Upgrade 8 - Living on Autopilot?

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    Are You Living on Autopilot?

    May 20, 2015 by Nedda

    Who’s at the controls?

    Take charge of your thoughts and feelings.

    You’re going along having a pretty good day. You’re feeling good about yourself and life in general.
    Suddenly, something unexpected happens, and your whole mood shifts.
    Your first thoughts may be to blame the external event for ruining your day. That’s how most of us react, but the truth is actually quite different.
    Mood shifts actually happen because of
    how you assign meaning
    to events in your life.
    When your thoughts become negative,
    you start to feel negative emotions.

    “Oops. I was feeling great a moment ago and now I’m down in the dumps. My day is ruined.”
    Well, guess what? You day doesn’t have to be “ruined.” It’s only “ruined” if you decide that it is.
    If I were to ask you what changed your mood, you’d probably tell me all about what just happened. In other words, you’d blame something or someone outside of yourself. But the truth is that you do have control over what you think and what you feel.

    Take back control of your thoughts and feelings.

    When you notice that your mood has shifted, use these steps as soon as you can to restore your happier state. First, notice that your mood has shifted. Then ask and answer these questions.
    1. What just happened that I’m blaming for my change in mood?
    2. What were my thoughts about this event?
    3. Can I step out of judgment and think differently about the event?
    4. Can I open to the possibility that there will be a different outcome than I first imagined?
    5. Can I set the intention that there WILL be a different outcome – a WIN/WIN for all concerned?
    6. Can I turn the whole thing over to a higher power (God, the Universe, my I Am Presence) and trust that my request for a positive solution for all with be answered?
    Your answers to these questions will lead to some important discoveries.
    1. When you shift your thoughts, your feelings will shift, too.
    2. You are in charge of what you think. You have choices.
    3. You are in charge of what you feel.
    4. Underneath your emotions, whatever they were, was some underlying fear that was triggered, and you don’t have to allow the fear to control you.
    5. The thought patterns that were evoked are habits of thinking. Habits can be changed.
    6. When you take back your power over your thoughts and feelings, you feel more empowered in other parts of your life.
    Be the awake and alert pilot of your life.

    In the beginning, it may take you several days to do this for just one event. It depends on how quickly you remember to take action after the trigger event occurred.

    Over time, if you continue to do change your thoughts about events, you’ll be able to do change them sooner and faster. It won’t take long until you can change your thoughts immediately after something happens.

    Ultimately, your goal is to
    spontaneously stay in charge of yourself.

    Ultimately, when a trigger event occurs, instead of reacting on autopilot, you’ll stop yourself immediately and create positive thoughts immediately. You’ll stop blaming others and events for how your feel. You’ll feel better about yourself and your life because you’ll be more in charge of yourself.
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    Off Autopilot

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    This is an anchovy. We help make them. They come with hooks. Give them wide berth. They need their freedom just like us!

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    to see you and be with you in every time and in every place

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    Off Autopilot
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    for creating my soul

    1. Remember the energy. Be like a rag doll. Relax your body. Fall into the Earth. Fall into the Quiet and the Still of your heart.


    2. Let go of everything personal — the feeling of a shower on a hot summer day. Everything else gets in the way.


    3. Let go of everything but the NOW — ‘cause you’re with a good friend and don’t want to miss anything!


    4. Enjoy the love you feel.


    Hold 5 - 10 seconds.

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