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    True Self (The Upstairs Dept.) wants me to see our beautiful planet Earth as it truly is and shall be.


    There is a singular absence of whirligigs and things of no reality here. A quiet pervades the land. It aligns us with a rhythm and flow of I don’t know what. Call it God Presence.


    The Earth itself feels alive because there’s a distinct earthy granularity in what we see, hear and touch. The air is crystal clear. No grey or fuzzy.


    Our senses are sharp. The mind sparkles and imagination quickly creates. Life is early morning fresh. What we experience is unconditional, not dependent on anything we do.

    Time slows way down. There’s time for everything. No need to rush. No need to speed things up or to slow things down either. There is an abundance of time. We can relax.

    There’s ease in what we do. We’re essentially at rest even when we move. We experience peace not because of anything we do. We simply reflect True Self. Peace is an add-on.


    Empowerment. We incorporate and befriend Ego. Ego is who-did-what-to whom. We allow Ego the freedom to be as is. In turn, we allow ourselves to be as is.


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