We are The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine (Petra McGuire, aka Magentapixie)

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    (transcript of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz13oaGfDus&feature=share)

    “In my part of the world we have autumn at this time,
    known to those across the pond as fall.

    When the leaves fall from the trees and the harvest begins anew.

    Yet I’m told from my friends from other worlds other dimensions
    that these passing seasons on our humble planet Earth
    we may call mother Gaia are also cosmic cycles as well as earth cycles,
    for what occurs here is affected there and vice versa.

    There, the cosmic realms, the other worlds, the place of the etheric,
    the astral and the souls’ essence – all is one and all is at one.

    Therefore what is the meaning today at this sacred autumnal fall time
    we know as equinox?

    How do we merge and blend the cosmic with the earthly
    and utilize such an important time within our own individual cycles
    that we call our lives?

    Much is happening my other-worldly friends tell me.

    There is huge unrest within our third-dimensional existence right now.

    For those that have perpetrated crimes against humanity in the form of control,
    repression and reduction, hurting us like sheep, planting thoughts in our minds
    of controlling the very trajectories of our incarnational experience,
    those who have kept us caged and trapped they are now running scared
    in chaos in every direction and the game is over if you will.

    For they have been discovered, seen and heard.

    Many of the light have come here to this Earth, this glorious planet we call Gaia.

    This planet is known by many names throughout the galaxy.

    Many beings of light have come and exposed these ones we call the dark workers.

    They have exposed them, shown them to be who and what they truly are.

    And in doing so they have changed the trajectories for their own realities
    and that of mother Gaia.

    I am told by my otherworldly friends that the equinox point,
    September 23rd, 2018, is indeed a convergence point.

    It’s a time where defeat of the Cabal, or the end of the Illuminati,
    or the fall of the Deep State is upon us in every time line.

    The old time line has dissipated and is no more.

    Its memory fields are crumbling into astral dust, it cannot be regained.

    The new time line is the rise of the light, the righteous, the humble and the meek,
    the little children that are blessed and innocent, wise and wiser.

    The new time line is the rise of the wise.

    So therefore in true equinox experience.
    known in this part of the planet as autumn and fall across the pond,
    indeed this is the time of the fall.

    Fall of the golden leaves upon the trees, fall of the Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State.

    We rejoice in this fall for it brings with it that which we have been denied for so long:
    change, true change. C

    hange of the seasons, change of the time lines, change of individualized reality experience.

    My other worldly friends have a message for you now.

    And as their messenger of light I stand to deliver their frequency message as words for you now:

    “You dear star seeds have had challenge heaped upon you,
    the karmic auric load of the Indigo warrior.

    Yet you have stuck by your mission, walked through your challenges and followed your dreams.

    This, your biggest gateway thus far, equal in energetic stature to the compassion
    and empathy of the Lemurian kings, equal to the majesty and awareness
    of the Atlantean priests, you come upon the fall gateway.

    You see, dear star seeds, you were the ones who fell, did you not?

    Yet now the tables are turned, the polarity are shifted, your true pole shift is upon you.

    Magnetic North and magnetic South are indeed transformed
    into the true polarizations of electro-magnetic heart-centered bliss-charged love,
    and electro-magnetic self-serving greed.

    The light, the dark; the good, the bad; the service to others and the service to self.

    These poles are shifted upon your planet and the light rises as the darkness falls.

    Know, we speak here of your DNA template and the new Solar power
    of the Logos Logoi Central Suns that beam true electromagnetic geometric harmonies
    into your templates and very beings.

    The essence of all that you are and all that you stand for.

    The dark worker factions do not hold reduced DNA templates,

    for that is not how it works for them.

    They are those that consume the energy and the light from others in order
    to hold a coherent DNA template in itself.

    If they are not able to consume then they are unable to hold coherence.

    And this is the story of mother Gaia right now upon your planet at this equinox convergence point.

    They no longer hold coherence, for their sustenance has been withdrawn.

    You see, you must give permission if they are to consume from you.

    And in your ignorance this was unwittingly given by humanity
    at the critical mass point. In your innocence, let us lambs to the slaughter.

    But you grew wise and you grew strong.

    You ate from the toroidial apple field, the true nirvana, the space station that is Avalon.

    And your memories coalesced into cosmic coherence.

    And you said “no more, I no longer give permission for your consummation”.

    And as you grew in strength you began the climb, the ascent,
    the regrouping and the remembering.

    And now, at the equinox convergence point you rise as the Sun.

    And they fall from coherence to shadow, as the autumn leaves upon the tree.

    For the time of the true harvest is upon you.

    And for those star seeds who hear our words we say to you:
    the true harvest is of positive polarization.

    All that you incarnated for and existed for has come to fruition.

    So, therefore, rejoice in your equinox and honor the fall.

    For the leaves that fall from the trees mirror not the fall of men,
    but the fall of the oppressor, the jailer, the manipulator, the trickster.

    The dark code, the black cube, the red spider and the demon worm.

    We speak here of the portals and star gates false screened
    and dressed up as the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Now, one by one they throw off their heavy disguise and shine like the cosmic suns,
    stars and moons that they are.

    They beckon to you, they call to you for they are star gates,
    renewed refreshed with the coordinates for the trajectories of love-light,
    light-love into blessed charged love.

    Wormholes at galactic core gateways into the forced recycling is no more.

    Not for star seeds who throw light upon the shadows of the crystalline codes within.

    All that is presented within the cosmic realms of true fire are the gemstone star gates
    of emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst and rainbow opal.

    And the raise of the feminine silver moon queen and the masculine golden sun king
    transcended and integrated simultaneously into the rose-golden holy trinity of completion.

    Honor therefore the fall.

    For the fall is the rise, when polarization pole shifts occur

    . And at this time the Sun always shines for you, star seeds who walk this path.

    There is no winter, there is only the experience of forever summer.

    Forever summer!

    For this is the abundance of the fifth-dimensional New Earth that is mother Gaia.

    You shall find her at the time of the equinox convergence point,
    the true fall, September 23rd, 2018.”

    We are the White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine
    (transmitted by Petra McGuire, aka Magentapixie)

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz13oaGfDus&feature=share

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