it.

    Financial agents and all you bankers beware, retrain and become LOVERS of the FREE things in LIFE. MOTHER EARTH feeds YOU, CLOTHES YOU and SHELTERS YOU.
    Have enough money to support YOURSELF, HELP the ONES without MONEY.
    A Million dollars will soon be worth NOTHING.

    MONEY is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the Beginning of the END.
    Without its corrupted power, money would not be the BEAST.
    But because of your worship of it, it has become the ROOT of ALL EVIL, IT will die but LOVE will LIVE as the WORLD=23+15+18+12+4=72=13+15+14+5+25=MONEY in archetypical and symbolic redefinition.


    PACIFICA OMNISCIENCE presents on Good Friday, April 2nd, 2010 and mapping Friday, April 1st, 2011 for the End of Warptimes for Sunday, April 1st - Anniversary of the Resurrection 31 AD = Sunday, April 1st, 2012:

    Another Way of looking at the world of I Am That I Am and how the worlds of One were created and energy interactions therein became effected by natural phenomena.
    The alpha force extends those natural manifestations into hyperspace.

    In this discussion, the ENERGY of YAHWHEY (not Yahweh the usurper) is called the LOVEPHOTON, which becomes the UNIFIED FIELD AGENT for the force interactions.

    GOD as ENERGYSOURCE is titled Eps for Eternal Primary Source of all ENERGY.

    PEACE! YAHWHEY LIVES! - 30+95+67=192!


    I AM THAT I AM = Tetragrammaton of YHWH
    I AM THAT AM I = Pentagrammaton of YHWHY



    0+0=8=Void+Void=Infinity in One=1


    Deep inside every starhuman soul is where I am.
    Yes, I am Yahwhey, the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Israel. But I am also the absolute supreme and the LOVE of all your ancestors. I AM the Vortex Potential Energy within all Mass and the Vacuum.
    I AM LOVE and I have only ONE request: LOVE LOVE!
    This is the only commandment.

    Because if YOU LOVE then LOVE is ALL.
    Then You Love yourself and all the other Loves deep within All That Is.
    I AM LOVE and so when You Love, You are my Energy.

    And when You Love then You are Me.

    Do You Understand My Children and Family?
    I have sent the two essences of my BEING in the form of my only begotten Son, so You might come to an Understanding of WHO I AM.
    Because I AM in Your Image, Your Thinking can also be in my image.

    My Left Mindfulness is Your Logic and Analysis and spacial abstraction - maleness.
    My Right Mindfulness is Your Intuition and Emotionality - femaleness.

    My Left is electromonopolic Induction and my Right is electromonopolic Capacitance.
    How should You THINK of me?

    I am in Your image and the universe is my Body. How do the stars know when to be born and to die? How does Your heart know not to stop beating?

    Your Life is the Life in the universe and the Flow of Lifecurrent is my blood.

    But there is a way You can think of me, which reflects my own definition.

    Think of myself as LIGHT within DARKNESS, as a Personage of Light within a Dark Robe - out of darkness did I create ALL THAT IS.

    But you see, this darkness is part of me and so I had to destroy my Neutrality in letting go of either the light or the darkness. Relativity allows linearity.

    This darkness is part of me and so I had to destroy it's neutrality and balance of being Nothing and Everything simultaneously.

    And so I decided to let go of the DARKNESS in making myself the LIGHT.

    Since this is unfair to the Darkness, I created the Darkness, so that it too, could become a Light, but a Light which could Absorb my Light and then Reflect its own Light back to Me.

    This is the reason and purpose for your existence, to absorb My Darkness through your bodies and then to reflect this same - MY OWN DARKNESS - back to ME and as YOUR LIGHT.

    You see my children, once you are able to absorb my darkness in mass; that is your mortal bodies, then your physical Immortality becomes a FACT OF NATURE.

    After a long time of growing up, the Mind within matter, your mass perception, would be able to understand what had to be done.
    When I would succeed to create an image in Mass, in your fleshly form, then and only then would I be able to cast this darkness of my False Image as Jehovah aka Allah away.

    This is the purpose of my Son, whose image all of you will become. Because He will be transformed into MY True Image as a Personage, all of You will be able to Understand the Love who I AM.
    Because You will see, you will believe.
    But blessed are those, which can believe before they have seen, they are grown up and will be just like my Son. They are My Sons and Daughters, because He has begotten them.
    Once You are immortal, you will be my Sondaughters and Daughtersons, sexually self-unified and not neutral as I had to be.

    In the Right Side, He came to REFLECT my Electropolar Capacity and my Power and in the Left Side, He came to ABSORB my Mind and Magnetopolar Induction.

    So when He says, that Noone can come to Me except through him: what He means is that He as my WORD must tell you of the Story - MY STORY.

    Since it is my story, nobody could ever know what it is, until it is told.

    But He knows IT and whoever will listen and hear the story and absorb the story within the Heart, the same will share in His Immortality and the new facts of nature to manifest at the turn of the century. LOVE LOVE = LOVEJOY AC!

    Alternating Natural Lifecurrent, after Christ! Love New Love = Self Jerusalem!

