Tripartite Channeling Of Consciousness

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    Tripartite Channeling of Consciousness

    In Lak'ech - I am another yourself!

    Greetings, Children of the selfchosen exile and in expectation of the graduation of your selfhoods.
    I have commented on one of your so called channels, the one named Seth before.

    So I should generalise this 'channelling business' for a greater elucidation for any of you interested in this phenomenon; before addressing a most pertinent 'Sethian Message', pertaining to the future of your global religion called 'Orthodox Science, based on the modus operandi of the Scientific Methodology'.

    All of you are 'channels', as all of you harbour certain ideas and concepts and models in your minds and as those mental constructs (Dawkinian Meme Gestalts) are coloured and influenced by your accumulated 'wisdoms', learnings and understandings.
    In other words, all humanoid consciousness carriers are INDIVIDUATED FILTERS of the data and information available as say a 'Library of Records with respect to the human endeavours through the eons of time'.

    So all of you as personalised filters of the 'greater reality', channel through your conscious minds in a duality mode, understood by you as the interaction of the intuitive-macrospacial-magnetoelectric-female and the analytic-microspacial-electromagnetic-male hemispheres of your biochemical brain.
    Righthandedness implies left-brain analysis and right-brain intuition and vice versa in generality of the duality in primary- and secondary 'transformer' modalities.

    The key-issue here is consciousness; most of you channel the information you have assimilated to form your patricularised worldviews from the consciousness of this biochemical brain, you term the human cortex - operating at frequencies called beta-rhythms at about 20 Hertz and lower bounded by the Alpha-rhythms centered on the light encompassment of the Gaian planet at 7.5 Hz and as it takes 1/7.5 seconds for light to travel the perimeter of 40,000 km of the earth.

    So this alpha-rhythm is rather important to understand this 'channelling' from the modes below the beta cycles of the ordinary consciousness.
    At about 12 Hz, the beta cycle of your waking consciousness becomes interfered with significantly by the alpha rhythms and this is known by most of you as 'altered states' of awareness, such as encountered in your oriental mediation techniques.

    So one can define a Vesica Pisces, a realm of intersection in conscious selfawareness to describe the alpha-beta manifesto of biochemical electromagnetic brain circuitry.
    In other words, the 'awake consciousness' can intersect with the 'subliminal consciousness', the latter being indicative of what you term the subconscious in your extremely primitive models and ideas on the logistics of psychology and psychiatry.

    This subconscious brain is also known as the mammalian brain and you have correctly associated this with the evolution of the humanoid brain from its more primitive animalian ancestries.
    So what your biologists term animal instinct, is very much also part of your own 'make-up', yet becomes often suppressed, due to your individualised model building and 'channelings' from your beta cycles of human selfawareness.

    This subconscious brain you then also associate with 'Intuition' and 'Dreaming Consciousness' and so forth; and just as is the function of the mammalian midbrain.
    So all the instinctive animals 'channel' also and much of what you term the fight-or-flight response is a subconscious feedback mechanism between the animal's inbuilt sense of survival and its also inbuilt sense of belonging to a greater reality of individuation.

    That is why an antelope, dying in the jaws of a lion, will cease to struggle and submit to a greater consciousness, when flight is no longer possible.
    That is why the bred animals you are leading to the slaughter for food will submit to your often misguided ideas of appropriateness and that is why the selfbeaching cetaceans; being intimately related to the humanoid cosmic id in superconsciousness; apparently commit collective suicide.

    When the antelope 'dies' in 3 spacial dimensions, its 'shadow' 'lives on' in 2 spacial dimensions and its electromagnetic energy gestalt in 4 spacetime dimensions 'returns' to its origin in a timeless realm of 4 spacial dimensions, that is the universe in space, but not in time.
    So the antelope 'gives up' its spacetimed 'vessel' for food for the lion and reenters the realm of being from whence it came as a conceived baby-antelope.

    Perhaps you can now fathom the nature of the animal within man. Man is an animal, but his humanoid 'waking consciousness' allows him to 'override' hisher animal 'subconscious' instinctivenesses.
    When a human 'channels'; this human attempts to 'override' herhis 'waking consciousness' and to enter hisher subconscious 'instinctive intuitivenesses'.

