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Discussion in 'Upgrade' started by Jorgelito, Apr 27, 2016.

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    This is what I think might be so. The "real" world is what the heart sees. Everything else we make up.

    The "reality" we know hangs around but not forever. For the forever, we need to see ourselves with our heart. When I can do this, everything else falls away with all its concerns and feels like rosy sunshine filling me.

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    Jorgelito ¡Olé!



    Have you noticed just when we understand why we keep on experiencing the same conflict, the same anxieties, the same situations without resolution or remedy, the whole thing dissolves in a puff a smoke?

    Then another ”play” begins where the other one left off.

    I believe we create these plays for ourselves from the materials at hand. Do we create for Karma? For the experience of it all? For self discovery? I wouldn't create a play for these reasons. But for love I might.

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