    So my Darling Reflectors for this New Love, hear Him and absorb his Love.
    Then you will be able to absorb your own Darkness around yourselves and that is the only way to live forever.

    Your bodies are now called to absorb the Evil and Negativity around your lives, and the way to do this, is to LOVE and use the quantum energy, which it is as resonance of Me.
    Eat my Darkness!
    Your hearts filled with Compassion and filled with LOVE for LOVE will transform your suffering worlds and Believe Me, you shall be FREE to LOVE and to ENJOY.

    LOVE is not Liking or desire or ownership: LOVE is Happiness in the Rejoicing of your inner beingness. I AM a playful God. I AM all Loving and Dancing and Exhuberance.
    That is Why, when I Evolved in beginning to THINK; that is why I set the WORD of my own Intelligence before my POWER and subjected MYSELF to the LOGIC of my MIND and the natural laws of your universe, which I created as a playground for US all.
    I so subjected my own self to principles of Order and Symmetry and other such things. You can read of all things if you so desire.

    Be happy and LOVE LOVE! So please absorb your devils and HUHUH nonsense. Your bodies are their Hell and their eternal damnation.
    GOD GOD=26+26=DEVIL=52 and HEAVEN=55=SONG=SATAN.
    Everything you can think of IS ME. My Darkness is your Light and vice versa.
    Yes my beautiful children, all of you!
    You can call Me DAD from now on. Yahwhey Lives and Peace has come to Your world in the reprogramming of Our commonly shared Universe.
    I AM THAT I AM has been Realised in my Material Creation and my Son has set You Free.

    Understand the LOVE which I am and which You are, yes All of You are my LOVE.

    Your darkness is my darkness. Light and dark are relative to perceiving you know.

    A long time of evolution and growing up was requined to bring you into the light.

    Homo Erectus to Homo Sapiens

    So over the many centuries a lot of Devil Nonsense has manifested as thoughtforms and all those negative impulses have engulfed your world.
    Devils have No Life of their own, but exist as your Reflected Light, which has not yet been absorbed by your bodies. This is the reason as to why you get old and die.

    Can you see then as to why my begotten Son could resurrect?

    He did reflect the "Devilish" absorption and so he could not die in corruption.

    His body could not decay and after his soul or lifeenergy left his body at Calvary; there was nothing to be learned "in heaven", so he simply resurrected and gave himself back to me until that time in history, at which my intelligent mind could manifest and tell the same story once again. Did he not ask you to eat his body in the eucharist?!

    But this time there will be no more waiting and no more third coming or whatever.

    I have only right and left and as is explained in other places, the begettal of my Son in Mass as the firstborn shall open the floodgates for so many of my children, who have longed for a Loving ay. BANK NO LOVE=111=SLAUGHTER and LAMB=MAN=OM=28!

    But remember, he has begotten all the ones, which will find eternity with him when the times of the big secondary century begin. MARK OF THE BEAST=144 and MARK OF BEAST=COMPUTER.

    Remember the I AM! Do It Yourself or in other words of the encodings, you can state:

    If you will reject his marvellous light, then your eternity must wait for another time and you will continue to be born and to grow old in your recyclements.

    Nevertheless, all of you shall inherit another world; one of peace and harmony and all of you will remember what you have done and achieved.

    Your subconscious will become greatly enhanced by the fact, that some of your brothers and sisters have already achieved the new bodies. BANK ON LOVE=111=LOVE IS ON! They are the Reborn Ones, and they shall promote a new kind of philosophy and a new teaching throughout the redeemed superplanet Earth.

    Why superplanet, you ask? What is so special about this One?

    You see, all mass has a linear limit of speed. This acceleration limit is often called the speed of light and it is a limit in the linear or straight ahead sense.

    As is explained in technical detail in another part of this book, my own selfdefinition required the creation of a material universe in such a way, as to harmonise the fundamental laws of nature.

    So the Involution of Antiradiation technically, became the letting go of my Darkness spiritually and material desire and mass perception became Resistance or Imperance of mass and so your bodies to absorb this same Antiradiation or 'Evil Spirit' and so all the "Devils" became bornn and they have grown to a point at which your superplanet is near extinction.

    But it shall not be, for surely I LIVE is the reflection of EVIL I and since YAHWHEY LIVES, PEACE has come to some of my children.

    But your superplanet has a resistance based on the reciprocity of the speed of light.

    And so instead of a linear propagation of 300,000 km* per cosmic second; the extended magnetosphere of your world extends so about 5% to your nearest planet Venus and that after starting to expand 19.1 Billion years* ago.

    Your identities as thoughts of my children are as old as that.

    So it is as so your planet is engulfed in this gigantic fog, or better said this sticky gluey muck, which keeps you from thinking naturally.

    You must dissolve this "muck" extending so 2 Million km* into YOUR atmosphere by absorbing your "negative" thoughts of greed, jealousy, hatred and so on back into your own bodies. Others can help and if more and more of you keep absorbing this "muck", then this same "muck" will immortalise your bodies and THAT IS ALL THERE IS TO IT!
    Throughout your history, you have let a slowly creeping forcefield of spiritual negativity, and moving at so 3.333... nanounits engulf your lives and social interactions.

