Upgrade 4 - Pipeline of the Heart

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    Creating a Pipeline of the Heart


    The center of the maze is the center of our heart. The pipeline of the heart takes us there. It's a process that individuals, the Earth itself and others we don't even know work on together and share each others efforts -- not unlike global internet . . .


    The pipeline of the heart is the Rainbow Bridge. it connects and joins our consciousness back to Godhead (Monad, IAM Presence, or Ninth Level of Initiation). Ascension is part of the same process: simply letting go of ours fears and accepting who we are.


    Each Level of Initiation steps down the Divine (that’s Us) into matter (that’s Earth) while we (the one in the mirror every morning) step up our frequency until there’s nothing between us and God.


    Like Dorothy’s shoes in The Wizard of Oz, we can go there or anywhere by just remembering it -- because all levels exist simultaneously.

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