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    icon1. Re: Susan eXchanger... you okay?

    We hope to tell all of you,
    that is our NEW YEAR PROJECT
    it has gone through almost 33 years

    We are going to do a series of radio show,
    with some pretty interesting people
    who can validate many things, and, introduce you to some folks
    (who up to NOW, have remained hidden)

    and, iT iS our hope ~ to put together some stuff

    in a way, we do NOT lose the content,
    of our own 'doctorial' thesis,
    on the magic behind 3, 7, 11, 13, 22, 33, 44, 55, 111, etc.,
    and, how we utilised that, to do, what we did !!!

    iT iS all onboard equipment - the trick is to get un bored wink.

    (you heard that eXpression: some people are 'dead' wood / or, dead 'would'

    a lot of it, is just simply turning would/should/could,
    into will, shall, and, KAN/can wink.


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    icon1. Re: Susan eXchanger... you okay?

    We will, esp. with if we all work together smile.

    ahhh...iNTO my 52nd year

    and, iT iS a BLUE MOON wink.

    Hopefully, a few of the many,
    will choose to celebrate with us !!!

    Susan Lynne Schwenger aka The eXchanger from The Old Project Avalon & Project Camelot Website

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    SOMEONE else gets 'we'

    How to Improve Your Relationship With One Simple Word
    Behold the magic of the word "we"
    Published on February 13, 2014 by Tamar Chansky, Ph.D in Worry Wise

    Want to give something different this Valentine’s Day? Something that only you can give? How about a pronoun? A what? A pronoun. The pronoun “we” to be specific. Not romantic enough for you? Well, check this out:

    Researcher Robert Levenson and colleagues at University of California, Berkeley, have been eavesdropping on our relationships and found couples who use the word "we" when talking, especially about difficult things, are happier, calmer, exhibit more positive emotional behavior, have les negative automatic arousal (i.e. heart pumping adrenaline and anxiety) and in general are more satisfied with their relationships (think: affection, respect, intimacy) than couples whose communication is more populated by the pronouns you, me and I. Those folks had more negative facial expressions, negative tones of voice and body postures (think: disdain, rejection, animosity). OK—quick pick: Which emotional experience do you want to cultivate in your relationship this Valentine's Day—and in general?

    When you see a couple in that relationship bubble of “we”—and let’s face it, it’s easy to spot the trust, love, and spark of these couples—you want some of that for your relationship. And you start to understand why traditional wedding vows talk about a love that no one can put asunder. What builds asunder-proof love? Connection.
    What builds and reveals the connection in your relationship? Not big gifts, nor necessarily big deep conversations, as they are more occasional events. No, it’s the little things—the little words that you use every day that reveal the nature of your connection and the very mission of your relationship. Researchers find that pronouns shape and reveal the ways we interpret what is going on between us: “we” words set off a program of connection, “you” words set off a program of separateness.
    So, whether things are great: “We’re pregnant!” “We’re in love!” “We’re getting married!” or tough: “It’s not you, or me, it’s both of us: it’s our problem and we can work it out together,” or just ordinary: “We need to clean the kitchen; then we can go to bed”—connecting with the “we” word means we aren’t alienated or alone. We are together. The person in front of you has your back, happily. The very landscape, the very representation of your relationship in your head is in the form of us, we, our, as in we’re in this together. Versus phrasing things in terms of: you, me, I—as in I’m not happy and you (and your messiness, bossiness, coldness) are the problem!
    Where does the fun begin?
    When we are thinking “we” our bodies respond in kind. The magic of this word we is that it’s a game-changer. When we say “we” we set in motion a “connectedness” program in the brain (and body) and so that rather than being in survival mode (think: you against me), we can be creative, generous, collaborative and loving whether we are cleaning up cat barf or making love. Because generous is what you do with people who are your friends not your foes.
    When we phrase our complaints or observations in terms of “you” our tone is accusatory and pop! goes the relationship bubble. Now it’s more like a relationship tribunal and there will be a sentence with one person left standing. It gets our amygdala (brain alarm system) firing for both the accuser and the accusee. In moments of crisis, the evolutional priority is to get out of harm’s way, and the physiological equivalent of protecting yourself from wooly mammoths or other dangers isn’t exactly conducive to romance.
    Maybe it’s easiest to understand the power of the word we by thinking of the alternative—the word “you.” When someone says you to us in the context of: “you never do x, why did you do y?, you don’t care, etc.,” we feel attacked. Anxiety and adrenaline prevent us from remembering that the person saying these words (in a weak moment in response to their own anxiety and adrenaline) is the person who loves us and is the protector not the threat.
    The fact is, relationships are a table for two. And if you want to luxuriate at the table with your partner, rather than one (or both) of you wanting to sneak out a window, hail a cab and be outta there, make sure that your language is the connected kind.
    Now, if you are worried that “we” will somehow be a loophole for someone getting off the hook, and if someone does something wrong, they should have to own up, consider this: How do we own up best? When we feel threatened or when we feel safe? So say: “I want us to be honest with each other. Our relationship needs our trust,” rather than: “you never fess up! I can’t trust you!”
    One more thing… if any part of you is suffering from a touch of “we-phobia” afraid that this means that you lose your identity and are subsumed or swallowed up in the mush of not knowing where one person ends and the other begins, take heart. Thinking in terms of “we” doesn’t mean you lose yourself in your marriage, it means that there are now two people on the job of looking out for you instead of just one. So… here are a few ideas to get the emotional program in your relationship moving in the direction of connection rather than separation:
    1. Start the magic show yourself: Offer “we” or “us” statements out of the blue: “Let’s watch a movie tonight,” or “What do you want to do tonight?” versus: disappearing in front of the TV without saying a word. Or, say: “I’m really tired. Let’s go up to bed,” instead of “I’m tired, I’m going to bed”…or simply the disappearing thing again.
    2. Use your x-ray vision: Translate a “you” from your partner into a “we”: Realize that we all want to stay connected. So when your partner says—“you always want to stay downstairs at night! What’s wrong with you?! don’t you want to be together?!” You could get defensive and attack back, but instead you could see past the surface words your partner is saying and translate the underlying message: “We need to spend more time together. I want that too.
    3. We need to take care of us.” If you throw in a “you’re right, I totally agree” you get extra credit!
    4. Catch your own yous and accusations: Do a save if you have started with you. “You never want me to hang out with my friends” becomes—
    5. “I want you to be happy, and I want us to be happy too—how can we make this work for both of us? Let’s make a plan that we both like.”
    6. Ask for help; connection and collaboration guaranteed: Want to stay in “we” mode but don’t know how to get there?
    7. Magically, just by asking for help with this (with the added bonus of admitting that you don’t know how to do something) you have opened up the door for collaboration. You’re back at the relationship table, you’re in the bubble, you’re working together.
    8. Switch off days for being on “we” duty: Because we all fall prey to separateness or accusation mode, build in some security.
    9. Designate someone to be listening for the “yous” and kindly, humorously, or even flirtatiously rephrase them into “we.”
    So for Valentine’s Day, and every day, together, be that “we” couple. In good times and bad, stay above the grid-lock of local traffic
    (carpooling, doing dishes, paying bills) and reconnect with the big picture by doing what happy couples do: collaborate and connect.