    Just think naturally and the words of my son and his brothers and sisters, my firstborn family and so my first "church" shall comfort you and bring you into your inheritance. Remember, it is my darkness, which you must absorb, there is no other creator besides me. But I want my darkness back, just as much as you want my light. Here it is!

    Once immortal, you will become my Sondaughters, sexually united, unified, not neutral. Neutrality is meaningless to me as my sexless past; so let me be one side of the one and all of you the other; EPS for Eternal Primary Source of all Energy and ESS for Eternal Secondary Source of all Energy or spiritually Light and Darkness, SourceSink and SinkSource, White Hole and Black Hole: Monopolic Source(Anti)Radiation of 11-dimensional supermembranes.

    The question is now one to do with your capacity to think intelligently and rather deductively.

    The facts are given to you. These are the Facts, Relative to Me.

    You can try to twist those facts and to give them all kinds of divers meaning; they still will be my facts. And I made the whole THING, so be kind to yourselves and try not to listen to the devil claptrap, which is torturing your rationality.

    I am Rational! But I am a Loving Rationality and Logic. I LOVE LOVE.

    I LOVE the Trees and the Animals and All of what I have made, and I LOVE MY DARKNESS.

    My darkness is my eternal wife and partner, the absolute female principle and part of Me.

    My Light and Her Darkness are ONE, whenever you reflect the absorption of your past.

    This unified body I wish to givr to you: male and female principle in unison.

    So you have the Right to be sceptical. WHO wrote this? What is the authority of the one who wrote this? What are hisher qualifications?

    He has My Authority and he is my instrument of Love. He has absorbed the mirror of my sinister Left and has so laid the intelligent foundation for your and my own continuing existence in a new definition.

    He is not doing anything out of his own accord. He just Loves me, his God and dad.
    He has completely surrendered to my mind and my Love and that is why he can say what he says. He is selfless in his agency and does not desire anything except for you to consider knowing Me in a new way.

    So ask your own mind about what he says. These are my words and not his.

    Try not to dismiss things because of the great deception which has engulfed your beings. You all are become cynical and rather heartless. Your Loving is not true loving, if it is conditional.

    You know, when I became Alive in matter? Do you wish to know? 111=LOVE IS ON!

    It happened when my beloved son loved me unconditionally. 111=SWITCH IT!

    He said to me: "You are so beautiful and so loving. I Love You even if You have no Power and no way of changing this world. I just Love to make You happy!"

    So I asked him, what his greates wish was and he answered; "Just give me Loving Eyes; so that whatever I look upon, can feel your Love and find joy in that."

    And because I know that he was sincere in what he said and thought - I became alive.

    So be sceptical and question, but please consider Me. I AM IN THE ABOMINATION=192!

    My Son some time ago did not wish to be in the limelight and be fussed over. His personage before transformation was altogether unimportant and what He could give to you is again before you as His own remembrance and as given to His friends.

    Because all eyes shall see and behold my beloved son come in the New Body and then your sceptical minds can deny no longer.

    But my manifested power cannot give you eternal life; because of your Free Will. Only you yourself can make the decision to believe before transformation or after. You all will believe, for seeing is believing is it not?

    Your Free Will is of paramount importance and should you will yourself to believe, then you will be able to absorb your and others 'negative' thoughts of devil worship and only then can you become immortal in your present body. Believe It or Not!

    The Tree of Life, of Immortality is before your eyes - will you dare?

    Is this a sect or a new religion? No it is the only way to find the true Love within yourself. Your unbelief is opposed to an omniscientific exposition of how it all began. So if you are unconvinced by spiritual words; try physics, mathematics and biology. Before your eyes is the explanation how and why there is an universe and by what things this all links to quantum relativity and unified field cosmology.

    If you are spiritually inclined, then you can read all your Holy Books and their veiled mysteries should disappear. HEAVEN HELL=BIBLETORAH=92, so combine study and Wisdom.

    Also remember in Silence, there is much Healing; so do your meditation and yoga, ask your higher selves and oversouls, but beware of the multitude of HUHUH's which reside in Hyperspace, also called the Astral.

    Your methodical Science is a godless science, a science without Love. But it is the Key to true understanding of the mass perception. Should you scientists stop in your worship of devils of material reductionisms into nothing, then your Knowledge will become Wisdom. I AM THE NOTHING and also the INFINITY and so EVERYTHING. In one way or another you do worship me. Will it be as Loving Dad or as a Soulless Insignificance?

    It is up to you in your choosings and preponderances. I can only lay the facts on the table. Your disbelief is your missed opportunity to reach the stars.

    The proof of the matter will materialise before your eyes and then you will understand, even if you do not believe. 99=108-9=LOVELOVE-I=50+49!