    So there will be as many 'channelers', as there are humanoids in the Gaian realms.

    Many 'channelers' will be only partially successful to 'override' their beta-rhythms and so their 'channeled' information, will be largely a reflection of their 'waking knowledge' and so starkly influenced and patterned by their human ideas and biases.
    A 'good' channel so will be found in a say 95% percentile in a normal statistical distribution of the humanoid population and a 'very good' channel within a 99% coordinate.

    So some of you might now understand, why the 'better' channellers are said to go into trances, verbalise themselves in nonnative 'tongues' and 'lose' their ordinary 'waking consciousness identity'.
    The very best channellers 'override' not their conscious humanoid brain, but their subconscious mammalian brain.
    The very best channellers so remain fully in the beta rhythms but override their alpha rhythms.

    This allows them to become 'superconscious' - blending the human left-right brain duality as a Monadic Unity of perception. The very best channelers, so will not 'speak in tongues' or enter physically differentiable 'states of awareness'.

    A 'very good channel' so may live as a hermit in a cave in the Tibet or wander the streets in London as a 'reincarnation' of a boddhivista.

    Allow me now to comment on Seth, the 'channel' of a Jane Roberts (with her stenographer-husband Robert Butts), and active from 1963 until her death in 1984.

    Jane Roberts was a subconscious channel, bordering on the superconscious on rare occassions. Jane Roberts 'died' of complications deriving from glandular misfunction, especially thyroid shutdown and arthritis on September 5th, 1984.
    Jane Roberts physical ailments are associated with the nature of the 'work' she had come to do, namely to give a method for 'The Old Ghost' to express itself in a human world, getting ready to receive such information.

    The thyroid gland is also known as a 'throat chakra' and the means for a human template to express itself VERBALLY to the environment.
    Jane Roberts agreed, before incarnation, to allow a 'Collective accumulated human wisdom or gnosis or insight' to express itself through her verbally in the subconscious alpha-rhythmic state.

    Jane Roberts had only limited information about the material she was to channel from her waking consciousness, her learning and her human data base.
    Subsequently, the 'channelled material' could not be built on a preexisting information base, which could have rendered Jane Roberts a superconscious channel.

    The 'Old Ghost' is 'The Old One' of one Albert Einstein or the 'First Principaller' of many ancient philosophies and so a IMPERSONALISED description of 'Cosmic Intelligence' or 'Creator God', itself in the process of evolution (as a Dawkins Meme say) and using the PERSONALISED 'parts of itself' to REDEFINE and COEVOLVE itself.
    However the significance of Seth is; that Jane Roberts was indeed a 'New Age' messenger at the 99% percentile.

    Jane Roberts agreed to 'play' a christening part in a 'sharing' of cosmic identity with 'The Ancient One' or the 'Perfect One' of gnostic lore.
    The 'price to pay', was of course Jane Roberts' 'loss' of her human 'ordinariness' and the sacrifice of her 'physical health' for an enhanced 'mental health'.

    My knowledge of the blending of 'The Ancient One' with the 'The Particularisation Jane Roberts' as part of the 'Old Ghost' is as described with a particular proviso.
    The Seth material is accurate to the percentile, in which Jane Roberts operated.
    Seth was a particular manifestation of the 'Old One' relevant to the human time period from 1960 to 1980, thus coinciding with a global political and spiritual transformation in the post World war II scenario.

    The Seth material so served to inaugurate the so called 'New Age' of Unity in an accomodation and synthesis of the schisms of modern science and ancient religion.
    The Seth material is practically 100% accurate with regards to the 'New Science'; but to accomodate this accurracy, and so as to not to totally compromise the messages on the 'Old Religion'; a particular thread was required to be almost 100% inaccurate and so misleading.

    This thread is defined as the threads on the nature, life and identity of 'Yeshuah Ben Joseph Bar Thomas' aka the historical Jesus of the New Testament.
    Because the Seth material, addressing Jesus, is highly deceptive and inaccurate; the inbuilt misinformation becomes a safeguard for the accurate information from the realm of the superconcious perception.

