What You're Not Hearing On The News... From Pastor Todd Cocconato.

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    From Pastor Todd Cocconato.​

    I spoke to a friend from DC. ​

    An amazing and anointed African American evangelist ​

    who has been serving this nation in many capacities for decades.​

    She is in her late 50s. ​

    She lives in DC proper. ​

    She told me that a few weeks back, ​

    in her neighborhood, ​

    BLM rioters were literally going door to door.​


    They broke into her next store neighbors house/condo ​

    and stole and destroyed her property.​

    She plead ​
    the blood of Jesus and her place was spared. ​

    She did have bars on her windows. ​

    She said she was terrified ​

    they were going to light her condo ​

    on fire with her inside. ​

    Two things about this. ​

    First...obviously, this type of behavior​

    isn’t about black lives, as she is black and was terrified.​

    Her neighbor is also black by the way. ​

    And her place was hit, destroyed and looted. ​

    Second....this is tyranny and terrorism.​

    Period. ​

    I cannot believe what I have seen these last few weeks.​

    I am dumbfounded. ​

    We all still solidly stand for justice for George Floyd. ​

    But what I have seen happen to this great country ​

    makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. ​

    What I have seen in people ​

    that I once respected who are silent ​

    and not saying a single word ​

    about this violence and terror ​

    is awful to me. ​

    Do you know the death count of this whole thing? ​

    At least 23 people have died during the protests, ​

    looting and riots. ​

    Mega millions in property damage has occurred. ​

    Countless injuries and assaults. ​

    Utter terror. ​

    And yet they say nothing about this? ​

    As communists from both inside the US ​

    and in adversarial nations ​

    pour in money to try and destroy our homeland ​

    and destabilize our government?​

    I will not be silent. ​

    I am ready to stand up for the protection​

    of this nation. ​

    Stand up for law and order. ​

    To save and protect our property,​

    freedoms and constitution. ​

    This is not social justice...this is tyranny. ​

    It must stop now.​

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