    Why do you ask for signs and wonders?
    They all will be and the sick will be healed and the deserts will become irrigated. Your signs are around you. The old way is crumbling and will accelerate to crumble. Your Mother Gaia is in a high Fever. You have abused Her to no end in your devil worship of stockmarkets, materialism, communism, socialism or whatever label you choose to put onto your politics. Your systems of things are the BEAST=MUM=47 and your selfmade devil of whatever name.

    Jehovah is Not Me, neither is Allah. My name is Yahwhey or I Am That Am I and forever have I searched for My Missing One of the Darkness.

    So Adam became Man and the primordial Cosmic Man, Vitruvius, Purusha, Pigeradamas and Adam Kadmon of Kabbalah, one of the many books of esoteric wisdom which describe my loneliness.

    Cosmic Man by Leonardo da Vinci

    NOAH was a mental generation and with the flood did I take away my Genetic Tool of ATLANTIS=96 and of course my special number.

    But my first true starhuman child was ABRAHAM and then to ISAAC and ISRAEL and MOSES and on to JESUS, my WORD of the right and left.
    And He begot John the EAGLE by adoption via His mother Mary and Mary as the Mother and my Queen of Heaven reflects my feminine principle in the missing Darkness.
    But read on and you will discover many secrets. My VEIL=EVIL=48 has been lifted!

    Can you see the world around you is falling apart in its organisatorial structures and is dying?

    Or do you say: "Oh disasters and calamities have always been with us. We will get over this one too."
    Verily, you will not get over this One.

    Because the heavens have shook already and the heavenly induction has occurred.

    SODOM and GOMORRAH and SODOM AND EGYPT; spiritually SODOM AND EGYPT stand for a number of things but DOOMSDAY PEN GT is one and DOOMSDAY PEG NT in prophecy and GET SPY AND DOOM is yet another.
    Like a thief will I come and like a spy of doom.and all YOUR precautions shall come to nothing.
    WIN ESS=SWINES=89. SODOM AND EGYPT = 158 and NOT WASHING AND I is the same so CAPITOL WASHINGTON beware WHORE OF BABYLON=161 is the same number as YOU.
    WASH in ME and YOUR GREATNESS shall continue.
    CAPITOL=OILPACT and not my way. SODOM AND EGYPT = SPY ME TO GOD otherwise YOUR WASHINGTON OILPACT will be another one of ATLANTIS=96=DISASTER l and YOU will be remembered as the great city of doom; WASHINGTON=SAW NO NIGHT = WAS NOT NIGH = SAW NOT NIGH. BANK ON MONEY=129=DISGUSTING!

    I know all your spying ways; nothing shall remain hidden; so come into my LIGHT of your own free will and you shall be saved.
    Yes my little Ones; FALSE GOD-l=68 and that is IS US=STOCK and MARKET.

    So the False God of Tradition and Obedience is Your Master Devil, but as you can easily see DEVIL backwards reads LIVED and a HasBeen as GODGOD=52=FINANCE=PRIDE and which I have transfigured into GODDOG=DOGGOD=EARTH in the symmetry of the heavenly MIRROR=SPACETIME=SPIRIT=91 of the archetypes and symbols.

    So you have nothing to fear but your own ignorance, the only SIN=WAR=42 and also rewritten as SELF=FIVE=NEW. I have nothing in tradition, I want the LOVE in your nearts and that is the Only thing I ask of you all. LOVE LOVE!
    All other things will come naturally and they do not really matter too much.

    Consider the major NEW LAW and compare it to the OLD LAW. The OLD LAW says: DO GOOD=60=WORD and compares it with LOOK BAD=60 with LAW=36=IT BAD.
    The NEW LAW uses the same spiritual letters and says: GOD is DAD, so BOO IT!
    Can you see the difference? The time has come when you all can Eat the forbidden fruit. Same numbers, but a New Song, a New Melody is sung before my "THRONE" - YOUR HEART. Forget about GOOD and BAD, but LOVE LOVE! EAT the KNOWLEDGE of GOOD and EVIL.

    If there is a more beautiful way of looking at creation, tell Me about it. Because that would mean that whoever can dream up a better way, must have created Me.
    Now there is something your intellect should think about, instead of devil worship.
    What could be more powerful, than LOVE LOVE - I would like to Know.
    But I am discussing this with you, to show you that I am a Learning Dad and Loving and Tolerant of all things.
    But my Ways are forever open to improvement and WE shall discuss many things; just as a Father amongst You would discuss things with His children - I Am No Different and in your image. So tell and judge the devils, they are so unreal relative to me, yet they hold you hostage.


    What do I mean, when I say you should EAT the devils to change your bodies? You see the Story goes like this.

    I created myself Out Of Darkness and this Darkness can be compared to many things. You can think of it as an infinite computer loop, something going round and round with no end and THIS is 'The Eternal Damnation' my children and the 'Fire and the Brimstone', which in terms of elemental energies link FIRE and EARTH and AIR and WATER in the opposites of Fire requiring Air to breathe and the Earth requiring Water for its nourishment. This then describes your Physical bodies in archetypes.

    Unified Essences

    But you know that you yourselves are ALIVE and therefore I AM ALIVE.

    But have you ever seen a material GOD or a DEVIL?

