Upgrade 16 - The Saga of My Miata MX-5

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    The saga of my MX-5 Miata: how it began and how it ended.


    Day 1 I had two car accidents within 15 minutes on my way to the beach. I did not know what my next step would be after this.

    Day 2 A lot of nap and Chopin.

    Day 3 After three days of grueling thinking., I knew there were only two things really important to me They were being happy and being free. Everything else falls into place after that it seems.

    Day 4 I decide to sell the car because I don't need a car to be happy or free. It would make my life a simple one. And this would be good.

    Day 5 My very independent minded girl friend interjects I need a car to be self-sufficient. I think she's saying we need to live fully not limited by what others say or do. Yet there are many ways to live a self sufficient life.

    Day 6 If make any wrong turns or bad choices that hurt anyone, I will remember to forgive myself with love immediately. I won't wait for God for do this.

    Day 7 Let there be rest.
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