Upgrade 13 - Things to remember on Earth

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    I need to know basic stuff that I can use to avoid getting lost. I need breadcrumbs. I need breadcrumbs to help me find home when I'm lost.


    It can get confusing ... I am not what I experience, not my feelings, not my thoughts, not even my body. I just am. When things are cozy and when things get crazy, I need something to take me home so I can see clearly.

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    It's a place of quiet stillness in my heart. It helps me love and it helps me see. This I need to remember the most!

    This is about what a soul might think before being born on Earth where he will forget the connection to his heart. Before going to Earth, he leaves clues (breadcrumbs on the path) to help him remember the quiet stillness of his heart.
    Refer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hansel_and_Gretel
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