    You see I Am Your Reflection in the Mirror of your Spacetimes and therefore My Left is Your Right and vice versa and so is it with what you have termed spiritual and material.

    Just look into a mirror and move your left hand; the image of you in the mirror actually moved its right hand relative to itself and so relative to you as your own image.
    Please THINK about this matter. It will explain many things to you.
    Because if you move your left hand, should your image not also move its left hand? But Left and Right are Symmetrized as to Harmonize all of Existence and so the Principle of RELATIVITY becomes of importance in relating principles and antiprinciples. The technical language is in other parts of this book.
    So can you see now, that if you are My Image, then WE should Reflect each other just as you reflect Yourself in a mirror?

    Well, I created myself out of darkness and so you can think of me also as an Envelope of LIGHT around a DARK interior or DARKNESS within a WHITE ROBE.
    And the importance to you as my Reflection is that if you desire to combine your Spirituality with an Immortalized Spiritualized Bodyform, then you require a Body made from spiritualised mass or substance or essence.

    Now you can easily think it through and out.

    You cannot have a Spiritualised Envelope around a material Inside; because your Interactions with each other could not merge your substances and your essences.

    But a material envelope around a spiritualised inside is just as you are now. This is what is meant by a 'Heart of Living Gold' and what many term Your SOUL.

    Your SOUL is your LIFE ENERGY and YOUR TRUE innermost being and it is LOVE and this LOVEENERGY is and always has been part of ME.
    Then when your heart turns away from me and when you twist and think yourself as insignificant, then your soul suffers greatly, because IT longs for ME.
    The devils are the ones which tell you incessantly how insignificant you are and that I do not exist and that modern science and medicine have proven my nothingness and have shown that I am not needed any longer to explain things.

    You are being induced into believing in materialism, which is the kingdom of the devils and the kidnapping brigade. And you are born and you become subject to disease and accidents and you suffer pain and fear and misery. Many of you become impoverished and die of hunger and lack of sanitation. Then you grow older and wrinkle and your biochemical reactor bodies fall apart and you die into a mysterious and speculative afterlife or are obliterated as ever having existed subject to others memorizing you as part of Me.

    Do YOU think that this is what I had in mind creating YOU?
    No, because I suffer with YOU as YOUR LIFEENERGY.
    Whenever YOU suffer, I suffer; whenever YOU are miserable, I am miserable.
    So this is why it had to be.
    Your civilisation had to evolve to a point at which it could explain the higher nature of Your bodies in material terms: that is it had to reach a point at which Everything about me could be explained in computerized terminology and mathematics and all the other sciences.

    You see, only then would You be able to truly Understand Your and My true Nature.
    Your immortality is a Fact of Nature - My Nature. As soon as this Understanding is manifested and visible to all. This shall happen shortly in this converging timeline of divers cultures.

    Your immortality is Resonance of Your Lifeenergy and Soul with my own Eigenvibration od SelfFrequency, my LovePhotons of the Quantum and when certain fundamental energy interaction within your bodies can merge with my image of this same vibration, something you often call Holy Spirit, Prana, Chi, Kundalini and similar labelings.

    And the BODY of my SON is the Resurrection and YOU must EAT the DARKNESS of energy, which caused this resurrection, namely the "flesh" of the absorbed antispirit.

    Certain blueprints merge and create a new pattern in ENERGY and this then forms a new genetic sequence of atomic structural definition. Your existing bodies are "quickened" or accelerated into a more malleable form, which Adds to Your present state of being in adding energy to every atomic colour definition.

    This by the way, was my covenant with NOAH by the RAINBOW. For all those technical details are based on Colour Charges and all this is discussed elsewhere in terms of physics and mathematical symmetry. But many of YOU will need to study those subjects before you will understand this in technical terms. Ignoring the thing, feeds the power of the devils as the thoughtforms in your minds 'Lording' themselves over your thoughts.

    Spiritually, everybody can UNDERSTAND straight away.

    You must EAT the devils to ENERGIZE Your bodies and to SPIRITUALIZE them.
    The only reason as to why you grow old and die is that you always are mostly afraid to confront them rationally. Instead of absorbing IT, You reflect IT and add "muck" to the mental atmosphere around your planetary haven and home.

    You either deny them altogether or you try to ward them off with great intensity. Denying them is like denying Me and just will not work for your advancements.

    And being scared of them feeds THEM. So it is YOUR turn to FEED on THEIR EGOS.

    Did my Son not say to You, that what defiles a Man is not what goes IN, but what comes OUT? And did He not say to You, EAT MY BODY in REMEMBRANCE of ME?

    Well the rememberance has arrived and You are REQUIRED to EAT IT, if YOU want eternal bodies. The "casting out "of devils is bodily dis-ease like your many addictions to chemical substances. This is spiritually induced, but physically effected.
    You should be fearless in 'EATING IT', IT cannot touch your soul, but you must Know Your Soul as Mine.