    What does this mean?
    This means, that because of the selfcontradiction of the Seth material; the triune interaction of waking consciousness, subconciousness and superconciousness inherent in anyone interacting with the Seth material; will ensure that the 'Inner Knowing of the Superconsciousness', however suppressed by the minor consciousnesses, will allow the self-appropriate understanding and assimilation of the Seth material in due course of time by the associated.

    Having shared this 'inside information' then and without elaborating any further for the time being; I then REPRESENT the following Seth material, shared generously by Mark Giese on panentheism forum.
    The information following is near 100% correct and does in fact represent the basis for the 'New Paradigm of Omni-Science'.

    I shall give simple technical interspersion in the form of emphasised formulations, which are part of this 'Omni-Science', introduced by Seth in the name of the 'Old One'.

    Seth, Sess 702, 'Unknown' Reality, I:

    Ultimately your use of instruments, and your preoccupation with them as tools to study the greater nature of reality, will teach you one important lesson: The instruments are useful only in measuring the level of reality in which they themselves exist. '

    "This is the classical electron radius Re aka the subatomic gluon-magnetic asymptotic confinement zone.
    A classical and highly appropriate orthodox link is:
    And another link published on the Mists of Avalon reharding this topic is:

    They help you interpret the universe in horizontal terms, so to speak. In studying the deeper realities within and "behind" that universe, the instruments are not only useless but misleading. I am not suggesting that their use is futile, however -- merely pointing out the limitations inherently involved.

    So-called objective science gives you a picture, a model, that has served well enough in its own fashion, enabling you to travel to the moon, for example, and to advance in a technology that for a time you set your hearts upon. In the framework of objective science as it now exists,
    however, even the technology will come up against a stone wall. Even as a means objective science is only helpful for a while, because it will constantly run up against deeper inner realities that are necessarily shunted aside and ignored simply because of its method and attitude. No objective science or splendid technology alone will keep even one man or woman alive, for example, if that individual has decided to leave the flesh, or finds no joy in daily life.

    A loving technology, again, would always add to the quality and spiritual deepening of experience. The inner order of existence and true science go together. The true scientist is not afraid of identifying with the reality he chooses to study. He knows that only then can he dare to begin to understand its nature. There are many unofficial scientists, true ones in that regard, unknown in this age. Many are quite ordinary people in exterior terms, with other professions. Yet it is no accident that greater discoveries are often made by "amateurs"--those who are relatively free from official dogmas, released from the pressure to get ahead in a given field--those whose creativity flows freely and naturally in those areas of their natural interest.

    Give us a moment ... Without an identification with the land, the planet and the seasons, all of your technology will not help you understand the earth, or even use it effectively, much less fully. Without an identification with the race as a whole, no technology can save the race.
    Unless man also identifies himself with the other kinds of life with which he shares the world, no technology will ever help him understand his experience. I am speaking in very practical terms. Gadgets will, ultimately, teach you nothing about the dimensions of your own
    consciousness. When you use them (biofeedback, for instance) even to attain alterations of consciousness, you are programming yourselves, stepping apart from yourselves.

    "The human race is a universal template as a particular 'image' of the god-man or creator-creation duality. So only AFTER the human planet is unified SPIRITUALLY, can the planetary consciousness become a star consciousness and interact with the remainder of the universal body-gestalt in electromagnetic and magnetoelectric dualities".

    Give us a moment ... Such gadgets can be useful only if they show you that such alterations are naturally possible. Otherwise, with your ideas of applied science and technology, the gadgets will be the pivoting point, and the ideas of manipulation will be stressed. In other words, unless the ideas behind objective science are altered, then gadget-produced altered states will almost certainly be used to manipulate, rather than free, consciousness.

    I am not making a prediction here. I am simply pointing out one probability that exists. There have indeed been civilizations upon your planet that understood as well as you, and without your kind of technology, the workings of the planets, the positioning of stars-people who even foresaw "later" global changes. They used a mental physics.
    There were men before you who journeyed to the moon, and who brought back data quite as "scientific" and pertinent. There were those who understood the "origin" of your solar system far better than you. Some of these civilizations did not need spaceships. Instead, highly trained men combining the abilities of dream-art scientists and mental physicists cooperated in journeys not only through time but through space. There are ancient maps drawn from a 200-mile-or- more vantage point--these meticulously completed on return from such journeys.

