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    Seeing Seeing


    When we see a painting composed of line and color, we might not be really seeing the painting in front of us; we might instead be just taking in the light.

    The form and media selected by the artist help modify and form this light in particular and specific ways. The light thus created is what we really see (see with our heart).

    It would seem that what we perceive is the form of the art, but what the heart is picking up is the light alone. And this determines how we relate to the art. When we resonate with this light, we can see and appreciate it.

    So it is we inhabit a real world (that determines what we see and how) that's completely intangible (we can't see it; we can't touch it). Here are some examples that represent multidimensional variations of this intangible, real world . . .

    shangrila_detail2. shambala-563.
    Shangri-la or Shamballa a.k.a. Shambhala

    Seeing is remembering when we see with our heart. We do this when we enjoy a good sunset . . .


    When we see in this way, our heart remembers what we are seeing -- that sublime, wonderful feeling we experience. It's a memory. This is a memory of the heart because it knows beauty itself. It knows this kind of beauty because it is Source -- source of all that is beautiful and true.

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