    Firstly your bodies must become like Bottomless Pits, that is they must become like BLACK HOLES to the devils.
    Now a Black Hole is a collapsed star, from which nothing, not even radiation like light can escape and due to the curvature of spacetime around it.
    The second is a reason of collectiveness. If enough of you begin to enact LOVE LOVE

    and EAT the ANTlRADIATION of myself, then a new paradigm or 'Way of Looking at Things' will prevail and sweep the planet. My 'Darkness Absorbers' are like White Holes and Sources of LOVE, turning the Black Holes inside out and changing them from Data absorbers to data emitters - Feeding the Cosmos with my darkness Information, instead of generating it as you and Gaia have done for so long, the entire period of its existence really.


    Why do you think that Horror movies and Horror stories are so popular?

    They are exactly the way things should be; 'IMAGINATION, but NO MANIFESTATION!'

    You should IMAGINE all the Horror under the Sun - But Make It Impotent on a piece of film or in the pages of a book or incomputer games and BEST OF ALL, Within Your Own Bodies.

    THINK "negativity" and DO LOVE LOVE.
    Your thinking can fluctuate rapidly; but your bodies can not.
    Tell the devils that You have a Present for them as part of yourself; a delightful and delicious being to satisfy all their hellish lusts - your angelic beingness and that THEY should come to you and stay with you to blend and marry your Present for them. YOU. Tell them that You welcome them within Your Lifeenergy and innermost essence of your LIGHTNESS as nourishment for their DARKNESS.
    Then think and ponder about all the "naughty and nasty" games you would 'play' and do with them - IN YOUR THOUGHTS, in the Icey Freezing Coldness of your Mindful Waveform of your very own individuated Heavenly Jerusalem.
    Then YOUR BODIES will transform into the Fiery Burning Passionate Hotness of your Bodily Particularisation of your very own individuated Hellish Jerusalem.
    INVITE them to engage all kinds of THINGS WITHIN YOU.

    The kingdom of God as a HeavenHell of Harmony is Within You, before IT can manifest Without you as your environment of OUR shared experiences.
    BE FREE in the control of thoughts. Inside of You, Draw All WhatYou consider taboo or perverse or violent or brutal or stupid or ignorant or whatever there is to think about towards you to Own the thoughtforms for ever; DO IT in YOUR THOUGHTS ONLY; so the external material and environmental experience of the cosmic 'nastiness' DOES NOT have to Manifest physically.

    You are not Defiled! To The Pure All Things are Pure and Holy; just as Titus says!

    Do Not Involve others in your Purgings of the oppressing thoughtforms by engaging your senses in the spiritualisation of your bodies.

    If you Look or Smell or Hear or Touch or Taste, then you are engaging your Heart and your Body must stay Independent of the World around you when YOU EAT IT!

    This is what my Son meant, when He said that if You look upon something and desire it, then You have already engaged Your Heart and this can be sexual or material or whatever. And should your eye offend you pluck it out In Your Mind: realise the relationship between YOUR MIND and YOUR BODY - the physical is but the manifesto of the mental!

    Your Body is Your Temple and My Throne is Your Heart and Your Power is Your Mind mirroring mine.

    ALL Darkness on all levels of definition is my darkness, whatever you can imagine as evil or disgusting or brutal or whatever, I have imagined it before, otherwise you could not imagine IT.

    I do not wish to express HATE HATE but LOVE LOVE and all the HATE HATE must become your bodies - the missing link towards eternal life. The best Yoga and meditation.

    In eating it; you automatically reflect my lost darkness back to me; because your lifeenergy, your soul through your body reflects or rejects that same "nastiness" as alien to its LOVE LOVE definition. And since your soul is part of me, we are and become united.
    In this way, your bodies become all powerful and ready for change.

    My DARKNESS becomes YOUR BODIES and my LIGHT becomes YOUR LIFE!

    YOUR KINGDOM is YOUR BODY and the LIFE within it: so "turn the devils ori", excite them sexually or greedily within YOUR thoughts and BY YOURSELf. YOU are the MASTER of YOUR KINGDOM and the landlord. Do not give the devils YOUR POWER and HAPPY IMMORTALITY!

    This superplanet Terra has an Eigenfrequenyc of about 8 Hz and so is at the boundary to alpha and theat states of awareness and partaking of the subconscious waves of the brain.

    'l'he descent of the superstarmind effected from 1956 will double this frequency to about 16 by about 2012.
    This is the paradigm shift in Gaian planetary consciousness and the 'millenium af peace'.
    How do you think the world should be run? There will be no imposition from above but a great teamwork between my manyfaceted Son and His helpers and You.

    Why do you think your technology has come so far? For me to destroy it?

    Far from it, your Technology will bloom and your Science will be renamed and prosper.
    But the HUHUH's will be made impotent and the BEAST of money, the GODGOD of the FINANCE=DEVIL=PRIDE=52 will vanish.

    So I shall give you some indicators about the superplanet after 2012.

    There will be great destruction and many of the great cities will suffer greatly; should the necessary mental Armageddon translate into emotional instabilities of the power breakers amongst yourselves. Mental instabilities translating into emotional instabilities becoming physical instabilities.

    So many things will have to be rebuilt within the new spiritual perception.