    "This engages the superconsciousness, enabled to holographically access the collective consciousness of the evolutionary timeline in a mode of 'remote viewing'.
    The formulation requires RESONANCE particularised in the formulation engaging the electron parameter [me/e]:

    Frequency fresonance=[me/2eh]√(2πG/Alpha.hc)."

    There were sketches of atoms and molecules, also drawn after trained men and women learned the art of identi- fying with such phenomena. There are significances hidden in the archives of many archaeological stores that are not recognized by you because you have not made the proper connections--and in some cases you have not advanced sufficiently to understand the information.

    Give us a moment ... The particular thrust and direction of your own science have been directly opposed to the development of such inner sciences, however, so that to some extent each step in the one direction has thus far taken you further from the other. Yet all sciences are based on the desire for knowledge, and so there are intersections that occur even in the most diverse of paths; and you are at such an intersection.

    "The timeline runs from December 8th 2004 to December 21st 2012 as the 'times of the end of times."

    Your own science has led you to its logical conclusion. It is not enough, and some suspect that its methods and attitudes have a built-in disadvantage. Physicists are going beyond themselves, so to speak, where even their own instruments cannot follow and where all rules do not apply. Even the prophet Einstein did not lead them far enough. You cannot stand apart from a reality and do any more than present diagrams of it.
    You will not understand its living heart or its nature.

    The behavior of electrons, for example, will elude your technological knowledge--for in deepest terms what you will ''perceive" will be a facade, an appearance or illusion. So far, within the rules of the game, you have been able to make your "facts" about electrons work. To follow their multidimensional activity however is another matter--(humorously:) a pun--and you need, if you will forgive me, a speedier means.

    The blueprints for reality lie even beneath the electrons' activity. As long as you think in terms of [subatomic] particles, you are basically off the track--or even when you think in terms of waves. The idea of interrelated fields comes closer, of course, yet even here you are simply changing one kind of term for one like it, only slightly different. In all of these cases you are ignoring the reality of consciousness, and its gestalt formations and manifestations. Until you perceive the innate consciousness behind any "visible" or "invisible" manifestations, then, you put a definite barrier to your own knowledge.

    "I have addressed the details and the importance of the electronic parameters many times in the In Lak'ech postings and anyone interested is invited to peruse the formulations on the linked website, where all the mathematical symbols print correctly."

    Robert's vocabulary is not an official scientific one. Nor for our purposes should it be--for that vocabulary is limiting.
    In as simple a language as possible, and to some extent in your terms,the electron's spin determines time "sequences" from your viewpoint. In those terms, then, a reversed spin is a reversed time motion. There is much you cannot observe. There is much that is extremely difficult to explain, simply because your verbal structure alone presupposes certain assumptions. Electrons, however, spin in many directions at once, an effect impossible for you to perceive. You can only theorize about it.
    There are "electromagnetic momentums thus achieved and maintained, certain stabilities that operate and maintain their own integrity, though these may not be "equal" at all portions of the spin. There are equalities set up "between" the inequalities.

    Time, in your terms then, is spinning newly backward as surely as it is spinning newly into the future. And it is spinning outward and inward into all probabilities simultaneously.
    There are, nevertheless, unequal thrusts in all directions, though "equalities" can be ascertained by concentrating only upon certain portions of the spin.

    "The spin of the fermionic (half-spin) electron is in a SUPERSYMMETRY with itself and manifests in its 'higher dimensional' nature in its bosonic (full spin) form as a superconductive energyflow and in the Action Law: Action=Charge2".

    NOTES: Session 702
    1. Once again (as in Note 7 for the last session), I quote Seth from the 45th session: "Any investigation of the basic inner universe, which is the only real universe, must be done as much as possible from a point outside your own distortions . . . To get outside your own universe, you must travel inward ... Your so-called scientific, so-called objective experiments can continue for an eternity, but they will only probe further and further with camouflage [physical] instruments into a camouflage universe ... The subconscious, it is true, has elements of its own distortions, but these are easier to escape than the tons of distortive camouflage atmosphere that weigh your scientific experiments down."

    IAmWhatIAm - A Brother of the 'Old One' and the 'Old Ghost'!


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