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    People in my tent

    I love this illustration “tent” by Joanna Walsh!!

    We each have one of these. We put everyone we love inside. Sometimes I feel the wind and rain like it was inside. They're letting me know they literally live in the tent with me, that we're just one family, including all of life, plants, animals, so on. I like that.

    In this tent all we hear is a silence, a quiet, a stillness of the love that pours from our heart, our center, all that is true. We make this tent a living tent that breathes like the wind, flows like the water, and shines like the sun. A space of friends.





    We make this tent by remembering what we are before being anything. Before being a man, before being human, before anything.

    We make and remember a state of being, a place that exists inside our heart . . .


    . . . a loving living space, very quiet, that relaxes, heals and rejuvenates mind, body and soul.

    We want this space to be undivided with not even an inside or out.

    We want this space to be without time -- past, present or future -- but with al the time in the world.

    We want this space to be just us, as total and complete as we can make it.

    We want this space, our body, to be filled with a love eternal and forever, complete and whole.

    Now adding Ego Child to my tent. He has an infectious laughter and vitality of a new born babe with one foot on Earth and one in Heaven -- wondering "What The Hell Happened?!!". I love Ego Child!


    Now adding Body to my tent. He has a natural wisdom unsurpassed for within this body, every part, every atom burns the fire of infinite. I love my body!


    Body is dense. We talk by stepping into unbounded, loving, flowing energies of every hue. He is non-local.


    Now adding Mind to my tent. I love mind! He not only helps me remember what I need to get at the grocery store, but he also helps me remember who I am. Mind is also non-local, not confined to any space or time.


    Now adding Healer to my tent. Healer quiets mind and emotion creating energies that flow so the love in our heart can find expression. Healer integrates the known and the unknown.

    Healer helps us be who we are fully and directly through mind, body and soul. Healer is non-local.


    All that live in this tent are not confined by shape or form. In this tent we are not this or that. We just are. All else is illusion, not real. In this tent we simply are.I Am that I Am gets close.

    Now adding a candle to my tent, to walk with light in the blackness of night. Ego Child needs reassurance that he's loved. I love the light that shines in my tent! It restores me. It carries me to Source, my core, my center, my being. Indivisible and non-local it is.

    Now adding my heart to this tent.

    Making my tent ready makes me happy! I just wanna dance!!

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    a widening of our circles beyond the local, the familiar and the known

    View From The Pier, Herman Sillas

    Who we are is infinite, unbounded, outside of time. We are not of any shape, energy, matter or form. We just are -- unbounded, unlimited, unsegmented, without parts, without separation in any way. We just are. Our core, our center, our true being is like fire.


    We are not of body and soul, Spirit and body, or Heaven and Earth. We create these things to make sense for our mind, our feelings -- to see things we have no words for -- true things that call us in the night, that resonate with us for which we have no names.



    The One

    Just one source fire there is -- in all the universe -- the who we are -- having many personalities with corresponding shapes and energies.

    The many

    Just as each grain of sand is unique, so too each personaity is unique with its own desires and a life of its own.


    Making Contact with nonlocal

    Direct contact eye to eye, face to face -- seeing in the eyes of another -- the beingness, the sourcesness, the infinite forever inside ourselves simultaneously.

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    How To Make A Tent
    prescription for creating soul

    1. Remember the energy. Be like a rag doll. Relax your body. Fall into the Earth. Fall into the Quiet and the Still of your heart.


    2. Let go of everything personal including any confusion. The feeling of a shower it is on a hot summer day. Everything else gets in the way.


    3. Let go of everything but the NOW — ‘cause you’re with a good friend and don’t want to miss anything! It's what goes through your head before touching the door of a friend's place.


    4. Enjoy the love you feel.


    Hold 5 - 10 seconds.


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