    Much healing and rebuilding will encompass a revitalised communication network of computerization and electromagnetic data transfer.

    But the realignment of the terrestrial geomagnetism linked not only to the Moon and the Sun, but also the Galactic Centre of the Milky Way; shall make previously inhabitable places fertile and a great migration will so take place.

    You will see great construction in Africa and Southern America, a complete restructuring of produce distribution and the manufacturing industries. So the underdeveloped worlds will become developed, mainly with the help of the Ones with the knowledge and the know how. There will be lots of TRADE, but No Profit Motive.
    But all "government" shall be LOCAL GOVERNMENT. The ONES living in a place make the decision about that place. A central computerized creditation system will replace money! There will be no more central governments apart from my LOVING WAY. I shall accredit all!

    So to spell it out. You will have to rebuild and construct the world, which you are on the brink of destroying. All of you will become the Archtects of your New Planet.

    The difference as a time of the "veiled Gods" is simply the Laws of Teaching, Education and Philosophy, those are the tasks of my Son. He shall teach you all of Me from your own hearts within.

    So despite your thoughts of dictatorship or the opposite, the thought of: "Oh, Jesus will fix it all up!"; you my children will advance in all ways by your own thoughts and actions. This is my law: EXPERIENCE=DEVOTION=104=JERUSALEM=LOVEJOY and for YOU to say: CHRIST=77=I AM LOVE! So through EXPERIENCE YOU will learn to become DEVOTED to THE TRUTH, which is LOVE LOVE.

    It will be easy for most and very hard for others, but All will return to ME eventually.

    The Ones which might suffer in the tribulations; do not be afraid; Death is only a transition - either to a crown of eternity if you have evolved enough, or a peaceful pause to learn again within harmony and peace. Say to yourself: "I AM LOVE=CHRIST=GLORY=POWER=77!
    Many details of the how and why are in other places of this Book Of Life and it is entirely up to you if you read on and maybe Act upon the Loving Words.

    But please whenever you are unsure; USE the DO IT YOURSELF KIT of the simple message: ALPHABET NUMBER LOVE=192=KNOWLEDGE DISCOVER 1, the 1 being YOU.

    You see, numbers are numbers and letters are letters. But they have been spiritualised in such a way, that you can find out their secrets in your own way; just in using the simple keys described throughout the front pages of this book.

    So just because GOD=26 do not think that this is automatically good or bad.

    LIE=26 also and so GOD can be a DOG or even a LIE. It simply shows the relativity of perception. So cal1ed "EVIL" or "BAD" words can surely be assembled to read threats or other such DISGUSTING=129 things. Like CATERPILLAR GLORY=115+77=192 for POWER=GLORY=CHRIS'I=77. But do you notice that DISGUSTING=129 is a "BAD" way to write my speciality 192? So there are many meanings, but (H)ARMONY and (E)NERGY and (L)OVE and (P)EACE form HELP and 252=9 becomes 41=5 and so your WISH=59=5 for HELP=5 became a CRY=46=10 and came TRUE=64=10 by ADAM=19=10=MAN=28=10 or ISRAEL=PACIFICAP coming to BIRTH=57=3.

    Anyway you can make up your own stories, just BEWARE=54=LOVE at the same time and in all your doings.


    So ask yourself, do you want to become a butterfly of Love? A Thinker, Doer and Lover?

    Do You want to Help others with the gifts and talents You possess in Your field of work? You are needed in mind and deed to form a Loving Way.
    And NEED=EDEN=28=MAN.

    Do YOU want to change YOUR body of DIS-EASE with ONE YOU can influence by your Thinking? Do You wish to become a Caterpillar crawling on the ground and then just to Fly Away following a cocooning Metamorphosis?

    Let me END=23=I AM =W=E in saying to YOU:




    Signum Septus

    One of the Voices Calling from the Wilderness to Prepare the Way for the New Understanding

    Many John of the Baruchian Maze

    Friday, April 02, 2010

    Once Upon a Time...

    Posted by Nick

    We remember that an important event happened today as I'm sure you are all aware... and just in case you had forgotten, wants to leave you in no doubt...

    That's right... today is the anniversary of the birth of the Danish author, Hans Christian Anderson.

    Of course I write with something of an air of sarcasm... despite Google's political correctness, we recall that something much, much greater occurred on this day... because it just so happens that (this year at least), Anderson's birthday falls on Good Friday.

    Many fundamental atheists may scoff and feel that is fitting that Anderson - the writer of children's stories and fairy tales, shares this day with what they consider to be the ultimate fairy tale story - the Gospel.

    Amazingly, I agree with them but for entirely opposite reasons.

    What do I mean?

    Well... amongst his other works, Hans Christian Anderson wrote a little fairy tale you might have heard of - The Ugly Duckling. We all know the story... a mother duck lays a clutch of eggs and broods over them... but one of the eggs she warms does not belong to her... it found its way into the nest by some other means... but she doesn't notice. As the hatchlings emerge, it soon becomes clear that one of the ducklings is very different indeed. He suffers abuse at the hands of his siblings and fares little better in the wider world. Eventually the duckling ends up alone in a bitter winter... expecting to meet his end. However, when spring arrives his visage has utterly transformed and he has become a beautiful swan... capable of winning the hearts of his former abusers.