    Be your best selves and best partners, and let those little plural pronouns be the secret agents in the big mission of your love


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    "iT iS impossible to kill,
    what we are !!! "
    - susan lynne schwenger

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    DRAWING #2


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    Marcel Vogel
    Crystal Pyramid Pendant Handcrafted

    Wire Wrapping
    Wire wrapping is a meditative work
    that allows harmony and balance
    into each piece.

    Positive affirmations are imbued
    within the action of creating
    and each piece is blessed with love.

    The elemental relation of copper
    (a balancing metal) is Earth.

    Copper works with all chakras
    and can assist one to channel and ground
    higher vibrations, while conducting
    and enhancing stone energies.

    It prevents a negative attitude,
    it can improve circulation of blood,
    and can increase energy
    and detoxification of the body.

    Promotes channeling, cleansing, luck, prosperity, purification, self-esteem,
    and facilitates the flow of energy
    in whatever piece
    it is used with to amplify
    and enhance intention.
    Which makes it excellent
    for any stone when working with energy.

    Marcel Vogel Star of David Crystal
    The word crystal comes from
    the Greek word “krystallos”,
    meaning frozen light.

    The symbol of the Star of David
    has been known for thousands of years
    in religious traditions, as the shield of God.

    The Vogel-cut® crystal
    is an instrument that serves to store,
    amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies.

    Using the principles of Sacred Geometry,
    this crystal is faceted
    into a stunning Six Pointed Star of David shape.

    The Star of David has symbolized protection
    and strength to many who wear the symbol.

    This powerful Vogel Star of David pendant
    seems to be most beneficial
    for those who regularly engage
    with other people,
    whether in public speaking,
    sales, an active clientele,
    or also for those
    who feel extra sensitive to others opinions,
    judgments, and beliefs.

    This has been found to be one
    of the most important tools
    in our medicine bag for cementing
    or solidifying the foundation
    of the self, while venturing out
    into the great beyond
    of the external world.

    Not only did Marcel discover
    that quartz crystal shaped
    into sacred geometry forms
    could induce a powerful healing effect,
    but that a pendant could do so as well.

    The only pendant that Marcel
    designed based upon the Sacred Geometry
    blueprint himself, the Star of David
    was his vice for protection
    and regeneration in his personal
    and professional life.

    He found that wearing the pendant
    allowed him to stave off
    energetic residue from clients,
    students, or his audience,
    while still maintaining
    a level of sensitivity.

    It has been been reported
    effective for loved ones,
    and family members that you
    may inadvertantly
    give away your energy to.

    How to wear
    The Star of David is a two dimensional symbol
    of the Merkaba Vehicle.

    This geometric energy grid represents harmony

    and serves as an ‘antennae’
    connecting us with ‘All That Is’.
    When one looks through the stone,
    one sees the Star of David.

    This is symbolic of the upper (spiritual)
    and lower (physical) trinities
    coming together to create wholeness,
    balance and protection.

    The Merkaba is the male/female,

    3- dimensional Star Tetrahedron
    energy field that surrounds our body.

    It is linking together of the mind,

    heart, and physical body
    in a specific geometrical ratio
    that produces the Merkaba.

    When the Merkaba is activated

    around a person’s body,
    he or she is in a place of complete protection,
    generated by the Love of the Universe.

    Because this beautiful pendant

    is cut correctly from quartz,
    it moves and amplifies energies
    in a certain direction
    that can be programmed.

    The Female side (inverted triangle)

    draws energy in,
    amplified and flavored
    by one’s intent.

    The amplied energies are radiated

    out the Male side (aligned triangle).

    Wearing a Star of David pendant

    with the Female side
    out draws energies from the environment,
    then ‘flavors’ or amplifies them into the body.

    Combining all these is to enhance

    the intent and thought forms
    when one wears it.

    When using clear intent this crystal

    is also known
    to protect against electromagnetic forces of all kind
    Bottom of Pyramid (Length),
    approximately just over 1 1/4"
    Height, approximately 1 5/8"
    Depth, approximately 1/4"
    Pendant Barrel,
    approximately 3/16" opening

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