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    Remembering Myself
    the departed


    There’s gotta be a way to do it without all that dying business.

    When we respond from that centered place inside us, we find ourselves accepting every experience we experience (that is, we’re comfortable being who we are) . . .

    Including losing our way, getting mean, being nasty and just being numb to life and everyone around us . . . so by creating an enormous quantum leap into a reality we know as our true home -- being being loving and kind to ourselves.
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    A larger Context


    History refers to a larger context -- a context we know but cannot always know directly -- a part that calls to us to complete and make whole again.

    Spirit Science 12 -- The Human History Movie
    produced by Deborah Ariel Pietsch

    This is a fascinating view of history (I like the cartoons). The SHIFT encompasses every aspect of “life as we know it” and our history going back thousands of years

    ET101 - The Cosmic Instruction Manual for Planetary Evolutio
    Co-created by Mission Control and Zoev Jho

    Truly amazing! It covers the basics -- who we are and what we’re up to.

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    Findng Myself
    the physical sensation and the feeling

    The feeling of my consciousness (consciousness has a feeling) is the feeling of freedom, allowing life to enter. it's also the sensation of being in the body of I AM Presence (the most real and vital sense of being I know). Keywords THE QUIET AND THE STILL can activate this; just breathing consciously can bring me to my senses as will putting everything aside -- just stillness , no thoughts or feeling about anything.

    When consciously letting life flow unimpeded through me, I feel energies flowing from my belly like a river -- sometimes in the shower or at the ocean. It feels to come from center, a field of the heart, to a dimension of the Earth, a field of activity. It is a sensation of healing, transforming and being in what is true.

    We -- the man in us, the woman in us and I AM Presence -- make this body of I AM Presence on Earth -- a body of love and freedom -- so we my be as one. We do this thread by thread each day.

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