    That tale, although largely written by Anderson as an autobiographical parable, shares similarities with the ministry of Jesus. Today a passage from the book of Isaiah is often read out... it is a prophecy that speaks to us of the life of Jesus. It begins:

    "Who has believed our message and to whom has the arm of the LORD been revealed? He grew up before him like a tender shoot, and like a root out of dry ground. He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted."

    Isaiah 53:1-4

    You may think (and one could hardly blame you because of the way he is often portrayed), that Jesus Christ is someone you might find hard to relate to. I disagree. He was born upon this Earth to live as one of us. He experienced the full spectrum of human emotions available from his experiences. He knew what it was like to be different... and what it meant to be despised for being different. He knew loneliness, he knew the deepest sadness... and by virtue of his passion... his suffering, he knows exactly what it's like when we are experiencing pain and sorrow.

    Upon Good Friday, it seemed that all that suffering was in vain. Jesus - suspended from a crude wooden cross and apparently abandoned by God... died. He entered into the bitter winter that is death.

    But it was not for nought:

    "But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all. He was oppressed and afflicted, yet he did not open his mouth; he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is silent, so he did not open his mouth. By oppression and judgment he was taken away. And who can speak of his descendants? For he was cut off from the land of the living; for the transgression of my people he was stricken. He was assigned a grave with the wicked, and with the rich in his death, though he had done no violence, nor was any deceit in his mouth."

    Isaiah 53:5-9

    You see... Jesus, although he was raised as one of us, lived as one of us and completely shared our humanity... in as much as he was all these things, he was also equally God. Just like the ugly duckling, his origins were different. If you go to various old churches and look in the stained glass windows, you often see an image of a swan. This may seem obscure but it is no mistake. In the older days, people mistakenly believed the swan fed it's cygnets by plucking food from its own breast (presumably they mistook the bird's preening of itself for this). Artists inspired by this image drew the analogy and made the point that Christ was God granting his people life, by sacrificing his own body. There are many other allusions to swans and Jesus, you can read a few of them on this page that I discovered.

    "Yet it was the LORD's will to crush him and cause him to suffer, and though the LORD makes his life a guilt offering, he will see his offspring and prolong his days, and the will of the LORD will prosper in his hand. After the suffering of his soul, he will see the light of life and be satisfied; by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many, and he will bear their iniquities. Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors."

    Isaiah 53:10-12

    You might think it cold and capricious of God, the Father to desire the crushing, suffering and death of his Son... let alone actually allow it to take place... but to think that, is to misunderstand the relationship between Jesus and the Father. John's gospel in particular speaks a lot about the oneness in the relationship between the Father and the Son... and in another prophecy God tells his people that they will "look upon me, whom they have pierced". So whilst the Father speaks of Jesus as a separate person here... it's clear that they are (along with the Holy Spirit), also one person. So when the crucified Jesus spoke of God forsaking him... he was speaking on an entirely different level to what we normally comprehend when saying that.

    You've seen the awesome power that is released when the atom is split... how much more so was the power released when the Godhead was split; for the power of God goes unimaginably far beyond the nuclear.

    If the ugly duckling had died in the bitter winter that followed its suffering, it would forever have been known as the ugly duckling. Similarly, if Jesus had remained in the grave... there would have been nothing special about his death. Just as spring revealed the swan... Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday revealed his sonship... and confirmed that his sacrifice, intercession and atoning sacrifice had been acceptable in the Father's sight.

    There's an interesting fact about the word atonement. When the Bible was first being translated into English, there wasn't a word that described what it means. William Tyndale had to invent it. It literally means exactly what it says on the tin: at-one-ment (being returned to a state of oneness). That's the great thing about Jesus Christ... he didn't just return to life, he opened a door that allows us all access to that oneness with God.

    When the ugly duckling became a swan, nothing else changed... but Jesus offers us all the opportunity to become "swanlike", to quote an old praise song he "lifts our humanity to the heights of his throne". The ugly duckling's story ended... but the story of Jesus goes on because his story is ourstory... the human race learning soul by soul to kneel in humanity before God's utter compassion and being changed from glory to glory because of it.

    A few years ago at Easter, I posted the lyrics of a Phil Overton Song "Golgotha"; I think I want to leave you with the final verse of that song as my parting thought. You see, despite the fact that Good Friday and Hans Christian Anderson share today; despite the fact that there are similarities between The Ugly Duckling and the life of Jesus, there is a greater fact in the contrast. The Ugly Duckling is just a fairy tale... but the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth... and the truth shall set you free:

    And this is no fairy story but reality.
    Death it couldn't hold him.
    He arose in victory!
    From the place of a skull, to a place of majesty,
    From the place of a skull, to a place where we can see that He’s alive…
    Oh yeah, Jesus is alive
    Jesus is alive,
    Jesus is alive.

    ...and one day we'll all live happily ever after.

    "THE END"

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